Social media marketing lecture 2010


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Social media marketing lecture 2010

  1. 1. Social Media Social Media S i l M di or the Basics of Person-to-Person (P2P) Person to Person Marketing Dr. Ute Hillmer, MFG Baden‐Württemberg mbH  D Ut Hill MFG B d Wü tt b bH Innovationsagentur für IT und Medien Reutlingen, Reutlingen April 16th 2010 16th, Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 1
  2. 2. Social Media How To MFG Baden-Württemberg mbH Baden Württemberg  Innovationsagentur des Landes Baden-Württemberg (Deutschland)  Gesellschafter: Land Baden-Württemberg und Südwestrundfunk  Standortförderung  Schwerpunkte Informationstechnologie, Software, Telekommunikation und Creative Industries Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 4
  3. 3. Social Media Mission der MFG • Standortvorteile, Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und Wachstum bei Anbieter-Unternehmen im Bereich Informations- und Kommunikationswirtschaft, K ti b K ik ti i t h ft Kreativbranchen verbessern. h b • Günstige Rahmenbedingungen für Innovation und Kreativität in Baden-Württemberg h ff B d Wü tt b schaffen. • Produktivität im deutschen Südwesten sichern. • Unterstützung globaler Zusammenarbeit entlang der gesamten Innovationskette. Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 5
  4. 4. Social Media Basics Dr. Ute Hillmer  Unitleiterin Kreativwirtschaft und Projektentwicklung, MFG Projektentwicklung  Better Reality Marketing, Inhaberin  CoCreate Software  Hewlett Packard  UDF Unternehmensberatung  Sun Microsystems Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 6
  5. 5. Social Media Content of the P2P Marketing Lecture 1 Who is who 1. 2. The Basics of Social Media Marketing • Why marketing is changing • Social marketing vs. traditional marketing • How social marketing works Backlinks g Networks Credibility 3. How to use Social Media Marketing g Step 1: Set your goals + built a strategy Step 4: Getting the people back to you Step 2: Intrigue your audience Step 6: Monitor your results Step 3: Getting the news/content out + built credibility 4. Social Media Marketing in Practice 5. The Case
  6. 6. Social Media How did you buy yesterday? How do you buy today? How will y buy tomorrow? you y “… SOCIAL MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES changes the way individuals and companies form their opinion and buying decision, often even how they buy…” Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 9
  7. 7. Social Media I‘ll Have What She is Having Basics
  8. 8. Social Media eMarketing Basics Social  Marketing Open Innovation p Online Social Commerce Social Commerce Conversational Marketing Social Media S i l M di Virall Marketing k Web 2 02.0 Relationship Marketing Relationship Marketing eCommerce Crowd Sourcing Enterprise 2.0 P‐to‐P Marketing to Prezi
  9. 9. Social Media Basics Why is Marketing changing? Why is “Social Media Social Marketing Marketing” different?
  10. 10. Social Media Some Statistiks Basics • 98 % of home Internet users use the Internet for product ( research (Allensbach) ) • 44 % of home Internet users account for comments from other users (Allensbach) • 19 % of home Internet users check discussion forums (Allensbach) source: Allensbach   http://www.acta http://www acta‐ 2008_Internetind%2390DF7.pdf
  11. 11. Social Media Some Statistiks 2 Basics What does this mean for B-to-B marketing? The way people use the Internet in private, they use it in the office. • 89 % of B to B decision makers use the Internet for their B-to-B research • 96 % of B t B d i i makers (IT) use G l f th i search f B-to-B decision k Google for their h queries • 40 % of B-to-B decision makers regularly use online communities source: creative 360 marketing.html
  12. 12. Social Media Basics Don‘t underestimate the Social Web! Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 17
  13. 13. Social Media However … Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 18
  14. 14. Social Media And … Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 19
  15. 15. Social Media Basics Don‘t overestimate the Social Web! Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 20
  16. 16. Social Media The Old Way: Basics eMarketing and eCommerce Tools – eMail – Portals – Corporate Websites – …
  17. 17. Social Media Social Media Marketing has an ever Basics growing Toolbox – Search Engines – Forums – Podcasts – Blogs – YouTube – Interest Groups – Price Search Engines – Portals – Rating Sites – Social Networks – Picture Galleries • (Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, …) – …
  18. 18. Social Media Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 23
  19. 19. Social Media Social Media Marketing Basics • Trad. Media vs. Social Media Shouting vs. Sharing → additional Marketing Chanel(s)
  20. 20. Social Media Social Media Marketing Basics Consequences for the Brand g y A brand is no longer only what we – the marketeers tell the consumer/user/buyer it is is. The band is what the consumer/user/buyer tell each other it is! „the intelligence of the masses“
  21. 21. Social Media Social Media Marketing is… Basics … t start a marketing campaign to t t k ti i ( multiple campaigns) that is (or p p g ) distributed through social networks. networks What sounds so easy is not simple at all. In order to be successful, one has to understand , ist mechanisms!
  22. 22. Social Media Social Media Marketing is… Basics •
  23. 23. Social Media Social Media Marketing is… Basics •
  24. 24. Social Media How Social Marketing Works 1 Basics The Basics #1 Place and distribute backlinks #2 Built and maintain networks #3 Built credibility and trust
  25. 25. Social Media Backlinks and Textanchors Basics
  26. 26. Social Media Built and Maintain Networks Basics
  27. 27. Social Media How Social Marketing Works 2 • In order to understand how Social Media Marketing Basics works, works one has to understand how the basics work work. Think about a sports club!
  28. 28. Social Media How Social Marketing Works 3 • Voluntary active or passive membership Basics • Special areas of interests • One communicates where one has something to say (or not), not) has an opinion answers questions asks questions … opinion, questions, questions, • If one is open, friendly and nice, friendships will develop that l th t value ones expertise and opinion ti d i i • Once one has built a reputation, it will be accepted, even appreciated if one recommends and hints one ones products and services, online shop, other products…
  29. 29. Social Media How Social Marketing Works 4 Basics Friends are easily found found, one links up, meets, networks, … and own expertise distributes …
  30. 30. Social Media Traditional Marketing Basics
  31. 31. Social Media New Marketing Basics
  32. 32. Social Media Understand your Goals What do you intent to achieve with the How To Social Marketing campaign? • Win additional customers • Increase communication • Gain a new customer base with customers ith t • Increase sales • Increase website traffic • Increase awareness • Increase image • Enter new markets • Change image • Increase online reputation As with traditional marketing: set yourself realistic goals! t lf li ti l !
  33. 33. Social Media Set a Strategy How To Ask yourself • What product(s) are • Which social networks will suitable for social be suitable? networks? • What reactions should I be • How do I position these prepared to get? products? • How will I react to negative • Does my CI and brand fit feedback from blogs etc ? blogs, etc.? the online community? • Do I communicate • How do I communicate centralised or distributed? online (tone and stile)? Have a look how your competitors do it!
  34. 34. Social Media Set your Goal and Experiment How To • Goals ought to be realistic and long term. Goals can not be reached overnight. • Watch out for the right analytics - clicks and fans have not much depth • Not each channel suits each products Be selective products. but be willing to experiment. Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 39
  35. 35. Social Media What Products are Suitable for Social Networks How To • …
  36. 36. Social Media What Products are Suitable What is Going on in Your Market Niche? How To • Wh does your target audience get its information f ? Where d t t di t it i f ti from? • Who are their „trusted advisors“ and where do they communicate? • How do your competitors communicate? y p • Are they successful with what they do? • Why? Why not? • A first step in Germany • E Even if some channels seem unsuitable reserve th name h l it bl the Make first mistakes in a private setting!!
  37. 37. Social Media How do I position my product(s)? How To • …
  38. 38. Social Media How do I position my product(s)? What is Going on in Your Market Niche? How To • What do your competitors communicate? • y y Are they successful with what they do? • Why? Why not? • What are the communications that already exist? • Can I join the communication and contribute? • If you add value over a period of time, to the community, your purchase advise will be listened to!! Don‘t try to cheat – the crowd will find out!
  39. 39. Social Media Does my CI and Brand fit the online community? How To • …
  40. 40. Social Media Does my CI and Brand fit the online community? How To • There is no need to change the corporate CI • The Web 2.0 community is more easily reached without 20 a corporate layout, but rather on a People-to-People basis. basis
  41. 41. Social Media How do I Communicate Online (Tone and Stile)? How To • …
  42. 42. Social Media How do I Communicate Online (Tone and Stile)? How To → What is the Tone and Stile of your y Community? • What is the predominant tone and stile within the community? it ? • Does this tone and stile fit the corporate image? p g • If not, is there a middle way possible?
  43. 43. Social Media Which Social Networks will be Suitable? How To • …
  44. 44. Social Media What Social Networks will be Suitable? How To • A social network of students might not be the right place p y to promote ERP systems … • A general business network might be to high and wide for specialized engineering tools tools… Think about the “long tail”
  45. 45. Social Media How to Use Social Media in Marketing The Toolbox How To • Corporate Blogs • Expert Blogs • Microblogging • Social networks (Corporate, business, personal) • Image hosting p g g platforms • Video sharing platforms • Recommendation platforms • Social bookmarking platforms • Podcasting platforms • Forums For ms • Interest Groups
  46. 46. Social Media How to Use Social Media in Marketing How To • Step 1: Goals have to be set and clearly defined • Step 2: To get prospects to your website, you have to intrigue them by – Content rich and interesting articles about a relevant topic – Freebies like e-books, vouchers, discounts – Free add-ons or tools – Sweepstakes and drawings
  47. 47. Social Media How to Use Social Media in Marketing Example: Free Whitepaper How To
  48. 48. Social Media How to Use Social Media in Marketing Example: Free Webinar How To
  49. 49. Social Media How to Use Social Media in Marketing How To • Getting the news / the content out p – Your corporate web site – Banner Ads – … but there is more
  50. 50. Social Media How to Use Social Media in Marketing How To
  51. 51. Social Media The Corporate Blog as a Starting Point How To
  52. 52. Social Media The Corporate Blog as a Starting Point How To • You can show that you know a lot about a topic • Y are easily f d by search engines You il found b h i • A good article easily generates 10-50 backlinks in a few 10 50 days • It iis free f the customer and f media f you as a f for th t d free di for vendor • Search engines follow backlinks
  53. 53. Social Media The Corporate Blog as a Starting Point How To • Y are not credible iin a “ t ll d” b You t dibl “controlled” bog p p y g • You don’t control what is said in an open employee blog Corporate C t blogging debate
  54. 54. Social Media The Corporate Blog Make some rules. Basics E ll l h h b d Empower all employees… they are the brand. • Behave professionally and ethically. Behave professionally and ethically • Take personal responsibility. • Include a disclaimer: your opinions are yours,  not IBM’s. • Don’t pick fights. “Use social media as a means to expose IBM’s  experts and expertise to the world. experts—and expertise—to the world ” Adam Christensen Manager, Social Media Communications
  55. 55. Social Media The Corporate Blog Employees as Experts Basics
  56. 56. Social Media Step 3 Distributing News 1 How To
  57. 57. Social Media Step 3 Distributing News 2 How To • Once the blog is online, the world must learn about it • There are many different categories in many different social networks:
  58. 58. Social Media Step 3 Distributing News 3 How To
  59. 59. Social Media Platforms with Backlinks The Math How To • 25 true backlinks on blogs with an everage of 200 visitors result in 5000 users that see the link. • With a conversion rate of 0,5% this results in 750 more visitors on the original blog blog. • Given a very low clickprice of 20 ct, this translates into 150€. • Maintaining a professional blog will require a time investment of at least 60 minutes/day
  60. 60. Social Media News Platforms Practice • The more you • If you are not yet known, , communicate, the more no one might find y g your you reach your target information audience • You need to use the right • You can reach and involve key words your “friends” quickly and friends easily
  61. 61. Social Media Social Networks How To Social networks are network communities on the internet. Users can add friends or followers and send them g y p messages or notify them about updates concerning g themselves.
  62. 62. Social Media Social Networks 2 How To • Individuals, professionals and companies look for suitable networks and clusters. • Within the network, they look for suitable groups and joint network them
  63. 63. Social Media Social Networks Practice • Direct customer • Privacy problems communication • Dubious environment • Many forms of interaction • Time-consuming becomes possible p • Full display of pictures and movies • Many active users (facebook: over 350 million)
  64. 64. Social Media Business Oriented Social Networks Practice • Serious environment • Only partially ready for • Suitable for personall S it bl f business presentations business profile pages • Not all audiences are in • Business oriented groups these networks th t k gy • Backlinks increasingly possible
  65. 65. Social Media Social Networks Example Practice
  66. 66. Social Media Search Engine Optimisation Practice How To • Meta tags and meta descriptions are important to gain p p relevant and valuable backlinks when people search with an search engine • Social network services read meta descriptions
  67. 67. Social Media Content Sharing Platforms Practice • Online Communities for archiving and sharing content such as: – Photographs and images – Videos – Audios – Presentations
  68. 68. Social Media Content Sharing Platforms Practice • Easy way to display, • Copyright problems archive and share p • Free data upload or • No need to own information spread is infrastructure and storage g limited • Possible real time • No quality control of reporting of events content and material • Poducts / content is ranked by audience
  69. 69. Social Media Recommendation Platforms Practice Here users share experiences, perceptions and recommendations about products, services and organizations . Sometimes detailed discussions evolve.. can evolve • Products are ranked by y • Bad products are exposed p p audience • Credibility • Good products are usually ranked positively Alert your company name and product name use
  70. 70. Social Media Social Bookmarking Service Practice • Social bookmarking is a method to share, organize, , g search, and manage bookmarks of web resources. Unlike file sharing, the resources themselves are not shared. shared Sharing occurs on a bookmarking level. level d li i
  71. 71. Social Media Microblogging Practice gg g gg g Microblogging is a form of blogging that allows users to send brief text updates (or micromedia such as photos or audio clips) and publish them These them. messages can be submitted by a variety of means like text messaging instant messaging E mail digital audio messaging, messaging, E-mail, or the web. (Wikipedia)
  72. 72. Social Media Microblogging Practice • fast • only short messages • cheap (Twitter 140 characters) • real-time communication • difficult to measure • real-time market research • short lifetime of tweets f f • ad e s g allowed advertising a o ed • A lot of meaningless (Twitter) information in twittersphere • direct customer communication
  73. 73. Social Media Getting the Content back to you How To • G tti th content b k to you will get th Getting the t t back t ill t the people back to you  Social Media Newsroom • Re-collects your channels (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr etc.) and displays them on your corporate website • Traditional Press relations are found in the online news room. Press releases and a dialog box can be room found there. Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 79
  74. 74. Social Media Basics Monitor Social Media, monitor what people talk about you! y Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 80
  75. 75. Social Media Monitoring Social Media How To  N t h Netnography g  Free Web monitoring tools (good to start with) (very detailed) (facebook and twitter monitoring) (specialised for forums) (monitors top 20 social websites)  Special tools for more advanced and specialized monitoring can be bought  You can monitor before even making your first active online social media steps. p
  76. 76. Social Media Extended Range of Monitoring How To
  77. 77. Social Media The Codex How To • Be open about your identity • Be open about feedback
  78. 78. Social Media What Reactions should I be prepared to get? Basics y Do not try to kill twittering birds! Consider th C id the codex! Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 84
  79. 79. Social Media What Reactions should I be prepared to get? How To • Feedback, positive and negative, should not be seen as a nuisance but as a helpful hand! It helps y improve p p you p our product(s) or process(es) • Listening to your customers and showing them that you are listening builds credibility and trust • Make a problem a joint adventure and you will gain very loyal customers Constructive negative feedback can help you leapfrog your competitors! → Monitor Social Media!
  80. 80. Social Media Basics Regeln Sie die Online- Gespräche ihrer p Mitarbeiter! Dr. Ute Hillmer, Seite 86
  81. 81. Social Media A Good Example Practice
  82. 82. Social Media A Good Example
  83. 83. Social Media Social Media Engagement Framework
  84. 84. Social Media The Case Get h G the word out about your new S d b Smartphone. h Practice Targeting a niche audience of your choice. g g y Define the Define the instruments you use. content that rocks. rocks Define the features of your phone yourself.
  85. 85. Social Media Thank you! Getting in touch: Dr. Ute Hillmer Dr T: +49 711 90715 300 Weitere Informationen unter: Twitter: f i T itt mfg_innovation ti