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Presentation for Creative Exchange introduction to digital marketing course including overview of SEO, paid advertising, social media and online content.

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  • Handouts: Key data captureLinks to Google Analytics
  • Search on Google: Web designer Derby
  • Mailchimp demo: username: creativenottingham
  • Introduction to digital marketing

    1. 1. Creative Exchange Introduction to Digital Marketing Trainer: Susi O’Neill 28th September 2010
    2. 2. Today’s programme • Introduction to social marketing • Digital health check • Web/social media stats and analytics • Mobile media • Pay-per-click advertising • Effective email marketing • Blogging • Search engine optimisation (SEO) • Social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn • Action plan: Preparing your e-marketing strategy Video: Social media in plain English
    3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA
    4. 4. We’re not in Kansas anymore
    5. 5. Yesterday’s social media technologies
    6. 6. Today’s social media technologies
    7. 7. Today’s social media applications
    8. 8. Social media content
    9. 9. Your social graph
    10. 10. We haz an iPad strategy?
    11. 11. Why a social media strategy?
    12. 12. Changing the game “When we change how we communicate, we change society.” Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody
    13. 13. “Achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money” ( Social media is a new name for an old thing
    14. 14. Isn’t the web inherently social? Usenet Newsgroup, established 1981 (now Google Groups)
    15. 15. Isn’t the web inherently social? Google Wave, collaborative communication tool, launched Sept 2009 (RIP Aug 2010)
    16. 16. Old media: lean back
    17. 17. New media – lean forward
    18. 18. Old media: New media
    19. 19. From direct to personalised marketing David Wilcox, The Social Reporter
    20. 20. “Markets are conversations. When you think of the internet, think of a table for two.” The Cluetrain Manifesto
    21. 21. “Your product will only survive in a crowded marketplace if you stop advertising and start innovating. The old ways of marketing are dead – and being safe is now risky” Seth Godin, Purple Cow
    22. 22. Social media is conversational
    23. 23. The three types of e-marketing 1. Transactional E-Commerce Direct marketing 2. Promotional Online content Viral marketing Email marketing Brand sponsored media 3. Conversational Digital engagement Social networking Web 2.0/ shared data,/bookmarking User-generated content
    24. 24. The three types of e-marketing 1. Transactional E-Commerce Direct marketing 2. Promotional Online content Viral marketing Email marketing Brand sponsored media 3. Conversational Digital engagement Social networking Web 2.0/ shared data,/bookmarking User-generated content Social Media
    25. 25. The social media shamrock
    26. 26. The seven roads of social media 1. Generate new work 2. Customer service 3. Improve customer retention 4. Increase your knowledge 5. Align with your competitors 6. Establish authority as an expert 7. Do business more productively PCM Creative
    27. 27. How does social media marketing work? 100 passionate users 1000 true fans
    28. 28. Source: Altimeter
    29. 29. Social media accounts for 1/6 of time online
    30. 30. The rise of the digital native Born after 1980 20,000 hours online by age 20 93% of 12-29 years olds online 73% use social networks
    31. 31. Prosumer (Consumer as producer)
    32. 32. Comparing Digital natives with silver surfers Forrester: 2009
    33. 33. Social media speeds up the sales funnel
    34. 34. Signal to noise ratio
    35. 35. How are you finding it so far?
    36. 36. Small business case studies
    37. 37. Wiggly Wigglers, Herefordshire Dell Global Small Business Excellence Award, 2008 Worm video Online
    38. 38. #Moonfruit Twitter campaign to Win a Macbook pro: 600% web traffic increase Doubled sign-ups Top trending topic on Twitter
    39. 39. Blendtec: Will it blend? Selling a $399 blender through a video series Sales increase: 20% Cost of 5 videos: $50 Promotional tools: YouTube and Digg Outcome: TV appearances on prime time TV Video
    40. 40. Developing a social marketing strategy
    41. 41. Strategies: POST (external) People Strategies: POST (external) People Objectives Strategy Technology Taken from ‘Groundswell’ (Forrester, 2008) Josh Bernoff & Charlene Li
    42. 42. Strategies: POST (internal)
    43. 43. Strategies: SEAT
    44. 44. The 5 Cs of online marketing
    45. 45. Keywords for Creative Exchange on Twitter (@cexderby)
    46. 46. Social media functions Listening: Credit Mutuel – If I were a banker Talking: P&G BeingGirl Energizing: Scottevest, Norman Records Supporting: Dell Development: Sales Force, Lego Users Group Network
    47. 47. Social strategy planning process Phase 2: Testing & planning Phase 3: Implementation Phase 4: Measurement & review Phase 1: Listening
    48. 48. Return on investment (direct marketing) Customer interaction End sale Digital activity •Metrics: Website traffic from social platforms On site conversion from social marketing Size of network (fans, followers, friends)
    49. 49. Return on engagement (relationship marketing) interaction Reduced cost/ Increased saleConversation •Metrics: Website traffic from social platforms Quality of network (relevancy and influence) Volume and percentage of network interaction
    50. 50. Any Questions?
    51. 51. Your web & social media health check
    52. 52. Competitor analysis Organisation Website ranking ( Twitter followers Facebook fans Inbound links ( Key features Me My peer My mentor My key influencer My hero
    53. 53. User personas Who are they? Why are they coming to your site? Where from? What value can you give them? How are they finding you? When in their buying cycle?
    54. 54. Stats and analysis
    55. 55. The mobile web
    56. 56. The social web goes mobile
    57. 57. Third Spaces
    58. 58. Pay-per-click advertising
    59. 59. Pay-per-click tips: Use for event specific campaigns Use geographic filtering Work on landing page Ensure keywords are relevant Do test campaigns Intensively research keywords Check regularly, watch your budget
    60. 60. Other types of advertising: LinkedIn Facebook (targeted by profile demographics) Specialist website
    61. 61. Email Marketing: Case studies Innocent Smoothies – community Cheap Flights – sales Flavourpill – daily culture
    62. 62. Comparing email and social media
    63. 63. Email marketing tips: • Post regularly, keep to promise • Post previous example online • Ask for minimum data at sign-up • Add value e.g. Announcements • Segment data where appropriate • Use call-to-action subject lines • Use A-B testing MailChimp
    64. 64. Blogging: Platforms: WordPressTypePad Blogger New and product blogs: Created in BirminghamEnglish Cut 4IP Photo blog: Inside a Black AppleClore Leadership Program Video blog: Documentally
    65. 65. Blogging tips: • Consider how a blog complements other content strands e.g. news, events, PR • Create keyword rich content relating to your projects • Create posts mainly of 300 words or more • Use embedded images, photos, video & audio • Have a minimum update frequency • Use multiple authors Beginner’s guide to Blogging:
    66. 66. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) • Improving visibility by ‘Organic’ unpaid search engine results • Research keywords – add across site • Use accessible design and content management • Make your content findable/shareable in social media, especially YouTube and Twitter
    67. 67. Social Media Platforms
    68. 68. Social networks are the spokes of your web hub Your Website
    69. 69. Social networks: Twitter Hootsuite
    70. 70. Facebook Pages: TateModern Mashable Coca Cola Dominos Pizzas Creative Nottingham
    71. 71. Facebook tips • Link website news to status updates • Allow people to comment/share/interact • Add multimedia content periodically (photos, video) • Allow customers to upload their own photo/video content • Don’t link from Twitter to Facebook!
    72. 72. LinkedIn Answers show your expertise (or ask questions) Company profile Promote events
    73. 73. Ning
    74. 74. Action planning
    75. 75. More resources Creative Exchange – media & e-marketing courses Social Marketing Strategy Tues 12th October, £99 Introduction to Multiplatform Production and Marketing, Tues 26th October, £195 Digital Strategy – Thurs 28th October, £150 Creative Industries Network, Derby Database of Derbyshire creative businesses including web & marketing
    76. 76. Thank you Susi O’Neill, Digital Consultant Twitter @susioneill LinkedIn/Facebook @susioneill email: Tel: 07981 222799