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Mediacamp Nottingham Presentation 9 May2009


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Visual presentation to support my presentation on Online Music for Independent Entrepreneurs as part of MediaCamp Nottingham, 9th May 2009.

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Mediacamp Nottingham Presentation 9 May2009

  1. 1. Music – Free Like Water? An exploration of online music for independent music entrepreneurs MediaCamp Nottingham 9th May 2009 Susi O’Neill
  2. 2. What? An Academic Study for MA Media Enterprise answering two key questions: 1) What are the opportunities and challenges facing independent music practitioners, particularly ‘micro’ enterprises operating outside of the traditional music industry, in embracing digital distribution and communications? 2) What skills, business models, and strategies are needed to succeed in the digital economy?
  3. 3. Music Industry 2000
  4. 4. Music Industry 2009
  5. 5. Interviews
  6. 6. Interviews
  7. 7. The changing role and values of the music industry
  8. 8. The changing role and values of the music industry
  9. 9. Early DIY Production
  10. 10. Online Music
  11. 11. Dominance of the MP3
  12. 12. Whatever happened to music shops?
  13. 13. Online Commerce for Real world Places
  14. 14. Live Music and Merchandising Provocation 5: Results: Summary: “The future of the Totally agree 11% Agree: 63%, music economy is in Partly agree 52% Disagree: 21% live music, t-shirts Neither agree nor Other 16% and merchandise disagree 11% and that’s good for Partly disagree 13% me.” Totally disagree 8% I don’t know/care 5%
  15. 15. House Concerts
  16. 16. Teenage Music Fan
  17. 17. The effects of peer-to-peer digital distribution Provocation 2: Results: “Music has become Totally agree 11% devalued by bit-torrenting Partly agree 19% (home taping is still killing Neither agree nor disagree music).” 19% Partly disagree 19% Totally disagree 24% I don’t know/care 8%
  18. 18. The changing values of copyright Kutiman – Thru You
  19. 19. The changing values of copyright Provocation 4: Results: Summary: “Copyright is Totally agree 3% Agree: 22% redundant. PRS is Partly agree 19% Disagree: 43% the past, Creative Neither agree nor Other: 35% Commons is the disagree 21% future.” Partly disagree 17% Totally disagree 25% I don’t know/care 14%
  20. 20. Opportunities in digital marketing and social media Book Launch 2.0
  22. 22. Opportunities in digital marketing and social media Provocation 7: Results: Summary: “With all these Totally agree 14% Agree: 49% digital platforms, it’s Partly agree 35% Disagree, 32% just too hard to Neither agree nor disagree Other 19% reach enough fans 10% to make it Partly disagree 19% worthwhile. I want Totally disagree 13% to play and write I don’t know/care 10% music, not spend all my time online.”
  23. 23. New business and value models
  24. 24. Music, Free Like Water?
  25. 25. Music, Free Like Water? Provocation 9: Results: Summary: “Music should be Totally agree 6% Agree 19% free like water. We Partly agree 13% Disagree 47% should pay for it as a Neither agree nor disagree Other 34% service like TV or 31% telecoms and listen Partly disagree 21% to as much as we Totally disagree 26% like. The writers and I don’t know/care 3% musicians will all get paid and we won’t need music stores.”
  26. 26. The Long Tail
  27. 27. 1,000 True Fans
  28. 28. Gatekeepers Provocation 1: Results: Summary: “The major label music Totally agree 10% Agree 50% industry is just being Partly agree 40% Disagree 37% replaced by another set Neither agree nor Other 13% of digital media disagree 11% gatekeepers owned by Partly disagree 29% corporates like Totally disagree 8% and MySpace and I don’t know/care 3% independents can’t easily get past the gate.”
  29. 29. Devaluation of Music?
  30. 30. Alternative Funding Models Micro-patronage (tip-jar) Fan investment Pre-Financing
  31. 31. Alternative Funding Models
  32. 32. Business Skills Provocation 9: Results: Summary: “It’s up to me to build Totally agree 35% Agree 66% up a relationship with Partly agree 31% Disagree 22% my fans – blogs, web Neither agree nor Other 12% videos and sites like disagree 8% MySpace are great for Partly disagree that. Why should 11% someone buy music Totally disagree from me unless I’ve 11% made the effort to get I don’t know/care them to value me?” 3%
  33. 33. Music Industry of the Future
  34. 34. How does this effect other media (film, television, games)?
  35. 35. Thanks Susi O’Neill: Web: Email: Twitter: susioneill