Social Media Engagement


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This presentation focuses on social media engagement process, analytics and some tools to be used.

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Social Media Engagement

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT Presented By Vijay Rayapati @SMMPro http://smm-strategist.com91-9008-869-869
  2. 2. You Heard About It So Many Times What is Social Media(SM)?
  3. 3. What is Social Media?
  4. 4. Social Media Platforms So Much Noise – Confused?
  5. 5. Social Media Is About People are using new digital platforms to create content, participate in discussions, engage in conversations, collaborate as communities and share information, opinions and knowledge using social web.
  6. 6. What is Social Media?
  7. 7. Social Media Is For All Individuals – share your thoughts, opinions, knowledge, participate and engage in interested conversations to network with people across world – what you can do is endless . Businesses - connect with your brand stakeholders, engage to build relationships and monitor brand online reputation are a few benefits to name – the opportunities for brands are countless . Societies - Encourages digital activism, helping social causes, crowd sourcing and information sharing in crisis situations – For better world .
  8. 8. Every Day You Read How Brands Can Use SM?
  9. 9. How To Start Social Media Engagement? Follow a framework or process. Understand the need of online medium and choose the engagement strategy. Adopt the right tools to listen, monitor and measure your brand engagement goals.
  10. 10. Social Media Engagement Process 1.Listen .. Strategize 2. Monitor .. Measure 3. Understand .. Refine 4. Engage .. Empower
  11. 11. Everything Starts With Listening  What people are talking about your brand?.  How conversations are taking place around your brand?  What is your online consumer perspective towards the brand?.  Do you see a need for brand engagement in customers and prospects conversations?
  12. 12. Social Media Strategy – The Planning  Identify the engagement need for your brand before you plan using SM – Just don’t use, it’s no good.  Strategy is to focus on understand why, where and how? to engage with target group.  SM isn’t for big or small companies but for those who want to be close to customers.
  13. 13. Monitor and Measure  Everyday people talk lot of stuff online – is your brand part of those conversations?.  Who are the key influencers talking about your brand? and Where?.  What is the online reputation of your (competitor) brand?.  Define the metrics you like to measure based on the brand engagement goals.
  14. 14. Understand and Refine  Is your brand engagement in social-sphere working? – are results aligned towards the engagement need ?.  Do you see positive buzz and better customer or prospect engagement results?  Don’t be rigid, to be social add the change you need so be human– be an interesting brand don’t bore people with messages.
  15. 15. Engage and Empower  Engage with people interested in your brand related conversations.  Identify the key influencers of your brand conversations and focus on building brand loyalists.  Be a catalyst to empower your brand consumers or prospects when they need help.
  16. 16. Strategy First and Tools Next  We have tools for listening, monitoring and measuring but not for humanizing a brand – so focus on engagement strategy.  Listening and Engagement are the key to success in your brand social media initiatives.  You cannot control what is being said about it on web but you can engage and minimize the negative word of mouth.  No body has success formula to SM and everybody is learning so don’t feel bad if you make mistakes.
  17. 17. Useful Tools For Engagement Process Listen Monitor Listen, Monitor & Measure Blog,& Microblog Search Socialmention, Radian6 & Scoutlabs Tools (Google, & Technorati & Twitter), Xinureturns, Tweetbeep, Buzzlogic, BuzzMetrics & BuzzGain & Tweetmeme, YackTrack Trackur & Twitstats, Alerts (Google, Twitter Alerts (Google, Twitter Sysomos MAP & and Backtype) and Backtype) Analytics Solutions
  18. 18. What I Do Full Time  SM Audit & Strategy SM Consulting & SM Training Execution SM audit for brand, Online reputation Hands on training on Identifying the engagement monitoring, Business using leading social media need & key stake holders. Blogging and Social tools, guidelines and best Engagement Consulting. practices Analysis of brand marketing, communications and sales Defining the measurement Community planning, strategies. metrics, goals and tracking engagement, execution the engagement impact. and management training. How to align with online engagement and best tools to Working with brand internal Brand social media policy adopt. or outsourced team on and usage guidelines
  19. 19. Need Help? In Your Brand SM Engagement  Want to hire me, please drop an email at  For free social media audit of your brand send me an email at  Got few queries on your brand SM engagement and looking for conversations – follow me on Twitter (@smmpro)  For useful social media marketing tips, tools usage and tricks – read my blog at http://smm-
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