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USH History Ch. Seven

USH History Ch. Seven






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    USH History Ch. Seven USH History Ch. Seven Presentation Transcript

    • Jazz Age. 1921-29. Chapter Seven. Nativism resurges after the war. Backlash against recent immigrants. Economy in recession. Army Vets couldn’t get jobs.
    • Sacco-Vanzetti Case
      • Accused of murder and robbing a shoe company.
      • Being confirmed anarchists assured their convictions.
    • Eugenics Movement.
      • Pseudo-Science. “Breed out inferior people(s).”
      • Hitler was a fan as was Woodrow Wilson.
      • During these bad economic times the Ku Klux Klan regrouped. They hated people of color, Jews, Catholics, and immigrants.
    • Controlling Immigration.
      • National Origins Act of 1924.
      • Set quotas as to how many immigrants could come from each country.
      • Hispanic immigration was slow down by the above act.
      • A labor shortage developed in California and the South West.
      • Hispanics/immigrants were barred from the U.S. work force.
    • Women in the 1920’s.
      • Flappers! What a scandal!
      • Young and stylish.
      • Rail thin.
      • Smoked/Drank illegal alcohol.
      • Revealing dress.
      • Worked outside the home.
    • Fundamentalist Movement.
      • Fundamentalist beliefs:
      • Bible is true without error.
      • People derived their moral behavior from God, not society.
      • Rejected Evolution and embraced Creationism.
    • Aimee Semple McPherson.
    • Scopes Trail-1925.
      • John T. Scopes was arrested for teaching evolution in in high school.
      • William Jennings Bryan was prosecutor and Clarence Darrow was the defense attorney.
      • Darrow put Bryan on the stand!
    • Prohibition-Eighteenth Amendment-1920-1933.
      • Volstead Act.
      • U.S. Treasury would enforce prohibition.
      • “Speakeasies” sprouted up in every city.
      • Organized crime made millions and turf wars killed many.
      • The start of the Drive By Shootings!
    • AL Capone A.K.A Scarface.
    • African-American Culture.
      • Harlem Renaissance.
      • Writers:
      • Claude McKay-Poet
      • Langston Hughes-Poet/Author.
    • Langston Hughes-A Raisin In The Sun.
      • What happens to a dream deferred?
      • Does it dry up 
like a raisin in the sun?

      • Or fester like a sore-- 
And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? 

      • Or crust and sugar over-- 
like a syrupy sweet?
      • Maybe it just sags 
like a heavy load. Or does it explode?
    • Jazz, Blues, And Jazz.
      • Jazz was invented in America.
      • It’s a mix of Dixieland and Ragtime.
      • Blues came from African-American spirituals.
      • The Cotton Club was the most important Club for music in New York City.
    • African-American Politics.
      • NAACP battles lynching.
      • Black voting in the north strengthened the Republican Party.
      • Marcus Garvey created “Black Nationalism.”
      • Glorified black pride and unity.
      • Stressed the need for education.
    • More Marcus Garvey….
      • Advocated separation and independence from whites.
      • He wanted to create a settlement in Liberia.