The six layers of online engagement v. 3.0
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The six layers of online engagement v. 3.0



Social Share Summit Rochester

Social Share Summit Rochester
October 26, 2011
Rochester Plaza Hotel



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The six layers of online engagement v. 3.0 The six layers of online engagement v. 3.0 Presentation Transcript

  • Mark W.
  • Life used to be soSIMPLE
  • The world’s first layer ofONLINE ENGAGEMENT
  • How do I make more … with no budget…
  • …when people hate you?
  • DestroyYour Product.
  • 100 SalesLeads!
  • Employees Customers Your WebsiteProspects Local Stakeholders
  • (you)
  • Employees Customers Your WebsiteProspects Local Stakeholders
  • HOWcan get it anymore exciting???
  •  In 2010, world spent 9.3 billion hours on Facebook. That’s 1.1 million years. Largest seller of display advertising -- 770 billion page views per month. Facebook search tripled in two years 48% < 21 cite Facebook as primary news source. 750 million photos were uploaded onto Facebook … in one weekend. 150 years of YouTube videos are watched every day … through Facebook.
  • “Since we launched video last year, more than 45 million videoshave been uploaded to Facebook with approximately 100,000new videos added each day. “
  • The social layer is complete. It is Facebook.
  • Welcome to the new engagement layer.
  • In the technology lollapaloozaof the past decade, digital andsocial media are the warm-up headliner -- Christina “CK” Kerleyacts to the that is Mobile. - Christina “CK” Kerley
  • 5.4 1.7 Billion Billion Mobile Internet 4 77% Percent of the planetSource Intl Telecommunications Union
  • First screen access80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10%0% Egypt India South Ghana Kenya Nigeria Africa
  • Source Portio ResearchIn 2010 there were 7 TRILLION text messages
  • Mobile ad revenue25201510 5 0Gartner 2010 2011 2015
  • …42% click on mobile ads35% visit the advertiser’s site79 % of its largest online advertisersdo not have a mobile optimized site.
  • In 2010, 10 mm Japanese This is the mobile users began using a tap-and-go “mobile wallet”fastest example of technology adoption inHUMANHISTORY
  • If you want to access customers, MAKE IT MOBILE.
  • You had me atmobile.
  •  Smartphones enable a new revolution Smart-phones -- then glasses Optically layering new world over old Metaphor is “magic” “Silent movie” stage
  • Google Goggles (demo)
  • How does it change things?In almost every way! Communication Advertising Collaboration Education and training Work Entertainment Mash-up of all existing platforms
  • The AR layer changes everything AGAIN!
  • Internet + SocialLocation + MobileAugmented Reality
  • SIX Hours/day spent on WOW 200% Profits on Farmville versus Facebook 5 billionHours/year spent on online games by Americans
  • • Video gaming bigger than music sales• Bigger than movie ticket sales• Average gamer age is 32• 65% Americans play video games• > over 50 than under 18 are gamers• 40% are women
  • CONCLUSION?Humans are human.They LOVE to play games.It is theULTIMATECUSTOMERENGAGEMENT
  • Why not make the world a GAME?Why not make the BUSINESS world a GAME?
  •  Humans love to progress and earn status. Game dynamics can reward and influence behavior. Re-frame business behavior with game theory. The full potential of location. One and done deals are not enough. Engage.
  •  Appointment Influence and status Progression Communal discovery Reward
  •  Appointment  Rewarded for doing something at a time, place  “Happy Hour”  “ Farmville” is changing the lifecycle of people.
  •  American Express Like armor in a game Why not have customers gain levels and experience points?
  •  Completion rate on LinkedIn World of Warcraft is a full-time job. What if you go to a business site over and over, and unlock rewards.
  •  User groups -- Leverage network to uncover content/entertainment Groupon – Deals are not unlocked unless enough people sign up Digg or Empire Avenue – people forming communities to unlock the secrets
  •  Challenged customers to basketball themed game Gamers had to  take photos of themselves with players to complete tasks  Upload photos  Return the next week for the next round Results  33,000 participants  30% of them came back within seven days.
  •  Create an avatar for your every day chores Unlock points for strength, stamina, intellect and social while washing, ironing, attending birthdays Everything you tick off from your real world list earns points to help build a powerful virtual avatar to guide you through a quest.
  • This is your presentation ….
  • IMPLICATIONS Rate of change accelerates Connecting with customers will fragment along fault lines of each layer Unparalleled opportunity for connection + loyalty Bring lots of money  Different strategies for different layers  Creativity + High production values  Stream of content
  • Mark W. Schaefer Blog: Twitter: @markwschaefer Email : MSchaefer700@gmail.comTHANK YOU!
  • Is this a B2B marketing repellant?1) Customers are sick of being marketed to2) Why would somebody friend you?3) Have not seen any truly great case studies4) Successes judged by “likes?”
  • My AH-HA! social media moment