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VTA 2010: Non-Traditional Marketing to Spark Ridership (Extended)


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Extended version (with live links and more goods) from that presented at the Virginia Transit Association Conference, June 11, 2010. Please download for Notes, talking points or more thorough look through – PPT file.

Presented by Pulsar Advertising
Felicia Woodruff, J Grant Mizell, Ray Shea

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VTA 2010: Non-Traditional Marketing to Spark Ridership (Extended)

  1. 1. NON-TRADITIONAL MARKETING TO SPARK RIDERSHIP Felicia Woodruff – Account Planner, Transit/TDM Strategy J Grant Mizell – Account Executive, SPARK Team • Ray Shea – Strategic Planner, Transit Marketing
  2. 2. Where do riders get information? 26% Americans who receive news through their mobile phone – USA Today, March 2010 2009 Americans’ mobile data use of text, email and internet surpasses voice data – CITE (via NYT), May 2010 9 Months to reach 1 billion downloads through the App Store. – Apple, April 2009
  3. 3. More mobile – Morgan Stanley Research, Q1 2010 stats 86 Million iPhone/iTouch users, versus 18 million Netscape users, at Q11.
  4. 4. 2010 US Mobile browsing and Mobile App use doubles from Q1 2009 Smartphone sales will outpace personal computer sales 2012 – Morgan Stanley Research, Q1 2010 iPad sales reach 2 million within 2 months of release. – Apple, March 31, 2010 More mobile stats Apple reinvents the phone. Again. – Apple WWDC, Monday, June 7, 2010
  5. 5. Paper Cuts vs. Job Cuts Going Paperless
  6. 6. • Plan carefully • Goal set, try phases • Shop systems • Digital first, then paperless Going Paperless
  7. 7. Traditional Marketing Funnel Awareness Familiarity Trial Behavior Change/ Conversion
  8. 8. Evolved Marketing Funnel Familiarity Relevance Conversion Involvement Ongoing Engagement
  9. 9. Cars Today
  10. 10. QuickTime™ and a Cars Today NTSC decompressor DV/DVCPRO - (Ford Park Assist) are needed to see this picture.
  11. 11. What about Buses?
  12. 12. WOR D of MOUTH
  13. 13. WORLD of MOUTH
  14. 14. Consumer Trust Index • 90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know • 20% over a brand’s website • 30% over traditional advertising WORLD of MOUTH
  15. 15. Sourcing Ridership from within
  16. 16. Invading Social
  17. 17. broadcast idea message print billboard Traditional Media Mix
  18. 18. broadcast youtube message competition billboard idea tweet bus shelter web message banner New Media Mix
  19. 19. Where to start?
  20. 20. Purpose: Engage in consumer’s natural habitat Using: Any piece of the habitat, i.e. the bus, the seats, shelter, metro stairs/escalator, sidewalk, the fare card/machine, etc. Examples: HRT Happy Hour, GRTC iPhone app, VW Fun Theory Ideas worth stealing: Sidewalk-Chalk competition, barcode tagging, going paperless, theater on wheels, bus shelter digital tweet visualization display Environmental aka: Guerilla, Non-Traditional, Ambient, Interactive
  21. 21. Guerilla, Interactive aka: Non-Traditional, Environmental, Ambient
  22. 22. Purpose: Engage riders on-the-go Using: Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, etc Examples: BART, VisitPA Sample: @9th and Broad (GRTC): Recently renovated, National is the hottest concert venue downtown. Show your bus pass for at Gibson’s Grill before a show for a free Appetizer! Location-based Service
  23. 23. Purpose: Create conversations with riders & potential riders Using: Facebook Page, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, MySpace, Flickr, Twitpic, YouTube, Vimeo Examples: HRT, VPSI, VaDOT, CarFreeDiet, AmtrakVirginia Ideas worth stealing: flickr press room, bus rodeo, filmmaker contest starring buses, mobile sing-a-long, regional tours Sample tweet: Sudden threat of t-storms this eve, may be a good day to try the bike racks on the front of the bus. Social Sharing
  24. 24. Purpose: Encourage feedback, service ratings, etc Using: Digg, Survey Monkey, customized-rating system Examples: NextStopDesign, Blacksburg Bike/Ped Survey Ideas worth stealing: Flickr commute route/stop issues Crowdsourcing
  25. 25. Purpose: Increase traffic & broaden awareness Using: Fb ads, Promoted Tweets, YT Promoted Videos, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Behavioral Targeting, etc Examples: CFD Skeptics, Telework!VA Ideas worth stealing: Promotion during Earth Day [month] Search/Social Mktg
  26. 26. Purpose: Customer Relation Management Using: Email newsletter/CRM, SMS messaging Examples: Red Cross, VPSI, HCA Hospitals Ideas worth stealing: Special promotion support, general brand awareness Email/Text Messaging
  27. 27. VPSI Photo Contest
  28. 28. VPSI Photo Contest
  29. 29. Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge Phase 1: Announcement
  30. 30. Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge Phase 2: Voting
  31. 31. Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge Phase 3: Challenge
  32. 32. Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge
  33. 33. Car-Free Diet Skeptics Challenge Phase 4: Converts
  34. 34. Discovering your Route
  35. 35. • Provide access • Focus on the anytime/anywhere greater good • Make it easy • Be community • Provide tools to centric spread the word • Listen • Be authentic • Experiment • Tout your USP • Have fun! Rules of Engagement
  36. 36. Do one thing next week to challenge the status quo of your current marketing efforts. i.e. start a mass email of ideas around the office, place a box for marketing ideas in the breakroom, take an internal survey of social strengths/expertise, explore 1 new social site, etc Share it. Email me at; OR Tweet me @mizellg, ending with the hashtag #vtamktg10 Challenge…
  37. 37. Extended… (psst, keep going) Felicia Woodruff: Grant Mizell: @mizellg, Ray Shea:
  38. 38. Ford gave away one hundred, pre-released Fiestas for six months. Case Study: Ford
  39. 39. And started a Movement…
  40. 40. Integrating Social
  41. 41. 37% Pre-Launch Awareness among Millenials 2010 - Ford moves 25% of Marketing Spend to Digital/Social Media “You can’t just say it. You have to get the people to say it to each other.” – James Farley, CMO Ford
  42. 42. Winning the Boss Over ( in two steps ) Exploration (Fire power) •Suvey internal expertise • Twitter: Mashable’s Guide, Apps, Lists • Foursquare: BART, VisitPA • Multi-updaters: Cotweet, Hootsuite, Ping Load-Up on Stats (Ammunition) • All Socialnomics vids & these stats • What The F**K is Social Media? • Internet trends • Can Social Media sell cars?
  43. 43. Winning the Boss Over Other resources. The Secret Sauce of Social Marketing 5 Tips to Convince the Boss Adding Blogger Outreach to Your PR Plan 10 Ways to Initiate Social Conversation Social ROI Facebook Stats Social Media Business Tools