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Social Media, Social Influence Marketing and Super Peers


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In October 209 I presented on Social Media at ECMOD the international catalogue and home shopping conference. Here is the deck.

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Social Media, Social Influence Marketing and Super Peers

  1. 1. Social Influence Marketing Social Media and Super Peers Presented by Mark Walmsley at ECMOD 08.10.09 Earls Court, London
  2. 2. Some context Did you know? ... Credit to Karl Fisch, Scott Mcleod and Jeff Brenman Please note that links have been provided to the videos referenced in this presentation
  3. 3. Today Social Media Social Influence Marketing Super Peers
  4. 4. Social Media What is it? Where is it? Where is it going? Why is it important?
  5. 5. What is Social Media? Learning Shopping Playing Sharing Social interaction Many to many User Generated Content Democracy Well, what is the Internet for? Social Media is about ...
  6. 6. Credit to Marta Kagan
  7. 20. Where is it?
  8. 24. Where is it going? Real-time communication platform waves, wavelets, blips and robots Google Wave
  9. 25. Why is it important? email v social networking sites +70% say they discuss products and services Measurable word of mouth Tribes, gatherings and the watering hole Credit to Jim Anning
  10. 26. “ By 2013, the social networking population will reach 21.9 million, and represent 50% of UK web users.” (Emarketer, 2009)
  11. 27. “ Today, when you lose a customer, you risk losing that customer’s friends. Thanks to the Internet, blogs and customer review services, your customers now have lots and lots of friends all around the world.” (Jarvis, 2009) “ The brand is no longer what it says it is, it is what people say it is.” (Powell, 2009)
  12. 28. Case Study - Habitat Open a Twitter account and misunderstand it Use irrelevant #tags on your salesy tweets to spam trending topics Outrage the community Fail to apologise
  13. 30. Case Study - Dell Don’t Give poor service to Jeff Jarvis, a Blog Daddy! “ The machine is a lemon and the service is a lie.” Bloggers unite, criticism outranks at Google Share price tumbles, perception is damaged Michael Dell calls Jeff Jarvis and asks for a meeting ...
  14. 31. Dell Do Listen, respond, be honest, fix it Set up dedicated problem solving blog DirectToDell IdeaStorm and let customers exert influence Brand devotion re-established ($3m sold via Twitter)
  15. 32. Social Influence Marketing Social influence marketing describes the use of interactive and collaborative forms of media to influence the perception, opinions and ultimately the buying decisions of consumers by creating vocal evangelists and encouraging positive comments about a brand, product or service.
  16. 46. Your Strategy Web Strategy Dedicated inbound “pull” resource and response mechanism Internet Marketing Strategy Outbound “push” and reach activity. Affiliate, email, Ads etc. Social Media Strategy Your unbound marketing strategy should be all about conversation, relationships and dialogue inside the spaces that your prospects currently use. A two-way dialogue with customers, prospects and influencers who can propagate positive opinion.
  17. 47. Social Media Program Plan Listen Engage Monitor
  18. 48. Super Peers Super Peers are individuals who influence the opinions, behaviour and buying patterns of those in their social networks, both on and offline. Identify, encourage, reward and clone them and you will exploit the most powerful marketing method ever, trusted word of mouth.
  19. 49. Logic
  20. 51. Case Study - Aquafresh Creating word of mouth by targeting influential customers. A WARC award-winning campaign Use influencer ID tools to profile targets High social network reach and strong category involvement = Friend-trusting women 16 to 25 Create an online community for these influencers Send them trial product packs to use and share. Ask them to refer their friends to the website and review. Reached 1.4m who spent +/- 6 minutes on the site. 99.5% asked to be included in future trials
  21. 52. SM and the future of digital Waitlessness (no more buffering) Hyper-Relevance (ePaper and the mascara moment) Real-time GeoMarketing (behavioural targeting) All of the above will fuel Social Media growth
  22. 53. A Super Peer in Action Watch this video at
  23. 54. So what does this look like for me, my brand, product and service? BLANK = your brand, product or service Meet Dave ...
  24. 55. Meet Dave Dave wants to buy a blank. Will it be your blank? Find out Watch this video at
  25. 56. Thank you Presented by Mark Walmsley at ECMOD 08.10.09 Earls Court, London t: w: b: e: [email_address] +44 (0)7947 793 554