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Bye Bye, Promo-Tab


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Bye Bye Promo-Tab: Integrated Facebook Marketing with Open Graph-Apps & Pages …

Bye Bye Promo-Tab: Integrated Facebook Marketing with Open Graph-Apps & Pages

Talk by Michael Kamleitner, Die Socialisten @ Marketing Conference 2013 in Munich

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  • 1. die.socialisten.atsocial network developmentBYEBYE,PROMOTAB#AFMarketingConMunich, April 29th, 2013http://die.socialisten.atMichael Kamleitner, Die Socialisten
  • 2. is a free service helping socialmedia managers keep an eye on their FacebookPages. The app monitors a Facebook Page forimpending flamewars and shitstorms by detectingunusual peaks of community-activity and recognizingoverly negative toned comments. Communitymanagers receive the alarm via Email & SMS.
  • 3. die.socialisten.atsocial network developmentAbout: Die Socialisten"Die Socialisten" is a Vienna-based social-software agencyfocussing on the design & implementation of apps andmarketing-solutions on social web platforms likeFacebook.To date, we have successfully built more than onehundredbrand-pages, applications and integrations of externalwebsites.Our clients include Red Bull, Axel Springer/,Bertelsmann, FTD, Krone Multimedia, ATV and Hitradio Ö3."Die Socialisten" are Austrias first agency listed in theofficial "Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer"-program. |
  • 4. What this talk is not about...Minimum requirements for contest-/promotional Tabs on Facebook Pages.Terms of Service & legal challenges.Facebook Platform Policy & Promotional Guidelines.These basics should pretty much be established by now...
  • 5. Link:
  • 6. Anatomy of a typical Facebook Promotion...Goal: Hope for increased reach by growing the community (no. of fans)
  • 7. Anatomy of a typical Facebook Promotion...Step 1: Tab, Fangate & a prize as disconnected from the brand as possible (think iPad)
  • 8. Anatomy of a typical Facebook Promotion...Step 2: Registration form (with or without Facebook Login)
  • 9. Anatomy of a Facebook Promotion...Step 3: Sharing-Dialog = Verbreitungs-Mechanismus?Anatomy of a typical Facebook Promotion...Step 3: Sharing-Dialogue = Viral distribution mechanism?
  • 10. Why the typical Facebook Promotion will fail:Disconnected from brand, no storytelling, no viral distribution by Wall-Postings, users tired of it.
  • 11. 1. By supporting Mobile Devices.2. By integrating Open Graph Actions.3. By promoting Apps with Open Graph Sponsored Stories.Taking Facebook Promotions to the next level!
  • 12. 1. Supporting Mobile Devices
  • 13. Facebook is a truly mobile platform!600mio use Facebook mobile, 120mio exclusively mobile.Mobile Engagement-Rate 2x higher than on Desktop (Source: Facebook)
  • 14. Up to 45% mobile access for Facebook Apps!Average for Facebook Marketing Tab-Apps in Q4/2012: 36% mobile access!Source:
  • 15. Mobile Fail #1Built an app, “forgot” mobile support!Page-Post(promoted!) -leads to errormessage
  • 16. Mobile Fail #1Built an app, “forgot” mobile support!Share by a friend -leads to errormessage
  • 17. 36%!!Mobile!!!
  • 18. Link:
  • 19. Mobile Fail #2No optimized version for mobile devices, desktop version hardly usable!
  • 20. Sharing through Wallposts:Bad conversion, dialogue will mostly get cancelled anyway.Automatic postings without users agreement are forbidden by Facebook.
  • 21. Mobile Fail #3Posted wrong (Tab-)URL! (f.e.’t work onmobile!
  • 22. “What, no Tabs on mobile?How will users find our promotion at all”?
  • 23. “...through Newsfeed!”By (promoted) postings on the Page &Stories published by participating users.
  • 24. Watch out! Promotional Tabs provided by standard/out-of-the-box solutions: mostly no/bad mobile support!
  • 25. Executive Summary - Mobile Support:1. Facebook Promotional Tabs/Contests without Mobile Web-supportlose at least 1/3 of their potential right from the start!2. Mobile Web support = must-have for each custom- & standard-solution3. Try out for yourself! Find & open your campaign on your smartphone!4. Worked? Great! Now follow the best practices when linking to your app!More about mobile support & optimal linking of apps:
  • 26. 2. Integrating Open Graph Actions
  • 27. Why Open Graph? Reach!
  • 28. Open GraphActions displayedin old Newsfeed(90x90px)
  • 29. Open Graph Actiondisplayed in updatedNewsfeed(154x154px)
  • 30. Open Graph Actionsdisplayed in mobilNewsfeed (60x60px)
  • 31. Open Graph Best Practice
  • 32. Link:
  • 33. Action “Vote”High volume, 1 Vote per day, per user, per imageFeed-Story with thumbnail containing user-generated content.
  • 34. Link: (Kampagne beendet)
  • 35. Opt-In
  • 36. Action “Want”Feed Story achieves great reach with User-Message & Geo-Tagging.User MessageGeo-Tagging
  • 37. Action “Vote”High volume, 1 Vote per day, per user, per imageFeed-Story with thumbnail containing user-generated content.
  • 38. Link:
  • 39. Action “Support”Feed-Story with thumbnail containing personalized,user-generated content & User Tagging.User Tagging
  • 40. Link:
  • 41. Action “Chat”Feed-Story with individual thumbnail & User Message.User Message
  • 42. Commercial Break ;)This chat-widget is available for free at - works on every website & Facebook Page!
  • 43. More about “Wall-Posting vs. Open Graph”: Summary -Why integrate with Open Graph?1. Open Graph Actions have far better reach in Newsfeedthan common Wall-Postings.2. Open Graph Approval-Process by Facebook mostly within 24h3. Additional cost of Open Graph is very reasonable.4. Individual Open Graph Actions enable much moreconnection with the brand and better storytelling!
  • 44. Graph Search
  • 45. Graph SearchStatus April 2013Graph Search enables semantic search forpersons, places and photos by filtering interestes & “Likes”.No Mobile Support.No Internationalization.No API.No support for custom & common Open Graph Objects & Actions.
  • 46. Open Graph Action?
  • 47. No! Graph Search converts to “Like” internally!
  • 48. Graph Search APIFacebook Mobile DevCon NY, 18. April 2013- Graph Search API in “conceptional phase” right now!- Probably will require Whitelisting of Apps using the API- Probably will support search for Custom & Common Objects & Actions!Watch out: No official release-date or roadmap!Source:
  • 49. The Future?
  • 50. die.socialisten.atsocial network developmentWELCOMEBACK,PROMOTAB!
  • 51. die.socialisten.atsocial network developmentLinksNews, tutorials, best practices about Social Web App-development onFacebook & beyond! - http://garage.socialisten.at
  • 52. Michael KamleitnerDie Socialisten