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Facebook Mobile Distribution


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Leveraging viral social network effects in your mobile application. An overview of all the integration points Facebook offers to native mobile app developers.

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Facebook Mobile Distribution

  1. Facebook Mobile DistributionLeveraging viral social network effects in your mobile applicationRalf Rottmann | CTO Cologne, 01.05.2012 Version 1.3
  2. Social Channels grandcentrix GmbH
  3. Social ChannelsNews FeedNews Feed is Facebook’s oldest social channel.The News Feed is shown immediately to users uponlogging into Facebook, making it core to the Facebookexperience.There are several ways you can publish content to thestream: Feed Dialog, Feed Graph Object and LikeButton. grandcentrix GmbH 3
  4. News FeedPublish to a user’s feed Like Action The Like Action is the Feed Dialog mobile version of the Users can submit a Like Button. You can give comment along with it your very own custom sharing an experience. look and feel. grandcentrix GmbH 4
  5. News FeedPublishing to a user’s News FeedFeed Graph ObjectThis is a programmatic way of publishing to a user’sNews Feed. It has no default visual representation.If a user has authorized an app once, the app canpublish to the News Feed at any time.Think of it as the automated Feed Dialog. grandcentrix GmbH 5
  6. Requests grandcentrix GmbH
  7. Social ChannelsRequestsRequests are a great way to enable users to invite theirfriends to use your app.Requests integrate with Facebook notifications anddashboards, ensuring that a user will see the requestsfrom their friends whenever they are on Facebook.You can also use requests to have a user notify theirfriends to take a specific action in your app, such aswatching a video clip or submitting a vote. grandcentrix GmbH 7
  8. Open Graph Actions grandcentrix GmbH
  9. Social ChannelsOpen Graph ActionsOpen Graph Actions are the newest addition to SocialChannels.They are the “Like Button put in context”. Users cannow watch a video. Or cook a recipe. Or enjoy agrandcentrix demo.You define verb and subject. Once authorized, activitiescan be published automatically.Important: Requires Facebook review and approval.Also, watch and read actions now require, that usersspend at least 10 seconds with your experience. grandcentrix GmbH 9
  10. Social ChannelsThe very special Like ActionDon’t confuse the Like Action with the Like Button.The Like Action requires a user’s permission. So onfirst use, it’ll not be a single-tap experience.You cannot like Facebook Pages via the Like Action.Using the Like Action instead of the button for webpages outside of Facebook is possible, though.If users like (action) something their friends alsoliked, they’ll get notified via Facebook.Never ever auto-like and do not abuse rating controlsfor the Like Action! grandcentrix GmbH 10
  11. Social ChannelsWhich Social Channels can I implement? Like Action Web app iOS native app Android native appSend a request   Post to NewsFeed / Wall   Open Graph   Like Button  Like Action Like Action grandcentrix GmbH 2 11
  12. App Center grandcentrix GmbH
  13. Facebook App CenterThe next big driver for increased mobile installsIn May 2012 Facebook announced the App Center. Itwill be rolled out within weeks.Think of it as Facebook’s own App Store.App Center will list:‣ Facebook apps in a Canvas page‣ iOS and Android apps using Single sign-on‣ Mobile Web Apps using Facebook Login‣ Websites using Facebook LoginSend to Mobile allows people browsing App Center ontheir computer to send a notification to their mobiledevice. It’ll directly take them to the install page withinApp Store or Google Play. Facebook App Center is open for submissions. Who gets listed depends solely on quality and isWe anticipate this to be a huge driver for new installs. determined algorithmically. grandcentrix GmbH 13
  14. Native Mobile DistributionDriving more users to your app via deep linking grandcentrix GmbH
  15. Native Mobile DistributionDriving more users to your app via deep linking Deep Linking Takes users from News Feed, Timeline and Request items in the native Facebook app straight to the linked story in your native app. Or to the store if they don’t have it installed. Great for increasing your installed base! grandcentrix GmbH 15
  16. Native Mobile DistributionIncreasing usage through bookmarks and notifications In addition, you get a wonderful bookmark. If your native app is used frequently, Facebook adds a launch link to your native app automagically. Includes visual indication of outstanding requests. grandcentrix GmbH 16
  17. Native Mobile DistributionDeep linking mechanics Facebook Facebook Facebook on the web in mobile browser native app Takes user to your appYour app on Facebook or linked Takes user to the Launches your app andinstalled activity outside of App Store hands over “deep link” Facebook Takes user to your appYour app not on Facebook or linked Takes user to the Takes user to theinstalled activity outside of App Store App Store Facebook grandcentrix GmbH 2 17
  18. Native Mobile DistributionEven more deep link mechanicsLink switching is handled automagically by theFacebook app.The replaced URI is handed over to your app as is.It’s up to you to parse it, e.g. extract content elementids.Authentication and authorization is handled on thefly.Users are handed over to your app as logged inusers. Facebook calls this authenticated referrals. grandcentrix GmbH 18
  19. Knowing your usersIntroducing MicroStrategy Gateway & Cloud grandcentrix GmbH
  20. MicroStrategy Gateway & CloudLeveraging your users’ data beyond Facebook InsightsFacebook’s Insight only offers a predefined setof stats and very limited export options.It’s far beyond what’s required for a highlypersonalized app.Also, you cannot programmatically integrateInsight findings into your process. grandcentrix GmbH 2 20
  21. MicroStrategy Gateway & CloudLeveraging your users’ data beyond Facebook InsightsIn a nutshell, MicroStrategy turns all of your users’Facebook profiles data into a database that you own.It seamlessly handles changes over time and delivershigh level aggregates, making it easier to query forsegments.You also don’t have to worry about disambiguation:Though there are 25+ Lady Gaga pages, you only needto query for Lady Gaga Fan and MicroStrategy takescare for the rest.Everything is hosted. Forget about new infrastructure. grandcentrix GmbH 21
  22. MicroStrategy Gateway & CloudLeveraging your users’ data beyond Facebook InsightsLeveraging external data sources, you can segmentbeyond what’s available directly on Facebook.MicroStrategy calls this Data Enrichment.We call it simply genius. grandcentrix GmbH 22
  23. MicroStrategy Gateway & CloudLeveraging your users’ data beyond Facebook Insights Users sign into your native app Your app n ke To MicroStrategy Gateway Token Management Data Refresh Batch Facebook SchedulerTechnical integration is easy. and Query Query incremental MeteringIf your app already uses Facebook’s SSO Consolidation updatesfeatures, it’s just a matter of handing over the Facebook Relational MPP Scalabilityaccess token to MicroStrategy Gateway. Data grandcentrix GmbH 2 23
  24. MicroStrategy Gateway & CloudLeveraging your users’ data beyond Facebook Insightsgrandcentrix is a MicroStrategy envoy partner.We handle all of the hard work for you. grandcentrix GmbH 2 24
  25. Be careful grandcentrix GmbH
  26. PitfallsAvoid the typical Facebook page and app mess Facebook Apps no longer need a Facebook Page. Make sure you have exactly one page and exactly one app. grandcentrix GmbH 26
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