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Bye Bye Promo-Tab: Integrated Facebook Marketing with Open Graph-Apps & Pages

Talk by Michael Kamleitner, Die Socialisten @ Marketing Conference 2013 in Munich

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Bye Bye, Promo-Tab

  1. 1. die.socialisten.atsocial network developmentBYEBYE,PROMOTAB#AFMarketingConMunich, April 29th, 2013http://die.socialisten.atMichael Kamleitner, Die Socialisten
  2. 2. is a free service helping socialmedia managers keep an eye on their FacebookPages. The app monitors a Facebook Page forimpending flamewars and shitstorms by detectingunusual peaks of community-activity and recognizingoverly negative toned comments. Communitymanagers receive the alarm via Email & SMS.
  3. 3. die.socialisten.atsocial network developmentAbout: Die Socialisten"Die Socialisten" is a Vienna-based social-software agencyfocussing on the design & implementation of apps andmarketing-solutions on social web platforms likeFacebook.To date, we have successfully built more than onehundredbrand-pages, applications and integrations of externalwebsites.Our clients include Red Bull, Axel Springer/,Bertelsmann, FTD, Krone Multimedia, ATV and Hitradio Ö3."Die Socialisten" are Austrias first agency listed in theofficial "Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer"-program. |
  4. 4. What this talk is not about...Minimum requirements for contest-/promotional Tabs on Facebook Pages.Terms of Service & legal challenges.Facebook Platform Policy & Promotional Guidelines.These basics should pretty much be established by now...
  5. 5. Link:
  6. 6. Anatomy of a typical Facebook Promotion...Goal: Hope for increased reach by growing the community (no. of fans)
  7. 7. Anatomy of a typical Facebook Promotion...Step 1: Tab, Fangate & a prize as disconnected from the brand as possible (think iPad)
  8. 8. Anatomy of a typical Facebook Promotion...Step 2: Registration form (with or without Facebook Login)
  9. 9. Anatomy of a Facebook Promotion...Step 3: Sharing-Dialog = Verbreitungs-Mechanismus?Anatomy of a typical Facebook Promotion...Step 3: Sharing-Dialogue = Viral distribution mechanism?
  10. 10. Why the typical Facebook Promotion will fail:Disconnected from brand, no storytelling, no viral distribution by Wall-Postings, users tired of it.
  11. 11. 1. By supporting Mobile Devices.2. By integrating Open Graph Actions.3. By promoting Apps with Open Graph Sponsored Stories.Taking Facebook Promotions to the next level!
  12. 12. 1. Supporting Mobile Devices
  13. 13. Facebook is a truly mobile platform!600mio use Facebook mobile, 120mio exclusively mobile.Mobile Engagement-Rate 2x higher than on Desktop (Source: Facebook)
  14. 14. Up to 45% mobile access for Facebook Apps!Average for Facebook Marketing Tab-Apps in Q4/2012: 36% mobile access!Source:
  15. 15. Mobile Fail #1Built an app, “forgot” mobile support!Page-Post(promoted!) -leads to errormessage
  16. 16. Mobile Fail #1Built an app, “forgot” mobile support!Share by a friend -leads to errormessage
  17. 17. 36%!!Mobile!!!
  18. 18. Link:
  19. 19. Mobile Fail #2No optimized version for mobile devices, desktop version hardly usable!
  20. 20. Sharing through Wallposts:Bad conversion, dialogue will mostly get cancelled anyway.Automatic postings without users agreement are forbidden by Facebook.
  21. 21. Mobile Fail #3Posted wrong (Tab-)URL! (f.e.’t work onmobile!
  22. 22. “What, no Tabs on mobile?How will users find our promotion at all”?
  23. 23. “...through Newsfeed!”By (promoted) postings on the Page &Stories published by participating users.
  24. 24. Watch out! Promotional Tabs provided by standard/out-of-the-box solutions: mostly no/bad mobile support!
  25. 25. Executive Summary - Mobile Support:1. Facebook Promotional Tabs/Contests without Mobile Web-supportlose at least 1/3 of their potential right from the start!2. Mobile Web support = must-have for each custom- & standard-solution3. Try out for yourself! Find & open your campaign on your smartphone!4. Worked? Great! Now follow the best practices when linking to your app!More about mobile support & optimal linking of apps:
  26. 26. 2. Integrating Open Graph Actions
  27. 27. Why Open Graph? Reach!
  28. 28. Open GraphActions displayedin old Newsfeed(90x90px)
  29. 29. Open Graph Actiondisplayed in updatedNewsfeed(154x154px)
  30. 30. Open Graph Actionsdisplayed in mobilNewsfeed (60x60px)
  31. 31. Open Graph Best Practice
  32. 32. Link:
  33. 33. Action “Vote”High volume, 1 Vote per day, per user, per imageFeed-Story with thumbnail containing user-generated content.
  34. 34. Link: (Kampagne beendet)
  35. 35. Opt-In
  36. 36. Action “Want”Feed Story achieves great reach with User-Message & Geo-Tagging.User MessageGeo-Tagging
  37. 37. Action “Vote”High volume, 1 Vote per day, per user, per imageFeed-Story with thumbnail containing user-generated content.
  38. 38. Link:
  39. 39. Action “Support”Feed-Story with thumbnail containing personalized,user-generated content & User Tagging.User Tagging
  40. 40. Link:
  41. 41. Action “Chat”Feed-Story with individual thumbnail & User Message.User Message
  42. 42. Commercial Break ;)This chat-widget is available for free at - works on every website & Facebook Page!
  43. 43. More about “Wall-Posting vs. Open Graph”: Summary -Why integrate with Open Graph?1. Open Graph Actions have far better reach in Newsfeedthan common Wall-Postings.2. Open Graph Approval-Process by Facebook mostly within 24h3. Additional cost of Open Graph is very reasonable.4. Individual Open Graph Actions enable much moreconnection with the brand and better storytelling!
  44. 44. Graph Search
  45. 45. Graph SearchStatus April 2013Graph Search enables semantic search forpersons, places and photos by filtering interestes & “Likes”.No Mobile Support.No Internationalization.No API.No support for custom & common Open Graph Objects & Actions.
  46. 46. Open Graph Action?
  47. 47. No! Graph Search converts to “Like” internally!
  48. 48. Graph Search APIFacebook Mobile DevCon NY, 18. April 2013- Graph Search API in “conceptional phase” right now!- Probably will require Whitelisting of Apps using the API- Probably will support search for Custom & Common Objects & Actions!Watch out: No official release-date or roadmap!Source:
  49. 49. The Future?
  50. 50. die.socialisten.atsocial network developmentWELCOMEBACK,PROMOTAB!
  51. 51. die.socialisten.atsocial network developmentLinksNews, tutorials, best practices about Social Web App-development onFacebook & beyond! - http://garage.socialisten.at
  52. 52. Michael KamleitnerDie Socialisten