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Hashtag Campaign Case Study: - #einlebenlang


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The Rubbellos community was challenged to post all their dreams & wishes they could realise with a life-long supply of lottery scratch tickets (the “Rubbellos”). Posts were published to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or via email - all connected by the hashtag #einlebenlang (“a life long”). More than 20.000 posts were collected & displayed on the campaigns microsite!

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Hashtag Campaign Case Study: - #einlebenlang

  1. 1. - #einlebenlang Hashtag Campaign Report Die Socialisten, September 2014
  2. 2. The Client Österreichische Lotterien Austrian Lotteries is an internationally recognized gaming operator, offering a broad range of highest quality lottery games to adults interested in gaming. From draw games like Lotto 6 aus 45 and EuroMillions to scratch tickets like Rubbellos and many more.
  3. 3. Social Software Development The Idea • The community was challenged to post all their dreams & wishes they could realise with a life-long supply of lottery scratch tickets (the “Rubbellos”). Posts were published on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or via email - all connected by the hashtag #einlebenlang (“a life long”). • All posts were collected & displayed on the campaigns microsite ( • The 10 selected winners in fact will receive a year long supply of Rubbellos! Congratulations! :) • Campaign duration: Aug 3rd - Aug 29th 2014 (27 days)
  4. 4. Social Software Development The Technology • ( was used as a proven social media aggregator on the backend. • Responsive web-design supported the microsite on smartphones and tablets. • Powerful moderation tools and blacklists removed unwanted noise and content that violated the campaigns terms.
  5. 5. Social Software Development
  6. 6. More than 20.000 posts have been published over the course of the campaign! Facebook clearly was the most dominant channel of participation, with email as a strong second. While Google+ & Twitter only played a minor role, interestingly there were even a few submissions on Instagram, despite being not supported by the campaign due to API-limitations! Social Software Development Entries / Posts Email 26% Facebook 71% Facebook 14.378 Posts Email 5.370 Posts Twitter 286 Posts Google+ 205 Posts Instagram 89 Posts Total 20.336 Posts Source: Application
  7. 7. Social Software Development Traffic - General Unique Users 80.196 Pageviews 124.930 Unique Visits 100.998 Source: Google Analytics
  8. 8. The biggest chunk of traffic was coming directly. This is proof of the great integration between online campaign, TV-spot and the product itself (which had hashtag & URL printed on). The second biggest driver of traffic of course have been social platforms like Facebook, where users shared their ideas. Search- & Referral traffic from other, non-social websites didn’t play a role at all. Social Software Development Traffic - Channels Social 41% Direct 55% Direct 55.704 Sessions Social 40.975 Sessions Referral 3.090 Sessions Organic Search 1.229 Sessions Total (Session) 100.998 Sessions Source: Google Analytics
  9. 9. At 77% combined, mobile and tablet-usage was extraordinarily high! One possible explanation for these numbers: when getting exposed to the campaign on TV or print, people increasingly start engaging with the social media component of the campaign on their Second Screen Devices. Social Software Development Traffic - Mobile vs. Desktop Tablet 6% Desktop 23% Mobile 71% Mobile 71.626 Sessions Desktop 22.808 Sessions Tablet 6.564 Sessions Total 100.998 Sessions Source: Google Analytics
  10. 10. Let’s be honest - due to few bad players, Facebook Apps sometimes face trust-issues among users. Same goes for oversharing a marketing idea, which might be perceived as spammy behaviour. We’re happy to report that our users stuck to the app with very few uninstalls happening! More importantly, the stories posted by the community were almost never marked as spam! 568 Installs per Day VS. 3-4 Uninstalls per Day Social Software Development Facebook Insights - User Feedback Spam Rate per 10.000 Impressions 0,071 0,053 0,036 0,018 0 08/03/14 08/04/14 08/05/14 08/06/14 08/07/14 08/08/14 08/09/14 08/10/14 08/11/14 08/12/14 08/13/14 08/14/14 08/15/14 08/16/14 08/17/14 08/18/14 08/19/14 08/20/14 08/21/14 08/22/14 08/23/14 08/24/14 08/25/14 08/26/14 08/27/14 08/28/14 08/29/14 Source: Facebook Insights
  11. 11. Social Software Development Facebook Insights - Reach Facebooks ability to drive traffic and generate organic (!) reach with apps still is amazing! The campaign generated more than 4mio story impressions! Story Impressions 4.400.000 Stories Published 14.100 Source: Facebook Insights
  12. 12. Start your free trial at today!
  13. 13. About: Die Socialisten "Die Socialisten" is a social-software agency specialized in the design & implementation of apps and marketing-solutions on social web platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Google+. To date, we have successfully built more than 200 brand-pages, applications and websites. Our clients include Red Bull, Axel Springer/, Bertelsmann, FTD, Krone Multimedia, ATV and Hitradio Ö3. "Die Socialisten" is Austria's first and only agency listed in the official "Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer"- program.
  14. 14. Social Software Development Michael Kamleitner Die Socialisten Let’s connect! Phone: +43 699 116 07 923