Z lab an innovations lab for a school of education


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Thesis presentation for an Innovations Lab set in a School of Education. Design thinking. Trans-Disciplinary Learning.

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Z lab an innovations lab for a school of education

  1. 1. Sharon Dvora MFA Collaborative Design PNCA Candidate 2013 An Innovations Lab in a School of Education
  2. 2. How can design contribute to the transformation of the American public education system?
  3. 3. MFA Collaborative Design Design Ecologies Systems Thinking Cultural Entrepreneurship
  4. 4. Education needs to go back to school.
  5. 5. School&of& Educa,on& Southern& Oregon&University& “a distinctive campus that sparks creativity, collaboration, and adventure while connecting students with community and careers.”
  6. 6. Design Thinking + Trans-Disciplinary Learning
  7. 7. Design Thinking + Trans-Disciplinary Learning Trans-Disciplinary Learning Collaborative & team-based, centered on real world engagement with complex problems, issues or questions. Innovations Lab A space where dynamic methods are employed to accelerate creative & collective thinking, catalyzing new adaptive strategies & approaches to our educational system’s complex challenges.
  8. 8. “Design is the ability to imagine that-which-does-not-yet-exist, to make it appear in concrete form as a new, purposeful addition to the real world.” Harold Nelson, The Design Way
  9. 9. Design Thinking + Trans-Disciplinary Learning  How can we design learning environments & experiences that provide the optimal conditions for students to thrive in the 21st century?
  10. 10. Design Thinking + Trans-Disciplinary Learning  How can we design learning environments & experiences that provide the optimal conditions for students to thrive in the 21st century?  How can the design process involve educators and learners as integral stakeholders in imagining the future of teaching & learning?
  11. 11. Inspirations from the Field of Education  Early Learning Centers of Reggio Emilia  Place based learning  Project based learning
  12. 12. Influences from the Broader Field  New Generation of Connected Learners  New Practices of Knowledge Generation + Sharing  Online Learning, Informal Learning  Emerging Technologies: Individualized Learning
  13. 13. “Emphasize teaching, learning and assessment for classroom teachers.” Dean of School of Education at SOU!
  14. 14. Dean of School of Education at SOU! “It weaves in the arts and creativity. It addresses teaching and learning challenges. It offers a project-based, trans-disciplinary approach.”
  15. 15. An!educa)onal!design!studio!for!launching!crea)ve!and! responsive!educators!and!leaders.!
  16. 16.  Pedagogy Design Thinking Trans-Disciplinary or Project-Based Learning Regional Engagement Arts + Creativity Infused Entrepreneurship in Education Eco-literacy: designing for aliveness
  17. 17.  Curriculum Foundations: Design Thinking for Educators Pedagogy: Trans-Disciplinary Learning Research: Design Research in Education Leadership: Creative Leadership in Education Diversity: Imagining the Future of Education Assessment: Creative Learning and Assessment
  18. 18.  Place StEm To StE{A}MUpCoMiNg: PrAcTiCuM OpPoRtUnItIeS PrOfEsSiOnAl DeVeLoPmEnT WoRkShOpS Med CoUrSeWoRk CReAtIvELEaDeRsHiP HoMe AbOuT CrEaTiVe LeAdErShIp PrOfEsSiOnAl DeVeLoPmEnT PrAcTiCuM OpPoRtUnItIeS StEm To StE{A}M OrEgOn WrItInG PrOjEcT zLAb vIrTuAl
  19. 19.  Community of Practice
  20. 20.  Community!of!Prac)ce!
  21. 21.  Community!of!Prac)ce!
  22. 22.  Community!of!Prac)ce!
  23. 23. ONLINE& zLAB& STUDIO& zLAB& PROFESSIONAL& DEVELOPMENT& GRADUATE& COURSEWORK& MEd& CREATIVE&& LEADERSHIP& LEARNING& LANDSCAPE& STEM&to& STE{A}M& CREATIVE& LEADERSHIP& MASTERS& An Innovations Lab in the School of Education at Southern Oregon University Flexible Delivery Audience: Emerging + Experienced Educators Target Initiatives PRACTICUM& OPPORTUNITIES& REGIONAL& CONSULTANCY&
  24. 24. Outcomes + Benefits  Meeting the Needs of All Learners  Educator Empowerment + Cultivating Student Voice  Real World Engagement: Connecting School + Community  Out-of-the-box Thinkers: Lifelong Passion for Learning  Promote Scholarship + Research  Equity + Sustainability: Economic + Social + Ecological
  25. 25. “There is no bolder act than to challenge one’s own beliefs.” Don Harker
  26. 26. “Create a movement. Engage in meaningful conversations about changing the education landscape.” “Consult with kids. Survey students about what they would like to study, then design spaces that let them learn what they want to learn.” OWP/P Architects + VS Furniture + Bruce Mau, The Third Teacher
  27. 27. Next steps
  28. 28. Questions?