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Treatment sample

  1. 1. MULTIMEDIA TREATMENT SAMPLE MMD2163Example 1Music Video Treatment“All My Life” – Foo FightersAn epic song deserves an epic music video. This is a dark song and therefore I will haveit be a dark music video. There will be a lot of lighting that will help put across the effectof it being really dark and oppressive. We see black lights to keep the imagery thatsdark and distorted, and flood lights to create harding lighting and long shadows.The speed of the action in this video is varying from slow, to fast, to normal.There are multiple people singing the song in fast and slow motion while things are goingon around them at different speeds.The beginning shows us a dark room with dark walls and only black lights illuminatingthe room. Our main character is in all black with a white pic playing guitar. We see onlyselect parts of him that are illuminated by the black lights. He starts playing the part withclose ups on his eyes and mouth, that are closed. Once the lyrics kick in, he startssinging, with a close up back on his mouth. Once the music kicks in with the rest of theband, the dark person under the black lights opens his eyes extremely wide and screamswith the music.After the intro and into the verse, we see someone walking downtown at night, the streetlights creating hard lighting from above, casting shadows over our characters face. Thepeople and the cars in the background will be going very fast as our character movesslowly.The chorus kicks in and the band is playing the song in a dark room with a single floodlight that lights the band.The next verse is similar to the verse before but instead of walking down town, our maincharacter is walking on the waterfront which once again, is a dark setting and with theperson singing the song in fast to slow motion.Now the “build-up” part of the song, has quicker cuts, which go from one scene toanother. From the man in the intro in the black light, to the band playing, to the scenesin the verses. On every scratch, the man in the black light would starts to appear in all ofthe scenes.The “build-up” reaches its apex, to a scene of the guitarist in the band jumping up in theair, shot from a low angle with a flood light behind him, so all you see is a black figurewith a guitar jumping through the air in slow motion. The scene then cuts to the man inthe black light scene screaming the lyrics while playing the guitar.During the final chorus, we see quick cuts of the band rocking out to the song, and at thevery end of the song the man in the black light lunges at the main character. KNAK2011
  2. 2. MULTIMEDIA TREATMENT SAMPLE MMD2163Example 2Story treatmentICARUSS FLIGHT1. Day. Icarus and Daedalus imprisoned in a room at the top of a tall tower. Icarusstands at one of the parapets, gazing out at sea and sky; Daedalus sits at a crude table,working on a plan of escape.He looks up, sees Icarus dreaming, and orders him to sweep the room. Icarus takes histime about obeying.2. Night. Daedalus asleep on a cot, Icarus gazing out, as before.Daedalus stirs, sees the boy at the parapet, and orders him back to bed. When he closeshis eyes, Icarus makes a face at him.3. Day. Daedalus at the table, Icarus at the parapet. From his point of view, we watchseagulls ride the wind. Quietly, he spreads arms vyide and dips and turns in place,imitating them.4. Day. Icarus collects discarded feathers from the sills of the parapets and adds them toa pile by his cot. Icarus at work, trying ways to paste feathers onto his arm.5. Night. Daedalus at the table, working by candlelight. Behind him, Icarus swoops abouton feathered arms. He knocks against a stool and Daedalus looks up. "Stop that!" Thenhe really sees what is going on, jumps up, and crosses the room to touch the feathers onhis sons arm. Icarus pulls away. We watch from his point of view as Daedalus goes backto the table and scrapes up a bit of melted candle wax, rolling it between his fingers.6. Montage of Icarus and Daedalus crafting the wings: gathering wax and feathers,stripping a cot of its straps to make an armature, and so on. As they work together, sideby side, Daedalus impatiently corrects everything the boy does.7. Night. Sound of a key in the lock. Quickly, they hide their work underneath one of thecots, and Icarus sits down on it, dangling his legs to hide whats underneath. The dooropens and the jailer comes in with supper tray and fresh candle. He leaves these andgoes. Icarus runs to light the candle.8. Day. Icarus and Daedalus gaze down at the completed pairs of wings, which are hugeand very beautiful. Now Daedalus warns the boy to stay close behind him when they setout and-above all!-to be sure not to fly up toward the sun. Its rays would surely melt thewax that holds their wings together. They help one another tie on the wings. A wingedIcarus stands out on the sill of one of the parapets. He gazes after his father, already inflight toward the distant shore. He takes a deep breath and launches himself into the air.9. In the distance, we see the two figures flying, Daedalus in the lead. Intoxicated by hisnew freedom, Icarus begins to swoop and glide, flying up toward the sun. Daedalusturns, sees what is happening, and calls out to Icarus to come back. But at the sound of KNAK2011
  3. 3. MULTIMEDIA TREATMENT SAMPLE MMD2163his fathers voice, the boy soars even farther. As Daedaluss cries grow faint in thedistance, he begins to find it hard to move his wings and looks back over his shoulder interror to see that they are losing their shape. Icarus cries out to his father to save him ashe begins to fall.10. A wide shot of sea and sky as Daedalus, wings beating furiously, races to catch theboy. A shot of Icarus, plummeting down. The camera follows as he plunges into the seaand the water closes over his head. He descends slowly underwater, twisting and turning.10a. A wide shot, with Daedalus circling above the place where his son vanished, callingIcaruss name over and over.This last shot may not work in the film, because it leaves us contemplating Daedalusssuffering rather than that of our protagonist, Icarus. But it is worth thinking about,possibly even shooting, with the final decision left for the editing room. KNAK2011