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Music Video Analysis


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Music Video Analysis

  1. 1. Music Video Mariatou Hydara
  2. 2. Music videoED SHEERAN - GIVE ME LOVESANG BY- Ed SheeranLEAD ROLE- Isabel Lucas- (CUPID)WRITTEN BY- Ed Sheeran, Jake Gosling and Chris LeonardALBUM- + (6th)PRODUCER-Jake GoslingGENRE- Acoustic, folk, indie popRELEASED-26 November 2012LABEL- Warner Music Group
  3. 3. Meaning The narrative of this music video is about a girl who plays cupid and finds partners for people (giving them love) she travels far and wide to find people their matching partnersbut she does not find her own so at the end of the video sheshot herself with the arrow to hope that someone comes for her and gives her love.
  4. 4. Music video analysisThe song started with Isabel Lucas on a mattress, shot, with blood from her neck. In an high angle.We then see a police man walking towards the scene in a tracking shot, later on we see a wide shot of the wholescene with the whole police crew and detective with Isabel Lucas.The song then starts and we see her looking at a couple at a corner outside in an allay way. In this shot we see amedium shot of her then cut to the couple in a long shot. Match on actionLater on we see Isabel Lucas in a med shot by her self in her room. A couple of cuts to show some features in herroom like pictures.We then get some performance from Lucas as she starts to get her wings out. In different shot types like andangles. In addition to that we are shown a jump cut to see the time of day it is by a display of dark clouds with atower clock near by.A straight simple cut of a long shot shows us her transferred into cupid in a misty way in her room then in anallay.The camera then shows different type of shots showcasing her equipments to make her arrow and then cutsshowing her making her arrow.From this the video shows different locations, different people, different atmosphere showcase where Lucasdoing her job as cupid. By this we had a lot of different shot types, angles, transitions and paste.By the end we go back to the beginning. This gives the audience a narrative enigma.
  5. 5. Indie songsProps - guitars, drums and microphones are shown in the videoshots - long shots, high angle shots, medium long/close shot. close up. low angleshot.The costume of the artist/band - dark colours on the outside layer and bright t-shirt or shirt on the first layer. Everyone in the band is wears similar clothing andcolours. Jeans are mainly worn and also worn. Leather jackets are manly popular.Trend- Plain and simpleEditing - black and white are a main kind of theme of it this goes in with themetaphor of having a clear out look which fits in with most indie narratives. manycuts for the transitions, fades. change of scenes and musics pace fits in the sametimeMost of the indie music videos are mainly done in an realistic style so the light,sound and performance are all natural.
  6. 6. The Parting Glass"The Parting Glass" is an Irish, Scottish and Newfoundland traditionalsong, often sung at the end of a gathering of friends.This song was quoted in a letter by a Scottish man who was making his wayover to Ireland; around this time there were many Scottish settlers arrivingin Ireland and so the song was then combined with both cultures.With Ed Sheeran already made a song called ‘the parting glass’ in the samealbum with the song ‘give me love’ shows a comparison on how the twosongs link. The first thing we know is that they are both done in a differenttime. I think Sheerean is tying to show the growth of society from theparting glass which was old and tradition to give me love which is modernand talks about things effecting the society now which is homosexuality.Both songs are dealing with different thing but the same out look come onsociety.