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Rock Star Version of Univ Preso


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Published in: Education
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Rock Star Version of Univ Preso

  1. 1. Universal Presentation Iron Chef / Rock Star Version
  2. 2. Presentation is critical to all of us: Media Ag Mech English Math FFA Music Science Floral Health/PE
  3. 3. Presentation covers all CORE skills at the highest level Reading Writing Summarizing Persuading
  4. 4. An acronym C.A.S.K. Comparing Annotation Summarizing Key quotes
  5. 5. C.A.S.K. Comparing Raises test scores more than any other skill - Marzano One venn per preso?
  6. 6. C.A.S.K. Comparing Food English History Big Mac Song Battles Double Double Story Leaders
  7. 7. C.A.S.K. Annotation A high level skill Essential for college Helps to instill honesty 4 per project?
  8. 8. C.A.S.K. Annotation
  9. 9. C.A.S.K. Summarizing Teach techniques! Use the technique: S, W, B, S, T
  10. 10. Somebody Wanted But So The Big Bad Wolf Pigs for dinner They hid in the brick house. He went hungry. She died in a concentration Anne Frank To hide from the Nazis Someone turned her in camp. He killed himself when Adolf Hitler To control all of Europe The Allies fought against him Germany was defeated. He ran into the Caribbean Christopher Columbus To sail to India to buy spices He claimed the area for Spain. Islands It later led to the electron tube, To invent the incandescent His lightbulb blackened (the Thomas Edison the basis of the electronics lightbulb Edison effect) industry He combined science and His father wanted him to be a Stephen Hawking To be a mathematician math to study black holes in chemist the universe.
  11. 11. C.A.S.K. Summarizing S, W, B, S, T leads to SKILLED paraphrasing, this eliminates copy/paste Summarizing is a TOP 5 way to raise scores - Marzano
  12. 12. C.A.S.K. Key quotes Require a “key quote” from an article Require them to be noted as first or third person Key quotes are a kind of summary Key quotes are a State Standard
  13. 13. C.A.S.K. Key quotes
  14. 14. Milestones It’s a PROCESS; Teach it. Teach it step by step.
  15. 15. Places to share: Right in Google Docs