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Dead is Dead, Sometimes...


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Dead is Dead, Sometimes...

  1. 1. Episode 7.1 : " Dead is dead, sometimes..." Previously on Lost: Jack & Locke battle, Lock being kicked off the cliff, Jack replacing the stone plug in the cavern and dying in the bamboo jungle. Miles performing the duct tape repair on the Ajira plane. Lapidus lining up the plane for take-off and telling everyone to buckle up.Scene 1: Open in plane cockpit looking out the front windows. Sound of plane engines running in the background. Pan down and see a hand (Lapidus) pull back on the throttle & hear the plane engines roar louder and at a higher pitch. Frank: (shouting over engines) " Here we go!!!" Frank releases the brake and we see an external shot of the plane moving forward. Inside shots of the passengers nervously glancing at each other & holding on tight. Suspenseful scene continues as the plane struggles to increase spead while getting ever-closer to the end of the runway. We see Frank frantically trying to get the plane in the air. Outside shot of the plane speeding directly at the camera. The nose of the plane passes out of view at the top of the screen. Just as this happens, we see the duct tape repair fail, and high-pressure hydraulic fluid sprays everywhere. Inside shot of cockpit control panel shows warning lights turning on. Frank: " Damn it Miles!!!" Outside shot of the plane, the front landing gear collapses under the weight of the plane & the nose slams into the ground. Inside we see the passengers being thrown forward with the sudden impact.Sawyer: " Son of a bitch!" Kate grabs Claire's hand. Richard looks at Miles.Richard: " I thought you said you knew what you were doing!" Outside, the plane's momentum keeps it sliding along the ground, the nose of the plane starting to dig into the ground & throwing debris off to the sides. After a few more seconds the plane slides to a hault. We hear the engines power down. We see the passengers shaken up & looking completely heart-broken that their escape didn't work.LOST (intro title)Scene 2: Sawyer, Claire, and Kate are already on the ground outside of the plane. Claire is distraught about not being able to get home to Aaron. We see Miles about to jump down from the plane with Richard waiting behind him. Lapidus stands and starts to leave the cockpit, but turns around to grab the walkie-talkie from the floor in front of the co-pilot's chair. The passengers are standing around talking. Lapidus approaches and throws the walkie-talkie rudely at Miles.Lapidus: " Here! See if you can get anything on this." The walkie-talkie strikes Miles in the stomach and he barely manages to catch it. He gives Lapidus a look out of the corner of his eyes as to say " it's not my fault" . Miles raises the walkie to his mouth.Miles: " Hurley?? Linus?? Is anyone there? ..............static........Miles: " Hello? Hello?" Linus: " Hello? Can you hear me? Miles is that you?" A look of surprise and relief of Miles' face.Miles: " Yes! Ben! Where are you?!" The scene changes to show Hurley and Ben, with Desmond slowly sitting up in the background.Linus: " We're still in the jungle. I get the feeling you're not calling me from the plane...." Miles: " No. We weren't able to take off in the Ajira plane." Sawyer shoots him a glaring look of blame.Linus: " The island seems to have stabilized. Can you all make it back to the main island? Perhaps we can come up with a way to get you all home." Miles looks around.Kate: " Sawyer and I came here on a boat. It should still be off-shore a few minutes away. We can take that back. Ask them if Jack is ok!" Miles doesn't hear the last part of her request.Miles: " Yes, we have a boat we can use. We'll get over there as soon as possible." Miles clicks off the radio and clips it to his belt.Sawyer: " The lady wanted you to ask if the Doc was ok." Miles: " They said they're all still there. The less we talk and the sooner we leave, the sooner you can all get back together. Let's get going" .The Ajira crew heads for the boat. We see them reach the Elizabeth and beging to board. As they begin to sail, Sawyer comments that at least they aren't being chased by an outrigger with someone shooting at them. Scene 3:Hurley is tending to Desmond, with the remains of his nosebleed still on his upper lip. Desmond begins to panic and says he needs to get back down into the cavern to fix the light. He doesn't remember Jack coming down and helping him. Hurley explains to him what has happened and that the island is safe. Desmond gets more upset and says it wasn't supposed to happen that way, that he is the only one who can survive being that close to the light energy. Hurley explains that Jack felt it was his job, and passed his new role as Island protector to Hurley. Ben explains that when they pulled the rope back up from the cavern, it was Desmond attached to the end. Not Jack. Desmond says they need to go find Jack but Hurley solemnly shakes his head and Ben explains that they are going to meet the rest of the survivors first. Ben radios miles to check on their status and they agree to meet on shore across from Hydra island. Ben, Hurley, and Desmond begin to start walking. Scene 4:A cinematic view of the Elizabeth sailing towards the main island. The camera backs away before turning and beginning to fly along the shore of the island. In the distance we see the ladders descending down the cave of names. The camera flies upwards before turning around and pointing straight down along the edge of the cliff. The ladder is towards the left side of the screen. We see waves crashing up against the island, and Locke's body is no longer laying on the ledge where he landed.We get a viewpoint from deep inside the cave with a torch flickering from somewhere behind the camera, looking out towards the opening to the sea, and the table with the scale is in view. Slowly a figure steps out into few, walking slowly, and we only see him from behind. It is recognizable as MIB, no longer stealing Locke's form, but as his former human appearance. He slowly lumbers foward. He approaches the table, picks up the scale, and brings it close to his face to stare at it. With a horrible inhuman roar, he throws the entire scale out into the sea, then turns and flips the entire table with a crash.Scene 5:The Ajira group is unloading their boat at a dock at shore. Ben, Hurley, and Desmond appear soon after from the trees. The two groups merge and share a brief reunion. Kate is looking around, immediately noticing Jack's absence. Hurley approches her with a hesitant look on his face. She screams " what happened?" . With tears in his eyes, Hurley tells her everything that has happened and that Jack probably hasn't made it. She says that can't be true and insists that they go look for him. Sawyer agrees with her and the entire group accepts the idea that they have to at least go look for him. Hurley says he'll be able to lead them back to the heart of the island. Ben says it's clearly not a good idea for anyone else to be going down into the cavern. Hurley says he doesn't plan on doing that, but that there is an outlet from the cavern where Jack might have ended up. Ben asks how he knows this and Hurley says " I just know" . They begin their trek through the jungle. They pass the cockpit of 815 and share an emotional moment.Scene 6:The group is nearing the heart of the island. Daylight is starting to fade at this point. Desmond is pleading that he should go back down into the cavern but Hurley says he will lead them to the outlet of the cavern first. He doesn't seem entirely convinced of where he's going, but he leads them around the waterfall convincingly enough that they all follow. As they continue searching, Vincent runs out of the trees barking frantically. Hurley senses that they should follow Vincent. They all run to keep up with him. They lose sight of him for a second but suddenly they hear him yelping and growling a few feet ahead. The group emerges from the trees to see Vincent showing his teeth and growling with his tail down between his legs. Hurley looks over and sees the water leading out from the exit of the cavern. On the ground where Vincent is growling is a spot of blood. Kate and Claire get very worried. Richard says something feels very wrong here. The camera spins around to a viewpoint behind and to-the-left of the group. Something is watching them from the bamboo forest, taking slow, gurgling breaths. The camera slowly moves back from this viewpoint and we see the back of Jack's head, and then his back and the rest of his body. The side of his shirt is completely stained with blood. His is bracing himself against one of the trees as if he is weak. He lowers his head and shuffles off to the left and out of view. Through the bamboo trees we see the group up again. Kate quickly whips her head around and stares right towards the camera. She tells the others she heard something moving around out there. They all turn too and struggle to see anything through the bamboo in the fading light. Hurley mutters " I don't like this..." .<br />