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Example Treatment


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Example Treatment

  1. 1. TREATMENTFOR AVIDEO PROGRAMMEforClient : The WH FoundationPrepared bySally AhmedPMH PRODUCTIONS6a North StreetLuton LU17 May 2007
  2. 2. IntroductionIt is proposed that the programme will be 45 to 60 minutes long, filmed at variouslocations throughout the United Kingdom and edited at our Derby facility.The programme will emphasise the positive aspects of WH Syndrome and willpromote family values. Filming will take place at the WH Syndrome NationalMeeting on the 12/13 June, at family homes in various locations, and at a primaryschool.The programme will concentrate on promoting family values and will reflect familylife both during the National Meeting and with families at home. Interviews withmedical personnel and support-group members will inform parents needingsupport and guidance. The programme will concentrate on the abilities ofindividual children, and will show a range of ages from 6 months to 35 years.Problems likely to be encountered by new members of the group will bediscussed, and signposting to support agencies will be included.The programme will include the following:a) Informal interviews with parents of WH Syndrome children (parents to becontacted by Luis Carrara).b) Interviews with geneticists and other specialists (research into potentialinterviewees is being undertaken).c) Positive images of family life:• playing with siblings• outings with family• meal times• bedtime / stories.d) Children achieving:• at school• at care centres• feeding• playing• activities (swimming, bowling, etc.).e) Support framework• at the annual meeting – discussion / talks• at other times – group support / telephone support / agencies.f) Voice-over and music to emphasise positive images (music being researchedthrough Zomba Music).
  3. 3. The programme would use the National Meeting as the focal point of theprogramme with inserted material shot at a number of locations. The programmewould have a structure built around the two-day event that starts with familiesarriving and finishes with families departing. The middle section, discussionsabout joys and worries, would be separated by a green screen to enable viewersto find this section easily.Programme structure (initial ideas)The programme will start with a short montage sequence of images from thebody of the programme. This will be accompanied by a superimposed titlesequence and music.(3 minutes)Title 1: “WH Syndrome Support Group”fade toTitle 2: to be arrangedfade toScene 1 Children arriving at the Hayes Conference Centre, families greetingeach other, children with family finding accommodation, having lunch, talking,laughing.fade toScene 2 Welcome session with Eric Taylor – talks by other personnel (selectedsections).fade toScene 3 Children enjoying afternoon tea / children’s tea.fade to Green screenfade up toScene 4 Interviews with parents / families / siblings in informal setting – joys ofchildren, worries, etc. (superimposed footage over interviews of family life athome, school, care centres, playing with siblings, feeding, etc). (Interviews to beundertaken at the meeting or on location) (15 minutes)fade to Green screenfade up toScene 5 Families at evening meal – talking together, enjoying company.
  4. 4. fade toScene 6 Children going to bed – lights going out in room or across the whole ofthe Hayes Centre.fade to Blackfade up toScene 7 Breakfast – lots of activity, playing, walking in grounds.fade toScene 8 Meeting – informal chats, discussion intercut with interviews – Dr Johns,Dr Tun.fade toScene 9 Interview with Dan Hunt and / or others – on what to do when your childis diagnosed / the things to consider / what help and support there is availablefade toScene 10 Shots of children enjoying activities, playing, with adults and siblings,(both from the meeting and in family setting). (Voice-over emphasising thepositive aspects, things that have happened over the weekend, benefits ofbelonging to a support group).fade toScene 11 Families and children leaving, waving, getting into cars, long shotdown drive of cars leaving.fade toFinal credit sequenceCredit 1: Thanks to ......................Credit 2: A PMH Production for the WH Syndrome Support GroupCredit 3: Produced and Directed by PMH ProductionsCredit 4: For further information, contactWH Syndrome Support GroupLuis CarraraContact details hereheld for 2/3 minutes over freeze frame of child taken from the programme –close-up of smiling face.Music fade down – picture fade to black.
  5. 5. Budget proposalThe programme will be filmed on location across the United Kingdom and editedat our Derby facility, using broadcast-standard digital format.2 days (maximum) production planning and meetings@ £300 per day £60012 location days to include all materials,equipment and crew @ £600 per day £7,20010 days editing to include all materials, equipment,editor, graphics and sound dubbing @ £600 per day £ 6,000£13,800Production contingency @ 10% £1,380£15,180Travel expenses @ 50p per mile (maximum 1500 miles) £750Total Production Budget £15,930In consideration of the needs of the WH Support GroupPMH Productions will provide 100 VHS copies, with plain library cases, free ofcharge.Payments will be made in four stage payments, as per our standard contract:Stage 1: on signing contractStage 2: on completion of production planning / scriptStage 3: on completion of location filmingStage 4: on delivery of completed programme.
  6. 6. ScheduleThe programme will be produced within the timescale indicated by an appropriatecontract. PMH Productions will ensure that all location filming is carefully plannedto take into account the needs of the client and any production contingencies.The finished programme will be available for client viewing at an appropriate timein order for any changes to be made before the suggested release date.Guarantee of SatisfactionInitial discussion on programme content will take place.The producer / director and crew members will provide a supportive environmentfor interviewees and participants.Production equipment will be used in a safe operational manner at all times.PMH Productions is covered by Public Liability Insurance to the sum of£1,000,000.A copy of all ‘rushes’ (camera original material) will be supplied on request inVHS format.A ‘rough cut’ (initial trial edit) version of the programme will be supplied forinspection and discussion.A meeting to discuss the final master version will be organised at the client’sconvenience.A completed programme will be provided on a DVD master copy for inspection.The completed programme will not be released until the client is completelysatisfied with technical quality and content.PMH Productions17 May 2007