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This is a slide-deck for my speech at the biggest HR conference in Slovakia.

This is a slide-deck for my speech at the biggest HR conference in Slovakia.



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    Trend  speech v.final Trend speech v.final Presentation Transcript

    • “Painted” for by @IvanaSendecka
    • Veľmi pekne ďakujemza pozvanie!
    • Prečo budemprednášať po anglicky?
    • About creating an online movement from scratch“Painted” for by @IvanaSendecka
    • Consultant Who is I.S. Educator Chief Movement Officer
    • Always start with „why“Source: “Start With Why” concept by @SimonSinek
    • #1 Why?#2 How?#3 What?
    • Why?
    • How?‚ social media helped me to connect like minds in Slovakia & beyond?
    • This is how I have ‚met‛ Ron Carucci Our introduction took 51 minutes
    • Ron’s act of generosity got us talking even more HR book of the year 2010 in U.S.A.
    • We have put our thoughts into a slide-deck
    • I quit my posh job in consulting
    • I set up my new ‘office’ in my parents’ house
    • We designed and did professionalsurvey ..and found out that
    • Good life ≠ in Slovakia
    • NGLS movie
    • What?‚ Did I need to do -> to build NGLS brand & its loyal community online and offline?
    • Learn about power of social media.
    • Interact with NGLS members one on one.
    • Be patient and insanely generous.
    • Friend up and learn from world’s top thinkers. with Don Tapscott
    • Tell your personal story. Be authentic.
    • Ignore all ‘nay’ sayers and ‘haters’ .
    • Educate & inspire your community to learn.
    • Have total faith in what you are doing.
    • Have fun! Daughter ofAnna Hudaková
    • Can you apply NGLS’s marketing strategy in your firms, too?
    • Why ?‚‘cause future of business is retention.
    • Educate your clients and your employees.
    • Build strong community around your brand. NGLS #2 NGLS #1
    • Transform clients into fans.They will be your marketing department.
    • How ?‚by bringing a ‘ TIE ’ intoyour firm’s philosophy Technology Innovation Education
    • What ?‚to do to have ‘ TIE ‘ cultureembedded in your firm’s genes ?
    • Trust I mpact E mpathyBuild trust.
    • Trust Impact E mpathyCreate impact.
    • Trust I mpact E mpathyDemonstrate empathy.
    • # 3 bullet points to remember
    • ‚ #1Publicly state your answer for why you do what you
    • ‚ #2 Build, educate, know & truly love your tribe
    • ‚ #3 Implement ‚TIE‛culture in your firm ASAP
    • Do you have a tribe ?Is your ‘why’ exciting for your tribe ? Is there a real ‘TIE’culture in your firm ?
    • dIf you care then, email me at: ivana@ngls.sk
    • ‚ Thank you! ivana@ngls.sk @IvanaSendeckawww.ivanasendecka.com www.ngls.sk