FUTURE "explained"


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Are You Ready For The Future?
Presentation dedicated to students from the best secondary school in Slovakia.

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  • Have fear but do it anyway, lizard brain, energy spend on protection will be energy which you will miss for the growht!
  • You will be amazed by the picture when you will start to connect the dots
  • Volunteer, look into eyes, notice details in one’s office, room, backpack
  • Personal values are key to commitment not organizational values, not school values, not politicians values.
  • FUTURE "explained"

    1. 1. Are You Ready For The Future ? “Painted” during April 2010 by Ivana Sendecka
    2. 2. Have you ever asked YOURSELF following questions? Do I know Am I What is what makes indispensable my me ALIVE? ? “super cool” What activities am I involved in, when time power? . seems to pass faster? Please, give these questions a deep thought. Write down your answers. DO IT!
    3. 3. When you will do it, you might feel… WOW
    4. 4. It isn’t about “them” , Future belongs it is about to those who YOU. will prepare for Be the it today. FUTURE, here and now!
    5. 5. HOW? I am sorry to disappoint you, but there is NO manual. I have no instructions for YOU
    6. 6. I am serious, when you will there is focus on WOW, NO then HOW will how-to, unfold itself! BUT
    7. 7. FUTURE “explained” Based on true life stories
    8. 8. F EARLESS U T There is NO such thing as failure, U ONLY lesson learned! R More you fail, more you’ll learn E Have fear, but DO IT anyway!
    9. 9. F U NIQUE REMARKABLE T U Authenticity is the only way how to BE R Follow your inner voice and E . passion Avoid crowds - completely! .
    10. 10. Credibility is the F foundation of U everything! T RUSTWORTHY U R We are living in E TRUST & GIFT Economy! “Trust > Gifts > Business. ”
    11. 11. F U T U NIVERSAL R YOUR “Super E Cool Power”
    12. 12. Be hungry for knowledge. F U ASK! There is NO stupid question. T Learn from the best! U R APID LEARNER E
    13. 13. Learn to F stand in U others T U World needs emotional laborers, who FEEL! R E MPATHIC You will be paid for it
    14. 14. F EARLESS These are the U NIQUE virtues one should T RUSTWORTHY develop and demonstrate, U NIVERSAL to become the FUTURE! R APID LEARNER E MPATHIC
    15. 15. Can you BE the FUTURE? DISCUSSIONCAN! Yes, YOU # 1
    16. 16. It’s time to get (y)our hands dirty
    17. 17. Divide into 6 groups 1 F EARLESS 2 UNIQUE 3 T RUSTWORTHY 4 U NIVERSAL 5 RAPID LEARNER 6 E MPATHIC 20 minutes
    18. 18. It’s time to hear out your stories of the “Future” 20 minutes
    19. 19. Yay! Brilliant, isn’t it?
    20. 20. So, what to do now?
    21. 21. Slovakia & world needs you to ACT How?
    22. 22. will not happen by complaining, but by DOING! Lead by example!
    23. 23. Inspire others around YOU! Make them better, than they believe they can be!
    24. 24. Remember that YOU (we) are
    25. 25. Stick this on the wall of your room!
    26. 26. Let me dedicate last thought to an author of the book which changed my life Meet Prof. Srikumar Rao
    27. 27. “You CAN create a life where every day is a blast!! Do not ever settle for anything else!!!” (Srikumar Rao)
    28. 28. Enjoy the journey Be the FUTURE Have FUN
    29. 29. Questions & Answers
    30. 30. Thank You! Don’t you forget: “Life is Super Cool” www.ivanasendecka.com Twitter: @IvanaSendecka