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Meet Bravo CC: Our Media Kit


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Meet Bravo CC: Our Media Kit

  1. 1. M E D I A kit Libby Spears Bravo CC educate | liberate | entertainGet to know Bravo CC & What’s YOUR Plan BE better atwww.bravocc.com | www.facebook.com/bravocc | www.bravocc.blogspot.com | Libby Spears | 972.754.6023 | lspears@bravocc.com
  2. 2. Libby Spears BIO 2The Youngest of three girls, Libby credits her speaking ability to having a captiveaudience as a child who had to listen to her sing, dance and tell stories. Thedancing and singing parts were not so great but her storytelling ability waspretty sophisticated. Her first paying presentation job was on a family trip toCalifornia where, at the age of 7, she was given the microphone to help warmup the audience of an in studio taping for a game show. A lightbulb went offthat day when she realized: she could get paid to do this!Her Educational JourneyHigh School Debate & Speech Nerd led to College Debate Advisor andCoach and prepared her for a BA. in Communication Studies from TexasTech University (Go Raiders!). From there she packed her bags and movedto Denton Texas to pursue an MA in Communication Studies from theUniversity of North TexasProfessionallyThe first chapter in her professional career was in the college classroom where she taught a wide variety ofcommunication studies courses and established herself as a seasoned instructor. Her years in the classroom tookher to the University of North Texas to the University of Texas at Arlington and finally to TCU (go horned frogs!) inFort Worth Texas. Over 15 years she developed into a captivating and relevant instructor who is able toconnect to any audience and find relevant and meaningful examples to relate to their experiences.Students would repeatedly tell her they signed up for her courses just to hear her tell stories that their friends,roommates, co-workers had already heard having taken her class. This led her to understand the true powerbehind public speaking and storytelling. While she didn’t “sell” anything three dimensional like a copier, car,suitcase or gallon of milk--she was selling ideas and the communication studies department as a viable and smartmajor choice for undergraduates. She knew that stories and presentations were one of the MOST POWERFULvehicles for reaching people.A Communication Superhero!The next chapter in Libby’s professional career was moving out of the college classroom and into the corporateclassroom as a professional communication consultant. She has seen Office Space enough times to know thatthe market is flooded with people calling themselves consultants, coaches etc and she made a decision that shewould bring value and insight to every project she worked on. She would always resist being formulaic,packaged and cheesy. There are no funny hats, silly games that make people feel uncomfortable or puttingpeople on the spot. Instead a workshop with Libby is about educating you first, helping you identify patternsor behaviors that are holding you back and liberating you from those things and when it is all said and doneentertaining you...because if we can’t have fun and love what we do, what is the point?
  3. 3. Bravo CC Keynote Series 3Looking for a speaker for your next event that willcaptivate, entertain, and educateyour audience (all at one time!) and leave them wanting more? I “show up” for everykeynote I give and you will get lots of pats on the back for inviting me! I promise.Ke y n o t e To p i c s Bravo keynotes are created around the topics that I hear people “buzzing” about in our conversations, online, in the books I read, and in my experiences with my clients that are related to our ability to communication and tell our story.. Each keynote taps into the issues and challenges that all professionals face as they seek to separate themselves from the mediocre (almost everyone) to join the ranks of the excellent (hardly anyone). Excellent takes work. A Bravo CC keynotes help you get there. Each one is designed to help you achieve your Plan BE as a professional and organization. ๏What’s YOUR Plan BE? Define your goals and objectives for yourself and your organization today and write YOUR Plan BE for success! ๏Death by Presentation: Let’s face it. 99% of the presentations we hear are BAD. And everything we do is a presentation! Learn FIVE reasons they are SO bad, FIVE easy fixes for your future presentations in just 50 minutes ๏Does YOUR story have staying power? You compete everyday with other stories in the marketplace. What are you doing to position YOUR story so that people don’t forget you? ๏“Look at the Big BRAIN on Brad!” FIVE things we have learned from brain science and how to plug it in to your professional life. ๏Nurture YOUR Network NOW: The concept of networking continues to change and evolve as the explosion of social media changes the rules and the playing field. Are you making the right choices to stay engaged? ๏“The Stories We Tell” Learn and Master the FIVE elements of good STORYtelling ๏Does YOUR Brand Rock their face off? Understand FIVE key concepts of branding your business ๏Get KISS’d: Five ways you can simplify your message to make it memorable ๏“YOUR Wow Factor” Presentation Learn FIVE ways to get to the top with your 30 to 60 second presentation
  4. 4. Testify! What’s the word on the street? 4 Wit, wisdom and engagement make Bravo Communications a worthwhile employee experience. The sharing of professional anecdotal examples and genuine passion for the subject enhance the Thank you! experience. -- Dennis Engelke, Director of Member and Employee Relations, CoServ Electric After every time with Bravo I was able to apply some of the things I learned almost immediately. I’m Very Nice! certain the new skills I’ve acquired will be an asset to the future of my career and personal life. -- Brenda Garcia, Architectural Intern, VLK Architects “I could have listened to Libby talk about sticky messages all day. I wish we would have had a lotYou Shouldn’t more time for her to speak. Looking forward to the next time she is here!” --Angie Monroe, eWomen have! Network “Libby Spears is a real professional. She is a fabulous speaker and is always well prepared. She is also Gracias! great at assisting prospective speakers in preparing them for their presentations. If you are considering Libby to assist in one of your events, you will be thrilled with the results.” --Paula Guthrie, Owner Bodacious Boutique “Libby has the phenomenal ability to really listen...and then partner with you to find the simplest and most creative ways to communicate abstract ideas in such ways that they become tangible for our Wow! customers. She "gets it" and helps you "get it, too! Worth every penny and much more!” --Geri Mitchell, AlphaGraphics Dallas “I was fortunate to hear Libby give a presentation at the Womens Expo held by the Lewisville Chamber. Libby not only gave a compelling presentation but she used stories to communicate with the Arigato! audience - not just slides. This method invited her audience in - it was a more personal experience as we became a part of her life. We did not receive a presentation it was more like Libby was sharing an interesting part of her life with her good friends. --Tom Rochford, AmSpirit Business Connections “Libby & her staff at Bravo CC are an asset to our community. If you ever need a GREAT speaker, talkI’m Blushing! to Libby- she will educate, liberate, and entertain the audience all at the same time! I am looking forward to hiring her company to help mine with special projects! She is passionate about what she does & it shows!” --Kim Pollard, Owner Bookkeeper Girl “Libby Spears is a top-notch business partner and referrel resource. Her program "Whats Your PlanYou made my Be?" has had a very positive impact on my business. Libbys ideas, advice and consulting are current day! and relevant to the way business is done today!” --Debbie Gore, Motivational Speaker, Recipe for Life “Looking for those special skill sets that set your business apart from the competition or better yet, how Danke! to get there; Libby Spears and the Bravo team are the answer. With Libbys unique social media talents and traits, contact her today, you should be working with Bravo. If not, you’re leaving unclosed business on the table. I highly recommend Libby Spears as a true resource for anyone serious about organic business growth!” --Tamela Southan, President, Benefit Solutions by Design
  5. 5. Check me out! No really! 5 Want to Know More about Libby Spears & Bravo CC? Alicia Brosey Denton Chamber of Commerce alicia.brosey@denton-chamber.orgCONTACT Me! 940.382.9693lspears@bravocc.com Dennis Engelke972.754.6023 Director of Employee EngagementLEARN MORE dengelke@coserv.com 940.321.7828www.bravocc.comwww.facebook.com/bravocc Alicia Hickswww.bravocc.blogspot.com eWomen NetworkSee my work at: AliciaHicks@eWomenNetwork.com/www.slideshare.net/bravocc alicia@sellingwoman.com 817.366.9763See me in action at:www.youtube.com/bravocc Christine Fappiano Lewisville Chamber of Commerce christine@lewisvillechamber.org 214.514.0201