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Makabayan Online

Lessons from the 2010 electoral campaign.

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Makabayan Online

  1. 1. MAKABAYANonlineLessons from the 2010 electoral campaign ren guray|makabayan secretariat
  2. 2. MachineryCoalition Members
  3. 3. Election 2010 markedour serious effort toutilize the internet forcampaigning. Notes for and by the harassed
  4. 4. Makabayan Lessons • Online campaign is effective • Funnel content back to your website • Why Obama doesn’t work • Finding a niche; your message • Have a dedicated team, duo or person • Be consistent with the message • Think POPCORN
  5. 5. Popcorn?! Yes, new media is like poppin’ corn!
  6. 6. Online media 1. Quick cooking 2. It pops everywhere 3. Full of air 4. Appetizing 5. Easy and convenient 6. Has a lot of flavors to choose from 7. Everyone knows how to make it,but only a few will make a business out of it
  7. 7. Tips for people’s organizations• You are not UG. Make yourself easy to contact.• Show your faces. Personalize.• Tell us what you do. Exactly.• Connect then INTERACT
  8. 8. more Tips for people’s organizations • Give freebies. Bawal magdamot. • Patrons will come from overseas. Appeal to them. • Know your online audience. Talk to them.
  9. 9. T-shirts, pins,tarpaulin, posters, flyers, campaigns
  10. 10. Do NOT get lost!
  11. 11. Focus on a few tools instead
  12. 12. Choose yourbattles . Do not engage trolls. Breed attack dogs. Have a counterprop plan.
  13. 13. Don’t take yourself too seriously...Bawal ang masyadong “agit”. Internet is a place to recruit not alienate. It is not the actual venue for concrete actions.