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Story of The Future on Public Policy by NGLS-ers

                                 The Story of the Salaš
It is year 2030 ...
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Story Of Salas


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Final session on NGLS workshop was when participants were to paint the future of Slovakia, with them in it.There were 4 areas they can create their future on: public policy, family, education and AIESEC.
Story of Salas was on Public Policy. Made by Tom Jacko and Peto Hegedus.

Published in: Education, Business
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Story Of Salas

  1. 1. Story of The Future on Public Policy by NGLS-ers The Story of the Salaš It is year 2030 and Slovakia nearly reached the western European standards. People chose to stay at home and are able to find a quality jobs in Slovakia. The Slovak government and the public sector are openly cooperating with private sector. Opinion polls say that Slovaks are more satisfied about how things run in Slovakia than ever…But how on Earth has this happened? The story began in 2010 when two bačas, Maťko and Kubko starting their studies at the National Salaš University. Maťko is a guy full of great ideas, but struggles to turn them into reality. On the other hand, Kubko is a hard worker, who likes things being done, no matter how hard they seem. They both are interested in how Salaš works and did everything to master the knowledge of its public policy. They soon learned that things are not working the way they should and wanted to bring about a change. It is possible to produce more milk, better cheese, collect more wool...They wanted to inspire other bača students by showing them, how things are not working, but also how they should be fixed. They made a number of contacts, which were later used in their efforts. After school they worked in Senník burreu. They realized that they will not be able to change much from their position now or in future. So they decided to found their own political party LSB – Liberal Salaš Bačas. They travelled all around Salaš and kept persuading fellow bačas about their vision and plans. They concentrated their efforts on young bačas, which secured them a few seats in national council of Salaš. Their party MPs were different from usual council member. They were young, experts in their fields and without previous political background. Constructive criticism, cooperation and international experience were their working tools. Thanks to their image and presentation skills, they soon received huge media attention and public support, that led to a creation of their own council coalition through which they were finally able to implement the reforms that systematically led to a fall of corruption (open debates, stricter punishments,...), support and creation small and medium bača enterprises (innovative financial schemes, venture capital, business angels), return of internationally experienced bačas home from abroad (tax allowances, benefits from employers...), greater public engagement among other bačas at Salaš. Maťko and Kubko did not rule in Salaš forever. After the main things got fixed, they turned their attention to development of the Next Generation Leaders of Salaš.