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  • 1. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 2. Dear Friends,We are delighted to present our Bihar webzine which truly showcases the efforts of our people, for ourpeople.It’s an earnest attempt to connect Bihar to world and rest of world to Bihar. Our inspiration and guidingsources are the greats of Bihar like Ashoka, Chanakya and Lord Mahavira to name a few. We take greatpride in our past and also look forward to usher into Bihar 3.0 which we believe will lead the country andworld at large.Our webzine truly represents the collaborative, passionate and committed efforts from friends of Bihar.We aspire to set new standards in our attempt to showcase the best which Bihar has to offer. Inspired byConstantin Brancusi, Romanian sculptor, quote "Create like a goddess, Command like a queen, Worklike a slave", we believe this effort will strengthen our sincere resolution in scripting a new story ofprogressive Bihar and a better world.Do share your feedback with us, it will extremely valuable in our journey.Team Bihar This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 3. CONTENTBihar Society- An introduction..................................................................................................................................... 4How to connect the fellow Biharis :............................................................................................................................. 7Want to contribute to this magazine ........................................................................................................................... 7Want to advertise in this magazine ............................................................................................................................. 7Editorial Board ............................................................................................................................................................. 7Dasrath Manjhi - A symbol of Bihari resilience............................................................................................................ 8Right to education ..................................................................................................................................................... 10Shivnath Singh: the greatest among the Indian athletes .......................................................................................... 12Nalanda and the pursuit of science ........................................................................................................................... 13Education sector ........................................................................................................................................................ 17Babu Kunwar Singh .................................................................................................................................................... 18Empowering Bihar through renewable energy ......................................................................................................... 19Bhojpuri Cinema’ a declining phase for lack of patronage. ....................................................................................... 20Collaboration of “Deswa” and “Brand Bihar” ............................................................................................................ 23Launch of Blissful Bihar Campaign- The Blissful Bihar desktop calendar for 2011 .................................................... 24Development of SSI sector in Bihar ........................................................................................................................... 25 U ...................................................................................................................................... 28 [ ............................................................................................................................................. 30Institution of Facebook youth ICON OF BIHAR by Facebook BIHAR group……………………………………………………………..32A forgotten temple of Knowledge- waiting for its revival………………………………………………………………………………………33Seasons – a Poem………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….35 , ………………………………………………….…………………………………………36PRACHIN BHARAT -Bringing History and Technology together ................................................................................. 37World Class University & Research ............................................................................................................................ 40Green Leaf Energy Pvt. Ltd. – an integrated renewable energy company .................................................... 24Volunteer Jobs………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………43 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 4. Bihar Society- An introductionBihar Society is a non-profit organization based in New York and promoted by non resident Biharis from all over theworld to promote Bihar interest not only within Bihar and India but also outside India in the International arena.Bihar Society is inspired by Ashoka (, Asia Society( ), Japan Society(, Wikipedia( ), OpenSource, AIF and similar global organizationsthat have made a significant impact on the lives of people around the world.At Bihar Society our goal is to work to strengthen relationships and promote understanding between Bihari andInternational leaders, people and institutions. We seek to increase knowledge and enhance dialogue, encouragecreative expression, and generate new ideas across the fields of arts and culture, policy business, and education. Inthis pursuit Bihar Society would like to contribute towards making Bihar the Knowledge, cultural, social andentrepreneurial hub of the world as it once was in yore.Founded in 2007, Bihar Society is a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational institution with offices in Patna ( as KarmaSociety) Europe, Singapore, New York, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai San Francisco, and Washington, DC.The symbol of the Asia Society is the the ruins of the Gloripus. Nalanda University which once was the knowledgecapital of the World.The vision is to make Bihar Society a leading organization both within and outside Bihar on similar line the AsiaSociety in Ney Your. Bihar Society wants to become what Asia Society is for Asia on world stage.It mission is not only to promote the brand Bihar on international level but also to make it a premium Brand whichexcites one and all in its own unique way. It also wants to connect Bihar and its stakeholders.Why Bihar Society ?After Bihars darkest days in last few decades, Bihar has been bouncing back in the area of governance. There hasbeen a surge of political, cultural and economic revival in Bihar and civic society needs a glocal ( Global+Local)platform to help connect the million mutinies taking place in Bihar and rest of world. Most civic society effortshave been event focussed or a cause focussed or person focussed. When that person or group goes throughcyclical changes in status those efforts die down. Many times those isolated efforts could have a greater impact if This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 5. were orchestrated and co-ordinated via an umbrella organization. Bihar Society can fill that void by emerging anetwork of networks (people, orgs and causes) to reap the benefits of synergy.I am not from Bihar, why should I care ?If you care about world then Asia is the largest in terms of population and within that India, China and Japan arethe three largest economies and populations. Bihar is the heart, mind, soul of Asia.a) Worlds biggest ideas, people and contributions in the area of art,science,culture,religion. In short, much ofIndias glorious heritage has origins in Bihar have come from Bihar Yogasutra of Patanjali Gautam Buddha of Bodh Gaya Mahavir (Jainism) of Pawapuri Democracy by Licchivis in Vaishali Astronomy (Aryabhatta, Patna Political Economy (Arthashastra by Chanakya), Patna Sikhism (Guru Gobind Singh), Patna Largest Empire (Ashoka) based in Patna Chandragupta Maurya based in Patna Worlds oldest and larges University, Nalanda Indias Freedom Struggle (1857,1947) at Bihar First President and Father of Constitution, Rajendra Prasad, Jiradei, Siwan Total Revolution to removed Indiras Emergency by Jai Prakash Narayan, PatnaHence like all great societies, Bihar has gone from a glorious past to a complete collapse. It has started bouncingback and the world needs to help it re-emergeI am already part of many social causes, why should i help or join Bihar Society ? This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 6. Worlds biggest problems also have their epicenter in Bihar Malaria Polio Poverty Malnutrition Unemployment Water EnergyWho is funding Bihar Society ?Bihar Society was conceived and started by Atul Kumar with the help of various friends of Bihar who came to knoweach other via various online yahoo-groups / mailing lists, events, causes, alumni groups, social and professionalnetworks and projects. It was also inspired by world class social organizations like Wikipedia, Asia Society,, AIF, ...What will Bihar Society do ?Become an agent, instrument and platform of Soical-cultural-scientific economic change agents with stake inBihar. We will connect ideas,people,money and other resources to each other. We will have city and countryspecific chapters besides working groups in areas of Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Water, Energy,Governance, Industry, Art & Culture etc This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 7. How to connect the fellow Biharis :Please join us on Facebook:1. Facebook Bihar Community Bihar Society Org on Facebook- Bihar Society on LinkedIn to contribute to this magazinePlease send your artcile to the Editor: Santosh Pandey – email santoshpandeyca@gmail.comWant to advertise in this magazinePlease send your advertisement to the Editor : Santosh Pandey – email santoshpandeyca@gmail.comEditorial BoardEditor in Chief - Santosh Pandey ( email: ) Blog: Editor - Atul Kumar (email: ) Blog: Editor - Thakur Vikash Sinha (email: )Consulting Editor - Mayank Krishna (email: Editor - Manoj Pandey ( email: )Consulting Editor - Sarvesh Upadhyay ( email: )Consulting Editor - Anirudh Kumar ( email )Consulting Tech Editor - Samir Mishra (email: )Design & Creative Editor - Sanjay Prasad ( email: ) Blog: Editor - Bhartendu Kumar Das ( email: )Associate Editor - Vivek Kumar (email: ) Blog: Editor - Ankit Kumar (email: ),Editor - Ajit Chouhan (email: ) Blog:,Editor Prashant Kumar ( email )Consulting Guest Editor - Mrunalini Chembrolu (email: ) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 8. Dasrath Manjhi - A symbol of Bihari resilience the town through his path. It was return empty handed. She could true that he had taken up this neither fetch water for him to Herculean task by seeing the quench his thirst, nor could she shadow of helplessness on his dear save the pot itself. He saw the grief wifes face, but then wasnt he and helplessness on his wifes face. already feeling impatient at the Guilt ridden helplessness was sufferings of his people? The path streaming out in the form of tears had to be made and he had made it. from her eyes. This image got He jolted himself to return to the etched on his mental screen. real world from his dream world and started to walk to the point where Dashrath Manjhi started toHis eyes were moist with contemplate: My god this hill is he had started his chiseling. His joyenchantment as he stood there standing like a mountain in the knew no bounds as he traversedwatching the road through the pass path of my people for generations. through the rocky path that he hadwithout batting his eyelid. Today his This is coming in the way between created alone. This great soul wasresolve had borne fruit. His resolve our thirst and water. It has to be Dasrath Manjhi, a resident of the 25could only be compared with that of removed. He kept thinking for days house hamlet of Gehlaur in the Gayathe legendary Bhagirath who on end. His manliness got aroused district of Bihar. His is a name in thechiseled the mighty Himalayas to and one day he decided to cut it tradition of the great saint Kabirbring the holy Ganges to earth. Then out of the way. He took a vow that who was also illiterate likehe looked at his palms and started he would not sit idle till he had cut Dasrath Manjhi and had a greatto ruminate. For the last twenty two a path through the mountain. He desire to break the shackles ofyears, he had been chiseling away at took the chisel and the hammer in sufferings for the masses.the mountain single-handedly and his hand and started his his effort had borne fruit. One day a thirsty Manjhi was And thus started the resolve toThen in a flash his tears of happiness impatiently waiting for his wife to capture the mountain – thebecame those of sorrow and started fetch him water from the other mountain of Gilhaur in Gayato fall on the rocks in a stream. His side of the mountain. The district. Some people wouldmood turned somber as he unforgiving summer of Gaya had ridicule him. Some would look withremembered his departed wife. It parched his throat dry as the sun utter amazement at his gargantuanwas her suffering that had made beat down mercilessly and he effort to chisel the mountain away.him take this seemingly impossible anxiously waited for her to fetch But he was not concerned by eithertask of creating a path through the the life giving water. She had taken praise or ridicule. He just kept atmountain all by him. It was she who longer than usual. Then he saw the his work chiseling the mountainwas his inspiration for achieving the silhouette of his wife in the alone. He even shifted his hut nearimpossible task. Alas she had passed distance, coming back empty the mountain so that he need notaway before the task could be handed. He asked in a tone of waste his time in moving back andcompleted. Perhaps this is what HE hopelessness mixed with surprise forth.had willed. "Why are you coming back empty handed? What happened to the After twenty two long years ofThen the stream of tears came to an unbroken effort, he had managed earthen vessel?"abrupt halt. The weight of sorrow to dig a pathway – fifteen to Wife could barely control herself ason his heart lifted slowly and he twenty feet broad and an amazing she replied with sorrow written allstarted to smile to himself. So what three hundred and sixty feet long. over her face that she could notif his wife was not there to savour And this path would reduce the fetch water for him as she slippedthis moment. His village folks would distance with the nearest town by and fell down. In the process, thenow traverse 80 km less to reach 80 kilometers. The villagers would earthen pot broke and she had to This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 9. not have to go around the five acre plot. When he met the fighting cancer. He passed away onmountain to reach Wazirgunj again. Chief Minister of the state August 18 at the age of 80 years. He was given a state burial by theThis is not the only instance of the Mr. Nitish Kumar, Nitish felt so Government of Bihar.steely resolve of Dasrath Manjhi. overwhelmed that he got up fromHe once decided to go to Delhi. He his chair and asked Dasrath Manjhi This article was originally writtendid not have enough money to to sit there. As the old saying goes, by Udai Narayan Choudhury, inundertake the journey. So he a man is known by his deed. Indeed Hindi the then speaker of Bihardecided to walk all the way, a the illiterate Dalit from Gilhaur has assembly and was published in thedistance of over one thousand shown his sublime character by his book “Gauravshali Bihar” releasedkilometers! During this unique steely resolve and his by ONE BIHAR. English translationjourney, he took the signature of determination to bring is done by TV Sinha. (TV Sinha is athe station masters of the railway development to his impoverished senior executive with a softwarestations along the way in his diary. people. The district administration company and based in Mumbai, heThis man of single minded honored him with a special award. can be can be reached atdetermination wished to have a opened at his village on a Post script: The last few days of Dasrath Manjhi was spent This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 10. Right to education Section 3(2): Is any fee (or any social and demographic aspects of other expenses) being charged by an area like how far some the schools from students? Are conservative families will send their disabled students treated like the girls for education.) other students? What are the various forms of discriminations Section 7(6): What is the national curriculum that the central against them? government has formed is it being Section 4: Is appropriate training used/implemented/duplicated in being provided to students who are the state as well? inducted for the first time in a class based on their age? What is the (The need for education in local quality of the training and how is it languages has been said again and conducted and evaluated? Is again. Assessing the need andThe first task has to spread possibility for the same and also education being provided to thoseawareness about the legislature finding local/national players that children who are more than 14amongst following stakeholders can help with this) years of age and have nota. Schools – Government and completed elementary education? private (This might not be in place rightb. Parents and Students now, so the focus will also be onc. Local authorities: enforcing and evaluating the plans that the implementing educational institutions have ond. State government implementing it. Also, thee. Central government associated NGOs which have beenf. Teachers already working in this area needsg. NGOs to be assessed to find out their planh. Allied agencies of action to help implement this.)Following is the list of highlighted Section 5: Is speedy transfer ofsections from the legislation and child from one school to anotherwhat are the questions that we being done properly or not? What What are the standards that areneed to answer while evaluating are the problems children facing formed for the training ofand assessing the implementation due to formalities like transfer teachers? What is the enforcingof RTE: certificates? mechanism for the same? Are theSection 1(2): Has RTE been teachers’ trainers following these Section 6: What is the spread ofimplemented all across in Bihar? standards or not? the schools? Are local authorities(Considering that we are taking setting up schools in the region (Need to assess the teacherBihar as our population and a with a target of 3 years in training modules at all levels.smaller set of districts inside Bihar mind?(Definition of a neighborhood Creating an assessment module,as the sample set for our study) school would change for different specifically for teachers, to gauge terrains. E.g. in hills, this need to be their knowledge/skill andSection 3(1): Percentage of seen according to the difficulties motivation levels. After assessmentcoverage of children in the defined the students face in reaching their is completed creating trainingage bracket in the defined area? destinations. Also, assessing the This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 11. ` modules in coordination with (Major focus for this will be private the activities and meetings of thegovernment authorities like DIET to schools in cities and towns. The school management committee.)create robust and state specific intent behind this is ensuring thatteacher training module.) no one is denied quality education Section 23: Conformance to because of lack of financial support minimum qualification?What are the technical support and and also ensuring no financialresources provided by the Section 25: What is the teacher- bullying by schools. This would pupil ratio? What was it last year?government for promoting require assistance with NGOsinnovations, research, planning and working in cities/towns on (Historical data analysis to be donecapacity building? education and RTI) for the same. This would alsoSection 8: What are the include assessment of single Does quality of education meet the teacher teaching multiple classesenrollment, attendance and norms specified in schedule? and its impact)completion rates? Section 12: Reimbursement to What are the other non-(This will require partnering with private school againstPratham (ASER department) for educational works that the teacher reservations? is involved in? Who would do themmost of this information. Also doingsome primary surveying in the field Section 13: Capitation fees and if the teacher doesn’t?for the same) Screening processes. Is punishment Section 29: How the curriculum is against contraventions enforced? being set, is the agency taking careIs there discrimination against thechildren belonging to weaker of all the mentioned points in thesections or disadvantages group? section. If yes, how? If no, why? Section 14: Are children deniedWhat is the status of infrastructure admission due to lack of Section 30: Are there board examsin the terms of availability of documentation? in the state board or school?essentials like rooms, power, Certificate of elementarytoilets, TLM, mid-day meals, Section 15: Is admission allowed education?(Schools like DAV haveteaching staff etc. during any time of the year? national level board exams in class eight, which is prohibited now.)(This will require partnering with Section 16: The law prevents school to fail or expel a student. © Kumar Ankit – Kumar Ankit isPratham (ASER department) formost of this information. Also doing What changes schools are making currently studying at XLRIsome primary surveying in the field in their evaluation system to Jamshedpur and is founder & integrate this scheme in their Executive Director at Green Leaffor the same) system? Energy Private Limited a startupHow the selection and admission company in the area of renewablebeing done and is it confirming to Section 21: Has the school formed and green power. He can beprescribed standards? school management committee? contacted at What is the composition for the same? What are its functions and how is it documented? (This would again need assistance of the local NGOs and local authorities for a regular vigil. In spite of just creating a rule, It can be made binding on the schools to submit monthly information about
  • 12. `Shivnath Singh: the greatest among the Indian athletes remarkable 11th in a very strong Gold medal winner in Rome (1960) line up and in an Olympic Game and Tokyo (1964) Olympics, also which was not marred by any ran marathon barefoot in Rome major boycotts. Remarkably, he ran Olympics. Bikilas winning time this most enduring race (42.195 2:15:16 was a World Record and km) for the first time only in the still it is the second fastest barefoot trial of Montreal Olympics. India marathon. The world record for the Today, in its obituary to the great fastest barefoot marathon runner, wrote “He finished 11th in (2:12:00) is held by this humble the Montreal Olympics in a race Bihari, Naib-Subedar of Indian that included Lasse Viren and Frank Army from Buxar, Shivnath Singh. Shorter. Indian athletics would give its limbs for a performance of the The great athlete died at the age ofIf achievement lies in being the same kind today.” 57 years in Jamshedpur on June 6,best, greatness is acquired by 2003. One of his fellow athletes,remaining the best. However, true For a better perspective, it may be while recollecting the kind soul,greatness is bestowed on those mentioned that post Shivnath said: “This generous athlete onceselected few who remain the best Singh, no other Indian athlete has divided the Rs.10,000 he receivedforever. There has been no other even qualified for the main event from the Bihar government for hisIndian athlete whose record of Marathon in the Olympics till achievements among his team-remained unsurpassed for more date. Later in Jalandhar in 1978 mates. He handed over half thethan three decades now except Shivnath clocked 2:12:00, a most amount to colleague Satpal Singh,Shivnath Singh’s national record in significant national record which who had finished second in aMarathon made in 1978. still stands intact. marathon,” He remains the only recipient of Presidents VisheshBorn on July 11, 1946 in the The most noteworthy thing about Seva Medal among athletes ofManjaria village of Buxar district of Shivnath Singh’s running was that Jharkhand and Bihar.Bihar, Shivnath Singh joined army he ran barefoot. Barefoot running,at an early age where he developed even long distance, is not Written by --- Bhartendu Kumara liking for long distance running, uncommon particularly among Dasparticularly 5000 meter and 10000 amateurs. However, at such highmeter. A gold medalist in 5000 competition level, Shivnath Singh (Bhartendu works for Reserve Bankmeter in Tehran Asiad (1974) and was the only athlete with such of India and can be reached atrecipient of Arjuna Award same preference. It may be mentioned ).year, the best in Shivnath was, here that the greatest everhowever, to be seen in the longer marathon runner of the world,version of race, i.e., Marathon, two Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia, two timesyears later where he came a
  • 13. Nalanda and the pursuit of science answer if we are looking for a chairing its interim governing body, university in continuous existence. I am finding out how hard it is to re-establish a university after an Nalanda was violently destroyed in 800 year hiatus. But we are getting an Afghan attack, led by the there. This meeting here gives me ruthless conqueror, Bakhtiyar Khilji, an opportunity to recollect the in 1193, shortly after the beginning pursuit of science in old Nalanda of Oxford University and shortly which will inspire and guide our before the initiation of Cambridge. long-run efforts in new Nalanda. I Nalanda university, an say long run, because mainly for internationally renowned centre of cost reasons — indeed entirely for higher education in India, which cost reasons — we cannot start the ‘Nalanda stood for the passion of was established in the early fifth science faculties immediatelypropagating knowledge, century, was ending its continuous (physical and biological sciencesunderstanding. Amartya Sens existence of more than seven cost much more money than thekeynote address at the 98th Indian hundred years as Oxford and humanities and the social sciencesScience Congress in Chennai on Cambridge were being founded, do). The recollection — and moreJanuary 4. and even compared with the oldest challengingly, assessment — of the European university, Bologna, scientific tradition in old NalandaThe subject of this talk is Nalanda Nalanda was more than six are important right now, partlyand the pursuit of science, but hundred years old, when Bologna because we have to start thinkingbefore I go into that rather was born. Had it not been about the long run (even as we trycomplex issue, I must say destroyed and had it managed to to raise money for initiation andsomething about Nalanda itself, survive to our time, Nalanda would expansion), but also because asince it is still an obscure entity for be, by a long margin, the oldest scientific attitude and disciplinedmost people in the world. Since the university in the world. Another thought are important for theuniversity is being, right now, re- distinguished university, which did entire conception of new Nalanda,established under a joint Asian not stay in existence continuously including the teaching of — andinitiative, the fact that Nalanda was either, viz. Al-Azhar University in research in — humanities (such asa very ancient university is Cairo, with which Nalanda is often history, languages and linguistics,becoming better known. But how compared, was established at a and comparative religion), as welldoes it compare with other old time, 970 AD, when Nalanda was as the social sciences and the worlduniversities in the world? already more than five hundred of practice (such as international years old. relations, management andWell, what is the oldest university development, and informationin the world? In answering this That is enough vaunting of age (as technology). Let me identify a fewquestion, ones mind turns to you know, in India we take age questions about the pursuit ofBologna, initiated in 1088, to Paris quite seriously), and I hope you science in Nalanda. First, was thein 1091, and to other old citadels of have got the point: we are talking old Nalanda sufficiently large to belearning, including of course Oxford about the oldest university in the a factor in whatever pursuit itUniversity which was established in world by a long margin, that is, if might have been championing?1167, and Cambridge in 1209. we do not insist on continuous Was it not merely a drop in anWhere does Nalanda fit into this existence. The university is being ocean of superstition andpicture? “Nowhere” is the short re-started right now, and since I ignorance that some people see as happen to have the difficult task of the characteristic feature of the This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 14. Indian old world: you only have to Indeed, Xuangzang wrote about Nalanda, but as a way ofread James Mills “History of India,” them too, even though he himself understanding better the Buddhistwhich was obligatory reading for all studied in Nalanda. There was a intellectual impact. One of theBritish civil servants sent off to run larger social culture to which connections on which evidence ofthe Raj, to see how firm and Nalanda belonged, and this is intellectual connections betweenpolitically important this important to recollect in thinking China and India is plentiful is theconception of the past was in about the tradition of Nalanda. impact of Buddhists in general, andkeeping modern India in check. of adherents of Tantric Buddhism in particular, on ChineseWell, Nalanda was an old centre of mathematics and astronomy in thelearning that attracted students seventh and eighth centuries, infrom many countries in the world, the Tang period. Yi Jing, who was aparticularly China and Tibet, Korea student of Nalanda, and to whom Iand Japan, and the rest of Asia, but referred earlier, was one of manya few also from as far in the west translators of Tantric texts fromas Turkey. Nalanda, a residential Sanskrit into Chinese. Tantrismuniversity, had at its peak 10,000 became a major force in China instudents, studying various subjects. The second question to ask is the the seventh and eighth centuries,Chinese students in particular, such difficult one about the room for and had followers among Chineseas Xuanzang and Yi Jing in the science in what was after all a intellectuals of the highestseventh century, wrote extensively religious institution. Nalanda was aon what they saw and what they Buddhist foundation, as were standing. Since many Tantricparticularly admired about the Vikramshila and Odantapuri, and scholars had a deep interest ineducational standards in Nalanda. surely the central focus of these mathematics (perhaps connected,Incidentally, Nalanda is the only institutions were studies of at least initially, with Tantricnon-Chinese institution in which Buddhist philosophy and practice. fascination with numbers), Tantricany Chinese scholar was educated The point to remember here is that mathematicians had a significantin the history of ancient China. by the nature of the philosophy of influence on Chinese mathematics Buddha, whose focus of preaching as well. was on enlightenment (the name given to Gautama, viz Buddha, Indeed, as Joseph Needham notes, itself means “enlightened”), there “the most important Tantrist was I- was a basic epistemic and ethical Hsing (+672 to +717), the greatest curiosity in the tradition of Chinese astronomer and intellectual Buddhism that sought mathematician of his time.” knowledge in many different fields. Needham goes on to remark that Some of the fields were directly “this fact alone should give us related to Buddhist commitments, pause, since it offers a clue to theIt is also important to recognize such as medicine and healthcare; possible significance of this form ofthat while Nalanda was very others went with the development Buddhism for all kinds ofspecial, it was still a part of a larger and dissemination of Buddhist observational and experimentaltradition of organised higher culture, such as architecture and sciences.” Yi Xing (or I-Hsing, to useeducation that developed in that sculpture; and still others linked Needhams spelling), who was inperiod in India — in Bihar in Buddhist intellectual queries with fact never a student of Nalanda,particular. In addition to Nalanda, interest in analytical discipline. but belonged to a tradition ofthere were in the vicinity other which Nalanda was one of thesuch institutions, such as Let me comment briefly on the last results, was fluent in Sanskrit. (IVikramshila and Odantapuri. — not specifically with reference to request the audience to be careful This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 15. of the distinction between Yi Xing, impact on the Arab world (with universities in the world — thatthe mathematician, and Yi Jing, the widely used Arabic translations of produced Galileo Galilei. (I was,intellectual trained in Nalanda, who the works of Aryabhata, incidentally amused when, whilewas, among other things, Varahamihira, Brahmagupta and receiving an honorary doctorate atinterested in medicine.) As a others), which would later Padua, I heard Paul Ricoeur,Buddhist monk, Yi Xing was familiar influence European mathematics as another recipient, chastising thewith the Indian religious literature, well, through the Arabs (Gherardo University of Padua for notbut he had acquired a great of Cremona would make the first standing up sufficiently for Galileo.expertise also on Indian writings on Latin translation of Arab Ricoeurs arguments weremathematics and astronomy. mathematical texts that reported impeccable, though it seemed aDespite his own religious on Indian work in 1150, just before little unfair to blame the currentconnection, it would be a mistake the time when Nalanda would Rector of Padua for Paduas lack ofto assume that Yi Xings come to its sudden end). support for Galileo.) To whatmathematical or scientific work extent such conflict arose inwas somehow motivated by It is this general intellectual Nalanda, I do not know, but asreligious concerns. As a general animation, including animation in more documents come to light, wemathematician who happened to analytical and scientific questions, may well find out whether therebe also a Tantrist, Yi Xing dealt with that we have to appreciate in were tensions in the relationa variety of analytical and interpreting what was going on in between science and religion incomputational problems, many of old Nalanda. I take the liberty of Nalanda. What is, however,which had no particular connection mentioning here that it is not, of absolutely clear is that thiswith Tantrism or Buddhism at all. course, unique to Nalanda that as a Buddhist foundation made muchThe combinatorial problems religious foundation, it room for the pursuit of analyticaltackled by Yi Xing included such nevertheless pursued general and scientific subjects within theclassic ones as “calculating the intellectual and scientific studies campus of Nalanda number of possible situations the products of which were ofin chess.” Yi Xing was particularly great interest also to people who A third question concerns theconcerned with calendrical were not religious, or did not share subjects that were actually taughtcalculations, and even constructed, the religion of the foundations in Nalanda. Here we do have aon imperial order, a new calendar involved. Isaac Newton was problem, since the documents infor China. religious — indeed very mystically Nalanda were indiscriminatingly oriented — and while he burnt by Bakhtiyar and hisCalendrical studies in which Indian revolutionized the nature of conquering army. We have to relyastronomers located in China in the physics, mathematics and optics, therefore of the accounts ofeighth century, along with Yi Xing, he had no problem with his (and, students of Nalanda who wrotewere particularly involved, made as it happens, mine and Venky about what they had seen, andgood use of the progress of Ramakrishna’s) colleges (that is given the reticence of Indians totrigonometry that had already Trinitys) the-then religiosity, and write about history (a subject ofoccurred in India by then (going did not raise the kind of questions interest in itself), we have to relymuch beyond the original Greek about compatibility that some later mostly on the accounts of outsidersroots of Indian trigonometry). The Trinity-men, like Henry Sidgwick, who did not share that reticence,movement east of Indian would with powerful arguments. such as Xuangzang and Yi Jing. Wetrigonometry to China was a part of The mixture of religion and science do know that among the subjectsa global exchange of ideas that also was by no means unique to taught, and on which there was on-went West around that time. Nalanda, and to illustrate with going research, were medicine,Indeed, this was another example, it was the public health, architecture,also about the time when Indian Christian university of Padua — one sculpture, and astronomy, intrigonometry was having a major of the earliest of the extant addition to religion, history, law This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 16. and linguistics. Nalanda, such as Yi to rest among the cloudy fog high into the scientific connections ofJing and Xuangzang, were not up, and provided an eye-catching Nalanda.involved in mathematical studies. sight in the Nalanda campus. InThose in China who were deeply that period the progresses in Indian The final remark concerns theinvolved in Indian mathematics, and Chinese astronomy were passion for propagating knowledgesuch as Yi Xing, did not train in closely linked with developments and understanding that NalandaNalanda. There may have been with mathematics, particularly stood for. This was one reason forothers, in India or China or trigonometry. Indeed, all the Indian its keenness to accept studentselsewhere, from Nalanda who were experts that the Chinese brought to from abroad. Xuangzang as well asinvolved in mathematics (a subject China for astronomical work were Yi Jing mentions the warmthat was flourishing in India in this mathematicians (one of these welcome they received as theyperiod) and whose documents Indian mathematicians became the arrived in Nalanda from China.have been lost. However, we do Director of the official Board ofknow, from Indian accounts, that Astronomy of China in the 8th Indeed, Xuangzang used thislogic was a subject that was taught century). We do not know enough commitment in an argument within Nalanda, and my guess is that about the ancestry of the Indian the faculty in Nalanda when he waseventually evidence would emerge mathematicians who went to China asked — and pressed — to stay onon this part of the curriculum in to decide whether any of them had as a faculty member in Nalanda,Nalanda as well. Nalanda connections, but we do after he had completed his studies. know that from early fifth century He mentioned his commitment, Kusumpur, in nearby Pataliputra and here he invoked Buddha (Patna), was the place where the himself, to spread enlightenment mathematicians doing front-line “to all lands.” He asked the innovative work on the subject rhetorical question: “Who would were congregating. wish to enjoy it alone, and to forget those who are not yet I end with two final remarks. The enlightened?” If the seeking of first one concerns an aspect of the evidence and vindication by critical intellectual life of Nalanda that arguments is part of the tradition emerges powerfully from the of science, so is the commitment to accounts we do actually have about move knowledge and Nalanda from Chinese as well as understanding beyond locality. Indian scholars. The faculty and the Science has to fight parochialism, students in Nalanda loved to argue, and Nalanda was firmly committed and very often held argumentative to just that.(Xuangzang, a Tang dynasty famous encounters. I have discussedChinese Buddhist monk who visited elsewhere how deep this (Dr. Amartya Sen, who won theNalanda) argumentativeness is in Indian Nobel Prize in Economics in 1998 intellectual history, but I want to and was awarded the Bharat RatnaWhat about mathematics? As it add here that it is a part of the in 1999, is Professor of Economicshappens the Chinese chroniclers scientific tradition as well, to seek and Philosophy at Harvardfrom Further indirect evidence in arguments and defences, refusing University in the U.S. and chairmanthe direction of the presence of to accept positions and claims on of the Interim Governing Board ofmathematics in Nalanda curriculum grounds of faith. There were plenty Nalanda University)was the inclusion of astronomy inNalanda. Xuangzang comments on of organised argumentativethat, and refers elegantly to the matches going on in Nalanda, andobservational tower that seemed this too fits, in a very general way, This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 17. Education sectorEducation sector is one of the most read, class 8 students are unable to and because of the humiliationneglected sectors in the economy. do simple arithmetic. kid’s dropout.In 1950’s when education sector d) Syllabi: The syllabus is nothad an 8% share in the budget, and relevant for kids in primarythe government promised to schools.provide free and compulsory e)Lack of books in local to all children, literacy f) Most of the school buildings arerate was a meager 15%. used for non-school purposes inSubsequently over the years, the % villages.share of education sector has There are many more problems,reduced to an abysmal 2.7% in the which can be listed down. But ascurrent budget plan outlay. Though we can see in the above problems,overall literacy rate has increased there is a huge gap. Now the gap So we come to analyze why Indiato 65%, there is a lot to be desired. provides opportunity for has not able to provide goodThere is huge disparity among entrepreneurs to fill the gap. quality education to its children.literacy levels for men (75%) and There are many problems and a) RTE provides great opportunitywomen (52%). causes, which have led to the for private entrepreneurs to abysmal situation. Some of the work in PPP model with the prominent ones are listed as government to implement RTE. follows: Government allocates very They can work to set up new less % of budget to education, and schools, construct school the amount allocated is skewed buildings, revive old schools, and towards higher education. Rural provide basic amenities. schools and education gets a b)The mid-day meal scheme also meager 26%, and the rest 74% is provides opportunity for for urban and development of entrepreneurs to work in PPPOver the years there have been higher education. model with the government toseveral government schemes and implement the schemes. a) Lack of infrastructure and basicplans in the form of National c) Entrepreneurs can also look in to amenities in schools. Most of theLiteracy Mission, Sarva Siksha work in syllabi development, schools don’t have requisiteAbhyan, and now finally we have teaching methodology with more teaching aids, lack basicthe Right to Education Act. But focus towards vocational infrastructure in the form ofsomehow all these schemes have learning, teaching aids as per school building. Most of thefailed to reach their objective. local needs. schools don’t have toilets.Several NGO’s have also come © Kumar Ankit b) Teachers: They are in shortforward to the cause with some of supply, not given proper salary, (Kumar Ankit is currently studyingthe prominent names as Pratham, most of them are not serious at XLRI Jamshedpur and is foundercampaigns like Teach India. But as about teaching, and remain & Executive Director at Green Leafvery rightly quoted, “India is a absent from schools. Energy Private Limited a startupcountry of big problems, so we c) Caste system: It leads to huge company in the area of renewableneed big solutions as well”. It is disparity and humiliation for the and green power energy. He can beeven more revealing that even the so-called untouchables, and they contacted at ankit4jec@gmail.comchildren who are enrolled and constitute 16% of our population, )studying in class 5 are unable to This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 18. Babu Kunwar SinghKunwar Singh epitomises not only royal race). His ancestors belong to In his last battle, fought on April 23,the spirit of liberty but also great Raja Vikramadity, Raja Bhoj 1858, near Jagdishpur, the troopsunparalleled courage and the will of malwa. under the control of the East Indiato resist injustice at all costs and Company were completely routed.under any circumstances. He Babu Kunwar Singh was nearly While crossing the Ganges on wayplayed a major role in the First eighty and in failing health when he to his ancestral seat at Jagdishpur, was called upon to take up arms. Babu Kunwar Singh was woundedWar of Independence of 1857. The great warrior that he was, he in the arm. Undaunted, Babu gave a good fight and harried Kunwar Singh severed the injured British forces for nearly a year and limb and flung it into the river remained invincible till the end. Ganges as is was his last offering to Kunwar Singh assumed command the Ganges. Soon after, he of the soldiers who had revolted completely routed the British at Danapur on July 5, Two days forces in the battle on 23 April later he occupied Arrah, the district 1858 and died the next day (24 headquarters. Major Vincent Eyre April 1858). relieved the town on August 3, defeated Kunwar Singhs force and To honour his memory and his(A stamp issued by government of destroyed Jagdishpur. Kunwar contribution to India’s freedomIndia) Singh left his ancestral village and movement, the Republic ofBabu Veer Kunwar Singh (1777– reached Lucknow in December India issued a commemorative1858), one of the leaders of 1857. In March 1858 he stamp on 23 April 1966. Veerthe Indian rising of 1857belonged occupied Azamgarh. However, he Kunwar Singh University namedto a royal PARMAR Kshatriya had to leave the place soon. after him, was established(Rajput) house of Jagdishpur, Pursued by Brigadier Douglas, he by Government of Bihar nearcurrently a part of Bhojpur retreated towards his home his birth place. The ICSE board hasdistrict, Bihar state, India. At the in Bihar. On April 23, Kunwar Singh in its Hindi text-book (Ekankiage of 80 years, during India’s First had a victory near Jagdishpur over Suman) a play (by the name ofWar of Independence (1857), he the force led by Captain Le Grand, Vijay Ki Bela, (literally: Moment ofactively led a select band of armed 26 April 1858 he died in his village. Victory) on the later part of Kunwarsoldiers against the troops under The mantle of the old chief now fell Singhs life, starting from the timethe command of the East India on his brother Amar Singh who, he was crossing the Ganges andCompany, and also recorded despite heavy odds, continued the finishing with his death,victories in many battles. struggle and for a considerable Contributed by Santosh Pandey time ran a parallel government inKunwar Singh, king of Jagdishpur, (Santosh is a Chartered Accountant the district of Shahabad. In Octoberwas born in 1777, Jagdishpur, and currently lives in Czech 1859, Amar Singh joined the rebelnear Arrah in the state of Bihar. He Republic and can be reached at leaders in the Nepal Terai.belongs to Panwar/Parmar (gurjar ) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 19. Empowering Bihar through renewable energyFor a State growing at around 10% districts.Bihar continues to suffer energy for the community viaper annum, Bihar’s power due to Power deficiency; one of the utilization of locally availablerequirement is expected to be biggest challenges lies in the area lie resources. Successful case studiesaround 8000 mega watts in the in of distribution and coverage. Last of the DRE model titlednext 5 years. Bihar has a power mile connectivity issues, “Empowering Bihar showcases the Empowering Bihar”generation capacity of 584MW maintenance and collection are success story of Rice Husk Powercompared with a demand of other areas which also needs System & Tripolia Hospital Solararound 2500MW. The deficit is special attention. Greenpreace Research center.made up by accessing the central recently ran campaign in the statepool quota of 1,200MW, of which to create awareness for developing Currently Bihar Government doesthe supply is around 700MW. As a models for renewable energy and support schemes for bio bio-gasresult, frequent and prolonged developing local self sustaining development, SPV systems ofpower outages are common across models of power generations to Lanterns/Home lightingthe state. fuel the growth and growing need systems/street lighting systems, of power in rural Bihar. and wind mills. Bihar Government policy on private sector Central Allocation Thermal Power Plants Its public manifesto to make Bihar participation for develo developing non Gydel Orhers 3% power self sufficient has the idea of conventional energy sources is Decentralized Renewable Energy available on 36% (DRE) model works on the principle 61% of producing electricity through m renewable energy near the source of use or consumption. For Given the unique growth trajectory example, a village which receives and need for power, it would be a abundant sunshine throughout the abun great opportunity for private year and has surplus biomass could players to get asso associated with this become self-sufficient in energy by self exciting journey of empoweringIn recent times, State has approved producing power through a Bihar.many power projects and also combination of renewable energyworked towards increasing the technologies such as solar energy Contributed by Ajit Chouhan. (Ajit Choproduction capacity of existing and/or biomass and manage the is an Alumni of XLRI Jamshedpurplants. Bihar is to set up three new system locally. and currently works as HR BUthermal power plants to generate partner in one of India’s leading IT3,960 MW of energy. The plants, of The model ensures company. He can be reached at1,320 MW each, will be set up at democratization of the process of )Kajra in Lakhisarai, Piparpainti in power production and securesBhagalpur and Chusa in Buxar access to reliable and quality
  • 20. Bhojpuri Cinema’ a declining phase for lack of patronage. started leaving the state. These was the class that would watch were the people who would films just to forget their sorrow and otherwise patronize good cinema not because they wanted to watch in Bhojpuri. The image of Bihar kept a film-maker’s perspective on a on deteriorating and Biharis living social issue inflicting the society. in other states would feel ashamed Non-serious movies were still being of declaring that they are from made in Hindi, but they went out of Bihar. Then not only those who reach of this class due to lived in other states but also those emergence of multiplexes and who lived in Bihar stopped talking disappearance of the low-cost in Bhojpuri. Speaking in Bhojpuri in theaters. a public place was somehowAs far as I know, unlike Bengali considered to be below standard.cinema, Tamil cinema, Malayalam People almost disowned thecinema etc. there was nothing language to the extent that theycalled Bhojpuri cinema in the first would not speak to their children inplace. There was no film making Bhojpuri. In private, they wouldculture in Bihar, there only were communicate in Hindi pepperedsporadic films in Bhojpuri that were with Bhojpuri words. And in public,made by producers from Bollywood the educated Biharis who livedwho came from eastern UP and The entrepreneur in Manoj Tiwari outside the state did everythingBihar. Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari identified this class and started possible to hide their BihariChadhaibo, Laagi Nahin Chhoote making movies that suited their identity. We can’t blame themRaam, and Balam Pardesia are taste and pocket. The target though. All this happened becauseexamples of that. Later on too, audience started watching these Bihar had gradually come tosome decent films were made in movies and much more came. represent everything that an idealBihar like Dulha Ganga Par Ke and Manoj Tiwari never made these society should not be.Ganga Kinare Mora Gaon and they movies for PLU (people like us).So, The great migration started. Thosedid good business. it is clear that quality Bhojpuri who couldn’t leave Bihar out of cinema went through a declining compulsion were the poor who had phase for lack of patronage. no resources to move out, the Bihar Government employees, and those who could not leave their land unattended for fear of illegal capture by local politicians or their goons. Anyone who could send their children out of the state for education/job, sent them. Then came the era of downfall of So, there was hardly anybody left inBihar. And I think the downfall of Bihar or outside Bihar to patronizeBhojpuri cinema has a lot to do Bhojpuri cinema. The only peoplewith the downfall in the image and who were still speaking to theircontent of Bihar. Politics, education children in Bhojpuri were thoseand employment sector in Bihar from the lower strata of the societystarted deteriorating and people – the poor, the uneducated. This This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 21. What is the way forward? watched. If it has a strong script to But good films will not come up just hold audiences from the beginning because there are good intentions.We need not worry about ‘Panditji to the end, it WILL be watched. If Something more is required toBatain na Biyah kab hoi’ kind of patterns and treatments are not sustain this trend. One Nitinmovies at all. They are meant for a repeated, it WILL be watched and Chandra is not enough. We needspecific audience and such an liked. Even in languages such as more professionals from Bihar asaudience does and will always exist Hindi, Bengali or Tamil, quality Film makers. The current filmin any society; so there will also cinema is in short supply. Bhojpuri makers in Bhojpuri Cinema are notexist film-makers who will make also has the advantage of numbers. trained professionals, that’s whyfilms for them. Ab in filmon ka they pay attention to making cheapdusprabhav saare samaj par na movies.pade, iske liye humein apni lakeerko unki lakeer se lamba karnapadega.It cannot be denied that Culture &Art play an important role in thedevelopment of any society.Cinema too is an apt medium toeducate the society. A well-madeand forward-looking Bhojpuri filmwill not only regain the audiencethat it had lost over time but itwould also promote the Culture,Art & Music of Bihar outside thestate. Bihar will gain respectthrough its cinema. It will help According to a recent governmentattract tourists to the state of Bihar estimate, some 15 crore peoplewhich will generate employment speak Hindi and Bhojpuri in UP andfor thousands. But the question is Bihar. So, I can only hope that our Then, we also will need to improvehow do we sustain the culture of member Nitin Chandra’s work the insecure conditions of thequality-film making in Bhojpuri. ‘Deswa’ will mark cinema halls in the interiors of theOne thing is clear, corporatisation state which has also resulted in thewill not help. There is a difference the rebirth of good Bhojpuri decreasing rate of cine viewers. B-between our objective and their cinema, rather birth of Bhojpuri grade theatres can afford only B-objective. Through our films, we cinema that will establish itself over grade movies. Here, the govt.want to reconstruct the Bihari time as a genre. From whatever needs to pitch in by giving themsociety and promote Bihari art and little I have heard about the subject subsidies. It is the government’sculture, whereas all the investing it deals with, I hope it will taste responsibility to help in offeringcorporate would be interested in is decent success at the box office. low-cost entertainment (asrevenue. So that is out. The only Once that happens, more people opposed to cheap entertainment)answer lies in the theory of will be attracted to making quality to its people; a deluge of cheapdemand and supply. There is an cinema in Bhojpuri. And when films will only corrupt andunending appetite for good cinema people will have a choice of quality manipulate the youth who willin Bihari audiences. But there is no over quantity, they will go for the determine the future of the So, if a good cinema in former. The government can also considerBhojpuri is supplied, it WILL be This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 22. giving a tax holiday for the next five automatically result in production setting up a film city and a filmyears to films made in Bihar. This of good Bhojpuri cinema. training institute for Bhojpuriwill attract good filmmakers with Universities in Bihar too should movies near Sahjanwa town in themeager resources to making films offer subjects on film making, so district. Is it a signal for Biharon socio-political issues in Bhojpuri that the young generation can Tourism dept. to act fast?that, in turn, will create jobs for become interested in this art. I amlocals. sure if these measures are taken, Author: Rakesh Srivastava Bhojpuri cinema will evolve, sooner (Rakesh works for a leadingThe most important thing is that a rather than later. software consulting company inFilm Training Institute somewhere PS: Only last week, the UP tourism India and currently lives in Newnear Patna must be set up. This department has sent a proposal to Delhi. He can be reached atshould be followed by setting up of the CEO of Gorakhpur Industrial film studio. It will launch a film- Development Authority (GIDA) tomaking culture in Bihar which will allocate 110 acres of land for This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 23. Collaboration of “Deswa” and “Brand Bihar”The young film director and one of the members of with print of “DESWA” in the front and a famous “ Iour group Mr. Nitin Chandra whose first directorial AM BIHAR” slogan created by ONE BIHAR and inventure, a Bhojpuri feature film “DESWA” particular Mayank Krishna a team member of theproposed to launch the “DESWA” merchandize for ONE BIHARpromotion of the film. In this regard, Nitincontacted the team “ONE BIHAR” (ONE BIHAR is an Soon you will see a T-shirt launched by teamorganization of Biharis who are focused on many DESWA which will feature the Deswa photo (aboveBIHAR related non for profit projects through their left) on the front and I AM BIHAR poetry on thepersonal collaboration) to launch a joint T-Shirt back. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 24. Launch of Blissful Bihar Campaign- The Blissful Bihar desktop calendar for 2011On the eve of new year 2011, one of our members monthly calendar every month on our FacebookMr. Ajit Chouhan conceptualized designed and event page. This Calendar is free to circulate, canlaunched a one man branding exercise for Bihar. be printed & shared with anyone with due credits.Ajit designed a desktop calendar using 12 different to Mr. Ajit Chouhan.photographs of Bihar from his personal photocollection. The launch of this calendar was Campaign launched by by Ajit Ch Chouhanorganized as an event on Facebook (Ajit Chouhan is an Alumni of XLRI Jamshedpur andBlissful Bihar is an attempt to showcase Bihar’s rich currently works as HR BU partner in one of India’scultural & social legacy. Hopefully this calendar will leading IT company s. He can be reached atremind the world of its glorious past & promising st that lies ahead. We will be releasing the
  • 25. Development of SSI sector in BiharThere is lot of buzz about state the financing banks, it results in an estimated cost of Rs.450 croregovernment making efforts for reduction in transaction costs as for employment and revenuereopening of sugar mills and also well as mitigation of risk. Presently generation. The challenge howeveron various industrial projects there are 388 SME clusters in India remains in early execution of theincluding food processing units. identified by United Nations projects and building upon theHowever, for alleviation of poverty Industrial Development momentum so generated.and creating employment Organisation (UNIDO) out of whichopportunities, potential of small only three are located in Bihar i.e. There is a new interest beingindustries is yet to be assessed and Barauni for Engineering and shown by most of the big retailerstapped properly. The small scale Fabrication, Muzzafarpur for Food in resurgent Bihar recently. Apartindustries (SSI) and also small and products and Patna for Brass and from the above, opening up of FDImedium enterprises (SME) have German Silver utensils. It can be in retail is also on the cards whichhuge potential to tap local seen that cluster development has will ensure availability of high endentrepreneurial skills of remained largely underdeveloped marketing acumen and significantenterprising people. These sectors in Bihar and many traditional growth in the consumer spending.are labour intensive with high ratio business activities like Lac industry, State Government will do well toof labour to capital employed. Sericulture, leather, art develop the clusters of SSI/ SMESince they require a certain (Madhubani Painting), dairy etc. sectors that can be positioned indesired skill level, this results in have remained untapped. One can the supply chain of these big globalbetter wages to the poor also add Cinema, Education/ marketers. The preparedness inpopulation. In Bihar, 90% of GDP coaching, Textile, Fruits and this regard will help automaticcomes from agriculture and service Fisheries etc. in the potential list. linkage of these retail chains withsectors; therefore, the potential of The UNIDO Focal Point is currently the artisans/source and willmanufacturing sector remains based in New Delhi and is provide the SSI/ SME sectors aunutilised. There is a need to responsible for interacting with worldwide market and greatidentify local level initiatives and each cluster, assist the local actors employment opportunities.reaching out to them by providing in preparing and implementing Though the clusters may not haveall possible assistance with regard their action plans and linking them specific registered brands of theirto finance, marketing, with relevant institutions at the own, they can have hugeinfrastructure etc. regional, national and recognition value informally in the international level, monitoring wholesale market. We haveIt has been acknowledged by many local initiatives, and encouraging examples of hosiery of Ludhiana,expert groups/ committees that to exchange of experiences amongensure proper growth of SSI/ SME Sports goods of Jalandhar, different clusters. State matchsticks/ crackers of Shivkasi,sectors, a cluster based approach Government needs to work in co- locks of Aligarh, diamondis the most convenient and ordination with the UNIDO forpractical approach. A cluster is a processing of Surat etc. With identification and development of specific efforts by Stategroup of related manufacturing/ new clusters in various otherservice units located in a common Government and other agencies, geographical areas. One good our clusters can also make theirgeographical area. Identification of development in this regard is thatsuch clusters would result in better presence felt nationally and even recently the Associated Chambers internationally. NABARD and SIDBIbank-industry linkage as well as of Commerce and Industry in Indiabetter market access. If the have scope for providing market (Assocham) has proposed to exposure to artisans and theirclusters are provided appropriate partner Bihar government toimprovement in infrastructure, for develop 14 industrial clusters for This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 26. clusters by way of sponsoring Most of the underdeveloped India produce in all the majorevents/ melas and also by states have this common crops i.e., Rice, Pulse and wheat (5imparting training. Unfortunately complaint against all the banks to 7 percent). No other state hasthe funds allotted by these their region that the financial such distinction as they specialiseagencies for this purpose are very resources collected from the state in the production of either one ormeagre and even those funds, in are used for lending in already two. Instead of this being amany cases, remain unutilised. developed states. In financial positive feature or a reflection onState Government may engage terms, the complaint is about low the dietary habits of localitself with these institutions at CD ration i.e., low loan disbursal population, it reflects more uponappropriate forums and even offer compared to collection of the large scale subsistence farmingto supplement their efforts so as deposits. The bankers always prevailing among the farmersto enable these clusters find bigger respond by arguing about adverse which prohibits them from movingmarkets. credit environment and lack of to ‘comparative advantage’ viable proposals etc. farming.The commercial banks have been Unfortunately, a genuine concerngiven targets to meet priority of a poor society is always lost in This non-pragmatic/ conservativesector lending which include micro the jungle of technical jargons. approach is a major contributoryand small enterprises. Out of this, Some pro active measures by the factor to continuation of largeseparate sub-targets are given for State Government towards scale poverty in Bihar, particularlylending to small/ tiny sectors. creating better infrastructure for in rural areas. Small land holding inHowever, these are all India local industries by way of providing rural areas also prohibits corporatetargets which come in the way of good law and order situation, farming which adversely affectsinclusive economic growth of roads, electricity, training, market per hectare yield and resultantly,different geographical areas in our exposure will go a long way in profitability of Though an all India target meeting the demands of bankers. Absentee ownership also results infor overall priority sector lending Similarly, bankers also need to low investments and lowmay be a practical approach to productivity. However, the ensure that the lending targets toprotect the competitiveness of specific sectors and also the example of local agriculturists andthese lending institutions, state- annual target as per Government businessmen in Kishanganj iswise sub targets for small/ tiny policies are met and data with worth noting where they havesectors for these banks will go a regard to such achievements are taken to growing of tea in last fewlong way towards improving subjected to stringent audit years. This has resulted in Biharentrepreneurial skills/ process for cleansing the same. now producing approx 4 million kgenvironment in neglected areas. tea annually as against approx. Instead of repeating the sameState Government needs to take arguments about increasing CD 1000 million kg produced in India.up this matter with Central ratio in every meeting of the StateGovernment and other Many may find it unbelievable that Government and bankers, some Bihar produces close to halfappropriate authorities. Apart out of the box initiatives and a two percent of Tea in India but it is truefrom the above, the data of banks way approach will definitely bringregarding achievements of priority and the figure can grow the desired results. substantially in future. One of thesector targets, particularly the sub major features of this industry istargets of small and tiny sectors Scope for small agro industriesneed to be monitored by some need to be explored by various that it provides direct employmentkind of social audit through agencies involved. A unique to large number of poor. To feature of Bihar’s agriculture further this initiative, the sectorrandom sampling of branches. production is that it produces would require tea processing plant almost equal percentage of all in close proximity which is lacking This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 27. and the only such plant in the areais presently closed. StateGovernment may look for its roletowards encouraging the cash cropculture in one of the poorest areasof Bihar.Many people have this feeling thatthere is no real change on theground; rather it is only theperception that has changed.Whatever may be the case, theimportance of change inperception can’t be ignored as it isone of the pre requisite forattracting private capital. Time hascome to capitalize. on this changedperception.Contributed by – Bhartendu KumarDas(Bhartendu K Das is working withthe Reserve Bank of India and canbe reached at ) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 28. U Þ . , , , Ï U , , , . , , . . Þ . Þ [ - Û . . Û [ . (¢] : , , å . , ) , , , Ï . . ,× . , Û , Þ Þ , Í , Ô Í , Í Õ. [ . Þ . , [ . [ . Ô , Û È Õ. . Ò Þ : Þ - , - . Ô Ò Õ , - , È ? × Ô Õ . Þ ?. Ô Õ , , È . å Ô ? È × ? . Õ. Oonomatopoeia U È . ? Í È ? Ô Õ Û Ô Õ [ Þ ! ? Þ , Í , Ô à , [ [ . å ã ?Õ Þ : , U, , . [ [ - , à . . Í [ [ Ï This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 29. [ ,Ô ?ÕÔ Í , .Õ . Contributed by TV Sinha. Û (T.V Sinha is a senior business . Ô executive and currently based in Õ [ , Mumbai, He works for a leading software company, he can beå : reached at“ , , , .”Ô , , Õ. [ ] ? ã ¢ , Í Í U . This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 30. [ ... Û .. [ ... [ , , Þ ... È ] ã .... , Û [ . É ] ... [ ] [ ¢ . ... Ï × , ÛÊ × , ] ... [ . å Ó ^ ... , , ] ..., , , [ [ . ... [ [ . ] ] .... 14 ... ... [ 40 Ï ] .... [ ... ] [ ¢ ... . [ ... . ... .... ã Û [ ã . È ^ Ê [ , × × Û . .... . .. 10 [ . ... . 99 ¢] . Ý [ ... É ] . ... ... É ] É ] ¢] ... This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 31. Contributed by Hasan Jawed ( Bihar/Jharkahnd, Haryana Uttar . Hasan Jawed is an Alumni of AJK Pradesh and North Bengal. In Mass Communication Research Vidarbha and Marathwada, he has Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New worked with PRIs and denotified . Delhi, he has experience in TV & tribes, has also made a ... Radio Journalism and specializes in documentary Film separately on sharing of Human Communication their issues. The film has been ... with though Film Making, critically well acclaimed. He- [ Broadcasting and Reporting on belongs to Kishanganj, Bihar. Human Conditions. Hasan also has Currently Hasan is working with a . à been travelling extensively to understand developmental issues Delhi based news channel as a in rural India. He has visited about news producer. He can be reached six hundred villages of Kerala, at - Karnataka, Maharashtra besides This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 32. Institution of Facebook youth ICON OF BIHAR by Facebook BIHAR group has contributed significantly to improve the image of Bihar during the Dark Lalu-Rabri regime and has also taken head on against the Bihar biased Indian Media He writes a very popular blog called Daalaan ( ) The YOUTH ICON AWARD or recognition will be awarded quarterly and members of the group can nominate any person they think has done or is involved in doing a commendable job for advancement and upliftment of BRAND BIHARThe Idea behind the institution of Facebook youthICON of Bihar was conceived and floated bySantosh Pandey in the month of Dec 2010.The purpose of this award of recognition is torecognize the effort of young Bihari’ s in variousfields who are doing inspiring and admirable jobs inpromoting the cause of Brand Bihar. For the veryfirst award the Name of Ranjan Rituraj Singh alsopopularly known as “Mukhiya jee” in the virtualworlds was proposed. Ranjan Rituraj Singh wasvoted and selected with unanimous popular choiceas being the first to receive this prestigious award& recognition bestowed in him by Facebook Bihar The nominations for the second YOUTH ICON OFCommunity. BIHAR will be opened from 1st February till 28th February Subsequent to the nomination a jury ofRanjan Rituraj Singh hails from Gopalganj district of members will decide the award based on theBihar and works as a professor in a leading private popular vote and after objective evaluation of theengineering college in National Capital Region. He contribution made of any such nominee. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 33. A forgotten temple of Knowledge- waiting for its revivalBihar in the ancient time had two there is another sister University Bihar) is located at about 50 kmmost reputed universities in the of Nalanda called Vikramshila east of Bhagalpur and aboutworld. These universities were University which was also located 13 km north-east of Kahalgaon, a eastlike modern day Havard and Yale in the ancient Bihar and was wa railway station on Bhagalpur Bhagalpur-of Old world. In recent years with equally famous and recognized Sahebganj section of Easterncommendable effort from the world over. Railway. It is approachablethen President of India Abdul Vikramaśīla University was one of through 11 km long motorableKalam and Government of Bihar the two most important centers road diverting from N.H.80 atand many multilateral agencies of Buddhist learning in India Anadipur about 2 km fromand International level during the Pala dynasty, along Kahalgaon (which is not in a verygovernmental cooperation ( with Nālandā University. good condition).cooperation with China, Japan, Vikramaśīla was established by A number of monasteries grewSingapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka King Dharmapala (783 to 820) in up during the Pāla period inand other countries) a serious response to a supposed decline su ancient Bengal and Magadha. ngaleffort is being made to restore in the quality of scholarship at According to Tibetan sources,the once glory of Nalanda Nālandā. Atisha, the five great Mahaviharas stoodUniversity. renowned pandita, is sometimes out: Vikramaśīla the premier Vikramaśīla, listed as a notable abbot.But in this piece I am not talking university of the era; Nalanda, iversityabout Nalanda University, rather Vikramasila (village past its prime but stillI want invite your attention that Antichak, district Bhagalpur, illustrious, Somapura Somapura,
  • 34. Odantapurā, and Jaggadala. The teachers and about one an area of more than onefive monasteries formed a thousand students. It produced hundred; "all of them were under eminent scholars who were often Although, the site of thestate supervision" and there invited by foreign countries to university has been widelyexisted "a system of co- spread Buddhist learning, culture excavated and under care ofordination among them it seems and religion. The most Archaeological Survey of India,from the evidence that the distinguished and eminent there has not been any effort todifferent seats of Buddhist among all was Atiśa Dipankara, a create more awareness aboutlearning that functioned in founder of the Sarma traditions this great university so far. Fromeastern India under the Pāla of Tibetan Buddhism. Subjects the tourism perspective also,were regarded together as like philosophy, grammar, government and Archaeologicalforming a network, an interlinked metaphysics, Indian logic etc. Survey of India has not donegroup of institutions," and it was were taught here, but the most enough to promote the site ofcommon for great scholars to important branch of learning the University. Althoughmove easily from position to was tantrism. Bhagalpur the nearest city isposition among them. The remains of the ancient connected by train with majorVikramaśīla was founded university have been partially cities and airports in India, thereby Pāla king Dharmapala in the excavated at village Antichak in is still no functional airport inlate 8th or early 9th Century A.D. the Bhagalpur district, Bhagalpur. The infrastructure hasIt prospered for about four Bihar state, India, and the also been ignored and nocenturies before it was destroyed process is still underway. coordinated effort has beenby Bakhtiyar Khilji during fighting Meticulous excavation at the site made so far to facilitate thewith the Sena dynasty along with was conducted initially by Patna tourist arrival to this site. Ithe other major centers University (1960–69) and sincerely hope that this greatof Buddhism in India around subsequently by Archaeological university will also see a day1200 CE. Survey of India (1972–82). It has when we all will take a call to revealed a huge square restore it to its original glory.Vikramaśīla is known to us monastery with amainly through Tibetan sources, (This article is contributed by cruciform stupa in its centre, aespecially the writings Santosh Pandey. Santosh Pandey library building and cluster ofof Tāranātha, the Tibetan monk is a chartered accountant and votive stupas. To the north ofhistorian of 16th-17th Century working with a leading global monastery a number of scatteredAD. MNC. He is currently based in structures including a TibetanVikramaśīla was one of the and a Hindu temple have been Czech Republic and can belargest Buddhist universities, found. The entire spread is over reached atwith more than one hundred ) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 35. Seasons – a PoemAs winter unfolds….The blooms wither away!!!Trees shedding, flowers shivering…. Summer arrives playing a harmonious tune….Chilly winds flattering the beauty serene!!!! Kids at beach have fun with the sand dunes!!! The stars go blue and the burnish of the moon…. The heat gets strong by the month of June!!!!Loud screeches of owl’s mail….Nasty outcomes of foul’s play!!!The snail race losing to the hare… Love defines a new meaning to its folks…The crocodile’s stab to the monkey’s care!!!! Life changes with foes attempting towards peace talk!!! Inner remorse burns to break the heart’s lock…Winter profoundly sums up all… Miracle shines with diamonds sparkling from rocks!!!!!Manifesting the beauty and its toil!!!The heart stuck in the marshy swamp….Folding the cold cause stumped around!!!! Summer bygone, a new season falls… It’s time we welcome the autumn’s call!!! The branches without leaves stand tall….Mastering the hate with loyal scale… Another storm comes and the soul build’s a wall!!!!Endearing to straighten the dog’s tail!!!Whispering lullaby into the monster’s ears….Maneuvering the gasp of emotions in string let of Seasons do rounds in a circling mound…tears!!!! Same as after every night comes the dawn!!! With every hate follows love…. And after every lament, happiness kisses the dove!!!Winter passes…and spring dawns with sunshine’s -----------------------------------------------------------------------prick…Crimson, lavender, turquoise hues marvels the red About the author: Samridhi Shandilyabricks!!! (Samridhi is a software engineer, currently workingLong locks of creepers grow along the tree thick… with one of the biggest software company of India. SheThe frozen glaciers melt along flowing with broken is a Bihari to the core and a very sentimental poet whotwigs!!!! writes about experiences around her in her prose and poetry. )The redness of sun brings warmth in the air…..Flowers blossom profusely like a corolla fair!!!The breeze plays with princess’ hair….And birds’ chirping foretells the saga of splendorshare!!!!Springs of love pure the heart….First showers of rain drowns the hate’s cart!!!Beacons to an enticing start….It hits the bull’s eye in the game of dart!!!! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 36. , | , | , | [ , | , | , | , | ,È , | [ | , | , , | | By Nitin Chandra , , (Nitin is a a film maker by profession and dedicated his life to Bihar. He runs a film making comany called Champaran Talkies, and has made documentary films on Bihar like BRING ABCK BIHAR and my latest is BOYA PADE BABOOL KAA, it is about politics of É | flood in north Bihar. His first fiction is called DESWA which is totally shot in Bihar with Bihari actors along with Hindi film actors and singers like sonu nigam,È ? shreya ghoshal, sharda sinha , and many more. Is ? scheduled to be released in 2011.He can be reached @ This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 37. PRACHIN BHARAT -Bringing History and Technology togetherPrachin Bharat is dedicated to Buddha. The Museum provides the bad times the Mahabodhi templeshowcasing lesser known gems historical and Geographical has seen over 2000 years of itsfrom Indias History and Heritage context for the life of Buddha existence, its sad state before thethrough technology. through a set of multimedia films restoration efforts in late 18th and 3D Animation movie: century which resulted in theWe believe that India as a countryhas a lot to offer to rest of the Mahabodhi temple you see todayworld through its culture and and the current managementhistory. By showcasing our history structure.and heritage through the use oftechnology we intend to promote Thoughts of Buddha : This sectiona tourism eco system which will covers the key aspects ofgive the very best experience to Buddhism and Buddhas teachingstourists and provide abundant including the Universal Truths, Theopportunities for the local people. Eight Fold Path or The Middle Path to Nirvana through an easy toThe main objectives of Prachin follow and crisp audio visualBharat are: 3D Animation Movie : The presentation. animation movie narrates the• Recreating historical locations story of Buddha from his birth to NALANDA MULTIMEDIA MUSEUM through Multimedia Museums enlightenment and• Help people relive the past Mahaparinirvan. The movie also using models of Historical covers the history of Mahabodhi places temple starting from the time• Providing consulting on Tourism Ashok built it to 2002 when the Development options temple was declared as a UNESCO• Help local people in tourism heritage site. sector gain access to the service sector through a local economy Geographical : In this section• Advertising and Marketing visitors learn about the campaigns using web 2.0 geographical importance of methods Bodhgaya and its links with other When the modern technology important places like Pataliputra mingles with the grandeur of thePrachin Bharat opened its first and also the places in the Silk past, history comes alive in a newMultimedia center in Bodh Gaya in route. Visitors will get to see a perspective. A Multimediathe first week of January 2010. His guided video documentary with museum next to the splendid ruinsHoliness The Dalai Lama visited video clips of historical places of the Nalanda University is athe Museum on 4th January, 2010 around Bodhgaya with narration shining example of that.and blessed it. about stories associated with the place. The Museum takes visitorsBodhgaya Multimedia Museum islocated right next to the through a virtual journey of the Historical : This section depicts the times gone by. Visitors get to seeMahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya. archaeological and historical and experience Nalanda UniversityThe Museum takes visitors back accounts of Bodhgaya through a at its prime and glory three2500 years to the age of Buddha. short presentation with rare thousand years ago, travel throughVisitors get to see the life of photographs and audio visuals of its various eras of existence and itsBuddha, story of the Bodhgaya Bodhgaya and Mahabodhi temple. sad demise. It is a touchingtemple, places of interest around One gets to know the good and experience which stirs up variousBodhgaya and Teachings of This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 38. emotions in viewers as they are Biharisharif, Pawapuri, and Tsang Memorial. For the besttaken through eras of Budha, Rukministan. experience, we recommend thatSariputta and destruction during you visit the museum, understandtimes of Muslim Invasions. Historical : This section depicts the the history of Nalanda university archaeological and historical and then visit the ruins. This willSECTIONS perspective of Nalanda. It shows make your visit to the ruins very the layout of the ruins, significance meaningful as you will be able toThe Museum provides the of different parts of the ruins and relate and appreciate everyfollowing perspectives of Nalanda details of what structures structure you will see there.University through multimedia originally existed such as Pillars,films and 3D Animation movie : Ovens, Student quarters etc. You can reach Nalanda Multi Media Museum at : 91-3D Animation Movie : The Revival : This section describes the 9801399926animation movie narrates the recent efforts to revive Nalandastory of the university since its with help from Buddhist countries (Prachin Bharat has been founderinception to its prime days during in Asia and its importance to Bihar, by Mr. Naveen Sharma tothe period of Buddha to the time it India and rest of Asia. showcasing lesser known gemswas vanquished by Bakhtiyar Khilji from Indias History and Heritagein the medieval period. HOW TO REACH THE MUSEUM through technology, he can be reached atGeographical : In this perspective Nalanda is about 90 Kms from , you cana visitor learns about the Patna, the capital of Bihar. By road also visit Prachin bharat’s websitegeographical importance of it takes about two and half to )Nalanda and its links with other three hours. Our museum isimportant places nearby like located about 100 meters from the ) ruins site on the way to Huen This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 39. Tourism Bihar This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 40. World Class University & ResearchSome of us have raised concern cause (at this time we usually return emails verythat “how” creating or want to avoid fund raising promptly (within 2 days) but we"supporting" a cause help in for many reasons, will be have a small team so feel free toattracting world class university explained later) follow-up with urgent Bihar. Here is how b. It also helps build a team In response to fundraising focused on the cause and through Causes, as with any that may include people new technology, not every who might literally nonprofit who has a cause has hate/dislike each other figured out the key to but are united for that fundraising success. Many cause nonprofits have - and they arent just giant nonprofits or Step B (Planning & Execution) ones with big budgets. But to say that a cause has failed 1. We will brainstorm together because it has a lot of membersJoin this cause here: for next steps but not a lot of dollars donated, 2. We will develop a business we believe is an incorrect way plan / case of measuring the success of a/561734-world-class-university- 3. Take the plan to investors, cause. Some causes are notand-research-centre-in- government, education experts trying to fundraise but arebihar/about?m=479842ba 4. Raise Funds, hire a team trying to identify a community 5. Execute of people who care about anStep A (Awareness & Team issue. Others are focused onBuilding) Some examples below from a offline actions or buildling cause’s discussion forum relationships with supporters but not donations. And many1. Creates awareness at a We assure you Causes is no have not tried setting global level joke. We have processed over fundraising goals, matching2. Gathers support from a wide $10 million in donations to donations, or compelling range of profiles who might nonprofits and we have a campaigns so we are trying to just share their support to dedicated staff in Berkeley, CA do more and more to provide the cause and nothing more and Washington DC working to resources, ideas, and best or less make this platform happen. practices for hose that want to3. Creates a separate forum for Occasionally, our password fundraise but havent. Our discussion, content creation retrieval email gets caught in blog/resource center is at for that specific cause spam filters so if you have for more a. If we want then can also problems signing in, email information. raise funds which can be raised to raise awareness, and dont hire a team to support the forget to check your spam. We This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 41. Green Leaf Energy Pvt. Ltd. – an integrated renewable energy companyGreen Leaf Energy Private Limited ( Ankit with the Farmers) has approved Rs. 26700/acre, and(GLE) was setup by Kumar Ankit GLE will help the farmers to take given GLE a contract to farm 1 lakhunder the guidance of XLRI up Pongamia plantation in their acres in Bihar. So, total fundingEntrepreneurship Development wastelands, and provide technical under NREGA amounts to Rs. 267Centre. GLE is based on a support for the same. The company crores. The project will generatesustainable development model for has a Buy-Back agreement with 167 lakh mandays to coveralleviation of poverty, creating new farmers, and will purchase the plantation over 1 lakh acres ofemployment opportunities and seeds from farmers. The seeds will wasteland in Bihar.reducing Green House Gases be crushed to produce crudeemissions. Pongamia Oil, and residual Oil cakes. Now, the crude Pongamia OilGLE is presently working on will produce Biodiesel, GlycerinePongamia (Biodiesel yielding crop) from the Transesterificationplantation, and has set up a nursery process. Glycerine, Biopesticides,growing 1.25 lakh saplings and has Oil cakes are produce in hugeidentified wastelands in Gaya and quanitities as Byproducts, and theynearby areas, carried out have significant medicinalawareness programs for the properties both for Human and This will be a major thrust to reducefarmers and has entered into a Plant usage. GLE also plans to migration considering Nationalcontract with 1000 farmers for produce power from biogasification average of 48 days and Bihar2000 acres of wastelands. of Pongamia shells. average of 8 days of employment under NREGA against a minimum ofIt has completed plantation over GLE is getting support from General 100 days.300 acres of wastelands and is Carbon, World’s leading carbonlooking to expand the plantation advisory company to get carbon The next target for the company isarea over 1 Lakh acres of credits for plantation, bio-diesel to set up a nursery and plantationwastelands in Bihar, which will production and clean energy to cover 29500 acres in the nextimpact the lives of more than 50000 generation. phase in 6 major districts; Gaya,farmers. The project will help in Nawada, Aurangabad, Kaimur,reducing migration, by creation of Banka and Jamui. There will a thirdemployment in rural areas and phase of setting up nursery andbring in investment in Bihar. The plantation to cover 70000 acres toproject has several stages in its achieve our target of 1 lakh acres ofoperation. The company has wastelands in Bihar. The fourthemployed youth from villages to phase of the project will be toaware farmers about the benefits of establish biodiesel productionPongamia plantation, and conducts industrial unit, and biogasifier unitawareness, training and to produce power. The project willdevelopment camps in rural areas be able to produce 91000 KL ofof Bihar. It sets up Nursery to grow (Pongamia plantation in Gaya) The biodiesel and 20 MW of power atsaplings of Pongamia plants. Government of Bihar has agreed to full capacity annually. The company implement NREGA under the has got joint venture offers from project, for plantation of Pongamia Indian Oil and BPCL to set up on wastelands of BPL families, biodiesel value chain in Bihar. SC/ST, small and marginal farmer’s lands. GLE will get material and labour costs for all the plantation activities and will also get 100% funding to cover all plantation activities. The Government of Bihar This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 42. Volunteer JobsSmart, energetic, driven and innovative people with a passion to change the world Helping run operations andscaling our non-profit start-up Volunteer roles and titles can be chosen per your experience VP, Director, up yourManager, Volunteer, Intern etc. Will give it structure later. These roles might become paid roles in few weeks ormonths the organization growsImmediate Roles:• CTO: Attracting, retaining and developing social entrepreneurs of diverse profiles globally• Virtual Assistant: Manage the calendar ( appointments, events, meetings) , Research people, orgs,• Event Manager: Organizing and participating in events, prepare summary reports.• Social Media Expert: manage Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other web presence Bl• Executive Assistant: Help the founding team manage time, expenses, calls, email, networkRequired• Access to Internet & Cell• Web Savvy or can be trained• Social Media Expertise will be preferred• Age/Sex not a barrier but college students or recent graduates will be preferred ge• Newport, Jersey City or Manhattan preferred sey• Virtual Assistants can be anywhere in worldBenefits• Work from home, flexible hours• Will be paid for expenses on actual (with prior approval)• Opportunities to network with world class people that may convert in paid jobs o• Stipend opportunities also available for few special cases
  • 43. Couple of other areas where we need leaders area) Social Media Lead (FB/Twitter/YouTube/Blogs etc)b) Publications (Magazine /Newsletters etc)d) Media & PR (Traditional & Social Media Relationships)e) Finance & Accounting (Record to Report Infrastructure)f) IT Infrastructure (Storage, Security, Communication)g) Philanthropyh) Events ( Social and Professional - Bihar Day, Holi, Magazine Launch, Patna Marathoni) Awards & Recognition ( Youth Icon, Entrepreneurship, Sports etc)j) Legal (US, India and global)k) Webmaster / SEOl) Consulting (Non-profit consulting etc)m) Design (Org design, Graphic Design etc)n) Networks and Partnership (AIF, Asia Society, TIE,TED etc)o) Bihar Entrepreneurship Network (BEN)p) Youth &/Or Students and Kids (Education, Culture, Sports)q) Girls/Women Issues (Empowerment)r) Branding (Creative Logo, Slogan and other branding efforts)s) Think Tankt) Media (Youtube channels, TV Channels) Training & Knowledge Managementv) Content Creation (Youtube, Picassa, Flickr, Mashup etc)About Bihar Society pitchBihar Society is a global forum which aims to inspire greater engagement between Bihar and rest of the world.Bihar Society views the establishment of Bihar as an active participant in global processes as the naturalfulfillment of various Indian identities. It seeks to foster intellectual inquiry, cultural understanding and socialawareness about issues that confront Bihar today. Bihar Society will seek to combine existing traditions, bothlocal, Indian and foreign, with newer developments in economics, politics, law and the sciences to strengthenfundamental rights andpersonal liberties.2011 Goals (proposed) 1. Bihar Day celebration in major cities Globally with significant Bihari population 2. Publish a magazine/webzine every quarter starting Jan2011 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.
  • 44. 3. Patna Marathon in 2011 4. Promote Bihari Films/Media/Music via supporting events at major cities (At least 3 major products/personalities) 5. Global Investor and Networking Meet to promote investment in Bihar 6. Health Camps, Civic Sense, Employability training projects 7. Global Launch of English Edition of "Gauravshali Bihar" ( (2012 Goals (proposed) 1. Global Bihar Meet (Trade/Commerce, Tourism. Agri-business, Energy etc in 3 global cities NYC/London/Singapore and via livestream in major cities of India and world 2. Establish endowment fund for sponsoring scholarship for Bihari students in major universities of India and World 3. Connect all Bihar related local communities globally (at country level and city level) 4. BEN (Bihar Entrepreneurship Network) on the lines of Tie as a standalone or in partnership with Tie/Ted/NasscomLong Term Goals1. Bihar Welcome & Support Centre with low priced guest house in major cities that are port of entry of migrant population2. Bihar themed museum/art/culture/painting/music centre in major citiesAbout IIM SocietyCharter of IIM Alumni Society1. Networking Platforms via web-based networks and also social and professional events in various cities of the world2. Strengthening IIM Brand & Increasing the footprint in mainstream via pro-active PR & more engagement with Media3. Entrepreneurship support via helping Connect Ideas with Talent, Capital, Expertise and partner organisations like Tie, Nasscom, AIF and others4. Social Events in respective cities to integrate the alumni and family together5. Think Tank & Publications on major management issues ranging from World peace, Environment, Poverty, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, Compassionate Capitalism, Philanthropy, Future of Work, Globalization6. Career Support System for current students, Alumni seeking change of location, roles, industry, career path7. Support System for alumni and family relocating to a new city/country8. Philanthropy / Giving back to causes and institutions in India, IIMs, Alumni and the local community wherever we are9. Contributing to our respective IIM fund raising to become self-financing and upgrading infrastructure (soft and hard)Some projects that we are working to develop1. Global Newsletter / Webzine within 30 days2. Global Conference within 1 year3. Global Placement Assitance Center4. Global Relocation Assistance (spouses/family etc)5. Research PublicationsAtul Kumar, +1 203.987.4452, ID: atultech , This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.