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Bb Profiles

  1. 1. BB Profile, 2007 INTRODUCTION Dear Friends, Bihar is well known for the hub of technical brains, paradise for the intellect, and center for learning religious values& cultural ethics since ancient times. This must be retained and regarded by us. We do strongly feel that there should be co-ordination, co-operation and active association of intellectuals from India and abroad who concern for the development of state, come forward for establishing R&D center and business houses, share your views on different tech topics, implement development projects and help the scattered young brains fit building their career strong. May our little contribution pave the path for a developed state of Indian Union! BiharBrains Team ABOUT US Who we are: BBrains Development Society, commonly known as 'BiharBrains', is a non profit organization registered under society Act with special focus on awareness building on education and creating environment for research and development in Bihar. The society came in existence in 2004 and has established its office in Patna. It is being run by NRIs, NRBs and educated people of Bihar. What we do: On this forum, any member can submit his project proposal. Then his proposal go on our online discussion forum( where every member can give his views. After the completion of discussion,that project is implemented in Bihar by “ BiharBrains Scholastic center” Patna. Our Mantra is quot;Give your Ideas and Take a Leadquot; MAIN OBJECTIVES To form a group of intellect and R&D professionals. To make bridges between NRIs of Bihar and request them to invest in Bihar with an aim to retain pride of the state as well as the country. To strive towards creating healthy work environment in Bihar. To Volunteer for the development for the rural Bihar To help in building careers of youngsters in India and abroad through a network of group members capacity. GOAL AND MISSION To develop Bihar as a technical hub for Research and development. To develop Bihar as a center of learning for formal and non- formal education. 1 BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BM Das Road Patna www.biharbrains.og ,
  2. 2. BB Profile, 2007 OUR MAIN THRUST AREAS A Education sector (1). Organize Science congress, Science & technology festivals. (2). Organize seminars, symposiums, orientation programs. (3). Short or long term training programs on Cutting Edge Technology /Life Sciences/ human science & behavior/personality development etc. (4). Career guidance to youngsters /job seekers/higher study & Research (5). Uplifting Poor Brains/intelligent Brains B. Research and Development: (1). opening R& D Houses in association with BB and other Govt. or Non Govt. agencies. (2). Encouraging other agencies to start R&D Centers and Provide consultancy to them C. Employment & Entrepreneurship: We encourage youngsters for entrepreneurship and provide them international interface. D. Other Development projects: (1). All around development of Rural /urban areas. (2). any idea projects related to development under individual sponsorship scheme. Projects Undertaken a. BiharBrains Scholastic Center : www.bbscindiacom b. Demand of NISC-IISER in Bihar : c. Manthan Magazine : d. BB Needy Talent Search Scheme : Events & Programs a. Annual Events b. Occasional events c. Regular programs & courses d. Important Meetings Annual Events a. SciTech Fest: A State level Project/product festival in all areas of science & Technology. b. Bihar Scientist conference: A state level Science congress Note: For Occasional Events, Regular Programs& curses, important meetings and other details, please visit our website, 2 BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BM Das Road Patna www.biharbrains.og ,
  3. 3. BB Profile, 2007 Our Associates 1. Bihar and Jharkhand association of North America, BAJANA: 2. Bihar Foundation UK: 3. Bihar Parishad: 4. Bihar Association of Canada, BACA: 5. Helping Organization for People, Environment & Animal Trust ,HOPE ( ) & Nabuur ( ,A Netherlands based organization 6. Bihar Anjuman: 7. Science for society Bihar: 8. Dept of science & Technology, Govt of Bihar: 9. Bihar Scoop : Invitation to Join Bihar Brains Why to Join Bihar Brains? 1. First International society of its own kind in Bihar 2. Most active development forum for NRIs ,NRBs & educated people of India who concern for the development of Bihar 3. Productive and healthy online discussion on Yahoo group 4. Global Network and Chapters at 19 places in India and Abroad 5. Invites your project proposal pn development perspectives of Bihar. Our Mantra is quot;Give your ideas and Take Lead” 6. Promote local Entrepreneurs and Investors in Bihar. 7. Help needy Brains in pursuing their career Let us give opportunity to serve you. How to Become Member? 1. B Brains Society Membership: a. Please visit our website( and apply online for membership for society or, b. Download Application form from website and submit your application by email or by post. Membership fee: Rs 100 per month for Members (India) & Rs 300 per month for abroad members 2. Online Yahoo discussion group: Membership(Free) Please write us mail on : Contact us at BiharBrains Scholastic Center (A unit of BBrains Development society) 201,OmVihar Apt,OPP Hotel Apsara, Kadamkuan, Patna(Bihar),India Tel: (+91) 612 3258716, (+91) 9835279360 URL: Email id:,, 3 BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BM Das Road Patna www.biharbrains.og ,