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Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2011 - District Profile : Kutch

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Kutch - District Profile

  1. 1. Kutch 1
  2. 2. INDEX 1 Kutch: A Snapshot 2 Economy and Industry Profile 3 Industrial Locations / Infrastructure 4 Support Infrastructure 5 Social Infrastructure 6 Tourism 7 Investment Opportunities 8 Annexure 2 2
  3. 3. 1 Kutch: A Snapshot3 3
  4. 4. Introduction: Kutch§ Kutch, located on the western-most tip of India, is the largest Map 1: District Map Of Kutch with Talukas district in India§ The district has 10 talukas, of which the major ones are Bhuj (district headquarter), Anjar, Mandvi, Mundra and Gandhidham§ Focus Industry Sectors – Minerals, Port based industries, Marine Chemicals, Engineering, Infrastructure Projects, Chemicals, Ceramics and Textiles§ Kandla and Mundra are the two ports present in the district, Rann Of Kutch Lakhpat in order to support the industrial and commercial activities in Nakhatrana Rapar the State Bhuj Bhachau§ Kutch is famous for its palaces, museums, handicrafts (Ajrakh Gandidham & Bandhani), royal heritage, pilgrimage, fairs, festivals, Abdasa Mandvi Mundra beaches, resorts and wildlife Kandla§ Rann of Kutch is a seasonally marshy region surrounding District Headquarter Kutch. It is a salty lowland, rich in natural gas and a resting Talukas site for migratory Siberian birds City 4 4
  5. 5. Fact File 78.89º to 71.45º East (Longitude)Geographical Location 22.44º to 24.41ºNorth (Latitude) 45º Centigrade (Maximum)Temperature 4º Centigrade (Minimum)Average Rainfall 587 mmArea 45,652 sq.km.District Headquarter BhujTalukas 10Population 1.5 million (As per Census 2001)Population Density 33 persons per sq.km.Sex Ratio 964 Females per 1000 MalesLiteracy Rate 60.36%Languages Kutchi, Gujarati, Hindi and EnglishSeismic Zone Zone VSource: Kutch District Profile, 2006-2007 5 5
  6. 6. 2Economy and Industry Profile6 6
  7. 7. Economy and Industry Profile§ Kutch has re-emerged from the ruins of one of the most disastrous earthquakes in the history that took place in January 2001 and today has become a major industrial hub§ Over 60% of total salt production is contributed by the district§ With large reserves of limestone, bauxite, lignite and bentonite, Kutch district is one of the preferred destinations for most of the mineral based industries§ It boasts of being the world’s largest manufacturer of Submerged Arc Welded (SAW) pipes§ A good number of medium /large scale industries are supported by a sizeable number of small scale industries§ Due to presence of two important ports, Kandla and Mundra, Kutch district accounts for a very high cargo movement§ Kutch is also known for handicrafts. Out of total 136 industrial cooperative societies, 71 belong to handicrafts§ Palaces, temples, fairs and festivals of Kutch attracts a large number of tourists in the district§ Madhapar village in Kutch is considered to be Asias richest village due to foreign remittances by NRIs in Africa, the Gulf countries, UK and the USA Source: Kutch District Booklet - 2006-07 7 7
  8. 8. Agriculture§ Major Crops being produced in Kutch district are Map 2: Crops Of Kutch oilseed, bajra, jowar, cotton, pulses, date palms and brinjal Lakhpat Nakhtrana§ Among various oilseeds groundnut, castor seeds, rape Rapar Abdasa Bhuj and mustard seeds are the most important crops Bhachau Anjar Mandavi§ Kutch is an important producer of psyllium (Isabgul), Gandhidham Mundra cumin and coriander Bajra§ Conventional pesticide-based farming is transforming Jowar into organic cultivation of crops Pulses§ Around 1,000 cotton producers in Rapar taluka of Cotton Wheat Kutch have been granted ‘organic’ certification by Agrocel (an agricultural services provider )Source: Department of Agriculture:2006-07, Study on Development Potential of Kutch; Gujarat infrastructure Development Board 8 8
  9. 9. Agriculture Kutch exhibits monopoly in India in production of date palms§ Bajra is an important food grain of the district with Fig1: Production of Food and Non Food crops (2006-07) the production being 80,100 metric tones (MT) Oil Seed 2690 during 2006-07§ In 2006-2007, the total fruit production in Kutch was Pulses 482 2,59,443 MT Cereals , 1527§ The district accounts for the highest production of Production ( in M.T.) date palms in Gujarat, which was 93,597 MT in Fig2: Production of Food crops (2006-07) 2006-2007 Fruits 259443§ Among vegetables, brinjal has the major share with 21,467 Spices production of 12,288 MT (2006-2007) 61,384 Vegetables§ Other fruits grown in the district are papaya, mango, 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 300,000 Production (in M.T.) banana, chikoo and papaya Source :Department of Agriculture:2006-2007 9 9
  10. 10. Minerals Presence of largest number of mines under lease in Gujarat Map 3: Mineral Map Of Kutch Gypsum Lignite Lakhpat Lime Stone Bauxite Nakhtrana Rapar Salt Bhuj Coal Abdasa Bhachau Anjar Mandavi Map 4: Panandhro Mine Gandhidham Mundra Panandhro Mine (Lignite Production)Source :District Profile Booklet 2006-2007 10 10
  11. 11. Minerals Exclusive producer of lignite in the State§ Kutch is rich in non – metallic minerals Fig3: Production Of Minerals In Kutch (M.T.) 6,412,663§ As a mineral rich district of Gujarat, It has largest reserves 3,540,069 of limestone, lignite, bauxite, china clay and silica sand in 195,746 308,853 77,407 the country Lignite Limestone Laterite China Clay Bauxite§ The district has the highest production of Lignite and China clay in Gujarat. The total production of lignite in 2005-06 Fig4: Proved Minerals Reserves was 6,412,663 MT 120% 98% 100%§ Panandhro city has the largest lignite reserve in Gujarat 80% 67% 62% with a capacity of 59 Million Tones (2005-06) 60% 38% 40% 33%§ Because of its high calorific value and low moisture 20% content, Kutch’s lignite is favourable for power generation 0% 2% Limestone(11897 Silica Sand(156 China Clay(165.78§ Yearly production of salt is 2.5 lakh tonnes and is exported Mn.MT) Mn.MT Mn.MT) to countries like Taiwan, Bangladesh and Korea Kutch Other Districts Source: Mineral Treasure of Gujarat , Commissionerate of Geology and Mining 11 11
  12. 12. Wildlife§ Great Indian bustard, chinkara, blackbuck, fox, hayena, jackal, hare, wolf and panther constitute the wildlife of the district .§ Wild Ass, an endangered species, is found only in this district.§ There is also a large bird population, particularly the flamingos.§ The wildlife sanctuaries in the district are a major tourist attraction.§ The forests have rich reserves of date palms, chikoo, guava, mango, pomegranate, ber etc. Map 5: Important Wildlife locations in Kutch Table 1: Sanctuaries Name Location Area Wildlife (Sq. Km) Kutch Bustard Near Naliya 500 Great Indian Bustard, Sanctuary Chinkara, Blue Bull Banni Grasslands Herpetofauna Narayan Sarovar Banni Chari- Dhand 3847 Waterfowls, Common Sanctuary Grasslands Cranes, Grey Hypocolius, White- Kutch bustard napped Tit, Sanctuary McQueens Bustard and Dalmatian Pelicans Narayan Narayana 443.23 Chinkara, Caracal, Sarovar Sarovar Desert Cat ,Hyena Sanctuary HerpetofaunaSource :District Profile Booklet 2003-2004, Industries CommissionerateGovernment of Gujarar:2007 12 12
  13. 13. Major Industries• Welspun, Adani Group, Sanghi Group, are the key Table 2: Major Industries* industry players present in the district Industry Taluka Products• With a turnover of INR 20 crore (USD 5 million), Adani Port Berthing pilotage and Mundra Limited cargo handling facilities Welspun Power and Steel has one of its largest Welspun Power facilities of steel saw pipes in Kutch & Steel Pvt. Ltd. Anjar Bars and rods§ Adani Group owns a fully functional multi-purpose Agrocel Industries Bhuj Chemicals port at Mundra in the Gulf of Kutch and has set up Limited an edible oil refinery in the district Videocon International Bhuj Air conditioners§ Sanghi Industries Ltd. has set up a cement plant at Limited Sanghipuram village in Abdasa, having its own Varsana Ispat Gandhidham Steel ingots Limited captive mines, power plant, desalination plant and a Welbrine captive jetty Jakhau Raw salt Industries Ltd. *Indicative list Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat: 2007 13 13
  14. 14. Major Industries Map 6: Key Industry players in the District* Bhachau Anjar Abdasa Bhuj Mandvi Mundra*Indicative listSource: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat: 2007 14 14
  15. 15. Small Scale Industries (SSI)§ Presence of 6,128 Small Scale Industry units in Map 7 : Number of SSI units in major industrial talukas the district, has shown an investments to the tune of INR 12,978 lakh (USD 30.8 million) 333§ Gandhidham taluka has witnessed maximum Nakhatrana 1480 397 299 number of SSI units with a healthy investments of Bhuj 941 Mandvi Anjar Bhachau INR 4,059 Lakhs (USD 9.64 Million) 2304§ Chemical Industries constituted maximum Gandhidham investments amounting to INR 2,842 lakh (USD 6.7 million) in 2007 Fig 5: SSI Registrations as on 30th June 2007 2842 Fig 6: Taluka wise Investments (INR Lakhs) 2177 3202 2453 1194 1231 1180 1066 1020 728 607 388 381 357 2222 4059 Repair Chemical Wood Metal Non Metalic Other Services and Products Products Mineral Industries Chemical Products Anjar Gandhidham Bhachau Bhuj Products No.Of Units Investments (INR lakhs) Source: Kutch District Profile -2006- 2007 15 15
  16. 16. Industry and Investment Trends§ Kutch accounts for 39.07 percent of the total projects Fig 7: Investments in 1988 -97 Vs 1998-07 currently under implementation in the State Comparative Data in Last Two Decades 194527§ According to Industrial Entrepreneurial Memoranda (IEM) filed from 1988 to 2007, Kutch has shown an investment of 92136 INR 1,00,806 Crore (USD 24,586.83 million) in industries such as infrastructure projects, metallurgical, textiles and 8670 20038 778 67 chemicals 1988-1997 1998-2007 Units Investment (INR Crore) Employment§ Infrastructure projects contributed maximum investments to the tune of INR 30,539 Crore (USD 7448.53 million) during Fig 8: Sector wise Decadal Investments (INR Crore) the period 1998-07 30539§ Textile industry observed an investment of INR 590 Crore (143.9 million) during 1998-07 8513 5790 4117§ A surge in investments in metallurgical, cement and 119 3550 0 590 216 715 chemicals was also observed significantly in the present Metallurgical Cement and Textiles Infrastructue Chemicals Industries Gypsum projects. decade (1998-07) Products 1987-1997 1998-2007 Source : Industries Commissionerate, Government Of Gujarat :2007 16 16
  17. 17. Investments In Pipeline§ In total 34 MoUs were signed during Vibrant Gujarat Fig 9: MoUs and Investments During Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit (VGGIS ) Global Investor’s Summit (VGGIS) 2007, with a total investment of INR 91,941 crore (USD 22,424.63 million) 100000 91941 45 80000 No.Of MoUs 32 34 30 60000§ Maximum MoUs were signed in (Auto & Engineering) 40000 12 21,211 15 20000 10034 0 0 sector and has maximum projects in the pipeline 2003 2005 2007 Year Inv.(INR Crores No.of MoUs§ In Power sector, Nuclear Power Corporation has signed Fig 10: Sector wise Projects During an MoU with an investment amounting to INR 50,000 Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit (VGGIS 2007) Auto & Engineering crore (USD 12,195.12 million) 6 8 Agro & Food Chemicals & Petrochemicals§ With an investment of INR 24,503 crore (USD 5,976.34 4 Biotechnology 1 Oil & Gas 1 1 Ports million), Indian Infrastructure Corporation Limited signed 1 Power 3 4 Road & Rail 5 an MoU, for developing a multiproduct SEZ Tourism SEZ Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat: 2007 17 17
  18. 18. Economy Drivers§ Kutch has emerged as a hub for chemicals, minerals, textiles, engineering, oil & Gas and Port based industries§ Kutch is an ideal gateway to Asian, African and American markets as Mundra Port offers shortest land route from any port to the vast hinterland of western and northern India§ Presence of Mundra, Kandla and Mandavi ports has made the district a trade and logistics hub§ Industries in the district such as minerals, port-based, engineering & auto, steel pipes, cement, salt, textiles, tourism and infrastructure projects are the drivers of economy§ Rich mineral wealth of the district is an attraction for investors. Many foreign companies are expected to invest on lignite, limestone and bauxite reserves§ Presence of a large number of SEZs, Industrial estates and parks in several sectors such as power, port based, textile and engineering, may furthur augment the economic growth of the district§ The tourism sector is experiencing a strong resurgence. The palaces, wildlife, fairs and festivals of the district are witnessing a large influx of national and international touristsSource: Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat: 2007 18 18
  19. 19. 3 Industrial Locations / Infrastructure19 19
  20. 20. Industrial Locations and Infrastructure12 Special Economic Zones (SEZ) 13 Industrial Special Economic Zones Estates Kandla SEZ Industrial Estates Nakhatrana (1) MP SEZ Mundra Mundra (2) Adani Power SEZ Tundra Mandvi (1) Welspun SEZ Anjar Bhachau (1) Anjar (1) Mundra SEZ Kutch Rapar (1) Gujarat Industrial Dev. Corp. Bhuj (3) Gandhidham (3) Kandla Port Trust SEZ Asia Pacific Corp. Ltd Ruchi Flat Steel SEZ 3 Industrial Parks Indian Infrastructure Corp. Ltd. Industrial Parks / Developers Welspun Anjar SEZ Ltd. Mundra (Port Based) Industrial Estate, Township& Warehousing, LMJ Warehousing Pvt. Ltd Gandhidham Samakhiali 20 20
  21. 21. Special Economic ZonesTable 3: SEZ in Kutch Fig11: Status wise SEZs Area 1Location Nature of SEZ Status of Approval (in hectares) 4 3Kandla SEZ, Multi-product 280 FunctionalGandhidham MPSEZ Multi-Product 3114.90 Notified Mundra 4 Power SEZ Notified Functional Notified In Principal Approval Formal Approval Tundra, Power 293 Siracha Fig12: Nature of SEZsWelspun SEZ Textiles & Notified Anjar 284 Garments Notified Mundra Multi Product 1081 Moti Chirai Handi crafts 131.59 Formal Multi Product Power Textiles & Garments Handicrafts Polymer Based Steel Engeneering FTWZ Kandla Port Based 5000 Formal Multi- Product Map 8: Location Of SEZs Formal Anjar Polymer Based 120RUCHI FLAT In-principleSTEEL SEZ Flat Steel 164.80 In-principle FTWZ Anjar Multi-Product 1011.71 Handicrafts Multiproduct In-principle Polymer BasedTextiles Anjar Engineering 121 Flat Multiproduct Enineering Steel Kandla FTWZ 40 In-principle Port Based Power Multi Product Multi Product Multiproduct Source: Industries Commissionerate, Government Of Gujarat,2007 21 21
  22. 22. Industrial Parks Table 4: Industrial Parks Map 9 : Industrial Parks INDUSTRIAL PARKS Investment Area Project Name & Location (INR Crore) Mundra Mundra (Port Based) 500 100 Samakhiali Industrial Estate, INR 40 Township& Cr 200 75 INR 75 Warehousing, Gandhidham Cr Gandhidham INR100 Mundra Cr (Port Based) Samakhiali 200 40Source: Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation:2007 22 22
  23. 23. Industrial Estates Table 5: GIDC Estates (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation ) Map 10: Industrial Estates Of Kutch Estates Taluka Area (Square Metres) T Bhuj Bhuj 3,07,500 Anjar Anjar 2,10,546 Gandhidham Gandhidham 1,06,147 Durgapur Mandvi 1,99,398 Madhapar Bhuj 21,233 Nagor Bhuj 64,767 Dhrub Mundra 4,49,200 Mundra Mundra 13,355 Makhel Rapar 86,603 Nakhatrana Nakhatrana 47,717 Mithirohar Gandhinagar 171.9941 Moti Chirai Bhachau 13,15,962Source: Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) , District Booklet2006-2007 23 23
  24. 24. 4 Support Infrastructure24 24
  25. 25. Road & Rail Connectivity Road Map 11: Kutch Road & Rail Network§ National Highway 8A connects Kutch with Ahmedabad (91 km), Vadodara (465 km), Rajkot (218 km) and Surat (632 km)§ Bhuj is connected with Kandla (45 km from Bhuj) by a State Highway via Anjar§ Connectivity with major industrial districts: Jamnagar (261 km), Surat (632 km), Bhavnagar (396 km), Valsad (699 km), Ankleshwar (359 km) and Mehsana (311 km) Rail§ Mumbai is connected with Bhuj by 5 broad gauge stations Table 6: Distance of Kutch from Major Indian Cities§ Mundra and Kandla ports are linked by broad gauge rail to Locations Distance (km) the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Kolkata 2289§ Bhuj-Gandhidham-Kandla-Ahmedabad broad guage line Chennai 2191 provide direct connectivity from Kutch to other parts of Hyderabad 1537 Delhi 1096 country Mumbai 910 Source: District Profile Booklet, 2006-2007: Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (G.I.D.B):2007 25 25
  26. 26. Airports and Ports Air§ Bhuj has the only operational airport in Kutch.§ Kandla, Mandvi Mundra air strips are under development Port§ Mundra Port has a total length of 17.5 mts. Other ports in the district include Kandla and Mandvi§ Mundra Port Project has just established the longest non- government railway line, put up at a cost of INR 160 crore (USD 38 Million), between Adipur and Mundra, totalling a distance of 57 km.§ Mundra port is connected to Gandhidham by National Highway and a broad gauge railway line§ Other ports are at Kandla and Mandvi 26 26
  27. 27. Power Supply Network Power Map 12: Power Map of Kutch§ The district owns Lignite Power Stations located in Panandhro city§ It also has 42 sub stations installed with a capacity of 215 Mega Watt (MW)§ Wind power has a great potential in the district. Few wind power projects proposed in Kutch are : § 250 MW project by NEG Micon § 500 MW project by Suzlon Energy (to manufacture tubular tower in the region) Source: Kutch District Profile Booklet ,2006-07,Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd ,:2007 27 27
  28. 28. Water Supply WaterWater supply for industrial purposes in the district can be obtained from three main sources, viz GujaratWater Supply and Sewerage Board (GWSSB), the Irrigation Canal and Sardar Sarovar Project.Sardar Sarovar Project§ The project envisages supply of water for drinking purposes, irrigation and industrial use§ Sardar Sarovar Project water for industrial supply is made available through branch canals§ The rate for industrial water supply was INR 10 per 1000 litres as in November, 2007§ One branch canal that supplies water to Kutch district is listed in Table 7 Table 7: Sardar Sarovar Branch Canal Network Branch canal Length (Km) District Starting point Ending point Kutch Branch Banaskantha, Patan, 360 Salimgarh Modukuwa Canal Kutch 28 28
  29. 29. Desalination Desalination§ Many industrial scale (small and viable size) desalination units are being established in Kutch region to overcome the water crisis§ Sanghi Cement in Kutch has its own desalination plant to meet its water requirement and also to supply to the neighbouring villages§ 150 MLD (million litres per day) sea water based desalination plant for industrial water supply is proposed in Kutch by Gujarat Water Infrastructure Limited and Gujarat Water Supply and Sewerage Board (GWSSB). The plant is to be set up in the vicinity of Kandla port with an estimated cost of INR 600 crore (USD 143 million)Source: Gujarat State Petroleum Limited (GSPL), 2007 29 29
  30. 30. Gas Supply Gas182 km long route has been identified in the Kutch district for laying the gas pipeline. The route passes through§ A section from Morbi to Mundra - 127 km§ Two Spurlines: Bhuj - 23.61 km§ Proposed IFFCO - 20 km Map 13: Gas Grid in Kutch K U T C H Mund ra Morbi Proposed PipelineSource: Gujarat State Petroleum Limited (GSPL):2007 30 30
  31. 31. Ports Mundra Port Map 15: Mundra Port§ Mundra Port has 4 mulipurpose cargo berth, 4 container berth, 2 Bulk cargo bertha n one Mundra SBM.. Other ports in the district include Kandla, Koteshwar, Jakhau and Mandvi§ Mundra Port Project has established non- government railway line, put up at a cost of INR 160 crore (USD 38 Million), between Adipur and Mundra, totalling a distance of 57 km. Gujarat§ Mundra port is connected to Gandhidham by National Highway and a broad gauge railway line Performance§ Mundra port has one SBM to handle POL Product 2005-06 (lakh tonnes)§ Mundra Port handling Bulk major Bulk liquid bulk and General Cargo including containers.§ One of India’s largest privately developed ports (Adani Group), offers the shortest land route Import Export from any port to the vast hinterland of western and northern India§ 6.3 million tonnes of container cargo and 13.53 million tonnes of bulk cargo was handled in 0.09 1.03 2006-07, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 41%§ Facilities include 10 operational berths, with drafts upto 17.5 meters to handle dry bulk, break bulk and liquid cargo.§ The Mundra International Container Terminal (operated by Dubai Ports Limited), has 2 berths with a draft of 17.5 meters. 31 31
  32. 32. Ports Kandla Port Map 14: Kandla Port Kandla§ Only major port in the State with many industries in its vicinity§ The port has 1800 metres of dry cargo berths with a capacity for at least ten ships. Gujarat§ It owns 10 berths, 6 oil jetties, 1 maintenance jetty, 1 dry dock and jetties for small vessels.§ 66 KV power supply and standby power to the extent of 2000 KVA available for emergency operations.§ The total custom bonded port area inside the custom fencing is 185 hectares. An additional 76.5 hectares is being developed gradually. 32 32
  33. 33. Proposed Infrastructure ProjectsPort :§ Kandla Port Trust plans Roll–On, Roll-Of facilities at a cost Map 16: Location of Proposed Projects of INR 1 billion for export of Maruti Cars§ Adani Group plans to set up an SEZ spread over 10,000 acres at an estimated investment of INR 7,300 crore Banaskantha Palanpur (USD1.74 billion)Power: Akrimota Power Project, (Lignite)§ Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation (GMDC) is Nakhatrana implementing a 2X125 MW lignite based Akrimota Power Project at Chher Nani village, in Lakhpat Panandhro Bhuj§ For setting up of 20 wind mills of 1500 KW, Gujarat NRE Gandhidham Bhachau Coke Limited (GNCL) has proposed an investments of INR Mundra Kandla Port Project 175 crore (USD 41.6 million) AdaniRail and Road: Roads (Proposed§ Gandhidham–Palanpur gauge conversion project by Rail & Bridge Department (RBG) and Rail Vikas Nigam Limited Source: GMDC as on 6/11/2007, Industries (RVNL) will connect SEZs with Saurashtra region Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat,, 2007§ Nakhatrana–Panandhro Road and Bhuj-Bhachau Road are planned in the district by Gujarat State Road Development Corporation (GSRDC) 33 33
  34. 34. 5 Social Infrastructure34 34
  35. 35. Education§ Kutch has many educational and training institutes . Table 8: Educational Infrastructure§ The district has 12 Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) which Institutions Numbers offer training in various courses such as electrical, electronic & communication, information technology, production and Primary Schools 1512 mechanical engineering§ Government Engineering College at Bhuj offers engineering Secondary Schools 19 degree in three branches; mechanical, electrical and mining, with the intake capacity of 60 in each discipline. High Secondary 60 School§ The Shyamji Krishna Verma Kutch University (Bhuj) will soon Industrial Training 12 start post graduate courses in environmental science, ecology, Institutes physics, mathematics, chemistry, medicine and business Pharmacy College 3 administration Polytechnic 3§ Veerayatan Institute of Pharmacy in Kutch (at Bhuj-Mandvi Colleges Road) offers Bachelor of Pharmacy with a total intake capacity of Management 1 60 Colleges§ Vivekananda Research and Training Institute at Mandvi trains Engineering 1 farmers in various farming skills Other Colleges* 6§ G.K. General Hospital offers a certificate course of 1 ½ year for female health workers. * Other Colleges: Arts, Science, B.Ed & Law Colleges 35 35 Source: District profile Booklet 2003-2004, Industrial Extension Bureau
  36. 36. Health§ Kutch is gradually emerging as a centre for healthcare facilities Map 17: Location of Health Centres§ There are 10 community health centres (CHCs) and 37 primary health centres (PHCs) in the district§ G.K. General Hospital in Bhuj, Government Hospital in Gandhidham, Bidada Hospital in Mandvi are the key healthcare providers in the district G.K.General Hospital§ Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan (KMVS) conducts health and family Bidada Government Hospital Hospital planning programs across villages in western Kutch Sterling Addlife Ltd.§ Tele-consultation in healthcare is gaining popularity in the district. Apollo Hospital International Limited in association with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is spreading awareness on health issues through tele-medicine in remote regions of Kutch§ Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad organised dermatology camps at six different locations in Kutch in May 2007 and plans to add more specialities to their telecommunication list§ Sterling AddLife India with Adani Group plans to set up a 50 bed secondary care hospital to provide health care services around Mundra Port and SEZ Source: Government Of Gujarat ::Health Department :2007 36 36
  37. 37. 6 Vijay Vilas Palace Tourism37 37
  38. 38. Tourism: Princely Heritage and Handicrafts§ Kutch boasts of a culturally rich heritage and vibrant population celebrating traditional fairs and festivals.§ The district accounts for 2.39 % of total tourist inflow in Gujarat during 2006-07 and has shown a growth of 219 % over the inflow of tourists during 2005-06§ Key tourist attractions in the district are: § Heritage - Aina Mahal (Old Palace), Prag Mahal (New Palace), Kutch Museum, Cenotoph Complex, § Indus Valley Civilisation site at Dholavira § Pilgrimage Sites - Swaminarayan Temple, Lakhpat, Koteshwar, Bhadreshwar temple § Wildlife - Wildlife Ass Sanctuary, Chinkara Sanctuary, Narayan Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary and Kutch Bustard Sanctuary § Beach/ Resorts - Mandvi Beach § Fairs & Festivals - The Kutch Desert Festival, Ravechi Fair, Navratri Fair, Nakhatrana Fair, Dhrarg Fair § Handicrafts - Block printing including the intricate ‘Ajrakh’ printing, terracota work, laquered wood furniture, Bandhani, finest silver ornaments and intrinsic metallic work Proposed tourist attractions in the district:§ Hodka village in the district is ready to be marked as a destination to promote rural tourism.§ The village is being developed under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ministry of Tourism and local umbrella NGO Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan (KMVS) 38 38 Source: Gujarat India Guide,2007,Tourism Corporatioon of Gujarat Limited (TCGL)
  39. 39. 7Investment Opportunities39 39
  40. 40. Investment Opportunities Minerals § Huge potential for investment in cement related industries § Tremendous opportunities for technology up gradation/ mechanisation through capital intensive projects with high investments Ports § Extension of existing wharfs and construction of new jetties § Roll On – Roll off ferry service projects § Exports Engineering § Large integrated steel plants § Ship building & ship repairing yards § High frequency industrial welding pipes § Spiral pipes, metallurgical industry Tourism § Deluxe and budget hotels § Golf club § Beach resorts § Development of heritage and archeological sites 40 40
  41. 41. Annexure I Maps Figures TablesMap 1 District Map Of Kutch Fig1: Production of Food and Non Food Crops (2005- Table 1 : Sanctuaries 06)Map 2 Crops Of Kutch Table 2 : Industry Players Fig 2: Production of Food Crops (2006-07)Map 3 Mineral Map of Kutch Table 3 : Industrial ParksMap 4 Panandhro Mine Fig3: Production of Minerals in Kutch (MT)Map 5 Important Wildlife locations in Kutch Fig 4: Proved Mineral Reserves Table 4 :GIDC EstatesMap 6 Major Industry Players in the district Fig 5: SSI Registration as on 30th June Table 5 : Educational InfrastructureMap 7: number of SSI units in Major IndustrialTalukas Fig 6: Talukawise Investment (INR Lakh)Map 8: Location of SEZs Fig 7: Investments in 1988-97 vs 1998-07 (Comparative Data in Last Two Decades)Map 9: Industrial Parks Fig 8: Sectorwise Decadal Investments (INR Crores)Map 10: Industrial Estates Fig 9: MoUs and Investments During Vibrant GujaratMap 11: Kutch Road and Rail Network Global Investor SummitMap 12: Power Map Of Kutch Fig 10: Sectorwise Projects During Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor Summits’ (VGGIS)Map 13: Gas Grid in Kutch Fig 11: Statuswise Projects During VGGISMap 14: Kandla PortMap 15: Mundra Port Fig 12: Nature of SEZMap 16: location of Proposed ProjectsMap 17: location of Health Centers 41 41
  42. 42. Annexure II: AbbreviationsIEM : Industrial Entrepreneurs MemorandumMoU : Memorandum of UnderstandingSSI : Small Scale IndustriesVGGIS : Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ SummitSEZ : Special Economic ZoneLNG : Liquefied Natural GasGIDC : Gujarat Industrial Development CorporationDMIC : Delhi Mumbai Industrial CorridorDFC : Delhi Freight CorridorGIDB: Gujarat Infrastructure Development BoardGoG : Government of GujaratUNDP: United Nations Development ProgrammeKVMS : Kutch Mahila Vikas SangathanIFFCO : Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited 42 42