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Founded as a forum to facilitate the participation of Bihari Diaspora and other Indians in the development of Bihar by involving them in the process of state building and by leveraging their strengths and resources.

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  • पछिया के अइलइ झकोड़ हो भईया... ( probably written before 1947)

    हो परदेसिया .. बांके बिहारी ,
    जोहे ला रहिया .. धरती मतारी ..

    सँझिया से हो गइले भोर .. सँझिया से हो गइले भोर हो भईया ,

    पछिया के अइलइ झकोड़ हो भईया

    Yes, We are concerned about Western hot dry air of Cultural Invasion into India. Protect Bihar from leaning toward West. This is more important than getting few extra Dollar.We need money to support Sanskriti. Golden Sri Lanka without Sanskriti always burns.
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Bihar Foundation

  1. 1. An initiative to connect Biharis around the World.<br />
  2. 2. A littleabout us<br />ESTABLISHED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF BIHARTO REALIZE THE DREAM OF A ‘DEVELOPED BIHAR’.<br />24th Nov 2006: Founded as a forum to facilitate the participation of Bihari Diaspora and other Indians in the development of Bihar by involving them in the process of state building and by leveraging their strengths and resources.<br />22nd July 2007: Registered as a society under Department of Industry, Govt. of Bihar.<br />
  3. 3. GOVERNINGBODY<br />
  4. 4. EXECUTIVECOMMITTEE<br />* Three to be nominated from amongst the non Member official members of the governing body by the Chairman<br />
  5. 5. GLOBAL REACH WITH LOCALCHAPTERS<br />MUMBAI<br />BANGALORE<br />CHENNAI<br />KolkATA<br />DELHI<br />DUBAI, UAE<br />BAHRAIN<br />QATAR<br />SOUTH KOREA<br />Bihar Foundation Chapters are the heart, soul and body of the Foundation. <br />Chapters spread enthusiasm for the Bihar Foundation activities, growing and nurturing localised support, and sharing ideas.<br />Officially recognised by the Bihar Foundation, Government of Bihar.<br />We’re planing to establish a Chapter in almost every continent of the world. We’d love to hear from you.<br />SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA<br />WEST COAST, USA<br />LONDON, UK<br />
  6. 6. OUROBJECTIVES<br />The Foundation strives to build a better Bihar by embracing three initiatives supporting our core values:<br />1. BONDING<br />To create conditions, partnerships and institutions that will best enable Bihar to connect with its Diaspora comprehensively is central to all our programmes and activities.<br />2. BRANDING<br />Working on strategies to spruce up brand image of Bihar with the help of its strong Diaspora living outside the State – both in India and abroad.<br />3. BUSINESS<br />Bihar is the next frontier for businesses in India both as an investment destination and untapped market potential. Bihar Foundation serves as a Single Window System for potential investors.<br />
  7. 7. BONDING<br />The Government of Bihar recognises the need to pursue and promote the dynamic of the Diaspora and development.<br /> The Bihari Diaspora clings desperately to their ethnic roots and tenuous sense of bond with the motherland. It has protected our sense of unity and cultural integrity through years of widespread dispersal and migration to the four corners of the earth.<br />To engage with the Diaspora in a sustainable and mutually rewarding manner across the economic, social and cultural space is at the heart of the policy of the Foundation. <br />
  8. 8. BRANDING<br />Bihar Foundation is working on strategies to spruce up brand image of Bihar with the help of its strong Diaspora living outside the State – both in India and abroad.<br />BRANDINGSTRATEGIES<br />
  9. 9. BRANDINGSTRATEGIES<br />The Foundation creates public opinion regarding the level of the State government’s competency and fairness and helps in enhancing individuals’ beliefs about the government.<br />We actively brand the public’s image of products and services from each district and help consumers proactively seek products from their place-of-origin.<br />The Foundation undertake efforts to promote Bihar a preferred investment destination, branding it as “India’s New Investment Destination”. The Foundation also acts as a coordinating agency to translate project ideas into implementations.<br />The Foundation expects and encourages all NRBs to act as our brand ambassadors.<br />There is enormous potential for tourism development for the state’s economy. We create a level of interest in domestic as well as international tourists by organising various programmes including cultural and food festivals.<br /># 1: PEOPLE<br /># 2: GOVERNANCE<br /># 3: PRODUCTS & SERVICES<br /># 4: HERITAGE & TOURISM<br /># 5: GOVERNANCE<br />
  10. 10. BRANDING<br />BHAGALPUR SILK<br />Motihari Oyster BUTTONS<br />RAMAYAN CIRCUIT<br />NALANDA UNIVERSITY<br />Chhath Festival<br />VIKRAMSHILA<br />HANDLOOM CRAFTS<br />SUJNI BAMBOO<br />JARDALU MANGO<br />CHAITA<br />PATNA KALAM<br />LittiChokha<br />GangA dolphins<br />Gaya's Tilkut<br />POTTERY<br />GANDHI CIRCUIT<br />SIKKI<br />MANER LADOOS<br />PitripakshaMela<br />MANJUSHA PAINTINGS<br />SilawKhaja<br />BUDDHIST CIRCUIT<br />Patna Rice<br />SONPUR MELA<br />SUFI CIRCUIT<br />Kishanbari tea<br />MAKHANA<br />MADHUBANI PAINTINGS<br />Rajbari Tea <br />JAIN CIRCUIT<br />Shahi Litchi<br />
  11. 11. BUSINESS<br />FOCUS SECTORS<br />Bihar is the next frontier for businesses in India both as an investment destination and untapped market potential. <br />A World Bank study reveals that Bihar is the easiest place to set up and run a business in India: It takes 13 days to set up a business in Bihar, compared to a national average of 32 days.<br />Sugarcane & Ethanol<br />Agro & Food Processing<br />Textile, Handloom & Jute<br />Education<br />Healthcare<br />Information technology<br />tourism<br />Leather<br />POWER<br />Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology<br />Education<br />Engineering & Auto<br />
  12. 12. BUSINESS<br />SINGLE WINDOW SYSTEM<br />Bihar Foundation serves as a single point interface between investors and various government departments.<br />We’ll ensure simplification of rules & procedures and help in early clearance of projects.<br />We invite all of you to visit Bihar - a land of boundless opportunities across many sectors including infrastructure development, IT, food processing, sugarcane and ethanol production, textiles, leather, health care and tourism.<br />
  13. 13. MOTHERLANDCalling<br />There is a new drive to do soemthing for Motherland and make an impact. Use innovations, incentives and investments, in ways which are practicable, so that the land and its people are benefitted. <br />Remember, one small step from you can be a giant leap for your brethren.<br />
  14. 14. MOTHERLANDcallingWhat CAN YOU DO?<br />Medical & Healthcare Sector <br /><ul><li>Providing Mobile Medical Units
  15. 15. Provision of Ambulance to hospitals
  16. 16. Donation of land for PHC/sub centre
  17. 17. Setting up of Super – Speciality Hospitals in Districts
  18. 18. Setting up of Trauma Centres on Highways
  19. 19. Adoption of PHC & Health sub-centres at Panchayat level
  20. 20. Providing Equipments & Necessary Medicines to dispensaries
  21. 21. Artificial limbs and appliances under MukhyamantriSamarthyaYojna
  22. 22. Contribution in Bihar State Disability Social Security Pension scheme for handicapped from poor family.
  23. 23. Setting up of X-Ray units & Pathology Labs in PHCs/Sadar Hospitals
  24. 24. Setting up & Running Blood Banks in Districts</li></ul>Education Sector<br /><ul><li>Computer to schools
  25. 25. Construction of class rooms
  26. 26. Provision of sports goods for children in schools
  27. 27. Furniture to schools
  28. 28. Creating or strengthening library
  29. 29. New school building / smart classrooms
  30. 30. Setting up and running up schools for children with any kind of disability</li></li></ul><li>MOTHERLANDcallingWhat CAN YOU DO?<br />Social Welfare Sector<br /><ul><li>Old-Age Home & Community Centres
  31. 31. Provision of Hand-Pump & Toilets in Schools & Villages
  32. 32. Establishment of Anathalaya</li></ul>Relief & Rehabitalation Sector<br /><ul><li>Construction of internal roads in villages
  33. 33. Construction of houses
  34. 34. Constrruction of community centres
  35. 35. Construction of high rise shelters</li></li></ul><li>RECENT WORKSby NRBs<br />A School and Engineering College by ChaitanyaGurukul Trust, Banglore. Investment- Rs. 30 crores<br />A School by Kainat Foundation, Doha, Qatar<br />Donation of Ambulance to a Patna Hospital by Bihar Development Foundation, UK.<br />Adoption of APHC by Doctors for you, Mumbai<br />A School project at Madhubani by Vivek Singh Memorial Trust, USA/Mumbai. Investment- Rs. 10 crores<br />Health centre at Ameya by Indo-British Medical Council, UK.<br />Madhubani<br />Gopalganj<br />Kako, Jehanabad<br />GOPALGANJ<br />PATNA<br />SAHARSA<br />
  36. 36. RECENT WORKSby NRBs<br />Girls School, Community Centre and a health centre by NRB in USA<br />Insurance Scheme for NRBs in Maharashtra by Mumbai Chapter, mainly targeted to migrant Biharilabourers<br />Tracing the Root of Dr. SooreshBabooBudhoo of South Africa<br />Land Donation for School & Hospital by a NRB at Mumbai.<br />Food Processing investment at Darbhanga by the UAE Chapter with an initial investment of Rs. 2.5 crores<br />MOTIHARI<br />BUXAR<br />MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA<br />DARBHANGA<br />SOUTH AFRICA<br />
  37. 37. WHAT THEY SAYABOUT US<br />“I am very much aware of the initiatives and good work of Bihar Foundation and I feel proud of it. I really hope to be an active member of the Foundation to contribute to the development of our state.”<br />TathagatAvtarTulsi, Banglore<br />Youngest scientist of the world<br />
  38. 38. WHAT THEY SAYABOUT US<br />“I have no word to express my gratitude. This is the first time that some one from the Bihar govt. administration has contacted me about my pilot project. Bihar Foundation has given fresh life to my hospital project at my native place Gopalganj. ”<br />Dr. MahimaPandey<br />Founder and Chairman, Indo-British Medical Association Limited, UK<br />
  39. 39. WHAT THEY SAYABOUT US<br />“During my visit to Bihar Foundation office I got confidence that in future when we NRBs want to do something for our state, there is a government body that can help us achieve our dreams.. ”<br />Samir Kumar Mishra<br />IT Professional, Brisbane, Australia<br />
  40. 40. CONTACT US<br />ADDRESS<br />6th Floor, IndiraBhawan, R.C.S. Path, Patna – 800 001. BIHAR<br />Phone<br />+91-612-2521371<br />Email<br /><br />WEBSITE<br /><br />SOCIAL<br /><br /><br />
  41. 41. CONTACTUS<br />Thank you for your time to view this presentation. If you like it, share it with your friends and colleagues.<br />WEBSITE<br /><br />SOCIAL<br />ADDRESS<br /><br /><br />6th Floor, IndiraBhawan, R.C.S. Path, Patna<br />PHONE<br />+91-612-2521371<br />E-MAIL<br /><br />Presentation Designed by<br /><br />