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The Bihar Q2.doc


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The Bihar Q2.doc

  1. 1. Table of ContentsHow to connect with the fellow Biharis :............................................................................................... 2Want to contribute to this magazine ................................................................................................. 2Want to advertise in this magazine .................................................................................................. 2Editorial Board ..................................................................................................................................... 2Bihar My Mother Land ........................................................................................................................ 4Do you speak Bihari? ......................................................................................................................... 5Saas and bahu: the eternal struggle ................................................................................................ 7Bihar Development Trust ................................................................................................................. 10Much Needed Change and Development in Bihar, necessary to avoid revolution ................ 12Mithilanchal: - One more proposed division of Bihar ................................................................... 13" ...".. .................................................................................................................................... 14Book Review ‗The Plain Truth‖ by N.K.Singh ............................................................................... 19A tale a tale story of the rampant corruption in the Civil Services ............................................. 19The Curious Case of Bihari Cuisine: Part 1 .................................................................................. 19Ramdhari Singh Dinkar: Whose Pen Literally Burnt the Page ................................................. 25 ............................................................................................................................. 26Chasing a Mirage .............................................................................................................................. 27I am Death .......................................................................................................................................... 28 .................................................................................................................................. 28Loves Journey by Rashmi Singh ................................................................................................... 30The Concept of a Nation .................................................................................................................. 31
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  3. 3. Bihar Next Education Hub of India-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In few Upcoming years Bihar will be the next Schools also called Zila Schools in the State. Stateeducation Hub of India.Every year lacks of Bihari schools are affiliated with Bihar Schoolstudent Migrate to Bihar for his Fulfillment of Examination Board.Education Need. Many of the Bihari studentmigrated to Maharashatra,Delhi, Karanataka and Now a days there are also good number ofetc.If we look at our ancient history Bihar provided schools affiliated with Central Board of Secondaryeducation to all over world.Looking at the history of Education (CBSE) and Council for Indian SchoolAncient education System in Bihar. Certificate Examination (CICSE). These schoolsHistory include Convent Schools, Kendriya Vidyalayas,In the ancient past Bihar was a major center of and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas. In the postlearning, teaching and research. There were two liberalization era the number of private schools,world-renowned universities i.e. the Nalanda including school-chains and Missionary SchoolsUniversity and the Vikramshila University. The run by Christian Missionaries as well as Madrasas,Nalanda University was famed for providing or schools run by Muslim clerics has in Political Science and Economics, The school-chains and Missionary Schools run bywhile Vikramshila known for education in Tantra. Christian Missionaries are considered as some ofUnfortunately in medieval period this system of the best schools in the destroyed by invading armies. LaterBritish ruled the country and the area remainneglected.It was the later part of British rule in India whenBihar saw some revival in education as the Britishestablished a University at Patna and some otherinstitutes for higher education, like ScienceCollege, Patna, Prince of Wales Medical College(Now Patna Medical College and Hospital), andBihar Engineering College (Now National Instituteof Technology, Patna). However educationalgrowth in the state did not stepped up further aspost independence leaders from Bihar failed inestablishing educational institutions in the state.Present ScenarioThere is a huge gap in demand and supply ofeducation in the state. This is the reason thestudents are migrating from the state for receivingeducation. There is good percentage of pupilsstudying in institutes of highereducation in otherstates like Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs),Indian Institutes of Management (IIIMs), All IndiaInstitute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), etc.The schooling system in Bihar is same as it was For providing higher education Bihar has manyduring British rule. State government administers universities and colleges like Patna University,state schools in Bihar. There is system of District National Institute of Technology, Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences and many others.
  4. 4. Range of courses taught like sciences, Indian civilization. Nalanda was a centre ofengineering, law, medicine, mass communication learning established by the 5th century CE inetc. Bihar.The literacy rate in Bihar is low as there is huge Among all Indian states, Bihar is the one mostgap between demand and supply for schooleducation as well as higher education. The state intimately linked to the Buddha‘s life, resulting in arequires more number of schools and institutes for trail of pilgrimages which have come to be knownhigher education. The Indian Institute of as the Buddhist circuit. The Buddhist trail begins atTechnology and Nalanda University will soon beset up. With these institutions coming up it is the capital city, Patna, where a noteworthyexpected that the literacy rate will be higher than it museum contains a collection of Hindu andis at present as they will also attract many other Buddhist sculptures as well as a terracotta urneducational institutions to set up their branches in said to contain the ashes of Lord Buddha.the state.Literacy Rate of Bihar from 1951 to 2001:- The Buddha spent five years at Rajgir after having attained enlightenment, and many of the remains at Rajgir commemorate various incidents related to life of Buddha, the hill of Gridhrakuta being perhaps the most important, as this is where the Buddha delivered most of his sermons. Bodhgaya is the spot where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment, with the Mahabodhi Temple marking the precise location.Bihar My Mother LandBIHAR is the name derived from the ancient word Today Bihar rising in all aspect , Todays Bihar is"VIHARA" , It is indeed a land of monasteries. the best place for entrepreneurs , business manHindu, Buddhist, Jain, Muslim and Sikh shrines for businesses in India both as an investmentabound in this ancient land where India‘s first destination and untapped market potential ,Theremajor empires rose and fell. Where the ruins of the is huge potential and boundless opportunitiesworlds‘ earliest university slumbers in the void of across many sectors including infrastructuretime. The passage of Ganga, flowing wide and ,Education ,Healthcare , Telecommunication ,deep enrich the plains of Bihar before distributing Agriculture , Energy , information technology (IT),in Bengal‘s deltoid zone. Food production and Tourism..... .Ancient Bihar (which consisted of Anga (East In my last visit of patna , i was there one month ,Bihar), Videha (North Bihar), Magadha (South now i am sure in next five years Patna is going toBihar) and Vaishali (North Bihar)) was a center of achieve Metro status ,and Bihar is going to bepower, learning and culture in ancient and number one state growth wise , because of lot ofclassical India. other advantage , its is next best destination for ITFrom Magadha arose India‘s first greatest empire, Company , again i am sure by 2014 Patna is nextthe Maurya empire as well as one of the world‘s IT hub IN India .most widely adhered-to religions, Buddhism. Now this is time of for us ..we need to unite forMagadha empires, notably under the Maurya and our mother land , state development , we need toGupta dynasties, unified large parts of South Asia contribute our talent ,our efforts , need to dounder a central rule. Its capital Patna, earlier something great and outstanding for our motherknown as Pataliputra, was an important center of land .
  5. 5. Please awake up ...rise ..come and join and be the "BIHAR."Now Bihar Govt. and "BIHARI" people isactive part of Growth of our Mother Land ready to bring Bihar on world MAP. Author : Binay YadavDo you speak Bihari?------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bajjika.. i am able to differentiate the sound of it.."So do you speak Bihari at home?" the tonality.. the words.. the specific districts whereMore than often we are stumped by this question. it gets spoken. I am not able to imagine "Bihari inAm sure, most of the fellow Biharis never knew the same light.that there is a certain language called Biharibefore they left Bihar. No parents told us this... no Is it Hindi: Thats what i always thought of.. .. so Ischool book taught us. would stick to it. But yes it is surely different from Hindi that is spoken in the mainland in variousMy answer to that question was always a ways..big No.No, because i never knew what Biharilanguage meant. What we speak at home is Hindi For e.g.and thats the only language i am familiar with, i 1) the way we speak... so we love strectching theknow of and i speak. word ( )For long I defended that there is no such language 2) We know the distinction between ,called Bihari.. We have Bhojpuri, Angika, Magahi, , and theoretically... And we alsoBajjika and Maithili as dialects of Hindi in Bihar but say and instead of badi and chotinothing as such which would be referred and matra...( Something that seems to be absent inrecognised as Bihari. other region) but mess up with the pronunciation. So Sheela would become sila...( or silwa) silsilaHowever, lately if posed with the same question, would become shilshila.. We also mix र andmy answer has been in affirmative...and primarly . So is र and र is .because of love for the place.Alright, so back to the same question. 3) We might be excellent with our Hindi vyakaran and adept at all those , , क क र etWhat is Bihari language? al or but we mess up with gender. So though we know that dahi is khatta (grammatically)a) Is it a different language? but in practice when we are speaking then well say, ग .. .. I think we are fondb) Is it a Hindi dialect? of using masculine gender for most of the things. Although the interesting thing is that while writing,c) Or is it Hindi? our sentence construction is correct. So in our essays we would write औरIs it a different language: Am not a linguist but i .would still want to believe that Bihari is not alanguage. It has devnagri script.. it has Hindi 4) We dont like saying things straight. When wasgrammar.. It doesnt have its own script and the last time your name got pronounced as is. Wevyakaran.. so surely not a different language love suffixing. so Nina becomes Ninwa... rohit would become rohitwa.. ruchi would becomeIs it a Hindi Dialect: Not sure as how one would ruchiya.. khao would become khaiyebe.. nahaodefine dialect as? If i look at other 5 Bihar would become nahaiyebe.. andhera would bedialects- Magahi, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Angika and andheriya and so on.. so each of the Hindi word
  6. 6. would have its suffix according to what suits thepronunciation... sosuffixing according to Sugga eats boont and sings sita ram sita ramconvenience is one of the intrinsic characteristic Mummy would makeof Bihari Hindi. nenua and kadima ka tarkari today One is ek tho.. two is doo go You sit on a peedha and5) Then we dont even like answering straight. You when your eyes water when you cut the onion thenask a question and you get another question as an thats jhons lagnaanswer. When somebody is screeching then he is chichiya raha You go toQuestion: ? school Bhihane (Morning). Kapda feechna isAnswer: ? washing clothes Okta jaana ( not ukta) is getting bored. When you are stubborn then you6) Fetish for affirmation: Like my friend Ejaz rightly are thetharsays that after every two sentence you would end Jonk ( earthworm) is jhonkti.. and mitti ka cupup saying- " " :-) (kulhar) is kaptee or cuptea :-) Butru kaan raha ( the kid id crying)7) The use of , क instead of and Bartuhar or Kutumb are coming home to see the क . I have actually always wondered about girl and even if they like her they would ask forusage of hum in Bihar particularly. to me is an grand tillak. Door is Kiwad and chouraha isurdu word so i would understand its wide usage in chaubatiyaawadh belt but Hindi in Bihar does not have Urdu Samosa is Singhara, chahe baliya ho ya Aarainfluence. Never understood how hum got Gulab jamun is kala rasgulla and if you have sorecalibrated with Bihars Hindi throat then do susum paani ka kulla Desi daru is taadi while the meetha sugarcane is ketari8) As my sister sushmita says, Bihari Hindi exudes Cut the kasaili with a Sarauta ( betel nut cutter)respect for one and everyone. So we say प and the tarkari on a hasua ( not ) instead of . ग used as a Eat boont ka saag garnished with mirch and tel that should be Karuwa ( mustard oil). You go toprefix for lot of words to suggest respect like: ग, ग ...etc... maidan with a lota and if you spot a big black ant, then thats a khota9) Then we have super rich vocabulary which only Go to kansaar for bhunja bhunjaneBiharis would understand. And well, it extends When you get lost then thats bhutlaanabeyond the popularly known burbak and baklol Polythene bags are Panni and hard board would be kootI have been trying to recollect the words which you Gaach would be tree and fawa is free :-get to hear in Bihar only.. )Kheechad is "Kaado" while hibiscus is "arhul" Handbag is jhola and you store water inSpontaneous ones.. :-) a "ghaila".So you make bhaat in tokna and eat in a chipli. Mirch is Marchai while chai is still a chaiTarkari is made in kadhahiya with the help You jamao the dahi in matkuri while the kacchaof cholni. You take out daal from the tokna with aam is Tikola and if theres a hailstorm thenthe help of dabbu. Roti is rolled on a chokla with thats called oola Ribbon is feeta and teekhathe help of belna is teeta You chilo chimdi on your kotha inThe sisa ka sisi (glass bottle) has got a thepi jaadey ka mausam and if the milk is lukewarm You see your face in an Ena ( Not Aaina) then its called susum, Bindi is tikli and a goldYou wipe your gor with a ghamchi chain is a sikdi, Mattress is tosak you wrapSugga (parrot) has a laal lol. yourself in oodhna. Your head is kapar while a
  7. 7. tattoo would be Godna. Wife is kaniyan and my vocabulary. (Sorry.. bhocabulary.. thats theJeth is bhaisur Jethani is gotni.. while a sasur way we would pronounce it)remains a sasur. Biha- saadi ( vivah- shaadi)is the biggest celebration and if you didnt serve Anyways, the point is not to create the shabkoshBuniya ka laddu then thats quite an but just to establish that Bihari has a distinctembarrassment. shabd-kosh.... that the way we speak is slightly different.. that we have used all our freedom toTo see is laukna... and to to slip is sasarna and make it flexible... But at the end of the day it isIf you blink then thats matki marna and if you HINDI.limp then thats lengrana ( not langarana). ?Ok.ok ok...The list can only get longer... as i am By Richa Raiwriting this, am actually being able to think of somany words which had almost become absent inSaas and bahu: the eternal struggle------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the household affairs till the bride (bahu) arrives.An exceprts from the book: ―Bhojpuri Kahawaten- Before the marriage, the mother-in-law is theEk Sanskritik Adhayan‖ written by late Satyadev housewife- and the boss. And she genuinelyOjha and the Bhojpuri transcript from the book believes that she has the rights to meddle into allproduced hereunder is translated by his son the affairs within the family.Santosh Ojha. The saas feels threatened by the entry of the bahu so she wants to dominate her (the bahu) and underscore her powers. A smart bahu slowly works her way to a status so that her voice is heard within the family. She exerts her personality and challenges the unbridled powers of the saas. In the olden days of child-marriage a saas could easily establish her influence on the family; since the age of the bahu has begun getting higher this too has gone. The bahu would no longer meekly subject herself to torture and let her saas control her life. The bahu is ready to raise her voice against her tyrannical saas. There are many Bhojpuri kahavatein dealing with this changing equation. @@@The relationship between two women in a family is Any mother is keen to see her son married.between a mother and her daughter, sister and (A bahu is critical to the extension of the familysister, sisters-in law (nanad-bhabhi), daughters-in- tree). Her anxiety grows when her son becomeslaw and mothers-in-law (saas-bahu). But the older. Many-a-time, the matrimonial proposal mayrelationship between the mother-in-law (saas) and even break down when the enemies of thethe daughter-in-law (bahu) attains importance for groom‘s family create obstructions. The older thethe power-struggle in encapsulates, the power for son, the more suspicious is the prospective bride‘sthe upper hand in the affairs of the family. Not family. So, when the son does get married, it issurprisingly we find more kahavatein on this natural for his mother to rejoice as in therelationship. The role of the saas is paramount in following kahavat:
  8. 8. , He is away, and I am free to go wherever I wish, And she is off to her mother’s place; and I can eatप . whatever I want.Having a son is lucky, But the saas returns and does what she is traditionally expected to do, trouble and tortureHaving a daughter-in-law is fortuitous! her bahu:And, when the bahu enters the household, ,the saas does not relinquish her powers to thenew bahu. To the contrary, she gets even more .attached to them. My saas feels a surge of affection for me, , And she singes my cheeks with glowing embers. प क Saas regularly criticizes even the tiniest of mistakes of the bahu and makes frequentAll saas’ are pious, sarcastic remarks. The bahu does not find these funny at all and she starts retaliating.All bahus are sinners. कThe saas believes there really is no point in givingany rights to such useless bahus, even in thetiniest affairs of the household: क प , र क र, A manipulated lamp-wick, Or a criticized bahu, कर - क . Both are counter-productive.Respect your bahu, yes, @@@@But why let her touch the domestic vessels? The bahu starts feeding her husband with real and The saas shows her miserly attitude to imagined tales hersaas‘ tortures. And, over athe bahu as mentioned in the kahavat: period of time, with such stories she is able to influence her husband enough for him to develop क , hatred towards his mother. The mother senses this and laments: कर, . प प ,In an outpouring of affection says the saas, इ प रDig a little cavity into your litti, I will fill it up withmattha (butter-milk) I nourished my son, he was my own,In the days of yore it was rather common in The bahu arrives and cuts me off from my own.households to serve the best portions of the mealto the men of the family and the dregs to the bahu. The animosity intensifies and the saas isNo wonder the bahu would feel liberated when her devastated. Once when her son was unmarriedhusband and saas were away: she longed for a bahu and now she can not stand her. र,क -क प ,प , इ र, क -क प क क .
  9. 9. Let a bahu come, let a bahu go; do I care? कMy body burns when I see the bahu. प क -पThe bahu keeps consolidating her position with herhusband who has now clearly turned anti-mother. The bed-clothes of saasShe now feels emboldened to start treatingher saas badly as said in this picturesque kahavat: Serves as the foot-wiper of the bahu क र The break between the bahu and saas is poignantly captured in the following kahavat. क , क र, क क र र, प प क Saas dies today,My cultured bahu, since she has come, Cries tomorrow, the bahu.Serves food from a two-spouted vessel. The bahu was never happy with the treatment meted by her saas, right from the beginning. Though there were some moments (especiallyFrom one spout she pours buttermilk when the saas helped out with the chores when the bahu was in the family way) when the bahu feltAnd amrit from the other, some emotional attachment to hersaas. Hence the bahu weeps a bit, albeit a day late.The old lady gets the sour buttermilk @@@@While she serves amrit to her man. The relationship between the two women@@@@ deteriorates perhaps due to the lack of understanding between the two femaleThe bahu tries to dominate her saas by all means protagonists. Perhaps the saas should reconcile tofair and foul. She even threatens: the fact that one day, over time, the bahu will be ruling the roost in the family. Why not reconcile to this situation early on? क इ , प क र इ परI will scream my lungs off, कEnough for saas to vanish. Neither a well-fed son, nor a thieving bahu,@@@@ Carry the family gains away.Sure enough, the bahu starts dominating the Santosh Ojhahousehold. She rules the roost even as she takesoff on her saas ever so often:
  10. 10. Bihar Development Trust------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Integrity and Discipline. It has an outreach of 6000 families and employee strength of 40.Bihar Development Trust has been founded on Bihar Development Trust is operating in Patna,March 26, 2007 by management professionals Bhagalpur and Aurangabad Districts of Bihar.from IRMA (Institute of Rural Management, Microfinance program provides credit andANAND) with a belief that professionally qualified insurance services and promotes savings andyouth should come back to Bihar and turn financial literacy among women members. BDTentrepreneur to provide employment in their native has disbursed more than 5000 loans to womenstate. The feeling was that Bihar Development borrowers with more than Rs.500 lakhs till dateTrust should act as an honest platform for with a repayment rate of 99.5% over last threereceiving support from Bihari and people who feel year. It has an outstanding of over Rs. 150 Lakhstrongly about the development of Bihar. Over the with around 3000 active borrowers. Tasar Silklast three year, It is emerging as a platform for the Livelihood Program has organized 20 weavers inyouth who are passionate about Bihar to create Lodipur in form of Mutual Benefit Trust. It has beenand provide employment & services to benefit working with two more weavers‘ clusters with anmillions of people in Bihar. It is striving to to break outreach of 100-200 weavers with sales aroundthe scale barrier of non-profit sector. It has aimed Rs. 50 demonstrate that professionals can turnentrepreneur in Bihar and catalyze the growth ofeconomic activity with the help of poor peoplewhich has been achieved to certain extent. BiharDevelopment Trust is an idea to adapt GRAMEENand AMUL model to Bihar context and in differentsectors (manufacturing as well as services) supported by most efficient technologies. It hasadopted a value chain approach for eachlivelihood initiatives. Its vision is to make Biharmost developed state of India in next 20 years. Itsmission is to build a US$20 billion enterprise inBihar by 2020 in areas of opportunities likemicrofinance, handloom and handicrafts, fruits andvegetable, Agricultural commodities, health careand education, power and The Lodipur Bunkar Trust has been given share inBPO(animation,graphics etc),carbon trading and the marketing company. It has provided drinkingtourism etc with an outreach of 10 million families. water facility, constructed drainage and cementedIts core values are Ttransparency, Honesty, Faith,
  11. 11. the work place of weavers and conducted designworkshop with designers from NIFT, NID etc todevelop contemporary designs .Rickshaw Sanghprogram enables cycle rickshaw drivers to ownrickshaws by accessing formal credit, repaidthrough easy installments. BDT has partnered withAmerican India Foundation to implement thisprogram in Bhagalpur. Bihar Development Trust has been founded by Dr. Ravi Chandra and Mr. Dev Kumar Dubey on March 26, 2007. They have studied together inBDT is providing the rickshaw puller a new built Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) during 2004-2006.rickshaw, identity card, municipal license, health,medical, asset and life insurance. Dr. Ravi Chandra has graduated as dental surgeon from Manipal University in 2003. He has worked with Foundation of Ecological Security as Community Mobilizer before joining IRMA in 2004. He got rich management experience while working in different kind of organization and situations in small span of 11 months. His role in BDT is networking, fund raising, external communication, strategizing, designing and starting new programs besides documentary, legal and financial compliance to various statutory bodies and donor agencies. He is good at networking, planning, training, communicating etc and in data management, documentation etc.BDT has improved the livelihood of 100 rickshaw Mr. Dev Kumar Dubey had worked in Employeepuller under this program in Bhagalpur. Farmer Provident Fund (EPF) under Ministry of Labour as Account Officer during 1998-2004. He joined IRMALivelihood Program is providing services like in 2004 after quitting his job. He did not joinedInstitution building, input supply at fair price, Agri SKS Microfinance from where he got an offerExtension services, market linkages, Credit to during campus placement. He spent one yearfarmers at the doorstep to improve their earnings. working with NGOs in Bhagalpur working in SHG-BDT has an outreach of 500-700 farmers and Bank Linkage program besides exploringmore than 20 farmer clubs have been formed in opportunities in social entrepreneurship. His role inAurangabad District. Bamboo Based Livelihood BDT is day to day operations management, providing guidance to team members of variousProgram is providing micro credit and market programmes, meeting government officials,linkage assistance to 50 farmers to promote ensuring proper implementation of programmes &bamboo cultivation & employment to 200 women. utilization of funds, maintaining internal controlNABARD supported manufacturing center in systems etc. He provides strategic inputs fromKahalgaon area of Bhagalpur District has been set ground while the development programmes areup. designed by Dr. Ravi Chandra Mr. Diwakar Vats joined Bihar Development Trust in 2008 after quitting his corporate job in DLF Group Company. He has done his post graduate diploma in business management from International Management Institute, New Delhi in 2007. He is helping both of them in planning and strategy while in running day to day operations at Patna and doing local networking.
  12. 12. Much Needed Change and Development in Bihar, necessary toavoid revolution-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The question is, when our politicians and This job shall not take more than one/two year/s. Ibureaucrats shall began thinking as a facilitators? can further elaborate if there is such need.Like Haryana, Gujarat, Tamil etc… Regarding economic development in Bihar, you doRight from CM to general public, there is immense not have to go far, checkout Haryana, Gujarat,need to think and act in terms of development, Tamil, AP, Karnataka, Maharashtra, what they areremoving corruption, providing civic amenities, providing, why Bihar cannot provide. Free zonesonly then; we can raise the living status in Bihar like all these states are providing.above African States. 1. We have a lot of land unfit for agriculture andGovernance and law enforcement in Bihar is not inhabitations, identify them and allot for thebetter than any African state. We have almost development of Economic free zones, we can takedefunct civic system, policing, judiciary, health, help of infrastructure developers, to develop shadeeducation system…. everything is rotten. Civic 40%, plots on lease 50%, roads drainage 10% andsystem does not take care of cleaning drainage, power for these free zones.road, hygiene in hospital, restaurants, Dhaba,Hotels, there is almost no honest inspector who 2. Every districts shall have at least one such freeworks honestly for the enforce of law just for zonesalary. Police and judiciary is another most rotten,corrupt and junk system. You have to pay tons of 3. Make all investment and commercial approvalmoney to get your legal and rightful work done, of simple, online and fully computerized in order tocourse you can get all illegal work done if you reduce human interface resulting into reducingspend money as the system demand. corruption and fast processing.We have plethora of law, but their enforcement is 4. Deploy development and facilitator friendlyalmost nil and these laws are selectively used for official in guidance and approval. It shall be theirtargeting people at convenience for making money duty to complete the task of approval in timeor suppressing opponents by the bureaucrats, bound period and get the same from central govt.politicians, police, judiciary. Do you think our chief if any. Approval in services sectors should be inminster Mr. Nitish Kumar, does not know all these, one day. For instance, if you want to start anybut what he has done so far is not sufficient but business in Dubai, it needs one day in Chamber ofcosmetics. Commerce and Ministry of Industry and Economy, 2-3 days for labor visa in labor department.Did he setup a working group till date even afterover 5 years in power. Below are some very 5. The delivery mechanism must havecommon ideas, but need real zeal and honest incentive/bonus for efficiency and achievement ofapproach in implementation: targets. This job is not tedious and must not take more than one/two year/s. The government needs1. He can setup separate working to concentrate on the development of socialgroups/committees on how to get rid of corruption sectors:in police, bureaucracy, judiciary and politics. a) Re-investment in health, education, technical2. He can request help from the best agencies in and professional education sectors on mass scalethe world in Policing, Judiciary, bureaucracy and by govt. and private sector. Old requirement like 5Political System. Hire services in respective fields acre land (impossible in city areas / or high entryfrom best governed countries like UK, US, capital barrier, running period) should be modified.Germany, Netherland in order to revitalize the Shall be complemented with quality teaching,otherwise defunct corrupt system and enforce a sufficient equipment, laboratory, building andchange for better, understand how these placement.developed countries evolved their system from theold legacy.. By the way we are still carrying the b) It shall approve as much as possible collegesleftover of the old British system, which have been in medical, engineering, management, IT etc.completely revamped in their own countries. c) Strengthens Municipalities / rural3. He can simplify most of the rules for better governance and all honest and hardworking NGOsunderstanding by common people and easy in all communities. Deploy honest inspector forimplementation by agencies.
  13. 13. implementation of rules and hygiene though out of doing cosmetic change and creating politicalstates. hype (say public display of wealth of babus /netas, cycle scheme, etc...) we need real reforms (reformd) Some of us in Bihar, say politicians, on policing, reform in judiciary, reform inintelligentsia as well as few general public believe, bureaucracy and politics), We want to stopthat it is the people of Bihar, responsible for the leakages of resources from plan and non-planpoor state of affairs, including corruption, expenditure and its implementation in real senseunderdevelopment, poverty, poor governance etc. say 99% like the western Bihar. But I disagree, the people of Bihar, gavea long span of time to Congress for change anddevelopment. Unfortunately Congress failed. Then The evolutions in Middle-East & African countriespublic gave almost 15 years to RJD. Baring the are against poverty, low income, high inflation, andcommendable change in psycho-social concentration of wealth in few hands (mostlyengineering for backward classes, RJD failed in politician/industrialist), corruption in police,maintaining law and order, controlling of corruption bureaucracy, judiciary and politics. Situation inand much needed development say roads, Bihar is not different from these countries the onlyemployments, etc... Now the same public gave exception is we have power to change the head ofmandate to JDU-BJP for the very much needed Govt. every five year, however the junk systemchange in Bihar. remains the same. We do not have much time left, we need toWhat are the options left with the people other achieve real tangible change or the time is not farthan mandate to change the government? Some when we are faced with the same situation as it isof them have already taken arms in their hand are faced in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yaman etc.............called Moist. The next option left for the public iscome on the street in mass i.e. revolution. (The writer Mohammad Irfan, (from Muzaffarpur) ise) Years of JDU-BJP rule is already finished and it Finance Director with a large overseas group, andis running in the second span for 10 years. This is has exposure in overseas countries and theirright time to pull all the strings of development, governance. on corruption and began reforms. InsteadMithilanchal: - One more proposed division of BiharBy Shirish MishraDay before yesterday, I was there on a visit to Being a human being, by very nature, I feel to beorkut TRB when I noticed such a similar issue. antagonistic to any sort of division created among And I have noticed such people also who question human beings. If proposed and feasible, I won‘tmy Maithili origin itself when they see me even hesitate supporting the reunite of India &campaigning for Bihar. This has inspired me to Pakistan. And I guess I am no exception, I hardlywrite in my views on this topic. see an Indian not criticizing the leaders, responsible for the separation of India & Pakistan. Separation of Jharkhand, is still creating severe pain inside my heart and makes me feel suffer. Though, division within nation is something different in nature and doesn‘t define separation in true meaning since they are meant just for the purpose of better administration and more focused governance and development efforts. However, this seems to be futile in India. Here, we are desperate to fight with each other; we just need to have some theory (baseless/insensible) whether it‘s on Hindu-Muslim, Maithili- Bhojpuri, Tamil- Hindi, Hindi- Marathi, Brahmin-Shudra etc. Giving it an official recognition will only ignite our monstrous mind that teaches us fighting.
  14. 14. Nitish led NDA government and Mithilanchal:- That makes me say with a strong belief thatI have met some so called intellectuals, who separation is no solution but like one more feastaccuse this government of being biased towards being organized for vultures. Solution is ourMithilanchal region. I honestly don‘t have any idea honesty and determination to sort out ourhow true accusation this is! However, I think Nitish problems. Our awareness to our rights andgovernment is trying to improve things, and he has responsibilities! Donating 1000 rupees to a needyno magic stick that he can make Bihar ―USA‖ over will mean a little but not much as he/she will finisha night. It will take time and mean while we have to it just in some time and again look for the donor.assess if this government is really apathetic to the Making a person aware of his/her rights andconcerns of Mithilanchal. In that case, we can responsibilities meansraise our voice in a democratic manner, we canprotest, we can ask for data. We can ask for making a person of spirit and courage. It makesinformation, and I am sure we will get the him/her capable of doing anything that he/shedeserved. wants! TRB has already started working on it and we hope it continues doing the same. Creation ofFocused governance and development efforts:- Mithilanchal may be a very good option to some greedy people, who are seeking their politicalBeing rational, I understand what it means, and I career. Beware! Before they fool agree with it. However, this is something I donot find to be compulsory. Development and I do acknowledge the pathetic situation ofprosperity come by our honest efforts, our Mithilanchal and state that it needs much moredetermined will, and our own desire of getting attention as compared to any other part of Bihar.them. It won‘t be a hyperbole, if I say, in And I do will to fight for this right. I do will to workdemocracy; state gets a government as it is. It‘s on this campaign. But I won‘t accept any sort ofjust the very true reflection of its own public. As separation in any case. And I firmly believe, if weexamples, you may see the living legendries like will honestly fight for the development of thisLalu, Shhabuddun, D.P Yadav and many more. region, we will get what we deserve."ब र ...".."ब र ..."... . .??.. ग ग. ..औ ग ... ....... ग .. - ......... - औ ... ..... ग - ग औ , औ .. इ . औ इ औ ग , ग ग .. .??..... गऔ ग ग ,इ " "...औ - ग ग.. , इ ,औ ग ग ..औ ..?..इ - .. इ .... ग , ग ग औ ग ..औ ग . . ग ग , इ .... ..
  15. 15. ..इ ग .. , ऊ , इ ग , ग , ! ..ग .. .. ग ग ... इ .??... ... .. ग ग . .. ... ... ग .. -ग ग .. ,इ .. ग .. ग औ औ .. इ इ औ , ग ग .. ... ग . ग ग ग .. , - ग.. ग औ , ग . ग.!! - ..??.. .. .. इ - ग ??... .. ग .. औ ... ग इ ग ... .. ..?. ग . . .. ग ग औ इ .. ग ढ़ इ .. गइ ग इ ग .. इ .. .??.. ग गऔ ग ग इ - ग ,औ ग ग ग .... ग इ .. .. ..... ... इ . .. ग ..औ , Author: Bhaskar G Vatsa, Mumbai, India .. ग
  16. 16. BENCON 2011------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Last month (21st May 2011) we organized our first 6. We also got great support & participation fromBEN CONFERENCE in Bodh Gaya. It has created various govt departments was another eye-a wave of excitement and energy among the opener. We didnt know Industry Commissioneryoung entrepreneurs, students/teacher and locals (Principal Secy), CK Mishra jee till 1 week beforeof Gaya. The energy and hunger for creating jobs the event and he bought in the idea and promisedand being a part of changing Bihar was very to sponsor the event. He also sent two of hisvisible and palpable. This event was unique in senior team members to the event, who presentedmany ways and the way event got organized and their case very well. The ease with which we couldhosted itself had some lessons and reasons to walk in & reach-out to to various departments incelebrate secretariat with no political connection was an example that entrepreneurs interested in Bihar should take note of.1. We had no formal organization or paid staff to 7. The participation of 60+ students of Gayaconduct this event. It was organized in an open College in the event at a short notice gave a verysource / wikinomics model. encouraging signal. The way they were able to put2. It started as an idea discussed over facebook together a professional show and got trained inand skype between Kumar Ankit, Naveen Sharma few hours, put up a Rangoli under Lalita jeein Gaya and Santosh Pandey in Europe, Atul guidance.Kumar in USA. Many of them had never met in 8. The way Prof Madhukar Shukla, Prof Piyushperson so it was an example of how the rules of Sinha, Prof Ashok Ghosh, Prof Nupur Bose andcollaboration and doing business in the 21st many others supported the event and offered theircentury are changing. networks and guidance was a symbol of the3. There were lot of skeptics, critics, resources and guidance that was available.cheerleaders, supporters and very strong 9. The participation of investing communitysupporters. Like all new ventures we had a fair especiall two young girls from Mumabi basedshare of all of these. As the event started to catch funds was encouraging, the way many of themomentus more and more people started joing in speakers agreed to come on their own (in fact paidbut initially some of the key members were also registration feed also) was a symbol of the event,skeptical abou the possibility of pulling off an event the participation of media ( Prabhat Khabar,like this in Bihar especially in summer of Gaya Hindustan, Hindustan Times, Telegraph, Mint,(when temperatures touched 45 centigrade often). Appan Samachar and many more was very4. The fact that 150+ entrepreneurs were able to encouraging) and symbol of the fact that media,converge at one venue on a saturday morning in professors and investors are available if you put-the heat of gaya itself was a good reflection of the up a team and lay out a vision and mission."hunger" and "need gap" that exists in Bihar. 10. The way multiple orgs like Bihar Industries5. The fact that people like Ajay Kumar Gupta Association, Bihar Udaya, Tie-Patna, Prachinfrom Noida ( via Santosh Pandey) , Tanya Prasad Bharat, Green Leaf Energy, Sulabh International,from Singapore (via Atul Kumar), Akhourie Nites Prabhat Khabar,, Appan(via Kumar Ankit) offered financial sponsorship for Samachar, Kamdhenu, Karma Society and manythe event which was just an unproven idea and others collaborated to make this event possible isexperiment also proved the need for many such something to take note of and get
  17. 17. 11. During this event, Ram Kumar & Tanvi Nalin , from Prabhat Khabar and also managed the Patnawho were managing the speakers, partners and logistics of guestssponsors from Delhi flew to Gaya to host the 13. After the event, many enterepeneurial ideasevent. Ranbir Bahadur of Bihar Uday, came from and partnerships are in discussion but thoseCaclutta and took charge of registrations, Kavi discussions obviously in closed rooms and privateKumar from Delhi, Santosh Singh from Chennai, discussions, we should see the fruits of BEN beingProf Ashok Ghosh and Nupur Bose from Patna, launched in near future. Abhishek Kr Singha &Mrs Jyoti Sinha and her team (Kamdhenu) from Kaushalendra discovered each other and arePatna, Rajiv Kumar came from Maner with his leveraging each others networks and resources,world famous Ladoos, Ajay Gupta from Noida and Ravi Chandra found a wider net for his not only sponsored the event but also 14. One of the highlights of the event was after thesupported as a volunteer/team, Akhourie Ntesh event when enterpeneurs were given a change toand his team not only sponsorsed the evnt but present the idea on stage and many did presentalso offered their cars and transportation help, their ideas ( Image Bihar and many others).Naveen Sharma jee stayed in Gaya for those fewdays inspite of his crazy enterepreurial life as CEOof Prachin Bharat, Ranjan Verma and Kumar Ankit(locals from Gaya), pulled all their local network offreind sand family to the event ( Kumar Ankitsyounger sister, Lisa, a +2 student, helped us callmedia people), Kumar Rahul and Manish Dayal,Aunty and uncle , , friends all came together tomake the event a success .. this was a goodshowcase of EVENT 3.0 or Org 3.9 where eventscan be executed at a short notice using the powerof networks and collaboration. Many many more results and learnings. We also learnt some hard lessons The promised 10 lakh INR from Indian Oil and 5 lakhINR from BPCL didnt come but we are sure more will come in next event ... the quality of mikes and sound system at event venue could have been better and so on .. but then we have the next event to plan much longer for .. miles to go and miles to go before we sleep but the journey of a thousand miles beging with a single small step .. we took it .. now the topic of discussion in Bihar is changing from corruption and politics to job creation and entrepreneurship and that itself is a big giant leap forward ….. on the lines of TEDx, we hope to have smaller events in various cities of bihar ( Muzzafarpur, Chhapra, Hajipur, Darbhanga, Madhubani, Saharsa) and also maybe host the event at a national or international venue ... more to come later ..12. As a result of the event, many enterpreneursdiscovered each other, their business and possiblepartnership opportunities, sales opportunities ..BEN discovered Abhihek Kumar Sinha, who singlehandedly manged the show and logistics in Patnaand got the brochure published with some help
  18. 18. Book Review ‘The Plain Truth” by N.K.SinghA tale a tale story of the rampant corruption in the Civil Services Kissa Kursi Ka, the sugar scam, Airbus briberyN K Singh is the CBI officer who arrested Indira and St Kitts forgery were no ordinary criminalGandhi in 1977. Forced to return to his home cases investigated by the CBI. Singh describes incadre in Orissa after she returned to power, this some detail how these important functionaries ofcourageous and diligent Indian Police Service the Indian State shamelessly subverted theofficer was brought back to the CBI by Prime system to sabotage the investigation and theMinister V P Singhs government. judicial process. Facts are indeed stranger than fiction.”One of the first cases he was assigned was the StKitts forgeries. Unfortunately, his meticulous Singh gives glimpses of the deep-rooted nexusinvestigation into the case earned the wrath of the that has developed between crime, criminals,next prime minister, Chandra Shekhar, who politicians and civil servants. How willingly seniortransferred him out of the agency. civil servants connived at subverting the rule of law to please their political masters. Blinded by their ambition, some of them became willingIn the second of six extracts from his fascinating accessories to criminal acts. They told lies,biography, The Plain Truth, N K Singh discloses committed acts of perjury, theft, and destruction ofthe genesis of the St Kitts investigation which hasnow resulted in a chargesheet against former evidence, but managed to go scot free. On the contrary, they were duly rewarded for their criminalprime minister P V Narasimha Rao. role. These are the types who manage to reach the top of the ladder more easily. The numbers of such civil servants—pliable, loyal to the powersOutlook writes about this book “THE Plain Truth, that are, unscrupulous and ambitious—areas told by N.K. Singh, is going to shock and unfortunately multiplying. They are the real villains.dismay many of its readers. The insiders account The criminal-politician link cannot operate withoutof events that have become an important part of them.Indias contemporary political history makescompelling reading. The media has not stoppeddiscussing them, but this book fills some important It is a very readable, but a serious book. It raisesgaps in our knowledge about these cases. some fundamental questions about our political and administrative system. These questions need to be confronted and solutions found, if ourSinghs story confirms our worst fears about the democratic system is to survive. I recommend thisextent of politicisation of civil service and such vital book to all, irrespective of the fact whether theyinvestigation agencies as the CBI. Law doesnt agree with the authors version of the events orappear to take its own course when it comes to not. It is good that such books are coming out. Theinfluential and powerful persons, whatever the villains who strut around as heroes need to berhetoric. exposed.The book unmasks a number of senior politicalleaders and well-known civil servants, some ofwhom still hold very important positions. Cases likeThe Curious Case of Bihari Cuisine: Part 1(Part 2 will be published in the next edition of the webzine) Punjabi and Bihari cuisine‖. A pity, the BihariDespite the many Biharis across the country, and cuisine has failed to grab the attention of otheracross the continents (Mauritius, countries of the fellow countrymen? Or is it that the Biharis haveWest Indies and Fiji come to my mind easily), and failed to position their cuisine as somethingBiharis in Bihar, of course, there is no popular unique. I understand that there is Gujrati thali,recognition of the Bihari cuisine. We do not have Bangal ranna, Andhra mealsu and Kashmirirestaurants announcing in big and bold that they waazwaan. But, alas, no Bihari cuisine. Howserve authentic Bihari cuisine. No Bihari food come?festivals in five star- or even three star- hotels. Noteven does the friendly neighbourhood restaurantannounce: ―Specialist in Chinese, Mughalai,
  19. 19. It is my humble endeavour in this post to educate A cousin of the above is maad-bhaat-the non-Bihari reader on the delights of the Bihari chokha. Maad, the starchy fluid drained out of thecuisine. pan (tasla) during an intermediate stage of cooking rice is used as a substitute to daal. SometimesMaybe us Biharis are to be blamed. When asked relished even without the chokha- with a piece of afor our favourite meal, we just utter ―Daal-bhaat- pickle. Nimki, or the sour lemon pickle, made fromchokha‖. Or sometimes even ―maad-bhaat- large lemons, being a favourite. Sure there will bechokha‖. I am in love with the aforementioned stuff a quantity of maad left behind on your plate. Justas well; I am a Bihari and I understand the lift up the cheepa, or chhipli (plate in Bhojpuri-delicacy of what other people would believe is speak) to your lips and quaff the residual elixir!rather pedestrian. You find the above combos too cumbersome, all this effort to fix your daal-bhaat, or maad-bhaat? Fret not, you can always feast on khichdi, the ultimate comfort food. I have dwelt on this in much detail in earlier posts of mine. Suffice it to say that should you wish to have thekhichdi, do not forget its traditional accompaniments as mentioned in the following ditty: ―Khichdi ke chaar yaar, Dahi, papad, ghee, achaar.‖Daal is something which all of us Indians haveregularly, albeit with varying differences. But haveyou had the Bihari daal? Arhar dal, just watereddown so, with a heavenly chhaunk of ―panch-phoran”? (Can you visualize the description of thisdish in fancy five star restaurants: ―Toor lentils,cooked to the right consistency with perfection andseasoned with a unique, mouth-wateringcombination of five spices‖.) Oh, you are not in favour of chaawal, at all, and you wish to try some alternate stuff? What about Janera ke khichdi? Khichdi made of corn? Or maybe you are a wheat afficionado. Multiple delicacies beckon you! Roti and paratha are mundane. Maybe you should try some varieties ofmakuni. Makuni of different pedigrees. Makuni isAnd chokha, the exotic mashed potatoes with a what others would callbharwaan paratha. Withliberal touch of mustard oil and a sprinkling of salt. either mashed potatoes, or phool-Some would also add to it a burnt- and mashed- gobhi(cauliflower), or murai (radish) as the chilli to impart to it spiciness and an exotic Technically correct. But this description equates ittaste.Bhaat, you exclaim is the mundane rice? to the heavily commercial Punjabi fare and missesWell, mundane the rice may be, but have you out on the unique combo of the Bihari spices,experimented with various types of rice? Usina specially the two jewels in the spicychaawal (parboiled rice) or Arwaa chawal (the crown: ajwain and mangarial. Don‘t understand?long-grained rice, with a flavour of its own? And Head out for a dinner with a Bihari family!either variety of rice is cooked with varyingdegrees of consistency, depending upon the family The cuisine of Bihar is not limitedtraditions passed down the centuries. to chawal, roti alone. You should seek out the
  20. 20. vegetables that the Biharis eat. Lauki, konhda, consider in their scheme of culinary activities? Thenenua, jheenga etc. But the king of all Bihar simple answer is, they are not aware of the magicvegetables would be parwal. Parwal is rather you can work with the imperial parwal.unique to Bihar and to some other parts of theEast. (Notably in Bengal, where it is called potol. In It can be made into a bhujiya (not to be confusedfact, the Bengalis are so fond of it, some of them with Haldiram, Bikaneri or generally speaking, theeven occasionally name their offspring, Potol!). Rajsthani bhujiya- those are made of plain or spiced besan); sautéed slices of parwal with potato or on its own. (What a delight it is to crunch those lovely crisp parwal seeds!). It can be a gravy sabzi, either in glorious isolation or combined with aloo. You can halve each parwal and stuff it with a mix of spices- and you getkaluanji or bharwaan parwal. You could mash some boiled parwal, throw in a few table- spoonfuls of mustard oil and spices, salt, to taste and you get parwal ka chokha. Or, you can even prepare a totally delightfulmithai with it. Just that instead of filling it with spices, stuff it withkhowa and dry fruits. Parwal ki mithai! You said you do not quite enjoy green vegetables? Maybe you should try a combination of veggies and some other botanical produce as well! Like pieces of vegetables coated with a batter of gramIf you happen to come to our local market and see flour-besan- and deep fried in oil. Sounds familiar?a throng of men and women around the rare shop Of course this is bajkaa, aka ―pakoda‖ in all-Indiathat sells parwal, you can be sure that the speak. Or would you prefer green leaves wrappedcustomers are nearly all Biharis or Bengalis. Each in a batter of besan; ―rinkwachch”? (Aka patra inone in the crowd pressing this little yellow- Gujarati, one of those famous starters of aspeckled green sabzi between his or her finger- Gujarati thali, farsaan). If you really do want totips and evaluating if the parwal was ―fresh‖ or avoid vegetables, worry not, the Bihar cuisine―boodha‖ (over-ripe). Some would even break this has khandera, cuboids of fried besan cooked in atender vegetable between their fingers. If it gave spicy gravy. Best relished withchaawal. And soway with a smart, crisp snap, then it was fresh many other varieties!(and by extension the entire lot). If it gave wayreluctantly and ended up as a squishy mass then it You want more adventures into Bihari cuisine?was boodha! Wait a bit, I will soon write about the ubiquitous, and multi-faceted, ―sattu‖.But why this lavish attention on parwal, a sabziwhich rest of the country does not even bother to Santosh Ojha
  21. 21. Leaders Inspire – Perspective on leadership style of M S Dhoni & Nitish Kumar------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- enough to admit weaknesses. Dhoni didn‘t mince any words in castigating his fielders publicly and even accepted that few decisions didn‘t work to the plan. Likewise, Nitish has publicly rebuked his own party men and allies on many programs and policies. At the same time, one must acknowledge that they have set right goals, worked with their teams to strive together as a team. As the captain of the team, both have beenIt takes moment in life to make it special, dream of articulating there plans and vision for the teams.a generation, imagination of a nation, heartbeat ofbillions, and then the prayers finally were Get the best out of limited meansanswered. India lifted the world cup 2011 withgreat pride and emotions. What Dhoni and his One of the most inspiring aspects of both thesemen have achieved will remain etched in the leaders has been how they have struck to thememory of our generation forever. Tears of joy, basics of managing their teams. With limitedcries of triumph, and a sense of gratitude filled our resources at hand, they have ensured that theyhearts as the realization of world cup victory finally get the best out of each situation to work to theirsinks to the nation. team‘s advantage and thereby imbibing the culture of self-belief and resilience. Despite India‘s limitedCelebrations still continue and what really stood bowling attack, Dhoni marshaled team well andout was the cool and razor sharp finesse which always had an ace in his weak link wheneverDhoni displayed in his leadership style throughout opposition came to bat. Though Indian bowlingthe tournament. Perhaps he summed it up himself attack never looked lethal, but it was very effectivewhen he said how his decisions could have been and result oriented when it came to thequestioned. But as lady luck had it, Dhoni will crunch. Dean Jones went to the extent of sayingsmile all the way to the glorious annals of that Dhoni must be dreaming to win this world cupcricketing history, perhaps the most successful with current Indian bowling attack. With thisIndia captain ever. victory, he has really proved that dreams do come true if only we work as a team.One can‘t help but draw parallels of his leadershipstyle with another great leader Nitish Kumar who Similarly Nitish has always worked underwas the Man of Year 2010 for bringing a ray of constraints, he never had the luxury to spend onhope and faith in the murky theater of Indian public welfare programs, with limited resourcespolitics. Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar, won and little financial aid he has been able to transferhis world cup (Bihar elections) consecutively by a state by just ensuring that limited resources aretransforming the electoral dynamics in Bihar. Both put to optimum utilization. He has proved thatNitish and Dhoni have uncanny similarities in the good governance can lead to electoral successway they operate and bring out few unique and one need not always fall back on petty politicsdimensions of their leadership style in their own of caste and chicanery to achieve political victory.sphere of influence. They have displayed Despite low per capita income & investment,remarkably identical traits and style which really lowest Credit deposit ratio in the country, Bihardemonstrates similarity in their leadership style has had the 2nd highest growth rate in the countryand ability to influence outcomes. for the last 5 years. Bihar chief minister got applauds from none other than Melinda Gates forCommunication is the key his achievements in increasing the immunization rate in Bihar . ―In 2005, when Nitish KumarDhoni has always spoken his mind out on every became the chief minister of Bihar, the burden ofaspect of Indian cricket. Often criticized for being disease in the state was massive. It also had a lowtoo blunt, he has never been a favorite of his immunization rate, 33 per cent compared to thebosses in BCCI. Nitish Kumar also stands out for global average of 70 per cent. By 2010, however,being upfront and plain talks, he has often earned Bihar‘s rate had risen to 66 per cent,‖ saidwrath of media, alliance partners and even his own members for speaking his mind out. Anotherinteresting aspect that stands out of Dhoni and Lead from the frontNitish is the way they have been humble and open