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Developing Your Personal Brand


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We see companies create and maintain a brand for themselves all the time by consistently sending the same message. However, we often forget that in order to land that new client, job, etc we are first …

We see companies create and maintain a brand for themselves all the time by consistently sending the same message. However, we often forget that in order to land that new client, job, etc we are first going to need to apply that same practice to market ourselves. This presentation covers how to develop your "personal brand vision statement" that serves as the platform for your online (and offline) voice.

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  • Companies brand themselves by consistently sending the same messageAs individuals we have to apply those same practice to market ourselves discuss the importance of personal branding and how to develop your "personal brand vision statement" that serves as the platform for your online (and offline) voice.
  • We provide strategic public relations with a focusOn content development, media relations and social media
  • No such thing as “off the clock”Perception is often times realityTake a look at the reflections sheet that I’ve given you and I encourage you to think about the questions on this sheetPeople always remember me for…… STORY
  • This is the SUPREME focus of your personal brand…So how exactly do you do that?
  • The first step to brand you is knowing who you are! Connect those dots to your strength & talentsKnow your core values (ethics you will not compromise) & build a persona philosophy around them.Developing a personal philosphy will help you stay true to yourself, maintain focues & attract others that resonate your philosophyDiscover your unique quality, polish it up, be proud of your distinction and stand out in a crowd
  • Really use these key points to focusPeople that have their hands in everything really don’t do anythingMemorable – short & concise “Polish to Publish”
  • Your brand vision statement will change based on your audience (ex Stella & Dot)This doesn’t have to be measurable, quantifiable; it’s meant to be conversationalAnyone have one they want to share?
  • When you are “marketing” yourself it’s important to use your key messages over and over again in your website, on blog, promotional materials, etcThat leads us into your online presence
  • Your online presence is open to the publicWhat do you think of when I say OprahGhandiWhat about when I say Tiger Woods
  • Your personal style of dress counts, but so does the style and packaging of your brandDo your business card reflect your identity – do people know what you are about by looking at your card or are they left wondering?Your party animal picture on facebook or even your email address can hurt you
  • Your personal brand is your checks & balancesYour vision is your foundationYour social media profiles, website, blogs, etc all speak for you even if you aren’t It’s important to monitor and maintain your presence
  • How many of you have “googled” yourself?Have you set up google alerts on yourself?Do you realize SEO now pulls from your social media channels
  • Your vision should empower youIt should package you up so you can have a clear road map and you aren’t “being all things to all people” Don’t think of it as buttoning you up – this instead will allow you to open doors and opportunities
  • Establish ingenious connectionsThe power of intention – is well, powerfulDevelop real relationships and position yourself in circles you aim to be associated with.Be strategic with a specific goal in mind of what you want as a result
  • Your brand is your foundation – everything should come from thisYour content is your key messagesThe communication channels; don’t become a missing person in cyber space. If twitter or facebook isn’t for you look for other spaces for an online resume, like a linkedin profile – a professional networking site – be sure to maintain your presence.
  • Gary vey-ner-chuckYoung entrepreneur with lemondae stands and baseball cardsPulled into family liquor businessRealized collecting rare wine was like baseball cardsTransformed himself into a wine expert and repositioned the liquor company; revenue from $4 million to $60 million
  • Lobstermen in Maine saw and opportunity to use social media and create an online presence to Bringing the consumer closer to the dock Allows them to sell direct so that we as lobsterman earn a premium and effectively preserve the traditional working waterfront.
  • Practice brand consistency to the point where your brand becomes familiar and continuously grow itSpeaking, writing, entertaining, engaging and promoting are all imperative to preventing your brand becoming ‘has-been’Master the art of communicating your brand that creates that buzz that gets results that harness the longevity in the brand you builtThere is no one size fits all, that’s the beautyRe-evaluation is essential to retaining your competitive edge…yes, I know, it never stops
  • Transcript

    • 1. Developing Your Personal Brand
    • 2. About
      Privately held public relations firm
      Founded in June 2008 in Appleton, Wis.
      Opened office in Boston’s North Shore Feb. 2011
      Samantha Dennis, President
    • 3. Our company approach
      Work hard
      Have fun
      Be the best
      …all while wearing red shoes
    • 4. What we do
      Social Media training and implementation
      Media relations (local, regional and national)
      Internal communications
      Media training
      Crisis communication management
      Content development
      Image management
      Community relations
    • 5. We share your story through
      Traditional Media
      Social Media
      Media alerts
      Media relations
      News releases
      Internal communications
      Editorial placements
      Social networking: Facebook, LinkedIn
      Microblogs: Twitter
      Photo sharing: Flickr
      Video sharing: YouTube
      Social media news releases
      Blogger relations
    • 6. We share your story with
      Your Employees
      Social Media Influencer
    • 7. Personal Branding
    • 8. Personal Branding
      Who are you?
      Where are you going?
      Create a personal brand vision statement that serves as the platform for your online (and offline) voice
      Flickr photo by By jeri leandera
    • 9. What is your personal brand vision?
      What do you stand for?
      What is your expert positioning?
      How do others perceive you?
    • 10. Personal Brand Statement
      In order to build a very high profile personal brand, you need what is called a personal brand statement. It is a statement of positioning and targeting. In order to be remarkable and the one called upon for opportunities, you need to be the best at something to a certain group of people. There are billions of people in the world and of course there will always be competition in your field, maybe even some that are more talented or have stronger networks than you. In order to survive and thrive in the digital world, you have to choose a topic and master it.
    • 11. Discover Your BrandDot by Dot
      Know who YOU are
      Know your core values – ethical measures
      What do you offer that can bring yourbusiness client to the next level?
      What’s your individual service?
    • 12. And remember to…
      List your attributes
      Choose an audience
      Be honest
      Make it memorable
      Source: Brand Yourself, Bethany Stringer
    • 13. Personal Brand Vision Statement Example
      “To be the most passionately referred agent in the Real Estate industry, while striving to provide my clients with the optimum service they deserve.”
      -Amber Whisenhunt
    • 14. My Personal Brand Vision Statement
      “To be the best in public relations while having fun and always pushing the envelope for myself, employees and clients. To use communications to make the world a better place.”
      -Samantha Dennis, Red Shoes PR
    • 15. Online Presence
    • 16. How NOT to brand yourself online(or anywhere for that matter!)
    • 17. Presentation IS Everything!
      Identifying a “look and feel” to your brand is just as important as knowing what you can do
      Personal style of dress
      Style & packaging of your brand
      Does your business card reflect your identity?
      What do your social media profiles say about you?
    • 18. Online Presence
      According to a Career Builder survey in 2009, forty-five percent of employers use social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn to screen job applicants.
      “Google is your first résumé,” Rick Gillis, job search expert
      When you post online you are posting in ink … not pencil
      Rule of thumb: Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother seeing
    • 19. ”The Internet makes information available. Google makes information accessible.”
      - Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google
    • 20. How to Brand Yourself Online
      “Writing content that is valuable to the people you want to attract is a little easier when you’re passionate about the topic. Another case when value comes through is expert knowledge.”
      -Valeria Maltoni, Conversation Age
    • 21. Your In-Person Branding
      Once you have your personal brand figured out, how can you “live” it out through:
      Community involvement
      Your business
      Social Media
      Friends & Family
    • 22. When Branding Yourself Online
      Create a feeling of involvement
      Be honest
      Provide value and prove that value
      Establish authority
      Build on the desire to belong
      Create a sense of urgency
      Source: Valeria Maltoni, Conversation Age
    • 23. Tell the world who you are…with purpose
    • 24. Personal Branding Examples
    • 25. Personal Branding Examples
    • 26. @SamanthaRSPR Branding
      Look at my twitter avatar/bio/stream
      Blog posts about PR
      Red Shoes only does PR
      Speaking engagements about PR
    • 27. Today’s Key Take-Aways
      Take the time to WRITE your personal vision branding statement
      It takes TIME to build online/in-person presence
      You need to be CONSISTENT
      Show PERSONALITY and engage; do not talk at others
      Make sure EVERYTHING (your look, attitude, writing style, creativity) are all founded on your personal brand
      You need to find that channels that WORK FOR YOU and where your audience can find you
      REVISIT your personal brand vision from time to time, things change and make sure your vision reflects those change
    • 28. Write your personal brand statement!
    • 29. Contact me for more information
      Red Shoes PR
      3 Fair Street
      Gloucester, MA 01930
      Samantha Dennis -