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Blue Banana Event Brochure_2015

  1. 1. International Speaker, Author, Trainer & Social Media Consultant Linda Coles Presentation Options The Brand of You Start working on standing out. “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” - Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon. Working with a tight economy, restructuring, and new ways of doing business, the competition for a position or sale has become intense, so who shines out above everyone else in that situation? Those people that are spending the time developing their own personal brand. As a professional, think about developing the brand of Ask yourself, what is it you want to be known for? How do you want others to see you? What needs to change? This presentation will start you on your way to standing out. Choose from three thought provoking, content packed presentations that are a hit with any audience. Stay ahead of the game by using new tools and ideas to build your business connection base both on and off line. Life Online Mastering the online social platforms made easy! A thought provoking, content packed presentation that is a hit with every audience whether X, Y or something else! With humour and real life stories, your audience will have no trouble understanding what they have to do next to increase their online brand and how to do it. Immediately empower them to use the social media online tools to improve their brand awareness and ultimately their bottom line. Start with Hello How to convert today’s stranger into tomorrow’s client. People buy from people they know, like and trust, so get to know more people! Talking to strangers does not come naturally to everyone. That’s where this presentation can help. It guides you through the key skills you need to learn to start building effective relationships. By developing the art of saying hello to someone you don’t know and starting a brief conversation you will be able to develop productive, profitable business relationships easily. “Remember, it’s not the small that get eaten, it’s the slow that get beaten, don’t let that be you.”
  2. 2. International Speaker, Author, Trainer & Social Media Consultant Linda Coles I am also a contributor to the well known social media blog Social Media Examiner as well as Mashable and have been published in many magazines. My books published by Wiley include Marketing with Social Media, Start with Hello and Learn Marketing with Social Media in 7 Days and are all available in stores or online. Some of the companies Linda has presented to or worked with: “Linda is an engaging, authorative speaker and author who recently participated in a panel discussion on social media marketing at our annual retail conference. Linda invested significant time and effort in understanding the audience and tailored her presentation accordingly. I highly recommend Linda as a guest speaker on this subject”. Daniel Jordon, CEO Collins Booksellers “Linda is personable and very professional in her key note presentation. She knows her subject and gets the message across in a way that engages her audience. I would have no hesitation recommending her to any group or company that want their staff to get a handle on this topic.” Deane Pettit, PGG Wrightson “Linda was one of our keynote speakers at the Newpark conference in October 2014. Feedback from the attendees has been fantastic and a number of people implemented some of the ideas with great success. It was great working with Linda, a true professional” Andries Van Graan, Newpark Group m. +64 21 675745 e. Read my LinkedIn Influencer posts | | |