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SPTechCon - July 2012 - Practical SharePoint Information Architecture
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SPTechCon - July 2012 - Practical SharePoint Information Architecture


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Understand what is needed to be a successful SharePoint Information Architect and Business Analyst. Learn about the tools that will help you to achieve shared understanding and shared committement

Understand what is needed to be a successful SharePoint Information Architect and Business Analyst. Learn about the tools that will help you to achieve shared understanding and shared committement

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • …and you’ll have to fight hard for the win
  • Afixie riding hipster who does user interface design (UX?)Information Architecture Institute (, who defines information architecture as:1. The structural design of shared information environments.2. The art and science of organizing and labeling web sites, intranets, onlinecommunities, and software to support usability and findability.3. An emerging community of practice focused on bringing principles of designand architecture to the digital landscape.
  • Or, more of a business analyst, working with stakeholders to establish requirements?International Institute of Business Analysis ( :A business analyst works as a liaison among stakeholders to elicit, analyze, communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies and information systems. The business analyst understands business problems and opportunities in the context of the requirements, and recommends solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals.
  • I feel like I have to cover both of those as a consultant who works to understand the goals of my stakeholders, and then architect the solution
  • A lot of doing this job well comes down to soft skills: - Listening - Honesty - Humour
  • If you have three main stakeholders, and they have different mental models for what success looks like, then you have zero chance of real success. Only when you have shared commitment to the same goal, do you have any chance at success.
  • This is the most important message of this talk: You MUST achieve a shared understanding to have a chance at success.
  • Mind mapping – wireframing – process flow diagramming
  • There are two types of problems: Tame & Wicked.Landing a person on the moon is Tame (but really, really complex)Solving poverty is wickedYou don’t understand the problem until you’ve developed the solutionYou don’t really know when you’ve accomplished the goalSolutions are not right or wrong, they are just better or worseEvery wicked problem is uniqueEvery solution is a one-shot operationYou are dealing with social complexity
  • All the mapping that I’ve shown so far, uses facilitation and a shared display.The new thing is IBIS: Issue Based Information System
  • IBIS grammar has only four elements: Question, Idea, Pro, and ConIdeas respond to questions (and ONLY questions)Pro’s support ideas (and ONLY ideas)Con’s challenge ideas (and ONLY ideas)Questions can respond to anything
  • Transcript

    • 1. Practical SharePointInformation Architecture Ruven Gotz
    • 2. Intro - Animated @ruveng Toronto ruveng@navantis.comRuven Gotz
    • 3. Buy the Book (or Kindle):
    • 4. SharePoint can be dangerous toyour career! © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 5. Expectations are set very high © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 6. Reality: The waters can be rougher than expected…
    • 7. …but the results can make it worthwhile
    • 8. What is an Information Architect? © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 9. What is a Business Analyst? © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 10. In the SharePoint world, it’s a bit of a hybrid © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 11. Dealing with humans in tough circumstances © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 12. Soft skills © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 13. You have got to get everyone onto the same page
    • 14. The key to sharedcommitment isShared Understanding © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 15. Visual tools are a greatway to get to sharedunderstanding © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 16. We will cover visual tools that assist with SharePoint © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 17. Let’s start with Mind Mapping © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 18. Building a simple mind map © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 19. Using a mind map for navigation © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 20. Using a mind map for prioritization © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 21. Discovery workshops © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 22. Using a mind map for taxonomy © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 23. Dealing with Wicked Problems
    • 24. Dialogue Mapping Facilitation Dialogue Mapping & Mapping Notation Shared (IBIS) Display © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 25. A very simple example IBIS map © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 26. Real example © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 27. Wireframing with Balsamiq © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 28. Process mapping © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 29. This stuff is hard © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 30. Social complexity makes every problem ‘wicked’ © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 31. Getting to sharedunderstanding iscrucial © 2012 Ruven Gotz
    • 32. Visual tools with shared displays can help
    • 33. Tools Mentioned:- Mindjet MindManager- Balsamiq Mockups- BizAgi Entry Level Ruven Gotz- Microsoft Visio @ruveng