Is Hosting Right for You?


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Stephen Parker runs us through the ins and outs of getting into the hosting business.

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  • Customer is king – think Desktop computing (equally meaningless)Most “cloud” providers do not meet the key characteristics – compare MQService model boundaries are already blurring – when does PaaS become SaaS (components sold as SaaS but included in a PaaS as building block for other SaaS offerings…).Everybody jumping on the aaS bandwagon. Risk (already seeing) is that it becomes meaningless
  • So, given that it’s all about commitment and creativity and there are huge benefits, why is this not just an easy step to activate cloud sales?One of the challenges is the disconnect that has already occurred for some customers and will occur with others.The customer has a latent needNOT ALL NEED THE CLOUD BUT EVERYONE IS BEING TOLD THAT THE CLOUD IS GOOD – THERE NEEDS TO BE AN EXPLICITY RECONNECT
  • Understand your assets, but be honest about your strengths“we are experienced people, who work with you to deliver solutions that meet your needs”OR“we know nothing, so we tell you the little we know and hope that you pay us before you realise it isn’t what you want”In a perpetual world maybe!! But NOT in a subscription world
  • In disruptive times the buyer and supplier get disconnected.The previously established models of working together can be misaligned and we all wonder aroundImportant that we reconnect and this is what today is all about.
  • e-Commerce sites have this nailed!!Chain Reaction identified that I wanted to buy a wheelsetBusiness Intelligence rules identify complimentary productsSelect a complete system, wheels, cluster, tyre and tube in a single purchase
  • Need a revolutionary story to get attentionGreat for early adoptersBut for the early majority too much risk for mostReality is that as the market matures people will find their evolutionary path – how are MQ supporting this?
  • Is Hosting Right for You?

    1. 1. Is Hosting right for you? Stephen Parker Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 1
    2. 2. Situation16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 2
    3. 3. Cloud Revolution !? The cloud is interesting to most, but for many not yet essential..16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 3
    4. 4. Gartner Hype Cycle16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 4
    5. 5. Cloud Definition• Whatever the client wants it to be!!!OR from National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)• Essentials characteristics – On-demand self service (DIY) – Broad network access (anywhere, any tool access) – Resource pooling (multi-tenant, shared resources) – Rapid elasticity (Scale up/down as needed) – Measured service (transparency of utilization)• Service models – SaaS – PaaS – IaaS } XaaS16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 5
    6. 6. Subscription Dynamic Rights Licence Service 1 2 3 Vendor Distributor Reseller Customer 4 Value 7 6 5 $ $ $ Time to realised value (Seller Beware)16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 6
    7. 7. Challenges16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 7
    8. 8. The Barriers Vendors Marketplace Partner16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 8
    9. 9. Who else is out there?16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 9
    10. 10. Differentiation
    11. 11. Simon Sinek – How Great LeaderInspire Action•• 01:40 – 04:30 Why? How? What?
    12. 12. Understand your Assets & Strengths Be Clear about your real strengths16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 14
    13. 13. Be a Service Provider First What are your Value Added Services? On-premises Your Cloud White label Public Cloud16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 15
    14. 14. Disconnection in Disruptive times… • Customers want something different • Be proactive • Offer quick time to value • Evolution or revolution A opportunity to reconnect with Buyers needs16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 16
    15. 15. Cloud Positioning – Risk vs Value High Risk 2 3 High Business Value Low Business Value Impossible - Cost prohibitive -> > Possible Affordable (Realisation (New of existing ideas) business creativity) Sweet Spot? Custom/Complex -> Commodity (Cost 1 Reduction) Low Risk16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 17
    16. 16. Systems Management and Automation Automation Systems Management Virtualisation16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 18
    17. 17. Look beyond traditional hosting16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 19
    18. 18. Find your Path Cloud ready Your Cloud Evolutionary Path CAPEX OPEX Commercial Organisational Your Evolutionary On-Premises Path Traditional16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 20
    19. 19. In Summary• Be clear about Why you are doing this• Have a documented Plan• Understand your Assets and Strengths• Be clear about Who you are targeting• Focus on their burning business Needs• Differentiate your Offering “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensible.” Dwight D Eisenhower (US General, 1890 – 1969)16/02/2012 © 2012 NewLease Pty Ltd 22
    20. 20. Stephen Parker• Head of Cloud Strategy, NewLease• +61 424 321748•• Blog: © 2012 NewLease Pte