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  • 1. 名前(ローマ字):______________________________ 学籍番号:2012SE_______ English Conversation Boot Camp by Sharif Mebed Lesson 1: Getting to know you Nice to meet you! __________________________________________ What’s your name? __________________________________________ Is that your first name or your last name? _________________________________ How do you spell that? __________________________________________ What should I call you? __________________________________________ NOTES: 1. Where are you from? Long:____________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________ 2. What do you do? Long:_____________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________ 3. Which university do you go to? Long: ____________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________
  • 2. 4. Where is that? Long:_____________________________________________ Short:_____________________________________________5. What is your major? Long:_____________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________6. Are you in a club? Long:_____________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________7. What do you want to do after you graduate? Long:_____________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++8. What do you do in your free time? Long:_____________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________9. Do you play any sports? Long:_____________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________10. What kind of music do you like? sports food movies TV programs Long: ________________________________________ Short:________________________________________ Long:____________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________ 2
  • 3. Questions: Look at the answer, and write the question.1. ________________________________________ Bill Smith.2. ________________________________________ Just call me Bill.3. ________________________________________ Chicago.4. ________________________________________ It’s in the center of the US.5. ________________________________________ I’m a student.6. ________________________________________ Northwestern University.7. ________________________________________ It’s near Chicago.8. ________________________________________ Computer science.9. ________________________________________ A computer engineer.10. _______________________________________ Yes, the tennis club.11. ______________________________________ I want to work in a bank in the future.12. _______________________________________ The Harry Potter series.Pronunication: Katakana vs. Standard English Count the number of syllables in the following sentences, check with the teacher and say the sentences correctly. ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ Example: I work at Jusco (count: 5 ) 1. I’m a student at Nanzan University. (count: ) 2. My major’s Math. (count: ) 3. I like to play sports. My favorite sport’s baseball. (count: ) 4. My favorite video game’s Super Mario Brothers. (count: ) 5. I like to watch television dramas in my free time. (count: ) 6. In summer, I love to eat ice cream. (count: ) 3
  • 4. Question Practice: Write questions sentences to extend these topics. 1. I go to Central Japan University. Where ________________________________________________? When _________________________________________________? How __________________________________________________? Why __________________________________________________? Do you ________________________________________________? Are you _______________________________________________? 2. I often go to see movies in my free time. Where ________________________________________________? What _________________________________________________? When _________________________________________________? How __________________________________________________? Why __________________________________________________? Who __________________________________________________? 3. I am a member of the tennis club. Where ________________________________________________? When _________________________________________________? How __________________________________________________? Why __________________________________________________? Who __________________________________________________? What __________________________________________________? NOTES: 4
  • 5. Fix the Mistakes: Rewrite the sentences correctly. WRONG: *I have five families. RIGHT: 1. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *My sister is go to high school. RIGHT: 2. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *I am a universal student. RIGHT: 3. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *My major in Computer. RIGHT: 4. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *My free time is watching TV. RIGHT: 5. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *My part time job is waiter. RIGHT: 6. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *Future is bank worker. RIGHT: 7. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *I study is Central University in Hachioji. RIGHT: 8. ________________________________________________________ NOTES: 5
  • 6. Listening dictation: The teacher’s introduction NOTES: ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 6
  • 7. Unit 2: My FamilyPronunciation point: sentence stress Pronounce the following sentences. Be careful of which words are stressed! Jun: You think we can go skiing this weekend? Ken: You’d better ask Mom. Jun: You think Dad will want to go too? Ken: Dad’s going to be in Hokkaido for work. Jun: When’s he coming back? Ken: On Monday. Jun: Why don’t we all go next weekend? Question: Which types of words get stressed? (どんな言葉は強調される?) Answers: 1. _____________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________ 3. _____________________________________________________ 7
  • 8. Listening: Listen to your teacher say the following and circle the stressed word. A: Last night I saw Tomoko. Vocabulary B: Your ex-girlfriend? Where? ex-girlfriend = 元恋人 A: At a party. She was with Mike. going out = 付き合っている B: Really? pretty= ちょっと A: Yeah I think they’re going out now. B: I can’t believe it. I guess she’s forgotten about you. A: I was pretty sad. B: Did she see you? A: Yeah we said “hello”. B: I guess you were in shock. A: I sure was. Intonation: Circle the stressed words. 1. Are you a university student? 2. I work at a convenience store. 3. I want to be a systems engineer. 4. Do you live in Aichi Prefecture? 5. Yes, I do. 8
  • 9. Questions and Answers: Write the long then the short answers. 1. How many people are there in your family? Long: ________________________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________________ 2. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Long: ________________________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________________ 3. How many brothers and sisters do you have? Long: ________________________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________________ 4. Do you get along well with your (brother / mother / sister / father)? Long: ________________________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________________ 5. Do you hang out with your (brother /mother / sister / father)? Long: ________________________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________________ 6. What do you do with your (brother /mother / sister / father)? Long: ________________________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________________ 7. What does your (brother / mother / sister / father) do? Long: ________________________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________________ 8. Where does your (brother / mother / sister / father) live? Long: ________________________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________________ 9. Tell me about your (brother / mother / sister / father). Long: ________________________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________________ 10. Who do you live with? Long: ________________________________________________________ Short: ____________________________________________________ NOTES: 9
  • 10. What is “+α”?: Read the following two conversations. Conversation A (no +α) Conversation A (with +α)Bob: Hi Manuel. Bob: Hi Manuel.Manuel: Hello. Manuel: Hello.Bob: Did you have a nice weekend? Bob: Did you have a nice weekend?Manuel: Yes. Manuel: Yeah.Bob: What did you do? Bob: What’ d you do?Manuel: Played basketball. Manuel: Played basketball with John andBob: That’s nice. Who with? Mark.Manuel: With John and his Mark. Bob: Where’d you play?Bob: Where’d you play? Manuel: In the park near my house.Manuel: At the park? There are a lot of courts there. WeBob: What park? had a great time.Manuel: Near my house. Bob: What did you do after that?Bob: Did you have fun? Manuel: We went for pizza. There is aManuel: Sure. new restaurant in town.Bob: What did you do after that? Bob: I see. How was it?Manuel: Ate lunch. Manuel: Pretty good. I had a great peperoni pizza.+αPractice: 1. Question: Where are you from? Example: Nagoya. I was actually born in Hokkaido, and moved here in 2005. Example: Miyoshi. I live with my mother, father and grandmother. YOU:_____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2. Question: What does your mother / father / sister / brother do? Example: He’s an office worker. He works for Tohshiba in Saitama. Example: He’s a fireman. He works in Kyushu, and he has two children. YOU:_____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 10
  • 11. 3. Question: Do you get along with your mother / father / sister / brother? Example: Yeah. We often go to see a movie or to a concert. Example: No. We don’t talk very much, but I still like her. YOU:_____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 4. Question: Do you ever hang out with your sister / brother? Example: Sure. Sometimes we go to a movie or play ping-pong. Example: Yeah, we play video games together a lot. YOU:_____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________Listening Dictation: The teacher’s family NOTES: ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 11
  • 12. Lesson 3: Where are you from?Basic Questions: 1. Where are you from? Short +α:_________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 2. Where’s that? Short +α:_________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 3. What kind of place is that? Short +α:_________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 4. Are you from _____ originally? Short +α:_______________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 5. Do you live there now? Short +α:_________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 6. Do you live with your parents? Short +α:_______________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 7. When did you move to ____? Short +α:_______________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 12
  • 13. 8. What’s [town’s name] like? Short +α:____________________________________________________________________________________________________9. Do you like living in [ town’s name ]? Short + α: _________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________10. What is famous about your hometown? Short + α: _________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________11. Do you like your hometown? Why? (Why not?) Short + α: _________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________12. Are there any famous people from your hometown? Short + α: _________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________13. Do you want to live there in the future? Why? (Why not?) Short + α: _________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ NOTES: 13
  • 14. You write the questions: 1. __________________________________? From San Diego. 2. __________________________________? It’s south of Los Angeles. 3. ______________________________? It’s very beautiful. The weather’s great. 4. __________________________________? No. I was born in New York, but I moved to San Diego when I was 5. 5. __________________________________? No, now I live in Tokyo. 6. __________________________________? No, my family lives in the US. 7. _________________________________? It’s a great city. There’s always something fun to do! 8. __________________________________? Yes, I love my hometown. All my friends live there, and there’s a world-famous zoo. 9. __________________________________? Sure. Cameron Diaz is from there.Example Conversation: A: Nice to meet you! B: No, Takayama. It’s a small town. B: Hello. A: Do you live in Takayama now? A: I’m Tom. B: No, Nagoya. I go to school here. B: My name is Junko. A: What are you studying? A: Where’re you from? B: Computers. I want to work for B: Gifu. It’s near Nagoya. Sony after I graduate. A: Gifu City? 14
  • 15. Dictation / Dictagloss: The teacher’s hometown NOTES: ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 15
  • 16. Unit 4: My University I’m a student. Questions: I’m a university student. 1. What do you do? I’m a student at Nanzan University. I study computer engineering at Nanzan University. ______________________________________________ 2. What university do you go to? Short + α: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What are you studying? Short + α: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. What is your favorite class? Short + α: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. How do you get to school? Short + α: __________________________________________________________________________________________________6. Why did you choose Nanzan? Short + α: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 16
  • 17. 7. Why did you choose Computer engineering? Short + α: _______________________________________________________________________________________ 8. What do you want to do after graduation? Short + α: ______________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Are you in a club? Short + α: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. What club are you in? Short + α: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. How often do you have club activities? Short + α: _____________________________________________________________________________________ 12. How long have you been playing tennis? playing basketball? skiing? playing the guitar? practicing judo? Short + α: _________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 13. What kind of movies / TV programs / videos do you watch? Short + α: a) _______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Short + α: b) _______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 17
  • 18. Practice Questions:Question: ___________________________________________ Answer: By train and school bus. It takes about one hour.Question: ___________________________________________ Answer: At Meijo University. I am studying architecture.Question: ___________________________________________ Answer: Because I want to be a math teacher. It has been my dream since 3rd grade.Question: ___________________________________________ Answer: English class. My teacher is really cool.Question: ___________________________________________ Answer: The badminton club. We play every Wednesday afternoon.Question: ___________________________________________ Answer: Because it has a good reputation (評判) and it’s near my house.Fix the Mistakes: WRONG: *Where university do you go? RIGHT: 1. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *How long play tennis. RIGHT: 2. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *Because Nanzan has a good Computer program and English program. RIGHT: 3. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *I am joining the light music club. RIGHT: 4. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *My club does practice on Wednesday afternoons. RIGHT: 5. ________________________________________________________ 18
  • 19. WRONG: *I am not in any club.RIGHT: 6. ________________________________________________________WRONG: *Future is bank worker.RIGHT: 7. ________________________________________________________WRONG: *I study is Central University in Hachioji.RIGHT: 8. ________________________________________________________Follow-up Questions:Write two follow-up questions for each statement. The questions can befrom the textbook or your own original questions. If you write originalquestions, ask the teacher to check that they are correct.1. I go to Chukyo University. ① ______________________________________________________ ② ______________________________________________________2. I am in the badminton club. ① ______________________________________________________ ② ______________________________________________________3. I want to be a doctor in the future. ① ______________________________________________________ ② ______________________________________________________4. I want to study more about computers at graduate school. ① ______________________________________________________ ② ______________________________________________________5. I play soccer on the school team. ① ______________________________________________________ ② ______________________________________________________ 19
  • 20. Speech and Summary: Listen to your teacher talk about his or her universitylife and then summarize what he said in a few sentences. NOTES: SUMMARY: ________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 20
  • 21. Lesson 5: Future DreamsQuestions: 1. What is your major? Short +α: ________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 2. What do you want to do after you finish university? Short +α: _______ _________________________________________________________________ NOTES: 「今日の放課後は何をしますか」は英語で何と言うのでしょうか。 ________________________________ 3. What kind of work do you want to do in the future? Short +α:_________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 21
  • 22. QUESTION: What are the three ways to describe「やりたいこと」? I _____________________________________________________________________ I _____________________________________________________________________ I _____________________________________________________________________ 4. Where do you want to work (in the future)? Short +α: __________________________________________________________________________________ 5. What is important to you in a job? Short +α: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Why do you want to do that job? Short +α: __________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. What is a good point about that job? Short +α: _______________________________________________________________________________________ 8. What is a negative point about that job? Short +α: ____________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Where do you want to live in the future? Short +α: __________________________________________________________________________________ 10. What do you want to do in your free time? Short +α: _________________________________________________________________________________ 11. What kind of interests do you want to have after you graduate? Short +α:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12. When you get some money, what do you want to buy? Short +α:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 22
  • 23. 13. What kind of family do you want? Short +α: ________________________________________________________________________________________ 14. Where do you want to live? Short +α: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ 15. Do you want to live in a house or an apartment? Short +α:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 16. Who will you live with after college? Short +α: ______________________________________________________________________________________ 17. Where will you live after college? Short +α: _________________________________________________________________________________________ 18. Where will you live in 10 years? Short +α: __________________________________________________________________________________________ 19. Do you want to live abroad in the future? Why? / Why not? Short +α: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTES: 23
  • 24. Speech and Summary: Listen to your partner talk about his or her future andthen summarize what he or she said in a few sentences. NOTES: SUMMARY: ________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 24
  • 25. Question Practice: 1. ______________________________________________________________? I study art. I hope to be an artist in the future. 2. ______________________________________________________________? I want to design web pages. I’ve already designed more than twenty! 3. ______________________________________________________________? I like working with computers. In fact, I’m addicted to them! 4. ______________________________________________________________? I want to work for a car manufacturer (製造). I love cars. 5. ______________________________________________________________? One good point is that I can work on a team with many smart people. 6. ______________________________________________________________?I’ll have to do a lot of overtime (残業). That’s okay, if I can earn extra money! 7. ______________________________________________________________?I want to live in Tokyo, or maybe even New York. I love museums and cafes. 8. ______________________________________________________________? I want to live in an apartment by myself. I think I’m rather selfish! 9. ______________________________________________________________?Ten years from now? I want to live in the city with my friend and have a dog. 10. _____________________________________________________________? In Nagoya. My friends and I are going to get an apartment in Sakae. 11. _____________________________________________________________?A new computer. I want a powerful one, but I don’t have enough money. 25
  • 26. Fix the Mistakes: WRONG: *What is bad point that job? RIGHT: 1. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *I want web-page designer. RIGHT: 2. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *What want to do in future. RIGHT: 3. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *My major in Computer. RIGHT: 4. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *After I graduation I want to be a computer programmer. RIGHT: 5. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *Where live 10 years from now? RIGHT: 6. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *Because I like to work children and I like math. RIGHT: 7. ________________________________________________________ WRONG: *I am planning to live in Hachioji or maybe Chiba. RIGHT: 8. ________________________________________________________ NOTES: 26
  • 27. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 27
  • 28. USEFUL CLASSROO M ENGLISH Student to StudentLet’s be partners. / Let’s work together.Please help me with this!Do you understand what to do? [Not really! Let’s ask the teacher. / Yes, I do.]Please tell me what to do. / Please explain what to do.Hurry up!Have you finished? [No, not yet. / Yes, I have.] Student to TeacherI’m sorry I’m late. / I’m sorry I was absent last week.I don’t have a handout. (プリント)I don’t have a partner.I’m sorry, could you say that again, please?I’m sorry, I don’t understand [what to do.]Please speak more slowly.How do you say _________ in English?I left my textbook in my locker. Can I go and get it?I’m not feeling well. Can I go to the health office?Can I go to the restroom, please? / Can I go to the toilet, please?Please tell us what the homework is.I’m sorry, I’ll be late next class. / I’m sorry, I’ll be absent next class. Teacher to StudentPlease take out your textbooks.Do you understand what to do? [Not really! Please explain again. / Yes, I do.]Does everyone have a handout? (プリント) [No, not yet. / Yes, I do.]Does everyone have a partner? [No, I don’t! / Yes, I do.]Are you ready? [No, not yet. / Yes, I am.]Please put your hand up when you’re finished.Have you finished? [No, not yet. / Yes, I have. / Yes, we have.]Why are you late? [I was sleeping. / My last class just finished.]Were you here last week? [Yes, I was. / No, I wasn’t.]Why were you absent last class? [I was sick. / I had club activities.]If you have any questions, please raise your hand. 28