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  • Manage the flow identify inefficiencies if your ad spend is small, focus on CR which source of engagement is most productive? which traffic source is most productive? Critical Path To Conversion should be measured MOM, YOY
  • truly new people are probably less than 10%, so the other 90% are aware of you, NOT new audience from before what are you doing to convert them? frequent flyer program? deals?
  • it's mostly  specials, there are no deals
  • Interest by State. You'll find small differences, but they mean a lot. Do this annually Divide web traffic by state into conversion by state to find out who loves you. Could be as easy as in-state and out-of=state. 
  • Meet Bill Hawkins
  • Meet Bill Hawkins
  • Are you a one trick pony? Reserve now or get the hell out of here
  • Remove any non-conversion piece behind conversion pages
  • Remove any non-conversion piece behind conversion pages
  • Remove any non-conversion piece behind conversion pages
  • No Conversion
  • This proves to be very difficult for people Also proves to be massively productive empty cart
  • what are your partners doing at that time? btw - the content is never a deal it's the season, it's what your people are doing, it's an event
  • DATO Presentation

    1. 1. 8 Things You Must Do In Internet Marketing
    2. 2. Manage The Funnel Engagement Rate Conversion Rate
    3. 3. Manage The Funnel Non-Branded Keywords + Direct Traffic + Referrals + Email ____________________ People Who Know You
    4. 4. More Engaging
    5. 5. 1. Own Your People 1. Identify which ones are in the market this year: Email: "Coming To Durango?" Facebook: Opt-In For 2012 Specials 2. Strike During the Planning Time: Email: "Get The Most Out Of 2012" Facebook: Show Specials What To Do With Them: Must email them at least 1 time every 4 months Make repeats easy
    6. 6. 2. Know Your PeopleSegment And Narrowcast The ConversationPinpoint Actionable FeedbackWhat do you ask on the phone?If you knew _____, what would you do differently?When do they plan?When do they buy?Stop asking how they found you and other nice to knowSegments:Location: In-State vs. Out-of-StateTime Of Year: Planning vs. BuyingSource: durango family vacation vs. email vs. Leads
    7. 7. 2. Know Your People
    8. 8. 6. Know Your Audience
    9. 9. 3. Have A Conversation
    10. 10. 3. Have A Conversation
    11. 11. More Conversion
    12. 12. 4. Expand Conversion Points Create More Soft Conversion Points and give a reason to do it Deals Sweepstakes Facebook (with caution) Build Your Own Trip Get A Quote Send To A Friend Have Us Call You Talk To A Guide Call Now Have Questions Get deals on Facebook Get a free picture
    13. 13. 5. Optimize Conversion Move All Soft Conversion Points behind Primary Conversion
    14. 14. 5. Optimize ConversionRemove any non-conversion piece behind conversion pages
    15. 15. 5. Optimize Conversion
    16. 16. 5. Optimize Conversion
    17. 17. 6. Stop Anti-Social Social
    18. 18. 6. Stop Anti-Social Social
    19. 19. 7. Focus On The 72 Hour WindowFind all Leads that contacted you in the last weekContact FormsOpen reservationsPhone callsLead programsDealsOther Opt-Ins and Soft ConversionsRemove anyone who made a ReservationAsk for the Reservation"Hello, We saw that you _____, but we dont have youbooked. May is filling up. Can we suggest _____ ...
    20. 20. 8. Email To A Content Calendar Email still Converts more than anything. Still. Example Content Calendar: Segment by in-state, out-of-state In-State gets greater frequency Out-Of-State gets a reason to come Coordinate Message with Social, and Partners Post It Write It - Stage the following emails to reinforce Send It - in season it should just the release button
    21. 21. 9. Dont Be Too Busy To Be SmartAre you really so busy handling Onesies and Twosies thatyou cant address the 350,000 people who Likewww.Facebook.com/VisitColorado?Are you really so busy handling today that you cant send aproper email tomorrow?
    22. 22. Review Own Your People Know Your People Have A Conversation Increase Conversion Options Optimize Conversion Points Stop Anti-Social Social Focus On The 72 Hour Window Use Content Calendars Stop Being Too Busy To Be Smart
    23. 23. Thank You ra@honey.travelwww.honey.travel