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  1. 1. SyAM Software Management Utilities Overview
  2. 2. User Interface Panels Groups: Shows the breakdown of discovered systems in your network. The Function, Location and Operating System groups are automatically organized, but the user may also define their own custom groups. Functions: Provides options to modify templates, create jobs or configure settings for using the software. Details: Shows the details of all the systems in the group that has been selected in the group panel. Status: Displays a brief overview of the results from jobs that have been run. Scheduled Jobs: Displays jobs that have been scheduled, are in progress, or have completed today. Management Utilities - Overview 2
  3. 3. User Interface Management Utilities - Overview 3
  4. 4. Product Terms Group: A collection of systems that have been discovered in your network. Some groups are organized automatically, but user-defined groups are also available. Example: An IP Scan range or to Template: A collection of settings that specify how a given task will operate. Example: Power Off Systems at 5pm each week day Task: A single operation that is configured by one or more templates. Example: Apply Power Template Job: An ordered list of tasks that are performed on one or many systems or groups. Jobs can be scheduled or on-demand. Example: Apply the Power Template to the Group Accounting Systems Management Utilities - Overview 4