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  • By a mishap neither the edited notes to all 20 slides nor the voice-over appears here, which makes the whole thing rather unpenetrable.
    I hope to manage the in clusions of missing note-texts and voice-over as soon as possible.
    If you have deeper interest in the project 'Collaborating on the user-driven (further) development of a freeware Citizen Diary ( and translateability of its user-interface to all languages) mail me at and/or go to for more information and download of prototype . See also
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Prototype freeware citizen diary - Kresten Bjerg

  1. 1. CitizenDiary - spine & core in Quantifying Selves. It is extremely adaptable for users to And it includes options for arrange, furnish, adapt and use supplementing diary text with according to their own habits and pictograms as a kind of shorthand needs, personal relevancies and for habits in their everyday life. themes.
  2. 2. Main Window
  3. 3. Calendar & Addresses
  4. 4. Detailed preferences
  5. 5. The glyphs menu
  6. 6. Body
  7. 7. Info
  8. 8. Example from user
  9. 9. Body-window
  10. 10. Retro-notating & Annotating Either just click this glyph to indicate, that comment applies to earlier same dayOr place insertion atearlier time of dayWith the button ”ANNOT” another way of referring to preceeding is available:
  11. 11. Daily glyph - distribution
  12. 12. Internet Browser
  13. 13. MyCyberspace-topology
  14. 14. CodeSearch
  15. 15. Physiological data A total of 7 fields can record quantified data Further: various counting-functions, attached to specific glyphs are established: A counting function inserts the number of times clicked that day : If, just before going to sleep, one clicks a ”to sleep-glyph” then , on clicking a ”get up” glyph the next morning, the elapsed ”sleeplength” can be recorded. The countings are automatically entered in the folowing fields On clicking in these fields their counts can be manually updated, f. eks. :The final data, on shift to a new day are automaticaly accumulated in a table – exemplified in the next slide:
  16. 16. StatisticsThis is an accumulating scrolling field, the data of which can be transferred to other applications.In its present format it is of very limited use
  17. 17. Search ParseParsing for ocurrences of a glyph (Haircut): Parsing for occurrences of a word: (Bookmark):
  18. 18. Tools Link-buttons are automatically colored, making it easy to see wheter they relate to a file, a program or a folder.When such a link is activated it is journalized into the diary e.g.: 080917 10:52 Open Technologies of the self.doc