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Hotel web ranking


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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Hotel web ranking

  1. 1. Hotel web rankingVirginie POIRONJerome AYALAAnne Gabrielle CHIRAS
  2. 2. Why has W HOTELS a better ranking than FOUR SEASONS ?- Innovative, young, dynamic, fashion website- Put forward news regarding people, music, culture, events- Each point is an event- Hotel website is like a magazine or a blog where we learn something- Many updates- Mass marketing with apps (Apple, Blackberry, Android)
  3. 3. Why has INTERCONTINENTAL a better ranking than FOUR SEASONS ?- Business target- Corporate website design- Loyalty program highlighted
  4. 4. Why has WESTIN a better ranking than FOUR SEASONS ?- Links to facebook, youtube, twitter…- “Zen” website which reflects the spirit of the chain
  5. 5. CONCLUSIONOverall, hotels websites are not only booking engines.Each company tries to install a spirit through Internet. Forexample, we saw that W HOTELS is the best in the use ofthe digital IQ strategy. They put online regular updates forpotential customers but not only.Role are twist, now hotels create the events whereasbefore it was the event that was looking for the hotel. It isnot only a website where we find information, it is a pagethat creates the buzz.The website is the one to be checked to get news fromcelebrities, music, trends, cultures, location…