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Evaluation 3 2


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Evaluation 3 2

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? Evaluation Activity 3
  2. 2. What was the intended outcome of the production?• The primary objective of our production was to provide entertainment to a key demographic of moviegoers, specifically fans of crime-thriller genre films.• We achieved this by implementing key conventions of the genre to appeal to this target audience.• In order to fulfil the purpose to entertain to a wide demographic we decided to implement an element of action, this is reflected in the chase scene, in which the teenager is wrestled to the ground.• We also wanted to provide a social commentary on typical British youth subculture, as most of the characters are teenagers and typical behaviours are shown such as doing homework and hanging around a market stall.
  3. 3. How effectively were storyboards and ancillary task plans followed?• When filming our production we followed the storyboards we drew beforehand closely, in combination with a shot list that we also produced in preparation.• As ancillary tasks, we produced a website and film poster to advertise the film. The poster and the website both follow the conventions of the main production, as they both employ low key, high contrast “chiaroscuro” lighting and employ an urban soundtrack.
  4. 4. Creating Synergy• In all of our ancillary tasks and trailer, we decided to introduce an element of synergy with consistency of the shot of callum tied to the chair. We used this image throughout the three productions, as we wanted to establish this image as a key identifier for which the film can be recognised.• We also kept the main title and font consistent throughout all of the media products we produced, as this was important so people would be able to identify the film.
  5. 5. • When deciding how was best to release the film, we realised that we should strategically distribute our production at an appropriate time, which would ensure that our production is as effective as possible. We decided that the best time to release our film would be around May as it would avoid the possibility of preforming badly at the box office, due to domination from higher budget Hollywood blockbusters.• Also, we decided that our film poster would most likely be advertised in a film magazine such as Empire, a magazine which has a mainstream audience, and as our film is a crime thriller genre film, they will find it appealing.
  6. 6. How were these outcomes achieved in terms ofmatching mise-en-scene, including page layout and camera shot choices?• When filming the teenage characters, we used medium-long shots in order to establish the characters in their environment.• When filming, we closely followed the shot list that we constructed beforehand. It was useful that we constructed such a thing before, as it enabled us to achieve our primary objective to entertain through structured organisation of shots and filming.
  7. 7. What stylistic techniques were used to support your trailer?• In the trailer, and in the ancillary tasks, we used an urban, electronic soundtrack as a stylistic feature to establish the urban, “grimy” tone and feel of the film.• Throughout the trailer and the supporting ancillary tasks we used low key, high contrast chiaroscuro lighting to maintain a feeling of unease.