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Bob Evans - Record Keeping


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At a "Quantified Self and Science" meetup, Bob Evans talks about the issue of record keeping.

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  • Problems with Record Keeping. Writing down what happens. Not a lot of time spent in QS talks on the data capture process. It’s important! And commonly overlooked. Even important in brewing beer. American Chemical Society - “How to Keep a Laboratory Notebook” – 100pg text – useful? Nope J It contains a lot of stuff we don’t care about BUT it tells you what you should be recording, inc a chapter called “Be flexible.” Spreadsheets were not good enough. What about smartphones. Paco app… looks at things from substance abuse to productivity at work. Lessons: Write observations down right away. Flow author invented sampling method (ecological validity?) – random sampling is good. Ask people just about the moment. You get a more clear, unbiased result
    Email Bob for access to Paco:

    Recording experimental data
    - sampling vs complete capture
    - time cost, opportunity cost
    - use tools that make it easier to sample, or completely capture
    Recording experimental process detail
    - leads to lack of reproduce-ability
    - may lead to unnoticed experimental error
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Bob Evans - Record Keeping

  1. 1. Record Keeping’s Role • Needs of science vs quantified self = Sharing • Science - public process of knowledge generation • Quantified Self - Private process of knowledge generationTuesday, August 7, 12
  2. 2. Record Keeping’s Value • Aid in reproduce-ability, recall, & basic conduct of research activities • Documents Intellectual Property • Defense against false allegations of research misconduct • Things written down seem authoritative NIH Guidelines for Scientific Record Keeping in the Intramural Research Program at the NIH Writing the Laboratory Notebook, Howard M. Kanare, American Chemical SocietyTuesday, August 7, 12
  3. 3. Problems with Record Keeping • Problems around Recording Data • Sampling vs Complete Capture • Time cost, opportunity cost • Use tools that make it easier to sample, or completely capture (Paco - shameless plug) • Undocumented experimental process detail • Leads to lack of reproduce-ability • May lead to unnoticed experimental errorTuesday, August 7, 12