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PicoGame Presentation 2013



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  • 1. Picogame.com Small screens, great fun!
  • 2. Who are we? • Founded in 2007 by a team of enthusiastic developers who thought that mobile platform is among the most important platforms in terms of size and attention. • Our mission is to develop high quality games/applications that are compatible with wide range of platforms such as Java ME, Symbian, Blackberry, Android and iPhone. • Our company has achieved good reputation in short time through high quality content, diversity of content and rapid adaptation to languages and cultures in different areas of the world.
  • 3. What have we done? • More than 520 titles developed so far with wide compatibility to all Java ME, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android handsets. • Porting to the iPhone is on the way. Our games are available for 3rd parties who want to rebrand them. • Games are available on more than 130 operators. • Achieved Top 10 games for continuous months on Orange, STC, Vodafone, Maxis, MTN and other operators. • 9 Embedded games on Samsung, LG, and SonyEricsson. • Distribution of our games through mobile operators, OEMs, media channels and TV stations.
  • 4. Unique about us? • Our catalog include games in different categories. • Most of our products are high quality games/apps. • Our games are among the top games with user’s rating from 8/10 to 9.5/10. • Exclusivity model per country allow partner to invest well in marketing. • Ability to quickly rebrand and localize the content is a unique advantage allowing us to push our games and adapt it to the need of different markets. • Compatibility with Android, Java ME, Blackberry, and iPhone. Wide compatibility on each platform. • Games/Apps are using the latest technologies in handsets such as GPS, Camera, Accelerometer… etc. • In house testing done on all real devices. • We are an official development partner on major mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, Java ME, Blackberry, Windows Mobile.
  • 5. How to work with us? • Exclusive distribution rights of games/apps. No competition. • Custom development of titles by our team of more than 35 programmers. New games/apps are compatible with many different platforms such as Android, Java ME, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile. • Rebranding of our games under your brand or your client’s brands or operator’s brands. • Porting of your games to new and different platforms. If you have a library of Flash games then we can port it to iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Java ME… etc.
  • 6. Latest applications
  • 7. Latest applications
  • 8. Latest applications
  • 9. Latest applications
  • 10. Latest applications
  • 11. Latest games
  • 12. Latest games
  • 13. Latest games
  • 14. Latest games
  • 15. Latest games
  • 16. Acrobat Moto Get on your bike and show the entire world what you’ve born to do. The main goal of “Acrobat Moto” is to do stunt moves by pushing your speed to the limit and jumping throw the air. You’ll begin the game as a junior and you can’t enter the race until you pass through the practice lab.
  • 17. Help The Sleepy You are the fairy of sleep and your mission is to protect the poor sleep walker. By pushing away anything can hurt him and allowing him to stay dreaming. You’ll find yourself running over the rooftops and pushing any thing can stand against this sleeper.
  • 18. Diving Master If you have any fears of jumping from a high spot into the water then give this game a try.
  • 19. Sword Fighter The scientists have found a way to control magic and because of their experiments and researches the humans have seen and lived a better life. But after years of researches the power of magic destroys everything that humans built and left all beings for dead. Your main goal is to help the surviving people by fighting the ones who are trying to take control of the land. Fight your way using your sword and your magical power.
  • 20. Star's Life In “Star's Life” you’ll live as a real star from the hour you wake up until the hour you fall on sleep. You’ll begin your day at 8 o’clock and during the day you must eat and drink and if you didn’t do that you’ll loose health. You’ll talk to other stars by your mobile phone which will give you more important.
  • 21. Chinese Tetris Enjoy the amazing Tetris with the company of the hot Chinese girl. Your main goal on this game is to make a full line of tetris to make it disappear. the game over if the tetris reach the top of the screen.
  • 22. Crazy Ball “Crazy Ball” is an old game with a fresh idea and a new game mechanics. The goal of the game is to keep the ball inside the box. To do that you must active the wall’s gravity field before the ball hit it. The wall’s gravity will active for only few seconds. Activating the wall’s gravity will make it change its shape.
  • 23. Baby Sitter You’re a baby sitter who must take care of the most annoying creatures on the world “LITTLE CHILDREN”.
  • 24. Curving Route “Curving Route” is one of the few amazing 3D golf games. You’ll begin the game by choosing your character and the playground. You must aim for the power of your attack by holding the action5 button then releasing it then clicking it again. Your club will change automatically on every throw.
  • 25. Cyber Space War You are the pilot of the elite space soldiers. So it’s your mission to protect the galaxy from the outlaws. You’ll drive your ship throw the space shooting the enemy ships.
  • 26. Catch The Kiss You are young, you are full of energy and you can’t resist those charming girls. In this game you have to kiss every one of them on the building you are in. To do that you’ll jump from the rooftop kissing every girl throwing her face out of window. If you kiss enough girls then on your way down they’ll be waiting for you. If not you’ll hit the ground and die. But be careful there are other things that you should avoid to kiss, such as cats, chimpanzee, ..etc or else you will be facing problems!
  • 27. Gelly Cubes “Jelly Cubes” is an engaging puzzle game where you must move the cubes together in order to make them disappear. Each three cubes from the same colour will disappear giving you a bigger space. You must manage to choose carefully so you can give multi hits and earn extra points.
  • 28. Moral On the city of wizards a young wizard was walking when suddenly a flashing storm hit him and drags him away. After he awaked he found himself alone in a strange place. Help the young wizard to return to his home by exploring the new world, talking to the citizens, fighting monsters and collecting items. You’ll also look after your magic pet that can help you on your mission.
  • 29. My Pet Dog Edition“My Pet” is absolutely one of the most engaging series of games ever created. In “Dog Edition” you’ll begin by choosing the name, gender and country of your dog. You’ll use a realistic menu to look after your pet. So you can feed it, play with it, teach it and a lot more. To collect items you’ll move your pet toward the gifts where it’ll find food or other items
  • 30. Pico Dart If you have what it takes to be the master of the darts then this game is a must. The targeting system is great. The green circle will change its size from large to small. The best moment to throw the dart is when the circle at its smallest.
  • 31. Pro Bowling ChampionPlay the amazing “Pro Bowling Champion” against your friend on different modes or against your phone where you’ll face the bowl masters. Practice your bowling skills and aim for your shots carefully. Remember always to choose your bowling ball carefully for each round.
  • 32. Wolly Adventure Help Wolly on his adventure to catch a delicious sheep for his dinner. You’ll play through four mini missions to reach the sheep. After finishing the four missions you can jump to any one of them and play it all again. The missions are wonderfully designed and you’ll enjoy each one of them.
  • 33. Contact us Thanks for visiting our presentation. For further info please contact us: Email: sales(at)picogame(dot)com Phone: (978) 925-3394