Week 3 presentation


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Team homework for week 3.

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Week 3 presentation

  1. 1. Jerry Hoffman, Josh Ressler, AliSteins, and David PechonCOM 218Vandye Forrester
  2. 2.  Mobile devices have taken the gaming market by storm. Considered gaming platforms alongside consoles and PCs. New games success started on mobile platforms.
  3. 3.  Plenty of games with holiday themed DLC Angry Birds has several versions based on holidays, including Halloween and Christmas. Some MMOs have in-game holiday themed events.
  4. 4.  Multiplatform game for smartphones, tablets, and PC. Allows you to pick up where you left off on another device. For all types of players, all ages.
  5. 5.  The monsters of Halloween have been kidnapped! Halloween is in jeopardy of not occurring and only you can save the monsters from being locked up forever! You will fight your way through many obstacles and solve puzzles to meet your goal. Battle as kids on Halloween to save the classic monsters that have been kidnapped. Fight against the coalition against Halloween in your neighborhood You will face an array of enemies and challenges to free the monsters.
  6. 6.  The audience to target for this game is young kids to early teens. Yet it will allow for crossover to older audiences as some of the puzzles and levels will be of a challenge. You will be able to compete against your friends on who gets the best scores.
  7. 7.  The skill level for this game is not that high, just be able to move characters with left and right and the ability to throw a jack-o-lantern on another button to attack your enemies. Otherwise it is pretty easy to navigate.
  8. 8.  The game is a platform style of game with puzzles in the game. It is set in an urban and suburb backdrop where kids would be trick or treating.
  9. 9.  You can choose any of the five characters. -1) Skeleton Costume2) Bat Costume3) Ninja costume4) Magician Costume5) Warrior Costume
  10. 10.  Well rounded player Easiest to use Normal throwing power.
  11. 11.  Has fast throwing jack-o-lanterns Accuracy is less than others due to speed.
  12. 12.  Has the sneak ability Can get closer to enemies Has lower health than other characters.
  13. 13.  Has the ability to throw two jack-o- lanterns The jack-o-lanterns do a bit less damage than the others as a result of multiple jack-o- lanterns
  14. 14.  Throws larger jack- o-lanterns Are much slower than other characters
  15. 15.  The Coalition against Halloween are people who despise candy, dressing up in costumes and dealing with trick or treaters. They have devised a plan to end Halloween forever and kidnap and hide the monsters of Halloween forever.
  16. 16.  Dracula - First kidnapped Class monster of Halloween, the prince of darkness and vampire. Kidnapped from his coffin while he was sleeping. Frankenstein – Has super strength, was brought back from the dead by a scientist and he was tricked by the coalition and was kidnapped.
  17. 17.  The Mummy - Third monster kidnapped from his tomb in a museum as he was resting. He has the powers of the old Egypt. The Wolf man - A man that turns into a wolf on the full moon. Has powers of a wolf. Was kidnapped during a non-full moon. The Witch - A master of spells and potions. She has the ability to control everyone. Was kidnapped when a potion of hers backfired on her.
  18. 18. • Players control the throw• Choose a character with different throwing techniques• Know your character
  19. 19. • Save the monsters from the coalition• Each monster saved = 1000 points• Left over jack-o-lanterns not thrown = 2000 points• Special candy hidden throughout which unlocks o Special characters o New levels o Extra chances for points
  20. 20. • Rules are very simple• Rescue the monsters before you run out of jack-o-lanterns.• Players have unlimited chances to replay.• Limited by interaction• This ensures interest in the game play
  21. 21. Jerry Hoffman
  22. 22.  PC ◦ Home or office play Tablets ◦ Mobile users can enjoy away from PC Smart phone Apps ◦ Users can play anywhere they have cell service Web-based Platform ◦ Allows users to bookmark progress in the game and not have to start over each time they play.
  23. 23.  XNA Game Studio 3.1-Game development framework based on .NET for game development for Windows. Softimage Mod Tool – tool for creating 3D models. Supports exporting to XNA. FMOD – Utility to work on the sound for the games.
  24. 24.  Game Builder Studios- Cross platform game creation tool. ◦ Saving time and money re-creating codes for each platform. ◦ We can roll out each platform at the same time, meaning less wait for the end user.
  25. 25.  A fun, easy to learn experience for gamers of all ages. Simplistic touch control with a swipe of your finger. Save the monsters from the kidnappers to Save Halloween! Fun characters with their own unique abilities. Start off as a web based game, moving onto mobile platforms. Use industry standard tools to cut down on development time for different platforms.