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Portfolio de produtos de Parceiros (8 Venture Forum Brazil)

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Sollipsis Publishing Catalog

  1. 1. Partner’s Products
  2. 2. Who we are Sollipsis Interactive is an active content publishing and distribution partner - for a great variety of platforms  J2ME  BREW  Mophun  SMS/MMS  SymbianOS  PalmOS
  3. 3. What we do  Project and development of consumer- oriented wireless and mobile applications  Original games conception and production  Brand licensing for games  Porting and localization for various different markets  Content publishing and marketing
  4. 4. Publishing the Best...  Great Products from Great Developers: DynamicFun First Star ProgressiveMedia Nyo Studios TInfo Mobile ImpressionWare MobileArt Morpheme Mobile2Win QPlaze HeroCraft Jacado
  5. 5. Games
  6. 6. Spooky Slots  Spooky Slots brings the complete arcade Fruit Machine experience to mobile phones. Phantom Mansion  Collect the 'Skulls of Power' over 35 ghostly levels Fart Box  Turn your phone into a fart machine ? what more could you want!
  7. 7. Backgammon  Play the classic board game Backgammon on your mobile phone ! Choc-o-Block  Help Freddie to clear a path through the rooms by moving the blocs. Cow Bandits  Pilot your alien craft kidnapping (or cownapping) cows and scientists.
  8. 8. Keep-a-Head  Collect voodoo totem heads in 50 puzzling levels. Passball  Many sumos, one ball, much passing. Rotobotix  Build the giant robot in this fiendishly addictive puzzle game.
  9. 9. Frankie Jumpy  A fast and furious platform game. You have to collect all the items to progress to the next screen. Xmas Crazy Shift  Help Father Christmas at the present’s factory. Try not to drop too many presents. Group them by color for extra bonuses.
  10. 10. Boulder Dash ME  One of the most popular video-games of all times – now on your mobile! Ramson Quest  An exciting platform game that will keep you playing for hours
  11. 11. Jungle Rescue  The forrest is on fire! Cross the river by jumping from log to log, pick up the animals and bring them to the ambulance – but beware of the grizzly bears! Ball Rush  Addictive remake of classic game Break Out. Your objective is to bounce out the ball through the opening in the ceiling to proceed to the next level. The blocks can be indestructible, recoverable, invisible and special effect ones.
  12. 12. Mummy and the Beauty  Help Jane escape from the Egyptian labyrinth. Remarkable puzzle-arcade game. Top Guy  Destroy all enemies and pass all levels to save the innocent hostage. Classical platform shooter. Kamikaze – God´s Wind  Role Playing Game in medieval Japanese world.
  13. 13. Wizard Pinball  Classic pinball action brought to mobile phones. Outlanes, Rollovers, Jets, Ramps and Orbits are just some of the many features in this magically themed table. Quest of the Hero  The first step-by-step strategy game for mobiles. Your journey will be full of danger and difficulties. You will fight with great warriors and powerful wizards, accomplish a lot of interesting quests.
  14. 14. Racoon Rumba  Play Simon Says with a hip raccoon! Watch our raccoon dance and repeat her moves to spicy rumba music. Don't take too long, or you will be sure to disappoint. MobilePet  MobilePet is the pet who lives in your cell phone, ready to play with you whenever you like. Make sure to take good care of your pet. Feed, bathe, walk, and play with your pet on a regular basis!
  15. 15. Space Explorer  Can you safely travel through the various levels driving a physically modeled space rocket? Krazy Drops  A puzzle game. Sort the falling drops to create bigger blobs that will explode.
  16. 16. Buoy Sumo  Push your adversary out of the pool to win the match. Smart tiles  Rotate the tiles to rebuild the original picture. Play against the clock.
  17. 17. Pizza Night  Cook the pizzas as fast as you can in this frantic action game. Baby Sitter  Can you make the baby stop crying before you get fired? Collect all the items requested by the baby before he changes his mind and avoid the house’s hazards.
  18. 18. Dragon vs Dracula  You are a little brave dragon whose mission is to save the world. Beautiful platform game.
  19. 19. Tele-Chess  One of the first multiplayer games which allows users to play with each other online. Humorous pictures of chess pieces, build-in chat messaging and all the rules of chess implemented - that`s how the multiplayer game should look like!
  20. 20. BombJack  BombJack, originally developed by Tehkan (now Tecmo) in 1984, is by many regarded as one of the best arcade games of all time. This mobile phone version looks and plays exactly like the original arcade game, ensuring both old and new BombJack fans hours of fun.
  21. 21. Sheep Mania  Sheep Mania is a cute puzzle-game for all audiences. It's sheep shearing time! Unfortunately for sheep farmer Cal, sheep are often too lazy to move anywhere by themselves.. Help Cal push all of his sheep around stones and fences onto the shearing devices - An ever more challenging task, with over 50 levels to solve. Sheep Mania appeals to all ages and to both genders - It's easy to pick up, and hard to put away again.
  22. 22. And much...
  23. 23. ... much...
  24. 24. much more...
  25. 25. Wireless Solutions
  26. 26. Downloading Platform  A Complete, easy to integrate downloading platform for wireless content and applications  Download reports  Easy integration with existing Billing Systems and SMS Gateways  Generation of unique ids for applications  Automatical handset device recognising  Different payment methods – from Scratch- cards to credit-cards!
  27. 27. Contact Herval Freire, CEO +55 (83) 8805 3751 +55 (21) 8892-3225