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Picogame Presentation 2010


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Presentation about Picogame: developer of mobile games and applications on java me, symbian, blackberry, android and iphone platforms.

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Picogame Presentation 2010

  1. 1.  Small screens, great fun!
  2. 2. Who we are?Who we are? d d i 200 b f• Founded in 2007 by a team of  enthusiastic developers who thought  th t bil l tf i ththat mobile platform is among the  most important platforms in terms of  size and attentionsize and attention. • Our mission is to develop high quality  / li i hgames/applications that are  compatible with wide range of  l tf h J ME S biplatforms such as Java ME, Symbian,  Blackberry, Android and Iphone.
  3. 3. What have we done?What have we done? M th 460 titl d l d f• More than 460 titles developed sofar with wide compatiblity to all Java ME,  Blackberry Windows mobile andBlackberry, Windows mobile and  Android handsets • Porting to the iPhone is on the wayPorting to the iPhone is on the way. • Games are available on more than 100  operators.operators. • Achieved Top 10 games for continuous  months on MTN, Etisalat, Zain, Mobily, , , , y, Maxis and others • 4 Embedded games (OEM direct deals)g ( )
  4. 4. Unique about us?Unique about us? • Our games are distributed into many different g y categories • Our games are among the top games withOur games are among the top games with  user’s rating from 8/10 to 9.5/10 • Wide compatibility with different platforms• Wide compatibility with different platforms  and different handsets • Games/Apps are using the latest technologies  in handsets such as GPS, Camera,  Accelerometer. . etc
  5. 5. How to work with us?How to work with us? • Custom development of titles by our team of Custo de e op e t o t t es by ou tea o more than 30 programmers with more than  170 years of experience in mobile business170 years of experience in mobile business. • Rebranding of our games under operator’s  brand. • Exclusive content in some countriesExclusive content in some countries • Revenue sharing business model
  6. 6. TitleAction TitleAction
  7. 7. TitleAction TitleAction
  8. 8. TitleArcade TitleArcade
  9. 9. TitleArcade TitleArcade
  10. 10. TitleAdventure TitleAdventure
  11. 11. TitleAdventure TitleAdventure
  12. 12. TitlePuzzle TitlePuzzle
  13. 13. TitlePuzzle TitlePuzzle Puzzle
  14. 14. TitleRacing TitleRacing
  15. 15. TitleRacing TitleRacing
  16. 16. TitleRacing TitleRacing
  17. 17. TitleShooting TitleShooting
  18. 18. TitleShooting TitleShooting
  19. 19. TitleShooting TitleShooting
  20. 20. TitleSports TitleSports
  21. 21. TitleSports TitleSports
  22. 22. TitleSports TitleSports
  23. 23. TitleContact us TitleContact us • general questions • sales@pico ame com for sales/distrib tion• for sales/distribution • International line: +1‐650‐681‐0628