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„Wielka dwójka”, czyli jak działa Citrix XenApp na Citrix XenServer u dużych i mniejszych klientów.

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  • Now that we have covered some common pain points that affect XenApp customers, let’s discuss how server virtualization can address each of these points. In general, there are three main benefits that server virtualization can deliver to the XenApp environment.First, server virtualization can provide significant cost-savings through server consolidation. Underutilized XenApp servers and application silos can be consolidated, thus maximizing the return on investment for existing IT resources, minimizing the server footprint in the datacenter, and increasing server utilization. Additionally, the levels of isolation and scalability offered by 64-bit platforms allow multiple 32-bit workloads to be consolidated on higher-capacity, more cost-effective 64-bit servers.Server virtualization introduces a new, simplified management paradigm for XenApp environments. For example, you can now manage and provision XenApp servers across both physical and virtual server infrastructures, increasing flexibility in testing, development, production, and disaster recovery environments. You can dynamically provision new XenApp servers as business needs dictate, such as the month-, quarter-, or year-end, when traffic to line-of-business applications tend to be the highest. Moreover, since a single XenApp server image can be used to bootstrap both physical and virtual servers, it has become far easier to move XenApp servers farms between a physical infrastructure (such as a primary datacenter deployment) and a virtual infrastructure (such as a disaster recovery site).Finally, server virtualization can enhance the availability of XenApp applications. For example, XenServer effectively decouples application uptime from potential issues with the underlying hardware. Furthermore, capabilities like rapid server provisioning can simplify disaster recovery strategies, which are critically important in the event of a total datacenter failure.
  • XenServer can help address some of the scaling challenges with XenApp. Today, processor technology has progressed to the point where unvirtualized, physical 32-bit XenApp servers end up with unused processor capacity. Typical XenApp server hardware features dual socket, quad-core processors. Yet 32-bit Windows can natively address only 4 GB of RAM, so you tend to end up with servers that aren’t using this processor capacity very effectively. The graph here illustrates this, in that with memory fully utilized, there is as much as 80% processor availability. This is capacity that XenServer can help you make use of.
  • As a result, we see that XenServer is able to support 41% more users per host than VMware and delivered excellent performance at high user counts.Interestingly, we’ve heard anecdotally from partners and customers on even more impressive results—up to 2x more users for XenApp with XenServer compared to VMware.
  • We often get asked how we’re able to get such great performance.It really comes down to three things.Hardware Virtualization Assist The efficiency of the Xenhypervisor, which we see across the board for all workloads both Linux and Windows-basedOne-click shadow memory multiplier optimizer, specifially the shadow memory multipler
  • Finally, we have made it really simple to implement the optimizations. No complex tweaking is required. When you have a VM running XenAp, you go to the optimization tab and just select “optimize for XenApp.” Now, underneath this setting is a lot of Citrix R&D investment. We understand the XenApp workload better than anyone, and we’ve put the XS and XA engineering teams together to derive this simple solution. Essentially, what this setting allows XenServero be much more efficient in the management of memory, preventing the "thrashing" that occurs as XenApp processes create and destroy shadow pagetables. XenApp is a unique in how often these page tables are created an destroyed, so we’ve derived this optimization to accommodate the workload more effectively.More information is available here: http://community.citrix.com/blogs/citrite/anilma/2008/08/04/Shedding+some+light+on+XenApp+on+XenServer+performance+tuning
  • The performance testing toolkit, available from the XenServer SDK site, actually contains everything you’d need to re-create the tolly study in house – including the EdgeSight for Load Testing script and some sample results to analyze.
  • Market reaction has been amazing and we already see people taking a look at XenServer who wouldn’t have before.


  • 1. „Wielka dwójka”Czyli jak działa Citrix XenApp na XenServer u dużych i mniejszych klientów
    Przemek ZębikSE Citrix Systems Eastern Europe
  • 2. XenServer: Design for a betterutilization
    Fact 1: Virtualizationrequiresresources
    Fact 2: Scalabilityof a server will bereducedbyvirtualization
    Bychoosingthewrongvirtualizationsolution, scalabilitygetsunnecessarilyworse
    -> wrongvirtualizationsolution = morehardwarerequired
  • 3. Underlying technology
    New: Paravirtualization
    Old: Emulation
    • Designed for hardware assist
    • 4. Fast, enlightened I/O
    • 5. Lightweight hypervisor (native drivers)
    • 6. Runtime binary translation
    • 7. Device emulation
    • 8. Heavyweight hypervisor (includes drivers)
  • Xen - Standard for Clouds
  • 9. Why virtualize XenApp?
    Simplify management
    • Reduce hardwarefootprint in the datacenter
    • 10. Accelerate 32- to 64-bitserver transition
    • 11. Provide alternative tox64 migration
    • 12. Simplify server provisioning
    • 13. Manage single image for physical and virtual servers
    • 14. Address test and developmentscenarios
    Enhance availability
    Enhance availability
    • Reduce application downtime
    • 15. Add high availability and fault tolerance
    • 16. Simplify disaster recovery
  • Issue: 32-bit Windows can only address 4 GB RAM
    Underutilizes modern multi-core processors
    Reducing XenApp Server Count
    4 GB RAM exhausted
    Plenty of processor (dual socket, quad-core processors) cycles still available
  • 17. XenServer – OptimizedforXenApp
    41 % more User/Host as VMware 3.5
    The Tolly Group
  • 18.
  • 19. XenServer Performance - XenApp
  • 20. XenServer Performance - XenApp
  • 21. Test Results
  • 22. The Secret Sauce
    • Hardware virtualization assist
    • 23. Extremely lean & efficient hypervisor
    • 24. One-click Optimization
  • One-click Optimization: Shadow Memory Multiplier
  • 25. XenApp Performance SDK Testing Toolkit
  • 26. Best proof:customercasestudiesBitburger brewerygroup
  • 27. Sincejanuary 1st 2007, germany‘sstrongest beer brandslike Bitburger, König Pilsener, Licher, KöstritzerandWernesgrünerareactingjointlyundertheumbrellagroup Bitburger Braugruppe
    Market leader in the gastronomy field
    Within a periodoffiveyears, theintegrationofthe 4 corporationshadbeenaccomplished
    Distributed infrastructurewith 1.800 Users at 17 different locations
    300 Home-Offices
    The customer – Bitburger Brewery
  • 28. More than 200 physicalservers in production
    Citrix Presentation Server 4.5
    Standard applications via publisheddesktops
    Special applications via publishedapplications
    900 concurrentusersat 17 locations + 300 in Home-Offices
    Massive hardware demand for current and future requirements
    Change- and patch managementprocessescostand time intensive
    Consistentimages due tohighnumberofserverscould not begranted
    Initial situation
  • 29. ResultsfromTesting/POC: XenAppvirtualizedbased on XenServer
    5 VMs with 20 userseachat a CPU utilizationof 50 % @ 24 GB RAM per physicalhost
    Consolidationratio 4:1
    Usageof Essentials for XenServer Platinum
    XenServer Hosts: HP BL 460c G1 QC with 2,66 GHz CPUs and 24 GB RAM
    50 VMs, davon ca. 40 in Production
    900 concurrentusers on XenAppwithXenServeratthemoment
    Per Host 5 VMs withroundabout 20 users
    Consolidationratio 1:5
  • 30. Time savings
    Configurationofnewservers: 90% lesseffort
    Rolloutof Patches / Changes: 97% lesseffort (provisioningservices)
    Physicalscalability vs. Virtual scalability: 50% (Ratio HW / VM: 1:5)
    Electricity: 88% savings
  • 31. Delivery of SAP to 50.000 Users via XenApp & XenServer
  • 32. Challenge
    50.000 Users worldwide are accessing via XenApp
    Reduction of 720 physical XenApp Server(Windows 2003 32Bit, maximum4GB RAM)
    No space at datacenter (Cooling, electricity, etc.)
    Citrix XenServersuccessfullyintroducedat SAP
  • 33. Before: 750 servers – After: Only 150 withXenServer
    Space requirements -75 %
    Hardware requirements -75 % (-582.000 t CO2)
    Costsforcooling -64 % (-33.000 t CO2)
    Completesavingsuntil 2011:
    35% € 2,3 Mio.
    Resultsofthe ROI analysis @ SAP
  • 34. Virtualizing 1,500 servers via XenServer
  • 35. Environment
    • Seeking flexibility
    • 36. Greener Living initiative
    • 37. Real Time Sales System
    • 38. 1,500 transactions per second
    • 39. Virtualizing 1,500 servers
    • 40. 80 XenApp servers
    • 41. HP ProLiant BL680c Servers
    • 42. HP StorageWorks XP24000 SANs
    75% Increase in transaction capacity
    20% reduction in carbon emissions
    > 50% reduction in energy costs
    10:1 server consolidation
    70% CPU utilization
    Simplified back up systems
  • 43. German Youth Hostel Association rests easy with XenServer
  • 44. Dynamic allocation of computing capacity addresses seasonal demand
    Server virtualization reduces datacenter overhead and optimizes utilization
    Centralized management and granular access controls simplify IT administration
    Remote support and proactive performance management improve the user experience
    Key Benefits
  • 45. XenServer, Platinum Edition running on 29 IBM Blade Servers
    MicrosoftWindows Server 2003
    750 devices: 40 notebooks, 300 thin clients, 410 PCs
    Gigabit backbone, 100 Mbit for the workstations, connection to external locations via DSL
    Applications: More than 60 applications including: MicrosoftOffice, MicrosoftIE, Lotus Notes, Reservation and booking systems
    XenServer and XenApp Environment
  • 46. Bechtel
    One of the world’s largest and most
    successful global infrastructure construction
    firm chooses XenServer to virtualize XenApp
    • 400 servers in production
    • 47. Moving to 80% of physical servers being virtualized
    • 48. Motivation for virtualizing XenApp:
    • 49. Consolidation of 32-bit silos on 64-bit hardware
    • 50. Increasing server utilization
    • 51. Rapid provision and decommissioning of servers
  • Starting Citrix Essentials pays off immediately
  • 52. x86 Virtualization example – Benefits
    19% more supported users
    74% less power1
    81% fewer servers2
    35% cost reduction3
    More flexible – easierto respond to changingbusiness needs
    1,2,3 Based on pricing, power calculations, and BOM configurations from hp.com on 2/5/2009
  • 53. >70.000 downloadswithinthepast 3 months
    “When Citrix releases such a rich enterprise package for free, what company can afford to skip a XenServer evaluation in the current economy?” virtualization.info
  • 54. Getting Started
    • Download XenServer for Free at http://www.citrix.com/freexenserver
    • 55. Install on any VT-capable server, workstation, or laptop
    • 56. Getting Started Videos, docs available on http://support.citrix.com/xenserver
    • 57. Check out the XenApp on XenServer Server Virtualization test kit http://community.citrix.com/cdn/xs/XenServer+Resource+Kit