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8 christian ferber xen_server_6_news

  1. 1. XenServer 6.0 NewsChristian FerberSystems Engineer Datacenter & CloudServer VirtualizationE-Mail: christian.ferber@eu.citrix.com
  2. 2. Citrix XenServer Best virtualization• Free XenServer Impact platform • 450,000+ downloads • 75,000+ unique organizations • > 50% of Fortune 500 run XenServer “XenServer 5.5 now meets 100% of our enterprise requirements”• Proven with leading vendors technology -BurtonGroup,2009 • Entrusted by demanding organizations to run the “Look closely at Citrix as an alternative to most mission critical apps VMware. [Citrix] offers many of the same • Optimized to run XenDesktop deployments features as VMware with more flexibility and a lower price.”• Used by the largest clouds -Info-TechResearchGroup,2011 Magic Quadrant “Leader" – noted for features• Validated by market thought leaders and price/performance” -Gartner,2011
  3. 3. Why Customers Virtualize with XenServer? • 10 minutes to Xen 1 Ease of Use • No single points of failure • Centrally manage hundreds of virtual servers • Enterprise-class features such as live migration, disk snap shots, high availability, dynamic memory control 2 Performance • Enables you to optimize resources with zero- downtime to users. • Industry-leading server virtualization, free! • Extends your server consolidation savings into 3 Affordable capital equipment, space, power and cooling costs • Per server pricing for premium editions
  4. 4. XenServer in „Leaders“ Quadrant
  5. 5. Many Organizations Leverage Multiple Hypervisors How many server virtualization vendors are you using? 5 4 3 2 1 1% 3% 7% 31% 58% What pair of vendors are you using? 4% 5% 9% VMware/Citrix VMware/Microsoft 41% VMware/Oracle 9% Microsoft/Oracle Oracle/Red Hat 32% Microsoft/Red Hat Source: Info-Tech Research Group; N = 71
  6. 6. XenServerBase Enhancements
  7. 7. Simplicity & Ease of Use• Installation, upgrade and management of a XenServer environment has been drastically simplified • Integrated StorageLink • Workload Balancing Virtual Appliance • Integrated Site Recovery • vApps • Rolling Pool Upgrade Wizard • Simplified Installer
  8. 8. Rolling Pool Upgrade• Fully automated upgrades (after pre-checks) • Requires HTTP, NFS or FTP share• Semi-automated upgrades • CD or PXE
  9. 9. Performance & Scale Improvements• 16 vCPU per VM• 128Gb Memory per VM• 1TB Physical RAM support• XenCenter now parallelizes XenAPI operations
  10. 10. New guest support• Updated Guest Support • Debian Squeeze 6.0 64-bit • Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.0 (32 and 64-bit) • SLES 10 SP4 (32 and 64-bit)• New Guest Support • Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 (32 and 64-bit)• Experimental Guest Support • CentOS 6.0 (32 and 64-bit) • Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat 10.10 (32 and 64-bit) • Solaris 10
  11. 11. XenServer Networking
  12. 12. Distributed Virtual Switch• Successor of Linux bridging• Seamless integration• Enables network switching between XenServer hosts• Enhances networking flexibility also for service providers• Controller available as appliance• Support for VM port ACLs, QoS, Port Mirroring, Monitoring using NetFlow,...
  13. 13. XenServerAvailability & Recovery
  14. 14. Live Migration Device Drivers Device Drivers Device Drivers XenTool Stack XenTool Stack XenTool Stack Xen Hypervisor Xen Hypervisor Xen Hypervisor Bare Metal Hardware Bare Metal Hardware Bare Metal Hardware Remote VM guest storage
  15. 15. High Availability Protected Protected Device Drivers Device Drivers Device Drivers Do not Protected XenTool Stack restart XenTool Stack XenTool Stack Xen Hypervisor Xen Hypervisor Xen Hypervisor Bare Metal Hardware Bare Metal Hardware Bare Metal Hardware Remote VM Guest Storage
  16. 16. NFS Support for HA Feature• Heartbeat disk can now be on NFS• Previously supported block based disk types were Hardware HBA & iSCSI
  17. 17. Disaster Recovery Architecture XenServer Disaster Recovery in case of failure of Site AVM VM VM VM VM VM 1 2 n 1 2 n XenServer XenServer Pool A Pool B Data Replication by Storage Storage A Storage B
  18. 18. Virtual Appliance Introduction (vApp)• Support for “vApps” or Virtual Appliances • OVF definition of Virtual Appliance• vApp contains one or more Virtual Machines• Enables grouping of VM which can be utilized by • XenCenter • Integrated Site Recovery • Appliance Import and Export • HA
  19. 19. VM Protection & Recovery• Policy based snapshotting and archiving for VMs• Separate scheduling options for snapshot and archive• Assisted Policy Configuration • Add multiple VMs to policy • Search filter available • VM can only belong to 1 policy • XenCenter or CLI Platinum Advanced
  20. 20. XenServerManagement
  21. 21. Support for SCVMM and SCOM• XenServer 6.0 supports SCVMM and SCOM • Management of XenServer VMs via System Center Virtual Machine Manager • System Center Operations Manager pack for monitoring• Support for various VM and host operations and monitoring• Certain Host/Pool management operations still in XenCenter (e.g. HA, DR)
  22. 22. SCVMM Screenshots
  23. 23. StorageLink – Intelligent Storage Management XenServer(s) Management Communication Fast cloning Snapshots Data Communication Deduplication Recovery ...
  24. 24. Workload Balancing
  25. 25. Workload Balancing Virtual Appliance• Ready-to-use WLB Virtual Appliance replaces Windows based WLB installer• Up and running with WLB in minutes rather than hours• Small footprint, Linux Virtual Appliance • ~150Mb
  26. 26. XenServerfor XenDesktop
  27. 27. XenDesktopXenServer – Best platform for XenDesktop XenServer• >50% of XenDesktop deployments run on XenServer• XenServer Enterprise included in XenDesktop• XenServer reduces server and storage cost massively 50% lower central storage cost by IntelliCacheTM Windows 7 Windows 7 Best support for HDX 3D desktops 1 n by GPU Pass-Thru More desktops per server by Dynamic Memory Control IntelliCacheTM Storage XenServer and more …
  28. 28. IntelliCacheTM in action XenServer Host Pooled R/W Cache at runtime Desktops Intellicache Read Cache NFS Shared Storage Base Disk Clones per VM
  29. 29. Intellicache IOPS Reduction XD5/XS 5.6 FP1 Performance Comparisons Maximum Read/Write IOPS load on shared storage Shared desktops provisioned MCS with and without IntelliCache 1800 1680.32 1600 1400 1200IOPS - NFS Operations 1000 887.57 800 792.75 600 400 200 0 1.85 0.79 10.04 1.79 NFS Shared (No IntelliCache) - 110 Desktops Local SAS - 30 desktops Local SSD - 100 desktops Max Read IOPS Max Write IOPS Max IOPS Combined
  30. 30. GPU Pass-through Support• Enables high-end graphics in VDI deployments with HDX 3D Pro• Optimal CAD application support with XenDesktop• More powerful than RemoteFX, virtual GPUs, or other general purpose graphics solutions
  31. 31. Benefits of GPU Pass-throughWithout GPU pass-through, each With GPU pass-through, hardwareuser requires their own Blade PC costs are cut up to 75% GPU cards XenServer Host
  32. 32. Citrix XenServer 6.0 Family • Site Recovery Platinum • Provisioning Services for Physical Servers • GPU Pass-Thru • Monitoring Pack for SystemCenter Operations Manager • Workload Balancing incl. Power Management • StorageLinkTM Advanced Storage Management • IntelliCacheTM for XenDesktop Storage Optimization Enterprise • Role-based AdministrationXenServer • Live Memory Snapshots Includes alsoPremium • Provisioning Services for Virtual Servers Provisioning forEditions • Web Management Console with delegated Administration physical desktops • Automated VM Protection and Recovery • Distributed Virtual Switching included in • Mixed Resource Pools by CPU Masking Advanced XenDesktop • Dynamic Memory Control • High Availability for XenDesktop related • Performance Reporting and Alerting workloads • Management Integration with SystemCenter Virtual Machine Manager • SAN Boot Multipathing SupportXenServer Free • Active Directory Integration • Storage Snapshots • No socket restriction • XenCenter Management incl. shared storage and XenMotionTM
  33. 33. Citrix XenServer Product FamilyLicense Model License Model 1 Platinum 2 Enterprise1 License per XenServer physical Premium XenServer Editions included in 1 License per Advanced XenDesktop XenDesktop for XenDesktop related workloads User Free XenServer