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25 Lean questions
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25 Lean questions


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Questions to help the individual, team, and organization improve processes and activities.

Questions to help the individual, team, and organization improve processes and activities.

Published in: Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. 25 Lean Questions to measure and improve your processes and activities by Tom Curtis
    • 2. 3 levels of questioning • Use the following questions to check status and improve processes for: • You • Your team • Your organization
    • 3. Do you have a standard?
    • 4. Are your tools always in the right places to help you do the right things?
    • 5. How do you problem solve? Is it effective?
    • 6. How do you sustain change?
    • 7. Are your actions and activities aligned to your goals?
    • 8. Can you tell normal from abnormal, if there is no normal?
    • 9. Do you kaizen?
    • 10. Do you have the courage to stop the process or activity?
    • 11. Do your andons highlight the right things?
    • 12. Do your kanbans signal the right amounts?
    • 13. How often do you visit the gemba?
    • 14. Do you try to surface or bury problems?
    • 15. Do you know how the value is created?
    • 16. Do you audit?
    • 17. How does my customer view what I do? Are they willing to pay for it? If not, how do I know it is required?
    • 18. How much time do you spend observing?
    • 19. Do you know what waste looks like in your process?
    • 20. Do you know how you create scrap?
    • 21. How do you know you have the right inventory in the right places?
    • 22. Do you know what is flow? If so, how does it show?
    • 23. How much of your maintenance is preventative?
    • 24. When was the last time your process proactively changed for the better?
    • 25. How visual is your process?
    • 26. How do you know that the jobs or activities are designed right? How do you know they are still right?
    • 27. Do your employees know what they are supposed to do? How do they know?
    • 28. • All pictures taken by Tom Curtis May 2010 • Blog: • Other Presentations: Onimproving on