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PRESENT: a model to aid presentation


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A model to improve the quality of our presentation.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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PRESENT: a model to aid presentation

  1. 1. PRESENTa model to aid presentation
  2. 2. Created 2013by Tom CurtisBlogs: www.onimproving.blogspot.comwww.leanlicenseplates.tumblr.comwww.improvementmodels.tumblr.comwww.corpsociology.tumblr.comwww.ideamerchants.tumblr.comPresentations: Email: ideamerchants@gmail.comInstagram: onimprovingTwitter: @onimproving
  3. 3. preparedo the homework, choose the topic, selectthe content, learn the setting, build the deck.
  4. 4. refineimprove the wording, adjust the order, add content,subtract content, sharpen the graphics, test the flow.
  5. 5. energizeadd life, infuse with memorablemoments, find feeling, appeal to emotion.
  6. 6. syncponder hearer/user needs, align toinsights, make easy to interface and use.
  7. 7. edgetrim excess, pull redundant slides, ensuresmoothness, sharpen opening, refine closing.
  8. 8. normalizepractice throughly, correct errors, adjustdifficulties, become sharp, ensure feeling.
  9. 9. teachteach clearly, find feedback, makeadjustments, give yourself.