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Newwave ESG group portfolio
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Newwave ESG group portfolio


NewWave has an enviable track record in providing reliable Enterprise computing, networking & connectivity Solutions and power-conditioning solutions, leveraging the best technology and …

NewWave has an enviable track record in providing reliable Enterprise computing, networking & connectivity Solutions and power-conditioning solutions, leveraging the best technology and products.

NewWave has very strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships with the world's leading technology and
service providers to bring its customers the most advanced and flexible technology solutions. Our strategic associations with IBM, EMC, VMWARE, Fortinet, APC are all very key to delivering state of the art business solutions to our customers.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • Good Morning ! My name is __________ and I am part of the Enterprise Solutions Group at Newwave. I would like to thank you for giving me this time. Over the next 30 minutes or so, I would like to share with you an overview of what we at Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) have to offer our customers such as yourselves So without any further delay …lets move on
  • So What Do We Do ? We are in the business of building Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions for our customers. Increasingly in our interactions with customer, we find that they are constantly challenged to build an infrastructure that drives down costs , that is intelligent and secure and is equally dynamic to the changing business climate as well. With these dynamic business conditions as a background, organizations need to build an Intelligent IT Infrastructure that brings together physical, digital and virtual business assets, in a way that optimizes an end to end performance - while reducing costs. Our definition captures the essence of what we mean by the term “Intelligent Infrastructure Solution”
  • So How Do We Do It ? The Intelligent Infrastructure is comprised of 7 Layers starting with the most important Power Conditioning Layer or the Foundation Layer for the IT Organization. Efficiently Optimizing your Power is a very critical need today as well as the ability to scale to meet the dynamic performance demands of today application workloads – is a challenge in itself ! The Inability of Provisioning such a Power Conditioning Infrastructure Inability can have very severe consequences – not just for IT – but for the entire Business as a whole. We have intelligent solutions from APC that addresses these challenges Moving up the stack , the next 3 Layers form the basic IT infrastructure fabric for Organisation. It is these layers that run Office and Business Applications that organizations have learnt to depend on . Each organization is at a different level of maturity with respect to these 3 layers – but if one needs to do more with less, get more agile and be more responsive to the business, it is important that the IT Organization take a step back and evaluate just how well positioned their compute, storage, security and network infrastructure are to take advantage of new emerging technologies such as virtualization and cloud technologies. Once an organization has standardized their IT infrastructure, they look to the next layer to give them those CAPEX and OPEX savings that Virtualization solutions can bring to the table – be it Infrastructure Virtualization or Application Virtualization or Desktop Virtualization – this is when IT start moving from just being a cost centre to being an active contributor to the business as well. On to the next layer – which really binds it all together – is the Intelligent Management and Automation solution offerings – across infrastructure and applications - that give the IT Organizations Visibility Control and Orchestration capabilities over the IT Infrastructure. The pinnacle really of the Intelligent Infrastructure Solution is the 7 th Layer – the Cloud Computing Layer - which is all about a change in the way IT is consumed and IT is delivered by the organization. It is about self provisioning of IT resources by end users in a automated secure and compliant manner. Be it on premises Private Cloud Solution or a Cloud Platform Solution for the Dev and Test Environments to complete Integrated Business Application Suites via Software As A Service ( SaaS) – the way we are going to personally compute is changing in the years to come and the IT organisation needs to be geared to deliver these “safe workspace environments” to their end users –regardless of the device or application they use. So in summary, these layers build the intelligent infrastructure for our customers - and this is what we do in Enterprise Solutions Group
  • Organizations need distributed UPS systems that can meet the needs of small & medium business and yet be reliable, affordable and well-supported. Centralised IT infrastructure such as Servers need online UPS Systems that have built-in management features. Critical IT infrastructure which run business applications need scalable & redundant UPS Systems for high availability. Mid-markets customers need small datacenter solutions that include UPS systems, environment monitoring and management features. Large to Enterprise Datacenters need Server racks, wiring closets, Cooling systems and environment monitoring capabilities for centralised & remote management. Today’s clear focus for many organizations are about creating right-size UPS and cooling solutions to remain Green. The legacy designs of over sizing the capacity is no longer affordable or recommended for greater efficiency. And, last but not the least, is the need to have security - both physical and virtual -in addition to monitoring of power & cooling.
  • APC has a complete range of solutions to address these challenges: The APC Smart-UPS are a series that can comfortably address the needs of small & medium businesses. They come with scalable battery runtime and can be easily deployed. The APC Smart-UPS Online ranging from 1-20 kVA are the best choice for Server and storage protection. Extended battery runtime features, SNMP monitoring and web-monitoring features are standard. For scalable and modular Power and Battery modules that can be gradually built as the needs grow, the APC Symmetra series is the ideal choice. And for datacenter requirements that can start from a single rack or wiring closet to large server farms, APC InfrastruXure solutions offer end-to-end components from a bare shell to cooling systems, heat removal devices, surveillance and access control. APC’s environment friendly designs assures customers of the most efficient and reliable power & cooling equipments.
  • Coming to the next Layer – which is all about Server Compute Solutions ! We have partnered with the best in this area – so you have a choice of IBM / HP and Dell for the x86 and RISC range of Business Server Platform. While earlier, the choice of Server Platforms were relatively simple – now-a-days when you look at the list of Workloads that need to run and then couple that with the varying degree of High Availability, Scalability & Performance you would like to have – at the price point of choice – then selection of the right “Purpose-Designed” server platform becomes key – and that where we can help you ! For example when you looking at a Business Continuity type of Solution area, aspects such as I/O & Storage, High Availability, and Systems Management become “important” features to look For a Web Serving solution , the important features woould be Memory Throughput, Density, and Systems Management For an ERP solution , the important features would be I/O & Storage, Integer Performance & Memory Throughput, Scalability, High Availability, and Systems Management … .and so on an so forth At the end of the day it about selecting the right system - that open, flexible, easy to deploy - and getting “the maximum server” for the budget that your operating with We can help you there !! <<<<<<SUDDARSHAN SLIDE NOTES FOLLOW>>>>>>>> ON SERVERS:            The Server Compute Solution revolves around two traditional architectures---CISC & RISC based. Most vendors in the server domain offer solutions around both the platforms. The reach of Intel, Windows & VM ware has resulted in CISC architecture being dominant in the market. While the RISC solution has always offered better reliability features, it has always been found proprietary architecture comes with its own limitations.            With Intel constantly re-inventing themselves, today’s x-86 servers are dynamic, powerful & easy to use. Gone are those days where processing capacity were not able to meet application demands but the on the other hand the applications are finding it increasingly difficult to match 70% of processor utility. Performance Bottlenecks have also been eliminated since the inception six & eight core processor of Intel. It is right to say that Intel controls the entire x86 market.   It is important to note that workloads are different from one another. There are few workloads like Oracle which are processor intensive while on the other hand we have VM ware which are extremely memory hungry. Typically, sizing of the hardware on the basis of utilization assumes paramount significance. Thus Workloads are broadly classified into 3-----Enterprise, Virtualization & Database as explained in the chart.                    The x-86 Servers has matured over the last 3 decades and the server vendors have played a significant role in innovating & making energy efficient servers. There have been evolutions around the form factor, compute, memory & Disk Scalability. The Blade Chassis for example, offers server density, modular scalability resulting in lowering rack space, cooling , power & network costs. Blade Centers are a smart choice with  a guaranteed uptime of 99.999%.          These servers relatively inexpensive to acquire and maintain, standardized across multiple vendors, with lots of applications and skilled people available in abundance. It makes the right choice to address various needs. It is easy to deploy & integrate and helps in seamless inception in to any IT environment.
  • The challenges from a Storage perspective are many in today fast changing “real-time” world.   Let me share with you some interesting facts and predictions … Fact # 1 : 15 PetaBytes of new information is generated everyday in the world Fact # 2 : Soon it is estimated that there will be 1 Trillion Internet Connected Devices in the world Fact # 3 : Enterprise data growth over the next 5 years is estimated at 650 Percent . Fact # 4 : More information has been published in the last 30 years that in the previous 5000 years.   This is not a new problem. But what’s making this challenge more interesting is that the NATURE of data is also changing l - from a “Structured” form such as numbers and letters to an “unstructured” format such as files full of videos, pictures, music. So the problem isn’t going away ………   A lot of organization are therefore, actively exploring ways To Store Less data They are also looking To Place data more intelligently while ensuring that they can be accessed quickly and securely in real time. The ability to Scale their Storage quickly and effectively which is a top challenge today And to protect and recover their Data in a timely manner ensuring that they meet service levels of the Business, Our partnership with IBM and EMC ensures that the storage solution offerings are Flexible – in that they support all the open standard storage protocols (STORE) Diverse in their Protection Strategy (PROTECT) Give you the ability to efficiently and effectively scale up and scale down your storage environemtn with a host of Virtualisation and Automation Solutions And getting into Content Control of the information with our added layer of intelligence solutions Today’s Storage environments are not passive ‘Data Stores” anymore  
  • It’s no longer enough just to install security software/appliances. You need to know that it’s installed…running…and up-to-date. Because if it’s not, the organisation is at risk. Basic PROTECTION FOR YOUR IT INFRASTRUCTURE which can include physical security, surveillance & monitoring, can be quickly cobbled up. With increasing pervasiveness of connectivity, PROTECTING YOUR INFORMATION soon emerges as a business imperative. Securing the way information is shared and identifying challenges will be an ongoing need. With growing communication, PROTECTING INTERACTIONS and user identity creates greater risk and opportunity. Our broad set of Network and data security products & services can help you define…control…and govern your IT initiatives. We start by helping you understand the requirements for your business…outline your control objectives…and assess your IT risk. We can help you identify the gaps between internal policies and external requirements and work with you to create and document appropriate policies, mapping them back to the relevant regulations…frameworks…and standards. The continued expansion of the digital world is already build into almost every company’s assumptions for growth – and underpins the assumptions for the global economy. Cloud computing is here to stay and non-intrusive security needs will continue to grow, with more organisations doing business online. We guide customers to focus efforts on creating a secure infrastructure that is scalable for business needs.
  • Our strategic alliances with leading-edge Security solution providers has enabled us to address a wide range of Security challenges. We work with Fortinet, who offer an immpressive line-up of UTM appliances that have proven themselves globally for addressing Infrastructure Protection requirements. With organizations being dependent on managing & optimzing numerous communication links, Load Balancing solutions from F5 have put customers in complete control. Managing links and ensuring optimal use of their costs is now a simple task. Information Management and IT traffic handling is easily achieved. Enterprise email Servers who use ProofPoint anti-spam solutions have reported happily about the exponential drop in Spam mails and the consequent disruptions they had suffered.
  • So when we look at Virtualisation – the first thing that pops up is – “huge capex savings” –in fact that’s a great starting point and motivator for moving towards consolidation all those resources into a shared pool - however that’s just the start of the journey. Typically IT Organisation will start with assets that IT owns ( typically File and Print Server, DNS Servers, Email server etx) and achieve that first wave of capex optimisation – however once you have achieved that first level of infrastructure virtualization it is important that IT then moves on to Virtualising Business Production Workloads – and it is this phase 2 of infrastructure virtualization – there are enormous efficiency gains to be had that have a direct bearing on OPEX expenses …more than CAPEX at this stage. <<<CLICK>>> The profound impact of the cloud era is a transformation in these layers, starting with this infrastructure layer. That infrastructure layer down at the bottom has to become fundamentally more automated and more evolved. It has to become a layer that people can largely put in place and then forget about. It has to EVOLVE Applications are going to have to be transformed. The old paradigms of developing applications for the paper bill era are passing – today application needs to be a lot more social aware / more dynamic – users are demanding different “types” of data to be presented to them – in real time - ….so we really need to look at the typical Business Application that used to be Clien-Seerved within the 4 walls of our Organisation and Modernise the same to be able to handle these new demands and huge volumes – that Modern day applications are going to be generating ! If a Business Wants to stay competitive – they need to think about how new applications will have to be developed. And then lastly how you deliver those applications to users is going to have to change because you can't assume that every user in your organization is going to be using exactly the same model of a laptop with exactly the same build of Windows on it. There are going to be all sorts of devices. There are smartphones, tablets, different operating systems, etc., - we are going to have rethink End User Computing going forward. ((CLICK)) Our partnership with VMWare will enable to deliver all these capabilities at those 3 layers for your organisation ! So Virtualisation of the Infrastrcutre / Virtaulsation of the Application / virtualisation of the desktop environment coupled with the flexibility to deliver the same On-Premise or Off From a Public Cloud Infrastructure – is where the Virtualsation vision is going ! The good news for us is that the journey of transformation has to start down at the infrastructure level and then go up through the application level to the end-user levels. And that transformation down at the infrastructure level starts with virtualization.
  • Coming to the “Intelligence” part of the Infrastructure – it is extremely important to have a clear Visibility and Control into the Infrastructure and all Service Related Operations that go into keeping the IT environment up and running well ! Our partnership with IBM Tivoli gives us all the tools that you will need to automate, orchestrate and manage this changing environments – both on premise and tomorrow …a public cloud presence …be it their Storage Management (TSM )to their Tivoli Service Automation Management that would take a request for a Self-Serve Provision in an on-premise Private Cloud environment and ensure that the request is serviced completely – right from authorization to orchestration of the environment to deliver that request !
  • When we look at the Cloud Computing Landscape we have broken up into 3 distinct area as show On the Lower Left is are the Private Cloud Offerings that are available. A private Cloud is really about creating an Automated Responsive IT Infrastructure where end users can self-serve their resources be it Virtual Machines, Applications , Remote Desktops) in a Cloud Friendly manner ….but doing that on “on premises”. We can help you build that Private Cloud Infrastructure with our partnerships with VMWare and IBM CloudBurst solutions . When we look at the Public Cloud Iaas/Paas Offerings , there is the Windows Azure Platform for .NET Dev and Runtime environments that are available on a pay-per-use model as well as distinct offerings from IBM – with their Smart Business Dev and Test Offering. IBM is making their Rationale / Websphere / Lotus and DB2 products available on per pay per use along with 9 Supporting Hardware Configuraitons that can be rented by the hour. For those working with Spring Java environments, VMWare offers the SPRING framework and RunTime Services both for On-Premises and through VMFORCE which is their Public Cloud Offering through their partnership with SalesForce. So if you have a Development & Test environment that is Microsoft / Java / Websphere bound – then its important that we have a discussion further on those areas with you – as there is huge benefit for your organisation here to leverage these Public Cloud Offerings. Coming to the Public SaaS offferings – we offer the On Cloud Microsoft-365 solution – complete with our Migration and on-boarding services. A lot of our clients are finding that Email and Collaboration and all the headache that goes to keeping that environment up – is best served by a Cloud Offering – and who better than Microsoft itself that’s offering that Service ! We ourselves have transitioned to the Cloud for our own internal email and collaboration requirement – so we can help you in that discussion as well. For the Small and Medium Enterprise segments, we are a Cloud Service Partner with TCS – the company that launched an all-in-one Cloud Servce ERP Model for 4 distint Verticals namely Education / manafuacturing / Retail and Wellness. So in the event that any of you have ancillary units or sub-contract organisation that are working as part of your Supply Chain – and they need to get more modersnised in term of their IT – quickly ……. The TCS offering would be the magic wand solution for them – so do talk to us should you see that kind of requirements in your space ! And for those organizations who are keen to host their applications on the Cloud, but yet want to be able to manage, monitor and secure their IT initiatives, we have a host of offerings from Netmagic, a leading datacentre provider in India. So …that’s pretty much sums our Approach to building this Intelligent Infrastructure for your Organization ------moving on !
  • A little bit about us Who We Are ? In little over a decade we have managed to grow ourselves on many fronts – Be it our expansion into all 4 state of southern India TO An ever expanding customer base in these regions TO Reaching the 100 Crore Turnover Milestone AND The team of well trained professionals and An extremely sound business foundation These factors have been built over time has been the key reason for our success this far So What we do ? We recognize that our clients are constantly asking more from us – and we are always challenged to be able to meet their expectations in being a trusted business partner / or IT Vendor in their strategy for growth. In this scenario, we have designed our business model to be able to deliver Business Value – be it on the Volume or Value expectations of our clients. For us - the Value Drivers are all about us being able to :- Identifying Unrecognized Problems and use IT to solve them Providing Unanticipated Solutions to optimize IT investments Creating Unseen Opportunities t o leverage value out of IT So that’s up there in a nutshell is what we do
  • Organizations that have continue to give us opportunities TO SERVE …
  • Some of the Earlier Recognition and Awards ….and here are the more recent ones as wel – which bears testament to the fact that we are perhaps doing something right after all  !
  • Coming to Our Approach for Growth We recognize that our growth could only come by 1. Retaining our existing clients by continuing to do what we do best 2. Engage into newer markets / clients with our existing portfolio of solutions 3. Expand the Portfolio Of Offerings and thereby create value for new and existing customers The strategy to execute this is built around those 5 tenants mentioned above
  • Capability (both PreSales, Execution and Post Sales) Commitment (to the relationships) And Contribution (achievements) Are the 3 critical aspects for our success …… AND …..Our Alliance-Partner Ecosystem has been very instrumental in helping us deliver our Value proposition to client over the last 11 years. We have been able to achieve many accreditation over the years and we continue to build on that as our priority and strategy.
  • This is out firm Belief as an Organization …… that “Our Values and Value-Proposition will continue to Differentiate Us in the Marketplace” – and its something that we keenly aware of !
  • Thank you for your time – and I hope that I have been able to give you a better sense of what the ESG group at Newwave Computing can offer you. Are there any questions you might have ?


  • 2. WHAT DO WE DO Build Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions ” The Intelligent Infrastructure has at its core, technology to deliver superior Business Services with agility and speed (at a reduced cost and risk), while helping customers quickly respond to shifts in the environment” 20/09/11 SLIDE A NEWWAVE PRESENTATION
  • 4. 20/09/11 SLIDE A NEWWAVE PRESENTATION POWER CONDITIONING SOLUTIONS 1 Partners POWER PROTECTION AND MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES Building Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions Uninterrupted Power For Small & Medium Businesses Online UPS Systems For Enterprise Server & Storage Needs Scalable Power Requirements For High Availability Datacenter Solutions For Heterogeneous Enterprise Infrastructure Server Racks & Wiring Closets For Small Server Rooms Effective Cooling Solutions For Server, Storage & Network Hardware How To Save Power And Cooling Costs And Go-green Datacenter Security And Power Management Practices
  • 5. 20/09/11 SLIDE A NEWWAVE PRESENTATION POWER CONDITIONING SOLUTIONS 1 Partners Intelligent and efficient network power protection from entry level to scalable runtime. Ideal for servers, point-of-sale, routers, switches, hubs and other network devices. High density, double-conversion on-line power protection with scalable runtime Highly available, redundant and scalable double-conversion on-line power protection Modular, adaptable, on-demand solutions for data centers POWER PROTECTION AND MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Building Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions
  • 6. 20/09/11 SLIDE A NEWWAVE PRESENTATION SERVER COMPUTE SOLUTIONS 2 Partners BLADE ::TOWER::RACK # # # # # # # # Building Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions WORKLOADS
      • RIGHT choice, tailored to fit your diverse needs
      • OPEN and innovative for a flexible business foundation
      • EASY to deploy, integrate and manage
      • GREEN today for a better tomorrow
    • SAN
    • NAS
    • CAS
    • IP
    • Tape
    • Unified
    • Storage
    • Array Replication
    • Backup To Disk/Tape
    • Data
    • Deduplication
    • Continuous Data
    • Protection
    • Security
    • Business Continuity
    • Virtualization
    • Information
    • Management
    • Resource
    • Management
    • Enterprise Content
    • Management and
    • Archive
    • Information
    • Acquisition
    SALES SOLUTION SERVICE SUPPORT Building Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions
  • 8. 20/09/11 SLIDE A NEWWAVE PRESENTATION NETWORK & SECURITY OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS 4 Partners Building Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions Type of Interaction and Communication Pervasiveness of Connectivity
    • Enterprise Email Security
    • High-performance
    • Easy Deployment
    • Optimal Scalability
    SOLUTIONS WITH EVERY TECHNOLOGY Building Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions
  • 10. 20/09/11 SLIDE A NEWWAVE PRESENTATION VIRTUALIZATION SOLUTONS 5 Partners Building Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions Modular Desktops Unified User Management Self-Managed SaaS Partners Other SaaS Providers Cloud-Scale Open Self-Managed Efficiency through Automation Agility with Security and Control Freedom of Choice vCloud Partners Application Access Application Portability VMware vSphere: Foundation for Cloud Computing Application Mobility Secure Private Cloud VMware Enabled Public Clouds Independent Public Clouds End-User Computing Cloud Application Platform Cloud Infrastructure and Management Other Cloud Infrastructure Partners PaaS Partners
  • 11. 20/09/11 SLIDE A NEWWAVE PRESENTATION INTELLIGENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS 6 Partners Building Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions
  • 12. 20/09/11 SLIDE A NEWWAVE PRESENTATION Partners CLOUD COMPUTING SOLUTIONS 7 CLOUD SOLUTIONS Building Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions SAAS Cloud Offerings Private Cloud Offerings Public Cloud IAAS PAAS
  • 13. ABOUT US What We Do ? “ We Help Our Customers In Leveraging Information Technology Products And Solutions To Deliver True Business Value”. 20/09/11 SLIDE A NEWWAVE PRESENTATION Who We Are ?
    • An IT Infrastructure Solutions Provider
    • Established in the Year 1999
    • Operations spread over 4 States In South India ….
        • Karnataka
        • Chennai
        • Andhra Pradesh
        • Kerala
    • A Team of 110 professionals
    • A Customer base of over a 1000 C ustomers
  • 14. 20/09/11 SLIDE A NEWWAVE PRESENTATION Organizations That We Continue to Serve Building Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions
  • 15. 2000 Award : Highest Customer Satisfaction (IBM) Award : Highest IBM Software Sales (IBM) 2001 Award : Highest IBM Software Sales India (IBM) 2002 Award : Best Partner Enterprise Systems Group (iBM) Award : ABE – Highest Customer Satisfaction (IBM) CHANNEL WORLD TOP 100 SI AWARD – 2009 CHANNEL WORLD TOP 100 SI AWARD – 2010 APC DATACENTRE PARTNER AWARD – 2010 2003 Award : Best Tier-2 Partner South 2004 Award : Best STG Partner for TechPacific Award : Top Performance South (IBM) Best Lenovo Business Partner INDIA - 2010 20/09/11 SLIDE A NEWWAVE PRESENTATION RECOGNITION & AWARDS …… And many more
    • Top Line Growth of 45% (Y-o-Y)
    • 78 New Customers Acquired
    • Key Partnerships Signed
    • Channel World TOP 100 Award
    • Dataquest Award 2010
    FY : 2011-2012 Turnover -> 175 Crores
    • Focus on Emerging Technologies
    • Grow New Markets & Nurture New Alliances
    • Drive deeper Client Engagements
    • Build Centre Of Excellence (COE’s)
    • Niche Cloud Service Offerings
    • Focus On Enhancing Our Competencies
  • 19. 20/09/11 SLIDE A NEWWAVE PRESENTATION Building Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions