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ReadMe: Research Summary
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ReadMe: Research Summary


More information: http://readme.phenji.com/

More information: http://readme.phenji.com/

Published in Education , Business
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  • 1. ReadMe: Research Summaryby Natt Phenjati | 7/5/2013Master in Interaction DesignProject Leader: Claudio ModeriniAdvisors: Gianluigi Ricuperati,Rodrigo Torres, Riccardo Mantelli
  • 2. FactResearch Summary“We’re now seeing the transition we’ve been expecting.”Jeff Bezos, CEO of AmazonAmericans who own eBook readers4% 19%20102012Growth of Amazon book sale in 201170%5%DigitalPrintFact: eBook is growinglibraries.pewinternet.org gigaom.com
  • 3. ResearchResearch Summaryhttp://readme.phenji.com http://bit.ly/13ZduNgSources: Articles, Books, Researches, Interviews, Personal experiencesResearch: Digital Reading Experience
  • 4. ObservationResearch SummaryObservations:1. Forgotten eBooks2. Digital Distraction3. Social Reading4. Expired Coverworkingworld.com
  • 5. ObservationResearch SummaryThe era of e-readers has had one major effect: she hasaccumulated many more books that she categorizesas “DNFs” — Did Not Finish.Erin Faulk, “Finding Your Book Interrupted [...]”We’re losing the biggest prompt to reading: the book.Elizabeth King, “Three Points on Reading”1. Forgotten eBooks
  • 6. It requires less mental energy to click and rekindle our attention thanto try to resist distractions ... and thus continue reading.Terje Hillesund “Digital reading spaces [...]”ObservationResearch SummaryI worry about it. My students do read online, but it is very fragmented.My high school teacher in America2. Digital Distractionworkingworld.com
  • 7. ObservationResearch SummaryPreviously, reading was an act of solitude by design... This is no longer true.Craig Mod, “How To Fix Today’s Ebook Readers”3. Social Reading
  • 8. ObservationResearch SummaryThis is the way most of us see covers now: as blurred little icons... and no use for their intended purpose.James Bridle, “On covers”4. Expired CoverThe cover is no longer this thing that sits on its own, but it’scompeting with other metadata.Craig Mod, “Has Kindle Killed the Book Cover?”
  • 9. OpportunityResearch SummaryOpportunity:What if reading experience is ...... Both physical and digital... Quantifiable and connectedWhat if book cover can tell moreObservations:1. Forgotten eBooks2. Digital Distraction3. Social Reading4. Expired CoverProblems
  • 10. OpportunityResearch SummaryWhat if reading experience is both physical and digital ?Proverbial Walletsby MIT Media LabLittle Printerby BergBookcubesby James Bridle
  • 11. OpportunityResearch SummaryWhat if reading experience is both quantifiable and connected ?yesyesno.comNike+ YouVersion
  • 12. OpportunityResearch SummaryWhat if book cover can tell more ?Bookrfrom School of Visual ArtsColour Signaturesby Jaz Parkinson
  • 13. Design ObjectiveResearch SummaryDesign Objective:To design a physical presence of digital reading experienceProblem Setting:Without physical reminder of books, we easily forget about themCritical Note:How to use metadata to give readers more than just a reminder