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GE Info GE Info Presentation Transcript

  • Electronic Commerce Solutions GE Information Services Lee Batulis Account Executive November 5, 1998
  • Agenda
    • GE and GEIS
    • GEIS Offerings
    • Electronic Commerce
    • EDI & the Internet
    • Standards
    • ANX
  • The General Electric Company GE CAPITAL CORE PRODUCTS GE Aircraft Engines GE Appliances GE Power Systems GE Lighting INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS & SERVICES GE Electrical Distribution & Control GE Industrial Control Systems GE Transportation Systems TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS & SERVICES GE Medical Systems GE Information Services MATERIALS GE Plastics BROADCASTING NBC
  • Historical Perspective Strong Heritage of Providing Valued Services `70s
    • Global Networking and Beginning of EDI
    • Created World’s Largest Computer Network
    • Desk Top Computing Revolution
    • Business Applications
    • Electronic Commerce Services
    • Supply Chain Solutions
    • Internet-based Services
    • Vertical Industry Focus
    • GE Founded the Computer Services Unit
    • Invented the "BASIC" Language with Dartmouth
    • Time Sharing of Mainframes
  • What We Do for a Living COMPANY MANUFACTURERS DISTRIBUTORS SUPPLIERS BANK DISTRIBUTORS CUSTOMERS Link Companies with Trading Partners to Increase Productivity, Improve Quality, and Reduce Costs
  • Why GE Information Services World’s Largest Electronic Trading Community Electronic Data Interchange Supply Chain Solutions Internet/Extranet InterBusiness Consulting 35 Years Experience GE Best Practices Six Sigma Quality Global Presence Global Network 24 X 7 Customer Support Dedicated End User Support Community Management Systems Integration Global Reach
  • How we do it Electronic Marketplaces Extranets Electronic Commerce Outsourcing Corporate Gateways, Internet EDI, VAN EXPANDED ELECTRONIC TRADING COMMUNITY INCREASED BUSINESS VALUE “ General Electric Information Services has jumped ahead of such companies as IBM, Microsoft and Netscape to lead the race into business-to-business Internet commerce.”
  • NescapeSellerX Signal Segway Suite  Message broker  Communications gateway  Web-enabled  SAP-certified Internet-based Products and Services  Internet-based catalog  for indirect purchases  Internet-based procurement    First commercial Extranet  Links legacy systems to trading partners  Web EDI  Forms-based EDI  Designed for small companies GE Trading Process Network (TPN) Internet Sales Channel Solutions (Sell Side Catalogs) GE InterBusiness Partner SM GE Enterprise System GE Tradeweb SM GE Information Services has full Internet portfolio www.geis.com
  • Electronic Commerce
    • "Electronic Commerce is the linking , integrating and supporting of business processes of an enterprise with their trading partner community by combining computers and telecommunications to achieve a competitive advantage."
    • EDI is structured messaging and one part of EC
  • EDI
    • The lack of common EDI standards and implementation costs have slowed the growth of EDI in the past
    • The widespread use of EDI formatted data by smaller trading partners is enabled by various forms-based EDI solutions
  • EDI over the Internet
    • GE Tradeweb is a service that enables smaller trading partners with a computer, Internet Service, and a Web Browser to electronically access their customers’ EDI forms
    • GEIS also offers a Web Access Module with our Enterprise Gateway that enables forms based EDI over the Internet
  • EDI over the Internet
    • It will complement, not replace current traditional EDI
    • Internet EDI will not replace traditional EDI VAN’s
  • EDI over the Internet
    • Benefits include:
      • Ability to add smaller trading partners
      • ease of use & implementation
    • Issues
      • Security
      • Reliability
      • Speed of larger transmissions
      • High volumes
  • Internet Standards
    • Internet Architecture Board(IAB) includes:
      • Internet Engineering Task Force(IETF)
      • Internet Reseaerch Task Force(IRTF)
    • IAB develops & describes procedures & processes
      • Requests forComments(RFC’s)
      • Standards(STD’s)
  • Standards
    • EDI Transactions
      • X12/EDIFACT
      • Industry Specific
      • Tradacoms/Odette/VDA
    • EDI Transactions(new)
      • XML
  • Standards
    • Transports
      • SMTP
      • HTTP
      • MIME
    • Financial
      • Financial EDI
      • SET
      • Digital Cash
  • Standards
    • Security
      • PGP
      • SSL
      • EDINT
      • S/MIME
      • X.509 Certificates
    • Directories
      • LDAP
  • Standards
    • Industry Extranets
      • ANX
      • GISB
    • Catalog & Procurement
      • Consortia
        • CommerceNET
        • RosettaNet
      • OBI standards
  • Standards
    • Objects
      • CORBA and IIOP
      • ActiveX/COM and DCOM
      • Enterprise Java Beans
      • SAP BAPI’s
  • Role of Standards in EC
    • Enable EC by providing:
      • Ease of Use
      • Security
      • Reliability
      • High Speed
      • Interoperability
  • View from the smaller supplier
    • EDI over the Internet provides a lower cost than traditional EDI but can be complex when their various customers implement different web-based solutions
    • Standards can help--industry implementations such as ANX are best bet.
  • Automotive Network Exchange
    • ANX
      • Primary Objective is to provide the automotive trading community with a secure network at the transport layer.
    • GEIS
      • will offer services at the application layer such as:
        • client support
        • application hosting
        • application monitoring
        • service level agreements
  • Automotive Network Exchange
    • GEIS global TCP/IP network:
      • Access 750 cities in 42 countries
      • 75 PDN’s
      • 3 Network Super Centers
      • 45 mainframes, 200 UNIX servers
      • 30 TerraBytes of information
      • Dial PPP access from 150 cities
      • 1100 client site routers
      • 24 Network Service Centers
      • T1/T3 Frame Relay Backbone
  • Automotive Network Exchange
    • GEIS intends to participate as a Certified Service Provider(CSP) with direct connectivity to the ANX
    • GEIS intends to participate as a value-added network connected to the ANX enabling trading partners to achieve ANX compliance
  • Automotive Network Exchange
    • GEIS products will become ANX Compliance with AIAG standards:
      • TCP/IP based technology
      • IPSec Internet security protocol
      • HTTP and SMTP application layer protocols as recommended by the AIAG Message Routing WorkGroup
  • Recommendations
    • Implement Forms-based EDI over the Internet for smaller trading partners
    • Support Industry groups
      • (such as AIAG) that are developing standard approaches such as ANX and have the critical mass to be successful
    • Consider suppliers who have the bandwidth to provide “one-stop shopping”
  • GEIS Contacts
    • AIAG
      • Mark Yader
      • (301) 340-5466
    • ANX
      • Gretchen Misner
      • (301) 340-7640
    • GEIS Internet Site
      • www.geis.com
    • Library of RFC’s & STD
      • http://sunsite.auc.dk/RFC or
      • Search for RFC2000